Review by Zenitine9999

"Blizzard Uses Deception and Addictions to their Advantage"

Let me start off here by saying that I have played this game for many hours of my life, which now I realize was a waste of time. People work forever at this game, and in the end it goes away and has done nothing but wasted time that could be better spent doing some productive. This is argueable of course, but merely my opinion. Without further adue, my review. This is will be divided up into Gameplay, Community, Sound, Graphics, and Story.

Gameplay 4 out of 10: This seems low, but I'm trying to be fair here. WoW is a great game when you first start, or so it seems. You take in all the exciting and new things the game has to offer but then, then my friends you hit a certain level where you have seen it all and it becomes a chore. These days the current level cap is 70 and there are many problems with the game. Since the Burning Crusade the game has begun to destroy itself but also made improvements, but mostly destruction. The end game raiding no longer requires 40 people to do, which is much nicer with progression, that's the plus. Now, the bad thing about the expansion and the all patches since then is the game is too "noob" friendly and making it extremely easy for new 70s to get geared which is basically telling the people who worked hard for their gear "sorry but all your achievements are now worthless." They also have lowered requirements for certain dungeon difficulties and raids, which made the game harder to play because of all the unskilled players trying to do the end game content which takes a certain amount of skill and committment. The game also takes too much time to really get into, unless your a die hard fan. Some of us have jobs and lives outside of WoW and can't get into the hardcore elitist scene. Another problem is the class imbalance which is getting worse and worse. I won't name which classes but they seem to be even as to which are over powered and which aren't, thus making player versus player combat pointless. People say "oh well you can just pvp." That is ridiculous considering certain classes have a great deal of advantage over others. An mmo should be balanced. The economy is also starting to collapse now that players are able to spend all their time to farm gold, make a great deal of inflation. I believe I have covered all the important parts of gameplay.

Community 5/10: What can I say here except some people you will absolutely hate, some will annoy you, and others you will like. It's a toss up so I rated it mid range. As for Bizzard themselves I found them next to useless in terms of help when I contacted GMs.

Sound 8/10: Good sound, a feast for the ears. That is all.

Graphics 8/10: While WoW's graphics may not be top knotch the scenerey is breath taking and it is fun to explore at first. Where the graphics are out dated they make up for in creativity.

Story 6/10: The little story that this game has is good but not involved enough with the actual game itself so it seems rather piontless. I can also say with confidence that most who play WoW, don't play for the story line.

So there you have it, my review of World of Warcraft and it was once great but has fallen far.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 02/11/08

Game Release: World of Warcraft (US, 11/23/04)

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