Review by PyromaniacPichu

Reviewed: 11/07/05

Addictive and fun for the first month, then it's restrictive and frustrating.

Don't get me wrong. This is a great game- A great game indeed. I still play it. But, it was a few blunders on blizzard's part that made this game more frustrating than... Well- something really, really frustrating. And, yes, It could have been good, but this game is more like "World of repetition- repetition- repetition- repetition- ..." you get the picture.

Graphics- Pretty nice really. When I made my first character- A night elf Druid- I found that the ground was covered in leaves, there were enormous trees all around... Not very realistic, but interesting, I guess. Sure, it could be better, but in games, i don't give a dang about good graphics as long as it's good gameplay. so, I give the graphics a pretty but could-be-better 8/10.

Sound- I don't even want to discuss this- it's really pretty bad indeed. Well- very bad indeed. The music is terrible- It's basically one of three or four tunes that make up the entire soundtrack. (Probably more, but not much.)And they basically all sound the same anyway. And don't tell me MMORPG music is never good- Runescape, the not-so-addictive but fun MMORPG had just about a bazillion songs, and half of them were very well made and fun to listen to. The SFX, like the sound of whacking a squirrel with a mace, (I love to do that.) Are mediocre- They sound correct- but they're not exactly extraordinary. so, I give the mediocre sound a 5/10. It doesn't matter much, though- I usually listen to other music when playing anyways.

Questing system- Argh. This is where the game fails. Badly. Let's go back to the life of my night elf druid character, right? So, I do the first quest, and it involves killing this much of this helpless animal and this much of this helpless animal for some obscure reason. I do another quest, and it involves killing this animal to get this many of this item for the person, also for some obscure reason. And my third quest, the only one not for an obscure reason, Sends me to talk to this other person with this scroll that this person gave me. As far as I know, there are only five real types of quests- "Go kill these guys" quests, "Go get me these things from here" quests, "go kill this one guy and get this from him" quests, "go talk to this guy" quests, and rarely, there is one where you must protect a non-player character from harm as he walks somewhere. There are no other quest types but these, and the first and second types are the most common. It gets very annoying as you've been trying to kill an obscenely large number of these people, because it's repetitive. And when you're trying to go from here to here to here to there to talk to people it gets repetitive. And when you try, again and again and again to keep this NPC safe, it gets- Oh, do I really need to Say it? I give this badly made and annoying quest system a 4/10. Too bad it's a major part of the game.

Gameplay- This is the game's savior. It's very fun to do almost anything with other players that isn't questing, since there's often hilarious comments on the chat channels and just in the streets. There are pretty fun dungeons you can go through, if you can spend 5 hours going through one in full, and that's on a good day. Those dungeons are L-o-n-g Long. But, still, They're fun. The way spellcasting is set up is very good, and you don't really even need to read the manual if you're a new player- It's easy to understand. The camera controls- good, simple, and unrestrictive. The PvP system-Well, except for the battlegrounds there really IS no player versus player going on. It's still fun to get up in ranks from a private to first general sergeant- Whatever. Of course- It's basically impossible to get to private without doing battlegrounds once or twice, but Hey! Now, the matter of Death- actually not bad, but a little too Un-harsh. Basically, when you die, your items get broken a bit and you go on a two-minute walk to get back to your corpse. Woohoo. It's basically just a hassle, Nothing else. The only big negative is that dieing is way too easy, so there's almost nowhere you can go at level 5. Even at level 35, You'll still be stuck in the same old places for a long,long time.Overall, The gameplay is A pretty good 8/10. I'd give it a nine, But the restrictive area issues are just irk me too dang much.

Overall- Gah, This could have been great- It probably will be way better when the expansion comes- But blizzard Zapped it with an "Acme frustration Ray" In the prototype stage. Therefore, While i like this game, I still play it daily, and I absolutely, positively LOVE MMORPGs, I give this game a saddening, sickening, 6/10. I didn't want to give such a low score, but for 15 bucks a month? If you've never played an MMORPG, don't try this one first. It's fun, but it wears off quickly.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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