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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Xythar

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      || Serious Sam: The Second Encounter Walkthrough (PC) v1.00 ||
    Copyright (c) Xythar (gmmazz@hotmail.com) 2002
    This walkthrough is for private personal use only. You may not make
    money off this walkthrough in any way or reproduce it in any other form
    than its current electronic form. As an exception, you may print a hard
    copy for personal reference purposes provided you do not use it to make
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    use this guide on your site, as I will refuse it. If you see this guide on any
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    Serious Sam: The Second Encounter is a trademark of Croteam, Godgames and
    Take 2 Interactive. All other trademarks are property of their respective
    trademark holders.
    This is version 1.00 of the walkthrough, last updated 3rd December, 2002.
    This walkthrough was written for the PC version of Serious Sam: The Second
    Encounter. I do not have the Xbox version of the game, and therefore cannot
    guarantee the accuracy of it for the second half of the Xbox "Serious Sam".
    In this walkthrough you will find that instructions to find the game's
    secrets are inline with the rest of the walkthrough. This is for ease of
    reading for those who would like to find the secrets as they play. If you're
    not interested in finding the secrets (or particular secrets) then simply
    skip past the marked instructions to continue the walkthrough (they're
    written so you can do this without any loss of continuity). Instructions to
    find secrets look like this:
    ===|SECRET 1/8|=================================================|ITEM|========
    Between these lines is where you will find the instructions to find the
    secret. At the top, it says what number secret this is, how many there are in
    the level, and what kind of secret it is. ITEM is a powerup item. You should
    generally get these. ENEMY means the secret will only lead to an enemy (some
    secrets in the game are like that), often a joke enemy but nevertheless still
    an enemy. Unless you want to see it or are trying for all the secrets in the
    game, avoid it. EASTER EGG is neither - just some funny/weird joke that
    Croteam put in (there are rather a lot of these ^_^) which you can go for if
    you want. Remember, skip this area if you're not interested.
    OK? :)
    And one final word - there are two secrets in the game that are, as far as I
    know, impossible to get. The first is actually in the intro - part of the map
    used for that contains a secret, but as the intro is non-interactive, there's
    no way to get at it. The second is in level 2 - a hidden item that should
    trigger as a secret, doesn't. I think. If anyone's got any more info on this,
    email me... but please don't email me asking why your total secrets count is
    always short by two -_-
    NOTE: I originally wasn't intending to release this until I'd finished writing
    it, but things came up and I haven't gotten around to adding any more to it
    for ages. Seeing as I've just been sitting on this one for so long, I thought
    I might as well submit this and update it later. Any FAQ is better than no
    FAQ, right?
                           || TABLE OF CONTENTS ||
    1) Walkthrough: Palenque
         1a) Sierra de Chiapas
         1b) Valley of the Jaguar
    2) Walkthrough: Teotihuacan
         2a) City of the Gods
         2b) Serpent Yards
         2c) The Pit
    3) Walkthrough: Persepolis
         3a) Ziggurat
                              || PALENQUE ||
                          | Sierra de Chiapas |
    After a short introductory sequence, you'll land in the game's first level.
    ===|SECRET 1/12|=================================================|ITEM|=======
    Now, you can reach the game's first secret right away. When you land in the
    water, instead of surfacing, swim down. (Just look down and hold the 'forward'
    key.) You won't see anything at first, but keep going down and soon you'll
    see a rocket launcher. Swim down, take it, and swim back up again (hold the
    'jump' key to surface faster) and you should make it just before running out
    of air.
    Surface from the pool of water.
    ===|SECRET 2/12|=================================================|ITEM|=======
    Yep, another secret already :) Look to your right and behind and you should
    see some land close by, to the left of the waterfall. Go there to find another
    Shofield and some standard +50 armour (the armour is the secret..)
    ===|SECRET 3/12|==========================================|EASTER EGG|========
    ..And another one. On the same piece of land as Secret 2 above, in fact.
