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Reviewed: 03/23/05 | Updated: 03/24/05

Put your life on hold, World of Warcraft has arrived.

The situation: You've never played an MMORPG. Your question: Should I buy this game/is it worth the every-two-month fee? The answer: Get up and go get this game now. I've only played 3 games that held my attention for a year. And this is surely going to be one of them.

Graphics: 10/10
The developers were definitely on target in this category. The environment is beautifully textured and mapped in a way that you don't notice the low polygon levels. This is good news for your video card. The mood definitely varies depending on where you are, and they've intertwined this into the game very well. Some may find that everything "looks like Disney made it". Well, that's what Blizzard wanted. The graphics truly immerse yourself into the World of Warcraft. The entire land is big. Think colossal multiplied by enormous multiplied by staggeringly huge.

Sound: 7/10
For the most part, the sound is awesome. I've downloaded a few songs off the official website and they were beautifully done. The music fits in very well, but you won't find much music outside of towns. The /silly command will allow you to tell a lame joke that you'll find funny if you're into lame jokes. It needs a bit more jokes, but that doesn't matter really.

Game play: 9/10
You'll find this game very addictive as soon as you start playing. You may find yourself beating yourself up because you logged out. Even quitting to write a review is pretty painful.

Leveling up at times can be quite repetitive if you're just killing creatures. But, Blizzard knew that. That's why the quest system is just so awesome. Questing is a little bit harder than plain leveling up, but the rewards are worth it. You can group to double your chances of finishing your current quest.

One thing I really like about this game is that there is no loading between areas. Just walk across a bridge into another town and it's already there. The only problem you might find when entering a highly populated city is lag. But, that should only last a couple of seconds depending on your Internet connection.

I've only been on one raid, but man they are exciting. Raiding really puts you into the feeling that you're in the game. The best part is, that you're against other players, so that will always put the excitement level above NPCs. You'll definitely get a rush if you don't feel that your chances of surviving are 100%.

The professions were designed with a perfect balance. By Blizzard limiting your character to only two professions, they made this an excellent opportunity to communicate with others such as bartering/trading. Or, you could just sell what you make from your profession to make a few extra bucks.

About the controls. For the most part, they are easy. I didn't read the manual (except for learning how to sell stuff, but it's really simple: Right click on the item. There, I saved you a couple of seconds), and this is my first MMORPG, so the controls are very easy to adapt to.

Overall: 10/10
One of the best games I've ever had the pleasure of playing. I'd recommend this game to anyone. Anyone. That means you. Go get it.
The only major flaw about this is when you can't play for most of day it due to server maintenance on Tuesdays. Oh well... that way you can catch up on the things you used to do, like eating food. And as a warning to anybody who uses 56k, you can still play the game normally, you'll find a little lag in highly popular areas.... but downloading updates is a giant pain.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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