What is the best Caster?

  1. I was just wondering what was the best caster for what, such as, Mage is best for highest damage numbers, where as Warlock is best at DOT, just looking for some second thoughts on these and the other casters, if anyone could also help me out on what race goes best with what caster it would be much appreciated, thanks.

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    DarkBlueYoshi13 - 8 years ago

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  1. I'm afraid "best" is a bit of a misnomer - just about any caster can do any job, and in fact even race-wise there's little variance. It's all a question of style.

    That said, from a PvE perspective, mages seem to be doing the most damage at the moment, specced Arcane. Warlocks haven't fared too well in the current expansion thus far, and can be hard to pull the full potential from. Shadow priests are always welcome, but don't do spectacularly well. But, from a single-target pure-dps no-fancy-stuff perspective (IE, Patchwerk parsing) I've seen mages consistantly on top.

    If this is your first character, for ease of levelling I suggest you try a mage. It's convenient, easy and plenty of fun. Good luck!

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  1. I play a human warlock that is afflication and part destruction and i mainly its not all about whos the best spell caster on the game they all have specific needs but if ur wanting to start one the best i believe would be the warlock because the higher lvl he gets the better spells you get to use on him so mainly its up to the person who is play and what type of fighting they like to use mainly.

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  2. Blizzard intentionally changes things each patch to ensure that the balance of power shifts from time to time. Whatever the answer is now, you can be sure it will be different in a patch or two.

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  3. the best caster?, well that can be variable, if you take the section caster DPS its abloluly mages but if you would like to be healer, take a priest or a paladin and you cant take a caster tank, well pala is caster and they can tank, but srrsly you beatter to take a warrior has tank...

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  4. Destro Locks in my opinion. DoTs and DPS will do crazy damage together.

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  5. I play an Elemental Shaman and have been no. 1 many times in 'overall dmg done' in various 25 and 10 man instances. The only drawback i have sometimes is just gear. Better gear = better dps obviously, but shamans are very good at being casters and totem of wrath is loved by every caster out there.

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  6. in a personal perspective i always see Shammys killin my dps charts and warlocks top raids.. i started off on a mage and they are best for PvP and PvE but not really useful in raids cept food and water lol. Shammys do crit really high especially in Heroism so i would go with shammy.. there is no best caster though ^_^ hope i helped in some way

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  7. An arms warrior is best caster hands down.

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  8. I prefer Shadow priests. they do good DPS while healing with some moves.

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