    Further back behind the items, you'll see a phone booth. Walk up to it for the
    secret to be counted. If you like you can 'use' the phone (default is right
    mouse button, I think) to hear a cryptic conversation. The general consensus
    is that it's a reference to Duke Nukem Forever, I believe - note the reference
    to "Blondie", the well known developer's phrase "when it's done" and the line
    "I've been waiting *forever* for him to show up". Oh, and DNF is supposed to
    take place in Las Vegas, too.
    Now, from the pool of water, head forwards to the wooden pier-like thing. Pick
    up the (rather powerful) chainsaw and head forwards. You'll run into a few
    Gnaars - I suggest you use the chainsaw, because it's faster than using the
    Shofield(s). However, pretty soon you'll see a shotgun and some ammo in a
    clearing to your left, so take those and use them to off the Beheaded
    Firecracker and future Gnaars that attack you (although actually, the chainsaw
    is probably still better for Gnaars...) In any case, proceed along. Before
    long you'll see your first Beheaded Kamikazes. When you've stopped laughing
    long enough to play again, shoot them from a distance with the Shofields or
    shotgun. Continue along, don't miss the +25 armour a little to your right,
    and watch out for the Kleer Skeleton. Strafe to dodge its leaps, and use
    the shotgun.
    Continue forward (rather tough to work out where to go in this level, isn't
    it? :P) until you hear a suspicious thundering sound. WATCH OUT! :P You'll
    come face to face with your first Sirian Werebull. These enemies are a pain,
    although one by itself is relatively manageable. Strafe to dodge its charges,
    shoot it with the Shotgun when it's as close to you as you can manage. As you
    approach the structure at the end you'll see a green Alundran Reptiloid (not
    there on Easy difficulty or lower). Shoot his green homing missles out of the
    air, and then shoot *him*. Then watch out for the kamikaze.
    ===|SECRETS 4&5/12|========================|EASTER EGG, ITEM & ENEMIES|=======
    Next secret. Rather than entering the structure, go to the left hand side of
    it. Look left to see an open path through the mountains. Go that way, and
    you'll find the remains of.. whatever that was that crashed into Sam's
    spaceship in the opening. (secret 4) Apparently, Sam doesn't like crates. In
    addition, beyond the crash site there are some rockets (secret 5). Well, back
    to the 'structure'. Oh, and watch out for the Kamikazes.
    ===|SECRETS 6&7/12|================================|EASTER EGG & ITEMS|=======
    Around the left hand side of the structure, you'll notice a conspicuously
    darkened section of wall. Yes, it's Quake all over again :) Shoot a rocket at
    it (therefore, you must have collected the rocket launcher from secret 1 to do
    this) and it will open. Say hello to the Bigheads, then feel free to shoot
    them all for being annoying >:) and continue in. That's both secrets, but you
    might as well stay for the show, and pick up the rockets behind you.
    Then, leave and go back to the front of the 'structure' please.
    Now, go up the stairs and take the items (take the sniper rifle last). As you
    take the rifle, a cutscene will show you that an Arachnoid has appeared on top
    of a tower ahead of you, so zoom in with the rifle and peg him. Now, as the
    NETRICSA says, there are some Scythian Witch-Harpies approaching you from the
    mountains in the distance. Cap them with the sniper rifle. (I'm beginning to
    run out of words to use to say the same thing here.. :P) After they've been
    dealt with, wait a few seconds and the gate will open, and a couple of Kleer
    will rush you. Now, go through the gate, take the Serious Speed, and some
    Beheaded Rocketeers, Bombers, Firecrackers and Kamikazes will pop up, as
    well as a Zumb-Ul. I'd deal with the latter first while you still have the
    speed, as it will make the rockets much easier to dodge.
    Now, proceed up the stairs into the passage, take the health, and BOO!
    After that, go into the door and take the flamethrower, as well as the
    items in the side rooms. Gnaars will rush you in one of them - it's best to
    use the chainsaw in such close quarters. Now proceed through the door and
    shoot the Arachnoid, the ensuing enemies, and finally the Cucurbito. As
    with the other fast charging enemies, strafing is the key. Now, go through the
    hole he made for you, drop down, and immediately turn around because a
    Kamikaze or two will come at you from behind.
