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Reviewed: 12/09/04


Gameplay: There is always something to do in World of Warcraft so don't worry about not being able to anything in the game. Everyone (Everyone NPC that is) has a quest for you to do. The quests consist of fetch & catch, delivery and hunting. There are also castle raids and duels for those who like to pvp. You can even roleplay depending on the server you are on. (Roleplaying servers are the best.) Unfortunately, the gameplay suffers from lack of versatility in races or classes. Many of the racial traits don't work to well with depending on what class you get. For example a dwarf get bonuses for using Guns as a Fighter or Hunter, but he can't use a gun as a Paladin, making the trait ultimately useless to that class, which in a small way confines the dwarf to using only those two classes to use their skills effectively. And Classes were another problem. Two of the races could only get up to 4 classes. (Gnome and Tauren) and some of the races were prevent from using other classes. For example, Humans didn't have access to Hunters. I would think EVERY LIVING race would have a Hunter since most civilization needed food. Lastly some of the WELL-KNOWN classes were lacking in terms of abilities. The paladin is well known for being a fighter with small healing abilities and minor protection spells. Well the paladins in WOW are weak compare to the DnD paladin as they are nothing more than priest in armor who can use more effective melee weapons. He can casth healing spells, buff and that's it where as the DnD can do that and use Fighter tactics. I guess this was done in a effort to balance races and classes out, but at the same time it hurts the fun factor knowing you are confined in your gameplay. Not that I hate it, but I don't like it either.
Score: 8

SFX/Music: Medicore. The sounds are crisp and clear, but the game lacks voice talent. EVERY RACE has the same voice amongst each other. It's ridiculous to have two dwarven male with the same voice. There wasn't much music playing either. It was silent mostly with nature providing the melodies.
Score: 7

Graphics: A very well designed world, but the character design generator lacks the ability to make ethnic characters. For example, You can make a bald black guy, a native american human, black human, black female dwarf, but you can't make an asian character. You know not everyone who plays RPGs like playing one ethnic group, if you know what I mean. But that's not what hurt the graphic score. What hurts the score was the lack of battle animations. For example, you only have three normal animation swings for an axe and the special attack animations are all the same. I was hoping Blizzard could have been more creative with each of the battle animations rather having the characters do simple swings. Other than that everything else was great.
Score: 9

Control: The controls took me no more than 20 minutes to learn the controls and they are plenty of instructs to help you along the way. You don't have to click a lot with the mouse like some Online rpgs. You have to use the keyboard to move around the world. The only problem with the controls is the lagging you might experience during gameplay which may cause bad piloting and you might whine up dead. So becareful.
Score: 9

Overall: 8

In my opinion, you should get this game as soon as you can, but be warned that this game isn't work everybody and that you have to pay for the gameplay in order to play this game. It's worth every penny in my opinion, but remember this review before buying this game and consider your opinions.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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