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"A great multiplayer game!"

Phantasy Star Online is a game that made its way on the dreamcast. You can go online/offline which was a great feature. Phantasy Star Online was created by Sega and was a major hit for the dreamcast. Later, it was made for the GC and X Box. Many people now have it and enjoy it. Other then Counter Strike and WC3, This is one awesome game to go online.

Graphics: 9/10
The graphics are very detailed and are a bit better than the DreamCast's version. There might be some lag from players if your in online mode. The character models are very neat in interesting. The bad part of the game is the lag and some glitches.

Controls: 7/10
The controls may take a while to get used to. Up is to use messages, left is for a strong attack. down is for a attack and right is for healing. The number pad (4,8,6,2) make you move. The whole keyboard is for chatting with people. The controls may be bad at first, but you'll eventually get the hang of it.

Gameplay: 10/10
This is more like an Action/RPG game. You run around and kill enemies to get experience points. You can cast magic and use many type of weapons. You also have a little thing that follows you around called a mag, it helps you a lot and is a great feature for this game. Playing with friends is fun as well. You can fool around half the time and joke with them.

Music: 8/10
There are some good tunes in this game. If you don't like it, you can change it with your own if you want. The beginning and boss music is very good.

Multiplayer: 9/10
There is multiplayer, and it's the only fun part of the game. There are many puzzles you have to do, that requires team work. The bosses become harder. Most people are nice to you and will help you, even if you are a noob. You have to pay a monthly fee, and that's the bad part....

Features: Theres the mag and you can play soccer in the lobby! Chatting with people is also fun. you can take pictures if you want, and customize your character. There are countless of weapons and sega added chaos for your mags! There also many other neat stuff that you can find!

Rent/Buy: You probably can't rent the game. If you like multiplayer games, then buy this. Don't buy this game for offline mode @_@

Overall: 9/10
This game should keep you playing for a while. With a lot of features including socccer +_+, you'll enjoy it!

I'm off to play counter strike

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/19/03, Updated 04/19/03

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