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"Another highly rated dreamcast game ported onto the PC"

---I havent played any of the other versions of this game, just read the reviews to it---

The dreamcast had very got games on it (IMO) and was a shame seing it stop being published. Luckily SEGA decided to port thier games to other platforms so that it wouldnt be completly forgotten (and for the money) and for other people to see what the dreamcast actually had on it. I just wish they ported them all to PC aswell as the others =P

Graphics 9/10

Good graphics, just a problem that you cant change the resolution from 640x480, and on a 21\'\' screen it doesnt look to great...
I havent experianced any slowdown but i do get the case of -walking out onto the field and suddenly fog springs out-. The textures and characters are very detailed so ill give it a 9.

Sound 6/10

Now your probably wondering why i gave it a low score. Well im one of these gamers that spend 6+ hours on one game and although the sounds are generally good, hearing those constant foot steps for 6 hours gets annoying. They dont change in any way or form, just the same sound all the way though (with the exception of differant surfaces)

Music 10/10

Good music, really sets the mood of the area. Nice quality too. You can also replace it with your own if you really want to.

Gameplay 10/10

Differant challenges and missions are available, the begining parts of the game is ment for beginers (i picked up on this game rather quickly). The thing i dont like though is the fact that pausing the game -is not an option-, which is bad if u really need to go somewhere and your in the middle of fighting something. And the MAG is a good thing to use your health items on if you dont need them (and the first levels your STUFFED with them). Great game.

Control 9/10

There are 2 available ways of controlling here (which i noticed the other reviewers didnt mention). You can either use a keyboard or a keyboard and mouse (which is what i use). With the Keyboard u have Num7,8,9,5,6,1,2,3 as the dreamcast analogue - Down, Left, Right, Up as A,B,X,Y on the dreamcast, Num0 and Ctrl are the L and R triggers and ESC as start (and the rest of the keyboard for talking). But (as im sure SEGA knew that this could give the game a really bad control rating) with the mouse, u hold down the left mouse button and move your mouse in the direction you want to go, the right mouse button acts as the L-Trigger (camera goes behind you) and the middle mouse button (if you have one) is shoot (which i dont use unless i feel like playing with one hand). So the control is alot easier that way -*recomended method for new buyers*-
You also have the option of using a controller, and rumble support (if your controller supports it)

Replay 10/10

I havent completed the game at the time of this writing but from what ive played so far, i\'m most definatly going to play it again with one of the other characters - as they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Overall 9/10

Very good game. I recommend you buy it instead of renting (i dont think you can anyway).

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/08/03

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