What is a fast way to get to 70?

  1. What is a fast way to get some of my Alts to 70?

    User Info: Karpze

    Karpze - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Quests, quests, and more quests. Most quests are generally worth xp equal to about 20 kills at your level. When you take into account that you generally have to kill an average of 20 mobs in a quest, doing them literally doubles the amount of xp you get. For even faster xp, try getting a friend to quest with you, or just a high level to help you out.

    When that fails/gets boring, start doing some dungeons. This is probably the easiest choice for healers, priests especially, as they tend to die a lot and quest slowly.

    Past about level 15, ALWAYS make sure you log out in an inn or major city. The rest xp helps. Especially past 60, when you can literally get about 40 kills worth of xp in an 8 hour period, or a night of sleep.

    Regardless, you will have to accept the fact that there is no way to get to 70 uber-fast. While there are some people that have done it in just over a week, those people know EXACTLY what quests to do, and spend at least 16 hours a day playing. Just like it takes time to farm honor or get raid gear, it takes time to hit 70.

    A couple of addons (if you're unfamiliar with them, they are perfectly legal, Blizzard even encourages the use) can help you in your long grind to 70. First, QuestHelper will tell you the shortest route (or the one it thinks could be shortest) to complete all of your quests. While all the paths are straight lines from one quest site to another, and often go over mountains, etc. it can still tell you where things are done that aren't always exactly clear.

    Second, to a lesser extent, is Cartographer. It does a lot of things to help with your world map, but one of them is waypoints. You can mark a spot on the map, and an arrow on your screen will point in the direction of it, and tell you how far. QuestHelper will automatically feed waypoints into Cartographer, allowing you to simply use the arrow to guide you from place to place. Cartographer also adds information on the level of each zone when you mouseover on the world map, info you can use to determine where to quest.

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Other Answers

  1. Your best bet is to "acquire" a speed leveling guide off the internet. These guides have you still doing quests for xp, but they give you a much more streamlined and superior way of doing such.

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  2. Learn a good order of quests, and do them. At 58, don't stay in Azeroth, go to outland. also remember to log out for rested XP.

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