Frost PVP DK spec and Rotation?

  1. I need a PVP dk frost spec and rotation.

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    Thefallenseraph - 8 years ago
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    I figured that out on my own. Found a nice arena spec and i do pretty well. Chains of Ice is a must usually toss a PS then obliterates and FS if there is a group ill Howling Blast

    User Info: Thefallenseraph

    Thefallenseraph - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. well for pvp dk's frost spec gives them the howling blast and hungering cold upside.. although frost strike takes 32 RP if u have the glyph so make sure u have the 130 RP for groups i usually howling blast after i drop DnD then i Auto Attack a couple of hits and blood strike every now and then but always use blood boil if u have frost fever on then and plague strikes disease err whatever.... ummm If ur also specc'd right u should normally proc death runes and crits with howling blast in 5v5 would be epic lol dependent on ur gear u should be critting like crazy anyways so u should just really focus on slowing the enemy and DG when they run if its a sprinting rogue or a dashing druid DG then Chain them... if u have enough Talent points try to get rune tap and improved rune tap if ur healer or other teammate is unable to heal.. other than that srry for the long post and hope u enjoy the reply

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  1. I'd use something like this.

    Rotation in PvP is a bad thing, especially for DKs. Try using a priority system (use the top one available). First off, make sure you have Frost Fever on the target.

    1. Frost Strike (when RP allows)
    2. Howling Blast
    3. Obliterate

    This build has a few downsides, mostly a few second window without runes or RP.

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  2. I agree with maezura in pvp there is no desired rotation of moves like in pve but if ur really aching for a rotation id ask other dks on ur server or pop on the WoW forums and see if anyone posted a good spec and maybe a rotation

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  3. By stabbin him

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  4. As far as pvp goes there are a couple of things to consider. Do you want to survive the encouter or do you want to try to bring the oppoent down as quickly as possible regardless of your own life. Frost spec since 3.2 is now a very viable pvp spec but it is not without flaws. Frost still is really gear dependent. and most of Frost's talents are geared mainly towards slow single handed weapons. Yes we have great damage potental with all the instant abilities like plague strike, obliterate, and blood strike but against anyone in plate that wont do much. In any PvP situation, be in BGs or arena, We are there to own casters not melee classes. Warriors, Hunters(*mainly survival hunters since BM hunter pets can be locked down*) and pallys(*which still seem to be top PvP class of choice on my server*) are going to hurt us. Now that doesnt me we dont stand a chance against those 3 its just our priority changes from the usual string. DnD is nice but only if your going against complete noobs it wont tick them for the full dmg. our best attacks for any group PvP is to find out if they have a healer and IT then BS and OB, the reason for PS not being in the prioity list is that yes you could pestilence to all nearby targets with IT and PS diseases and then BB them, But BB does additional dmg as long as ONE of those two are on the targets. so having both wont add any more multipler to the damage. now if you are planning on DWing instead of 2handing then going Frost/unholy is a great setup. with Necrosis and the new DW talent in frost allowing our strikes to use both weapons you should be able to keep sustained dps rather high. and really the only way i would ever use FS is if killing machine proced and Rime has not. I usually waited for killing machine to reach about 3s before using FS since FS doesnt do near as much dmg as say DC or even rune strike. Personally I use Rune Strike as my Rune Dump of choice (Using DC when RS is not available*) since RS uses pure weapon dmg and not adding frost dmg . also I know A lot of Frost/blood dks will yell at me for this but there is nothing in blood that helps out a DW frost pvper. Rune tap, bladed armor, nothing helps us. I always use unholy presence cause the faster you hit the more necrois can hurt and adding haste to slow weapons is always a plus. If you ever needed to heal in the fight you can drop your dps a little bit by using Death strike over OB. I hope this information helps. as far as spec goes It really is a matter of taste, I have seen deep frost DW pvp and deep unholy/ shallow frost DW pvp builds that work.

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