    If you like you can go in the room he came from for a few items, but beware
    as this will trigger an attack by a Zumb-Ul (now that you're not speedy it's
    probably best to jump over its rockets rather than trying to strafe them) and
    several Gnaars (use the chainsaw). Either way, proceed through the door at the
    other end of the room. Take armour shards, dispose of Cucurbito. Love that
    voiceover. Now go through the door.. more Gnaars, use chainsaw. Proceed to the
    end of this corridor.
    ===|SECRET 8/12|================================================|ITEM|========
    Now, turn left. Walk into the darkness, into the wall (ow!) and turn left
    again. You should see a room with letters on the floor, and letters spelling
    "MENTAL" lit up. Get the picture? The floor is bouncy, so bounce on the
    letters M-E-N-T-A-L in sequence (probably best to save beforehand in case you
    mess up - those spikes on the ceiling aren't just for decoration you know :P).
    If you did it right, a door in the opposite wall will open to reveal a +100
    health. Now, go back to the junction where you turned left.
    Turn right here. Make your way carefully past the crushers (you can see easily
    enough where they come down, but you should save to be sure) and go through
    the door at the end. Shoot the Beheaded Rocketeer, take the armour shards if
    you want (one Gnaar will attack you if you do.. big deal) and head up the
    ramp. Walk along, drop down, and collect the double barreled shotgun and ammo.
    Nice. Take the invulnerability, go forwards... and it's time for Kleer mania.
    As long as you're invulnerable, take advantage of it by just standing still
    and chainsawing them. When it runs out, use your new shotgun on them. One hit
    will destroy them, but only at very close range.
    Afterwards, off the Zumb-Ul that breaks out of a corner of the room, and then
    go up the ramp that he revealed, then through the door. And make sure you save
    because this next room is nasty. While the ceiling is up, dash between the
    lowered areas of the floor. You need to activate the switches on the left and
    right sides of the room, then go through the door at the end. Remember that
    the switches are *not* on safe ground, so be quick. Go down the passageway
    (lots of enemies) then open the door and proceed through into the open air.
    Snipe off the Arachnoid and then take the lone armour shard (because it will
    make a +25 armour appear nearby).
    ===|SECRET 9/12|================================================|ITEM|========
    See the pit in front of you? Walk to the very edge and look down. See the
    platform below with a rocket launcher? Save your game, and carefully drop down
    to it. (If you can't see it, drop down at the 'corner' a little to the right
    of where the tree is.) Now look to your left to see a floating globe. Jump
    to it and it will teleport you to the top of the ramp, across the bridge.
    Therefore, skip to the instructions after "and then cross the bridge" in
    the next paragraph, mmkay?
    Now, go up the ramp behind you. But watch out.. as you make your way up, an
    Alundran Reptiloid in the distance will see you. (There was a rock outcropping
    between you before). Snipe him off, ducking behind the rocks for cover. Deal
    with the beheaded enemies at the top of the ramp, and then cross the bridge.
    From here, walk to the left edge of the platform you're on and look down. Jump
    down to the platform you see. Jump down again to where the rocket launcher and
    trees are.
    Hmm.. Sounds like another Werebull! And some Kamikazes to boot.. I find that
    when a Werebull is still a distance from you like this one is, it's best to
    shoot it with the sniper rifle while you can, and it will only take one shot
    that way provided you remember to zoom in (always, always zoom with the sniper
    rifle, or it won't do as much damage - even if you're using it at point blank
    range, - which isn't a bad idea in many situations considering the large
    damage it does - tap the zoom button once). Aaanyway, proceed. Alundran
    Reptoid and a Cucurbito... Duck back to where the Reptiloid can't see you, and
    waste the Cucurbito. Then you can deal with the Reptiloid.
