Review by Poesghost

Reviewed: 12/27/04

This is it, this is WOW!

Ok at first I was kind of hesitant to play this game. Why you ask? Cause every MMORPG I've walked away from has left me with the feeling of never accomplishing much in the time I spent playing. I've also only played one Blizzard title so I didn't know much about the companies reputation for quality.

This game appeals to so many play styles it's not even funny. Casual players can enjoy logging in a hour and get some where. Yes this is the first MMO that actually lets you solo (It's on the box). So you don't have a few hours to spend looking for a party? Go solo some baddies while you're out there then. Forced partying has been my gripe and a lot of others that play this genre. My other gripes about being forced to party would be finding one finally after hours waiting to get there and someone leaves. Back to square one with the waiting game. Don't like someone you're partying with because they are being rude or mean? You do not have to stay and put up with it anymore.

Graphics: 10
The world that Blizzard created is just astounding, colorful, vibrant and rich, very rich! And you don't need a supped up machine to get it either.

Quest, Craft, Xp, Explore. The UI is so easy to use a caveman can use it (sorry I just had to). Quest are fun, solo or partying. And if someone in your party doesn't have the quest. Try using the "Share Quest" button. And if they qualify for it then it will open up for them as well. Very nifty I'd say! You get tired of the xp grind, well go explore. Crafting is so painless and easy. There's Leather crafting, Cloth crafting, Engineering, Blacksmithing, Enchanting and a few others you can try. You can only have two primary crafting skills and as many secondary as you like. This doesn't take away from the fun. As of right now I am working on Skinning and Leather crafting since both complement each other. I've also delved in Fishing, Cooking, and First Aid as my secondary. Enough, don't you think?

The in game music, sound effects, everything from the birds chirping is here. And adds to the ambiance that you are playing in a living and breathing world ever expanding.

Overall Blizzard has done it! A great game. Don't get me wrong it's having its share of problems right now since it just launched not too long ago. And they are only minor at that. But for their first attempt into a MMO they've done what other companies haven't. They took everything that was bad out of all the other MMO's and fixed it. I wish I had more time to write this, but since it's taking away from my time in WOW I will cut it short. Read the others to see for yourself what you are missing.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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