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"Addicting, not fun"

Well here I am reviewing WoW the so called "best mmorpg" although I wouldn't consider it an mmorpg simply because no one role-plays. People think this is the best game because the most people play it, but I truly beg to differ. You see not only are there games way funner than this one, but this one isn't really that fun, but rather addicting. Now see this game was addicting for me for a while, but now I get bored of it within minutes. Most people play this game because they feel they have to opposed to they actually want to. In this game once you join a guild you pretty much feel obligated to level so you can help your guild grow and what not. Well let us now start the review, I shall break it down for everyone because if you are considering playing WoW then you must not be very smart.

Graphics 4/10 - The graphics in this game can be summed up simply as a "comic book style". Honestly these graphics look like something you would find drawn on paper in a comic book. The graphics in Warcraft III were better in my opinion. This part of the game really bugged me. The animations were also very annoying. For instance when the characters jump they do not crouch or prepare for a jump, but rather just go up in the air, they can also jump in the midst of swimming. In real life you can not jump while in water and you have to bend your knees to jump. The spells you fire all look very similar with a different shade of colors. The spells also follow the person being shot at like a homeseeking missle. If a person is standing fifty feet away from the spell caster and the target is running around in circles the spell will follow them to the ends of the world. Basicaly the graphics are a real cartoony style and could've been made much more realistic.

Gameplay 6/10 - Well the gameplay is not much different from you average mmog. You get pointless quests that involve you to kill twenty of that or to get ten of that. In the end it is just a grindfest, but it doesn't look like one. All of the quests are the same basic thing with a small variation in what you are killing or collecting. The crafting system is simple and annoying. The only way you can really make money in this game nowadays is too work up your crafting skills and sell what you make/collect to people who need the materials to make stuff to sell to people who have done the same. It is an endless chain of people making and selling stuff. Of course you have the collector professions and the creator professions. You have the people who spend five hours collecting a million of the same item, and the people who buy a million of that item to makes gear for other players, which brings us into the next part about gameplay. This game is GEAR DEPENDENT. Normaly I don't care about gear dependency, but this game takes it overboard. Really the main point of WoW is to get to level seventy, then get the best gear, then pvp until you get bored and quit, ending with you paying about one-thousand dollars. Basicly you start off buying crappy gear from the stores, you then go to buying slightly better gear from other players, after that you start collecting gear from easy five man dungeons that last about an hour or two, you then end with either spending about eight hours in a raid (consider you never wipe, and everything goes well) in order to get gear that only drops about ten percent of the time in which after it is dropped you have to gamble against thirty other people to get it or you can spend weeks doing endless pvp until you accumulate enough honor points to buy good pvp gear. Either way unless you have about eight hours a day to spend on this game you end up getting killed by everyone in pvp because your gear is bad. Speaking of spending eight hours a day thanks to a new expansion there are now seventy levels to get in the game. These levels are gained by doing the same repetetive quests over and over again, with a few added hours of killing mobs straight on to gain half a level. So I would say a few months of COMMITTED playing before you get to the max level. The skill system is also annoying as you get about fifty different skills, half of which you rarely use, and you pretty much sit in front of your computer keyboard mashing so you can kill your opponents. Blizzard of course knowing that few people would want to play a game like this of course created guilds to keep you playing. Guilds are the niccotine of WoW as they make you feel obligated to play. You see a guild is a group of players who do pvp and raids together. Once you are in a guild you play WoW nonstop with the fear of letting your guild down somehow. If the guild system doesn't addict you then you will probably put the game down merely because of the gameplay.