    ===|SECRETS 10&11/12|===========================================|ITEM|========
    Around this area (you should be able to see a bridge above you) look to your
    left. Right next to a high rock platform, there should be a section of the
    rock wall that sticks out. Shoot a rocket at it to reveal a cave (secret 10)
    and then go into the cave to see a pool of water. Dive into it, swim through
    the long underwater tunnel, and surface at the other end. Cross the bridge,
    take the sniper bullets and +100 health (secret 11), and drop down.
    A bit further on you'll be up against a few Kleer and Lava Golems. Use the
    double shotgun for those, and then pick off the Zumb-Ul in the distance with
    the sniper rifle. Approach the pool, beware the harpies that will attack from
    above, and then snipe off the Arachnoid in the distance to your left.
    ===|SECRET 12/12|===============================================|ITEM|========
    Dive into the pool (watch out for the fish) and then swim to the bottom,
    where a +50 health awaits you under a rock. Then resurface. Obviously.
    Jump across the round wooden platforms and logs on the surface of the pool and
    enter the cave. End of level!
                          | Valley of the Jaguar |
    Go forwards and through the door, to a room with bounce pads over a bottomless
    pit. I'm sure you can work out what to do here ;) When you reach the bridge, a
    Reptiloid will spawn ahead of you. Since there's no real cover, you'll
    probably take a few fireballs in the face if you try to snipe him off. So fire
    about 3-4 rockets in his direction, then just concentrate on destroying the
    fireballs while you wait for the rockets to reach him. Also watch out for the
    two harpies above you (the sniper rifle might be handy *here*) and then cross
    the bridge.
    Jump onto the first bounce pad you see now. Don't try to jump to the next one,
    you can't make it. Instead, jump up to the ledge to your left, and walk along
    it until you can jump to the second pad from there. Then carefully jump to the
    moving pad, then to the last platform. Take the Serious Bomb (don't waste
    those, they're rare) and proceed through the door. Go down the passage, turn
    the corner, and watch out for the face above the door shooting fireballs at
    you. I suggest you run to the side of the room, run down to about where the
    exit door is, and then take on the Zumb-Ul from there, where the fireballs
    can't get you. Anyway, after you're done, enter the next room.
    Whee, more jump pads. Immediately off the Lava Golem with your shotgun, but
    after then, watch out! There's an annoying Reptiloid a few miles away shooting
    at you. Walk to the left edge of the platform you're on, and look to the right
    of the second blue 'jump ramp'. If you're quick, you'll be able to kill it
    with the sniper rifle and still have enough time to deal with the homing
    fireballs coming your way - if you're too slow, you might take a few in the
    Take the 'fan' jump pads to the platform on the left. Press the switch to
    move another jump pad into place. Use the pads to get back to the first
    platform. While doing this you might notice that another Reptiloid has been
    taking potshots at you, but you can't see them from the first platform. A good
    way to take it out is to jump to the third jump pad on the left (counting from
    the first platform) and from there, you should be able to see half of it in
    the distance if you zoom in. If you're any good at hitting targets while
    bouncing up and down, you'll do nicely :)
    Anyway, take those 'ramps' to the next platform, picking up ammo along the
    way. Press the switch here to move another pad into place. The next two pads
    should send you to the final platform almost automatically.
    ===|SECRET 1/8|=======================================|ITEM & ENEMIES|========
    Before going in the door on the final platform, look to the left. See that
    little platform sticking out of the wall? Jump to that. Seems like it's really
    a jump pad in disguise, because it will send you to a ledge above the final
    platform. Pick up the sniper ammo here, and watch out for the harpies that
    will appear (just use some of the ammo to snipe them off, heh). Then drop back
    down to the final platform... and, er, watch out for the Werebull. :)
    Now, go in the door. Take the grenade launcher, ammo pack and +100 health, and
    then bounce a few grenades down the passage those enemies are coming at you
    from. Eeeexcellent. Now proceed through there to arrive at one of the coolest
    places in the game! Yes, most of those hills aren't just a backdrop, they're
    REAL. Massive area, huh? It's great.
