Where can I find a cheap mount?

  1. I really don't feel like saving 38 or so gold (for training and mount)to ride a horse. I'm hoping for there to be a place with cheap mounts and I know there's not going to be a way around the 30ish gold for the training.

    User Info: Fire_Knight1987

    Fire_Knight1987 - 8 years ago

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  1. Yeah. By lvl 30 you should almost if not be good with money to afford a mount. If you don't have that much then just keep questing and doing instances. LOTS of instances at this lvl. You will lvl fast and gain gear to sell on AH as well as other things like cloth. Goodluck.

    User Info: masta_chris

    masta_chris - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. The faction mounts are the cheapest. there are some other mounts that may be "cheaper" but they are either epic mounts or mounts that take a lot of luck or special requirement.

    If you were to use the Refer a Friend feature you could get a mount for one of your characters after they purchase 2 months of game time. (If you don't use RAF then there is no way to get the mount)

    Really though if 38G is too much then how do you expect to purchase Epic mounts or any other type of mount (flying epic flying)? The price for the first mount used to be 100G(at level 40).

    User Info: Megeas

    Megeas (Expert) - 8 years ago 2 0
  2. The cheapest mounts (in terms of gold but not time) would have to be the PVP mounts, but those are epic, so you can't ride them yet. There is no real alternative to the standard mounts at your level. You could try to get the ultra-rare sea turtle that can be fished in Northrend if you have Lich King, it can be ridden with basic training, but it's in Northrend, requires a ton of fishing and luck, and it only gives a speed bonus while swimming; just ignore it, it's more of a vanity mount right now.

    Just sell a bunch of trade goods at the Auction House and use the income to pay for the training; even without any gathering professions you could still farm for wool cloth stacks at a lower level area (such as the troll catacombs in the ghostlands) and have enough for one of the basic mounts in hours.

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  3. well, it's very difficult to acquire a mount so cheaply. Only ones that are "Cheap" are the PvP mounts or the crafted mounts from Engineering and Tailoring.

    Your best bet is to save up your gold until you get your basic mount.

    sorry, but that's is the only way

    User Info: RoyalDroneX

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  4. All mounts are the same amount. The battleground mounts require A LOT of effort and farming, too, so there's not really a shortcut to getting a mount. Only tip I can give is; Loot everything from spawns you kill. Sell all greys and other useless items to dealers. Using this method I had about 5g in my first 15 levels.

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  5. With 3.2 now live, mounts are available at level 20 and -very- cheap.

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  6. Thats right. Since 3.2 you can buy your first mount exclusive for your race for 1g (1g for mount, 4g for apprentice riding skill). Faction discounts still apply. Now both mounts and skill was a lot more expensive before 3.2. You should easly get 5g by just doing quests.

    You should get an ingame mail guiding you to mount skill trainer/mount vendor at lv 20 and 40. If you dont, relog.

    User Info: Moralio

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  7. well now mounts and training (not saying flying mounts) are much cheaper. if you are playing wrath of the lich king then a deathnight will only have to do a quest for it's epic mount..although MANY of you already know this by now >.<

    User Info: Vezoniclemaster

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