Review by sheik__freak

Reviewed: 02/03/09

Not As Good As It Is Said To Be

World of Warcraft is not a bad game by any means. It has its good parts, as well as its share of bad parts... Actually, more than enough bad parts.

Graphics: 3/5, for being not as good as they could be

Now, I never dwell on the graphics for too long, but I do have some things to say about them. While the characters are somewhat detailed, they are still embarrassingly blurry and muddy. The textures for characters, as well as everything else, are extremely sloppy and ugly. They look like an early PS2 game, which isn't a good thing. BUT, at the same time, I can't blame Blizzard for sacrificing the graphics, because this game usually runs smoothly, and there are millions of people playing. So for having such an enormous amount of area to explore, the graphics are fine.

Another bad thing is the amount of variation, or the lack thereof. I would do all of the quests in one area, then go to a new area of the Alliance or Horde, only to see the same creatures, with the same appearance, or with little changes, and a different name. I don't like to fight the same enemies over and over with no variation. They all look the same, and they all fight the same.

Sounds/Music: 4/5, for keeping the melodies in your head, even when not playing

This is one of the better sections. Though I am not a huge fan of the melodies found throughout the game, I always somehow found myself humming them in my head. They're extremely catchy (for the most part) and stay in your head. They're all mostly very mellow too, so it doesn't distract or annoy you while playing.

Game Play: 13/20, for being mostly annoying, tedious, and repetitive

This is where the game falls on its face. The game play is the most important aspect of the game, and should be perfect, or near enough. In this game, that isn't the case. There aren't too many large problems, but there are several small ones, which add up to hurt the game. For example, when you die, you re-spawn at a graveyard. That isn't the problem-the problem is having to run your ass all the way back to your body. Sometimes this isn't a hassle, but more often than not, it will be an annoyance, especially when you do it over and over again.

Several times, I would die during a cave quest, and frequently run back to my body again. Then, when I was finished, I would try to get out, only to have sometimes up to five people chasing me down. Right when I get going, I die again. And then when I re-spawn back, I get the same people chasing me. Just to get out, I have to die usually more than a few times.

Another thing is the amount of time it takes to level up. I know most of you will say something along the lines of "stop being a pansy!" but I can't help it. Once you get to about level 15 or 16, you will start leveling up only every other day. And then only every few days. And then only every week. And then you start feeling hopeless, because it takes so long to level up. It's like Blizzard made it this way to guarantee that if you want to level up to 80, you must buy the game and keep playing (and paying) for a year. That's $180 per person, not to mention the money they get from everyone who purchases it. It seems that Blizzard is a little greedy!

My last little complaint is the change and amount of quests. Sure there are hundreds and thousands, and probably even hundreds of thousands of quests to do, but after about a hundred, it started getting stale. Most quests fall into one of three, from what I have seen: kill this many enemies, kill this enemy and bring me the head/proof, or retrieve this item for me. And after doing these three over and over, with the same enemies and the same formula, it started to make me hate the game. It is too repetitive, no matter where you go. Not to mention frustrating. Having to kill 15 strong enemies, then completing the quest only to be asked to kill 15 more of another enemy, that are just as strong or stronger, really pisses me off. Especially since sometimes the quest givers are higher levels than you are, and are more than qualified to do it themselves!

Re-playability: 5/10, for being the same for virtually almost every character

This game is good for the first 15 to 20 levels, but then it just becomes repetitive and tedious. It would have been better if the battles with the enemies weren't so boring, and if they changed more often. Also, the quests could have been given more range and imagination, but sadly, they are rehashed until they are no longer fun. So if you want to just keep creating every different type of combination of race and character and get t o level 20 with them all, then fine. Just know that you will eventually run out.

Miscellaneous: 7/10, for having small additions that make it a little more fun

The fact that you can choose from several races and classes, and completely create your own look with a huge amount of clothing and equipment is fun to mess around with. The ability to learn two professions, and how they all fit together is also neat, but also bad in the fact that you can't learn more than two unless you want to completely erase all that you have learned in one ability for another. Also, the emotes that you can do are quite funny sometimes, like dancing (especially when naked), or small things like waving or laying down to sleep.

Overall this game would be good, but its repetitive game play and lack of variation let me down. I am sad to realize that I have spent many hours wasted on a game that added up to costing over one hundred dollars, but gave me no enjoyment in return.

Graphics: 3/5
Sounds/Music: 4/5
Game Play: 13/20
Re-playability: 5/10
Miscellaneous: 7/10
Overall: 32/50, or 6/10

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: World of Warcraft (US, 11/23/04)

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