    ===|SECRET 2/8|=================================================|ITEM|========
    However, before doing anything, I'd look above the tunnel you just left. See
    the part of the hill that has a slightly different texture and sticks out?
    Shoot that with a rocket, and an Invulnerability comes tumbling down. This
    will be rather helpful in the next part.. or you can save it for later if you
    like. Come back when you've made more enemies appear, it's not going anywhere.
    This secret does not register properly, it seems :( So you'll always have
    7/8 for this level. I don't think there anything that can be done about it.
    Now, walk forwards and.. hmm, seems like something's happening in the
    distance. Pick off a few with your sniper rifle (Major Biomechanoids, those
    big walking red things, will take about four shots, but the blue ones only
    take one.. the Kleer will take one but it's kind of a waste) and deal with the
    rest when they come to you. Good luck.. if you're facing few Kleer at a time,
    the shotgun should do you fine. If there's a bunch, try to take out several
    at once with a grenade or two. If the red Biomechanoids reach you, fire about
    five rockets at each and jump out of the way. AFTER you've dealt with any
    red Biomechanoids in the immediate vicinity, you can duck back into the
    passage you came from for a little cover. It's blocked off now, but it'll
    still minimise the number of Kleer coming at you at once, and there are rather
    a lot of Kleer. But you don't want to be in there when rockets are being fired
    at you. This part can be pretty tough, especially if you're just starting.
    Although it's nothing compared to later on.. >_<
    Anyway, I found that after I'd shot all the Kleer that the blue Biomechanoids
    just kept milling about in the distance. Easy prey for the sniper rifle.. and
    even if they're up close they're not much of a problem, as a single rocket will
    also put them down. Advance, being wary of harpies dropping kamikazes on you
    and more Biomechanoids, and you'll reach a pyramidal thing in the middle with
    various items both on it and around it. A note on terminology now - if you
    stand on this structure with your back to the tunnel you came in by, I will
    refer to the temple to your left as the "Left Temple", the temple to your
    right as the "Right Temple" and the larger temple ahead of you as the "Centre
    Temple". Fair enough? :)
    ===|SECRET 3/8|===========================================|EASTER EGG|========
    There's a couple of secrets we can get at this point. For starters, head
    towards the big "CROLLYWOOD" sign to the left of the Left Temple. It's pretty
    hard to miss. When you get close enough for the secret to register, it'll tell
    you. Oh, and if you haven't been to the Left Temple yet and don't want to
    trigger the welcoming flood of enemies prematurely, hug the left hillside. In
    fact, walk up it as much as you can.
    ===|SECRET 4/8|=================================================|ITEM|========
    Go to the little pass to the far right of the Centre Temple. (If you can't
    find it, go back to where the entrance tunnel was, and look for a large brown
    ball. That's about where it is.) Go along it until you reach the +50 armour,
    take it and.. WHOA! Step out of the way of that TITANIC boulder, and it will
    roll towards the middle of the area. Where it will be about 3 times bigger
    than the structure :) Indiana Jones, eat your heart out.
    Now, you need to go to the side temples. You can go to either first, but for
    the purpose of this walkthrough, we'll go to the Right Temple first. Because
    it's the right one. I apologise for that sentence. As you approach it, a few
    Cucurbito's will bounce down the steps (HA!) to keep you busy while a
    Reptiloid spawns above. Does it get any better than this? -_- Dispatch the
    Cucurbitos as quickly as you can, and then snipe off the Reptiloid. If you
    did secret #4, the Uber Boulder will provide useful cover... And two harpies.
    Now, climb the stairs.. then shoot the Zumb-Ul with 2 rockets and shotgun the
    harpies. And don't miss the items on each side of the temple... then climb the
    next set of stairs.
    ===|SECRET 5/8|=================================================|ITEM|========
    Hear what Sam said? Drop down *slightly* off the right hand side of the top of
    the temple, down to the next lower ledge. See the dark area of the wall?
    Stand back slightly and shoot it with a rocket to blow it open. MINIGUN!!!
