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"World of Boringness"

World of Warcraft is the most popular MMORPG out on the market. Is it very good? In my opinion no, not really.

Graphics:10/10:The Graphics in World of Warcraft for a MMORPG are pretty good. Character designs are nice and skill animations are great. Areas are designed beautifully and have a lot of detail put into them. Overall very good Graphics.

Gameplay:5/10:World of Warcraft is your typical MMORPG. You'll be exploring and doing instances for the purpose of becoming more powerful. Of course, the main problem of the game lies in the battle system. The game has a nice variety of classes to choose from for your characters, but I feel some classes are weaker then others. For example Paladins are a horrible class. They can't do much damage. Heal decently and have decent defense, but they really stand out in no way. How do I know? I played to a 69 Blood Elf Paladin. Anyways, let's talk about the horrible battle system first.

WOW follows the typical MMORPG battle system. You simply click on a enemy and your character automatically begins attacking the enemy. You then can use skills in the process to add more variety to battles. The main problem is, the battle system takes no strategy or skill. You simply have your character whack away at a punching bag. Every battle is going to be the same and you'll follow the same pattern of using certain skills at certain times. There's just no strategy. It's either your more powerful then the enemy or else you die. Well, it just gets more worse.

Okay, WOW provides you with a good tutorial, but you'll still be confused. Once, you learn the basics you still have a ton to learn about the game. You'll need to find someone you can speak to about learning the game. Learning where to go, where to level, what items to sell. The game basically gives you no clue on what to really do past the tutorial. Anyways, the game is structured around Quests. You'll have to go to a certain location that's in your level range and accept Quests. Then go finish the objective get your reward and do more Quests. Basically repeat that over and over for leveling. You'll also be using the Auction House to buy and sell Items. Along, the way you can do instances to level up yourself and if lucky obtain good equipment. So, that brings me to my next problem the economy.

The economy in WOW simply doesn't work out. Until your very high leveled you'll be using the same basic routine to make money. Unfortunately, this results in a lot of time being wasted to make money. Finally when you reach towards end-game you can make some decent money and buy equipment easily. Of course, money isn't just used to always purchase equipment. Along, the way you'll want to buy a mount which is a mode of transportation that is considerably faster then walking. Even worse is they are insanely expensive and you'll have to waste even more time making money to get them. Well, there's only one major issue left I want to go over...

Instances and Raids. Both are where you get into a group with people and you go through a dungeon with hard monsters. Yes, you'll be using teamwork, but it still hardly takes any strategy. The problem with Raids and Instances is your Skillbuild. Everyone is going to want you to be the best possible Skillbuild for the Raid or Instance. This would be fine, if reallocating your used Skill Points didn't cost any money. It does though, and every time you do it costs 5 more Gold. Which believe it or not is a lot. So, of course basically you have to waste even more time getting more Gold to change your Skillbuild. It gets to a point where you have to choose am I going to be a solo guy or a Instance/Raid guy? Of course, it sucks if you want to change back. Since you most likely will. At some point, Instances are always going to give more EXP then soloing and sometimes you'll be far better off soloing. So, that's it for the Gameplay really, but I will be nice and say one positive thing about WOW.

The PVP. Player Versus Player is great. It's probably the only real aspect of WOW that takes really any strategy or skill. Each class has their own advantages and disadvantages in PVP. It'll take some very smart planning to be able to beat someone else who is at your level with equally as good equipment. Anyways, that's it for WOW's Gameplay. It's confusing and boring. The battles in it take no strategy aside from PVP. To top it all off the game eventually becomes extremely tedious.

Music:5/10:The Music is pretty bland in WOW. There's nothing really exciting and the songs are quite monotonous. So, Overall a decent, but boring soundtrack for WOW. Sound effects are very good though. Expect to be listening to your own Music.

Overall:5/10:WOW isn't any fun to play. The Gameplay is pretty bad. Battles take no strategy aside from PVP and the game is confusing. The Graphics are quite nice though on the positive side. Music is monotonous and just boring to listen to. Expect to often listen to your own Music while playing WOW. So, overall it's playable, but once you face it the game has no appeal at all.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 09/05/08, Updated 07/20/09

Game Release: World of Warcraft (US, 11/23/04)

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