Sound 8/10 - The sound is actually enjoyable. The backround music is usually appropriate, for instance in a dark gloomy forest the music is depressing, but in a big glorious city it is powerful and strong. You have the usual sword clashing effects when you fight somebody or something. Beasts growl, lava boils, spells make charging and blasting sounds, ect. A good effect to the sound is that certain monsters in the game talk to you. For instance if you are a warlock then your demons make comments at random point in time, and if you are in a dungeon most bosses say something when you attack them. NPCs also say different things when you click them. This gave a fairly realistic feeling to the game. Of course everything that comes up has to come down. The sounds although very well executed as they are after you reach the max level you find youself listening to your iPod instead. It is not the sound, but rather that after a year or so of hearing the same stuff you kinda get annoyed or bored with the sound. Another thing that bugged me was that backround music usually took over, and there were never any nature sounds such as birds chirping, or the wind blowing. It made it very unrealistic that they didn't have many sounds that made you really feel like you are in a big forest, or on the shore of a beach. In the end the sound was the best part of the game, how pathetic is that?

Replayibility 4/10 - The replayibility value is good at first, but then slowly falls. When you make a new character it is always a new fun experience. You have a new class, new race, and maybe even a new faction to explore, but around level fourty all factions, races, and classes all level up in the same area. This causes you to hear that little voice in the back of your head that says, "I have done this before." and it just slowly eats away at you over time. Once you get to level seventy and get good gear you really have nothing to do, but start over so it is just sad that you will merely end up doing almost exactly what you did before a few more times. I would not suggest making a second character after getting to the max level.

Community 5/10 - Well in the community you basicly have a few simple categories. You have the kids and teens who play after school, you have the young adults who play instead of studying for college, you have the married hard working people who come home from work and play at midnight, and you have to fourty year olds who are playing the game in their mom's basement. Sorry for being stereotypical I usually never use stereotypes, but that is really all I see on this game. More adults play this game which really bugged me. I thought games were for kids and teens, but I guess I was wrong. I think there are about fifty adults for every kid, and I am not kidding. In the short time I was in a guild after using ventrillo to talk to my fellow guildmates I learned that none of them were under the age of eighteen. Over two hundred people and I was the only one who was not an adult. This gets annoying because after school gets out all the adults spend most of their time complaining about how the kids are now signing on. Another annoying thing about the community is the fact that most people won't take the time to help you. When you ask someone for the location of something or for help on a quest you either don't get a response or someone says, "lol look it up newb". This makes it frusterating to accomplish anything on this game because you have to do the majority of it on your own. Also in role-playing realms few people role-play and their excuse for doing so is, "that they only have to role-play in /say not in /guild, /party, /general, ect. The most frusterating thing about the community though is the dispute between factions. I know that the opposing factions are not supposed to like each other, but people will kill you and wait at your body to kill you again for hours on end just out of disgust for you. People will create characters just to insult that faction because the two factions can not communicate through words. The community is simply chaotic and frusterating.

Customer Service 8/10 - The customer service is very good in this game. You see Blizzard pays people to sit around all day playing WoW and helping those in need. The GMs or game masters when called send messages to players and help them resolve their problems. You can also request help from Blizzard via email. This is all very helpful, if you are getting verbally abused, or you see a bug you can instantly report it and have the problem resolved. Blizzard truly though about the customers with all of this so it was good to see something about the game be decent. The only bad thing about the GM system is that when you request one depending on how busy your server is at the moment you can be waiting from ten seconds to ten hours before a GM contacts you. This can be frusterating as a problem in the game will most likely continue until you are able to contact a GM meaning you can be trapped with a glitch or pervert for a long time. Overall the customer service was really good, now if only the game were half as decent.

Overall 6/10 - In the end this game gets a 6/10. It is not HORRIBLE, but I did not enjoy it. Now you might enjoy it as everyone has different opinions, but the free trial is very limited, so I suggest buying the game, subscribing, and playing for one month. The first month is free if you don't like the game you can cancel your subscription and return the game. Note that I have a level sixty-four warlock on this game, so I am talking through experience, not dislike for the game. I hope this review helped all of you out there looking to try this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/25/07

Game Release: World of Warcraft (US, 11/23/04)

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