    That will be rather useful... now drop down and go up the stairs again.
    Cross the bridge and enter the temple. Collect the appearing health and.. BOO!
    Oh, it's just a +50 armour. Phew. Go through the door, take the items, go
    through the next door. GAH! Cucurbito party. You really need to watch yourself
    here, it's easily to get badly hurt quite quickly. If you picked up the
    minigun from secret 5 above, this wouldn't be a bad place to try it out.
    Otherwise, flamethrower, shotgun, whatever you can - even your own chainsaw is
    surprisingly effective (but takes some practice to use without *you* getting
    killed..) Keep moving, strafe a lot, and keep an eye on them coming from all
    Afterwards, go through the door, and approach the corner with mysterious
    explosions happening (don't get TOO close, obviously) to trigger a Kamikaze
    rush. Use the *single* barrel shotgun to take them out (or the Shofields if
    you like) at this point. Now, to avoid being blown up.. Try to rush into the
    corridor between fireballs (easier said than done) and jump up on the left
    hand ledge on the next corridor, where you're relatively safe, and then just
    head along. I don't tbink it's possible to get through without taking a single
    hit, but you never know.
    Mwahahaha.. Now for the sweeping darkness room of EVIL. In this room, a wave
    of black fog will sweep across the room and back (THE DARKNESS COMES!!!) and
    in that darkness, ye shall hear the sound of a thousand chainsaws... well, not
    that many, but still *quite* enough to be unnerving. There is health and
    armour (which you probably need by now) here, as well as a Serious Damage
    between two pillars, so it should be pretty easy really.
    Serious Damage + Flamethrower or Minigun = teh r0x0r.
    Now go through the other door. Gold Jaguar Statue. Ammo. Items under bridge.
    Take. Then leave the temple the way you came in. Oh, and watch out for those
    Kleer in the evil room. Did you know the Flamethrower works wonders on bunched
    up groups of Kleer? Oh good. And then the Werebulls in the next room... In
    this case I actually recommend using the sniper rifle (remember to put it in
    zoom mode even for close range combat) as it drops them in one shot without
    potentially blowing up in your face like rockets/grenades do. Then off the
    harpies however you like.
    Now leave the temple. But hold on! As you reach the end of the platform after
    the bridge, be warned that a Fiendian (red demony thing that shoots FAST
    semi-homing fireballs at you) and a Reptiloid have appeared below, the Fiendian
    on the structure in the middle and the Reptiloid on the ground a bit to the
    left. Use the platform you're on as cover, and snipe them. Nice view ^_^
    Now, bounce down the stairs (heheh) and say hello to more blasted Kleer. As
    in our previous open-area encounter with them, the grenade/rocket launcher is
    good as long as you don't blow yourself up. Otherwise, the flamethrower or,
    if you can manage it, double barrel shotgun is the ticket. Try running back up
    the stairs and dropping grenades on them :) Proceed to the structure in the
    middle where a new Ammo Pack has been placed for your convience, and proceed to
    the temple ahead - the one opposite the one you were just in, the Left Temple.
    Guess who? Aww, how did you know it would be more enemies? Well, use a single
    barrel shotgun for the kamikazes, and the flamethrower for the rest...
    although you can try using the rocket launcher at long range. This part's
    hectic, as it's understandably hard to keep your head when you're being
    charged by multiple types of enemies from different directions all at once.
    Argh. Put a lot of distance between you and them is about all I can say other
    than that...
    Run up the stairs, and then run back down right away when you see the enemies.
    Pick off any that followed you with the sniper rifle, then head up and take on
    the remaining enemies and the Reptiloid. Now proceed up the next stairs, then
    back down when the Kamikazes attack and shoot them. Now you can go up those
    stairs for real and cross the bridge. Mind the kamikazes.. since they come at
    you in a straight line you might find the Shofields will do just fine.
