Review by Paolosantos

"Blizzard Delivers The "WoW" factor. Another Hit In the bag!"

Blizzard has been well know for creating games that attracts and buils such a huge fan base. The Starcraft as we as Diablo series has also built huge fan base world wide. Since Warcraft came to the public's eyes it's always been adored and respected. Starcraft and Diablo series both fall into that category. Within 13 years since Warcraft has been created it still attracts gamers world wide. I believe Blizzard has their hands in a pot of gold yet again. Since it's release, November 23, 2004 WoW has been crowned king of all MMORPGs. It's been hailed as the best ever. It kinda puts EverQuest, Asheron's Call, and Ultima Online on the back seat. If those were called the Big 3. I think we should start calling WoW the King of MMO. Let's and wait and see how long can WoW last.

Graphics: 7/10

Not a total disappointment really. It looks like outdated Graphics. The graphics actually made me shy away the first time, but once u really playing the game you'll be hooked. The graphics are acceptable. I say mediocre at best. It's not bad nor good it just didnt deliver that "wow" factor.

Story: 9/10

Warcraft's story has always been good. The game will not force you to follow the story line strictly. The game will let you make your own decisions. If you want to read the Warcraft Lore go to the blizzard website.

Community: 8/10

The community isnt actually as bad or as I thought it would be. Just like in other online games, you will just meet jerks and that cant be stop. You can turn the the community to a good side but you will need to take the first step.

Lag: 8/10

The game actually almost never lags. Very rare. Realm Selection is the key to a good connection.

Gameplay: 9/10

Gameplay is actually really good. This games welcomes both noobs and veterans (welcomes you to the MMO family). It's easy enough for even a person who never even played any MMO will get a hang off so easily. At the same sense it also gives veterans some challenge. The In-Game Menues are strightforward and easy to navigate thru.

Another section of gameplay is PvE vs PvP. PvE basically just means Player vs Environment. and PvP mean Player vs Player. At early levels you will find yourself mostly at PvE areas. It's still pointless to go to PvP at lvl u'll be dead before u can even be touched. Your gameplay experience is different from person to person. You make or dont make the gameplay unenjoyable.

Fun Value: 10/10

This game is the best MMO out there. Great story and great overall experience for me. I played for a whole and really played the game and now im hooked. It's rare to find a dull moment here on WoW. There is always something to do.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/14/07

Game Release: World of Warcraft (US, 11/23/04)

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