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Reviewed: 12/07/10

The Downfall of MMO Gaming

Ten years ago, the dawn of modern Massively Multiplayer Online games came into being. With such early greats as Anarchy Online, Final Fantasy, and Eve Online, the genre was ripe with fresh blood of a new found style of games. Players were rewarded with hard work and earned spoils with victory. That is, along until the black sheep that is World of Warcraft came along.

The first thing one notices about World of Warcraft is it's simplicity. Early on, characters are forced to auto-attack their way through encounters with wild animals. While later on in the game players learn many different abilities and powers, they will find themselves hitting the same 3 keys over and over. This results in very dry, predictable gameplay. This isn't helped by the lack of variety in dungeons and instances.

World of Warcraft's story (or lack there-of) isn't much of a surprise. Most MMOs lack a good story. However, this is especially depressing considering the material Blizzard had to work with given the history of Warcraft. The most frustrating part is the annoying little stories given to basic quests. You'll find these to be repetitive and borderline childish. (Orcs missing their favorite hats would be one such example)

World of Warcraft's graphics are the number one turn-off for players who pick up the game like it's brand-new. The graphics are sub-par even by 2004 standards when the game was released. Bulky charcters, crayola textures, and unrealistic environment is what you get from World of Warcraft. It's hard to imerse yourself in a game when it's like diving into a picture colored by a pre-schooler.

Leveling in World of Warcraft is very different from other modern MMOs. While most MMOs reward players for putting effort into fighting, doing raids, and instances, WoW prefers to hand out levels like herpes. Leveling is far too easy for an MMO. If you have played an MMO other than WoW before you pick up this game, you will probably hit max level within two weeks and not be very proud of your work because it is too easily accomplished. On the other hand, younger playes who are new to MMOs will like the easy leveling and moderately easy end-game. WoW is very kid friendly in terms of difficulty. That's a double-edged blade.

Overall, World of Warcraft is a skipper (and I'm not talkin Galligan's Island). New players will find themselves forking over about $100 for the game and all of its expansions and then other $15 each month for a game where you will hit maximum level in half a month and be bored of the repetitive quests and easy raids in the other half of the month. On the plus side, the game is very kid friendly. Players new to MMOs will like WoW as as a starter MMO for it's ease of play, easy leveling, and large player base of fellow younger players. But is a month of MMO-introduction really worth $100? Hell no it isn't! But that's just my opinion. Most hard-core gamers such as myself agree on this, though. WoW is too easy and boring for the large pricetag.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Product Release: World of Warcraft (US, 11/23/04)

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