    Ah, the spiky walls room. Looks simple, but you'll get blown back and forth
    when you try to enter.. but actually, it's still simple. Firstly, face the
    door on the opposite side, and then take your hands off everything but the
    'forward' key. I mean it. Take them off! *glares* Good. Now, hold that
    forward key, and you should make it to the other side without being provided
    with additional ventilation. If you're not in front of the door when you reach
    the other side, *then* you can strafe over to it.
    ===|SECRET 6/8|=================================================|ITEM|========
    Now in this next room, check the last alcove on the left. Step on the angled
    stone there and you'll be able to bounce up to the rafters, where some sniper
    ammo and +50 armour await you.
    Go through the door into the next room. Here, both NETRICSA and Sam make it
    fairly clear what you should be doing. Follow the path the light takes, and
    don't step off the path unless you want to fight more enemies (I'd personally
    load if that happened, unless you're trying for 100% kills) until you reach
    the other end. I think you'll run into a Kleer even if you're doing it right,
    Get the +50 armour and +25 health on each side of the platform if you want
    (you can jump back on) and then take the gold jaguar statue. Go back and...
    ah, crap. Tough situation.. if you've still got ammo left for the minigun,
    it'll be useful. Otherwise, try and take out as many as possible with the
    shotgun. Concentrate on the kamikazes first, then the Kleer. What you might
    actually be able to do is run forwards, then go back as far as possible before
    they can see you. If you can pull that off, then you can take out the
    kamikazes from a distance with the Shofields (don't waste the sniper rifle's
    ammo). I find the flamethrower works great on groups of Kleer.
    Now leave. The same strategy applies for the spike room. As you leave the
    temple, snipe off the Fiendian that appeared on the centre structure (as seen
    in the cutscene), the Reptiloid relatively close by on the ground to your
    right, and the other Reptiloid on the ground near the small structure to the
    left of the Centre Temple (which is to your left from here). Now bounce back
    down the stairs (Ha-Ha!) and go to the centre structure to collect the
    convenient ammo pack and place the jaguar. Watch for the Fiendian - I'd shoot
    him with rockets, as your sniper ammo is probably quite low by this point.
    OK, now you can head for the centre temple. Oh, except for the Insane Flood
    Of Enemies (tm) that you'll face along the way. Yes, I know it's got nothing
    on the last level, but it's still a fair firefight. You'll be thankful for
    that ammo pack... Get well, well away from the area, and make liberal use of
    the rocket launcher and flamethrower.
    There's several parts to it, of course. See if you can get the Biomechanoids
    to shoot the Cucurbitos in the second part.. *snicker*
    ===|SECRET 7/8|=================================================|ITEM|========
    Enter the small structure to the left of the temple. (There's nothing in the
    one on the right). *drool* 400 bullets.. (800 on Easy!) If you got the minigun
    before, this will be one of the most welcome sights you've seen in ages. w00t.
    ===|SECRET 8/8|=================================================|ITEM|========
    Go round to the right hand side of the large middle temple's base. Tucked in a
    corner you'll find... a +25 health? This is what passes for secrets these
    days? There are harder to find +25 healths in the valley below that aren't
    counted as secrets.. *grumble* Oh well.
    Now, go up the stairs and enter the centre temple. Sam will find the Crystal
    Skull (inexplicably unguarded) and the level will end with a hilariously
    cheesy voiceover. And that's it for Palenque!
                              || TEOTIHUACAN ||
                             | City of the Gods |
    Check the enemy count in this stage compared to the last.. muahahaha. Ready?
    :) Begin by collecting the obscene amount of ammunition in the starting room.
    Now, take either door. When you return from that sudden out-of-body experience
    go around the right of the big building in front of you, and you'll make your
    first encounter with a Zorg (aka 'skinless franks') and some headless guys.
    Take them out (just use the shotgun on the Zorg and jump over their laser
    beams, they're just another kind of 'standard grunt' enemy) and continue to go
    for the centre. Don't concentrate too much on those other Zorg and their
    commander, because some Kleer are coming from your right and you'd best deal
    with those first. So do so, and then the Zorg, and also the Zumb-Ul on top of
    the pyramid thing behind you. Now take the tommygun. It is less powerful than
    the minigun, but more ammo efficient and has no spin down/spin up times. It's
    good for singular enemies when you still need a fast rate of fire, and
    especially good for kamikazes.
    Oh, and speaking of kamikazes.. :P You'll have some to test it out on, as well
    as a few harpies. Ignore the harpies until you've dealt with all the kamikazes
    which annoyingly come from every bloody direction. I suggest you run back
    behind the building you were behind originally, and take them out from there -
    a Zumb-Ul is waiting, so get your sniper rifle ready and shoot him before he
    can do the same, then go back to tommygun.
    ===|SECRET 1/15|================================================|ITEM|========
    Look in the left corner of the area from where you are (which should be behind
    the building - ie, where you were when you entered this area). You should find
    some cannonballs.
    ===|SECRET 2/15|================================================|ITEM|========
    Now, look in the corner on the other side of the area (still on the same side
    as where you came in). You should see a gap blocked by a tree. Cut the tree
    down with the chainsaw, and go in to get a +50 health.
    After it's all over, go along the left side of the area you're in, until
    you're in about the back-left corner from where you were just before. Don't
    miss the Serious Bomb tucked away in the wall!
    ===|SECRET 3/15|===============================================|ENEMY|========
    From the Serious Bomb, face away from the wall and enter the little passage
    behind the building right in front of you. Take the +1 health.. and a few
    red Biomechs will appear and probably kill you. Trust me - unless you're
    trying to get all the secrets, you really *don't* want to do this one.
    Now, like with the Valley of the Jaguar, there are two buildings we must enter
    to collect two items. They are to the left and right of the entrance to this
    room, so we'll call the one on the left (same side as the Serious Bomb) the
    Left Building and the one on the right the Right Building. Creative names.
    Anyway, you can go to either first, but for the purpose of this walkthrough
    we'll go to the left one first as you're probably already near it. So go.
    Now enter and.. ack! Arachnoids, kamikazes, and such. I've found it helps if
    you immediately strafe to the left upon entering, so as to wedge yourself
    behind that torch. Then jump up and shoot things. :P Pick up everything in
    this room.
    ===|SECRET 4&5/1================================================|ITEM|========
    Hmm.. If you go forward and then turn around, notice that there's a door to
    the right, but only wreckage where one should be on the left? I wonder what to
    do.. Shoot the wreckage with a rocket (duh) and go in to claim a rich reward -
    three sets of cannonballs AND a Serious Bomb! Cool.. and it gets cooler.
    If you shoot the pillar with a rocket, guess what you get? The SBC Cannon. ^_^
    Now, look at the wall that the door you came in is on, and take the doorway
    to the right of it. Go down the path and take the Seriously Scary mask, and..
    ack. This isn't too hard, tho. Whip out the flamethrower, toast the frogs, and
    then the Kleer. The only dicey moment is when the bulls show up, but if you
    got the cannon just before it'll be a snap (and you can get a +50 health here,
    so you can lose a bit of health and still be fine).
    Go back out, mind the Headless and Zorg ambush (again, easy) and leave. Oh..
    Arachnoids. Simply take cover behind the wall right in front of you and snipe
    both of them off (still easy...). Now go to the Right Building which is
    directly across from where you are now.
    ===|SECRET 6/15|================================================|ITEM|========
    Before actually going in, go straight left until you're in a corner. When in
    the corner, you'll notice that part of the wall to your left (or behind you,
    if you're still facing in the direction of the Right Building) is ever so
    slightly darkened. Bring out the rockets and shoot it to reveal a +100 armour.
    Now, open the door to the building but don't rush in right away unless you
    enjoy losing health. Wait for the Zorg Commander to come to you and blast him.
    Poke your head in, fire a rocket or two at the Arachnoid on the pedestal at
    the far end, and duck out. Kill the Zorg to the left without leaving the
    doorway (tommygun probably works best at this range) then step in and
    immediately look up and left, firing a rocket or two at the Arachnoid there.
    Done. Go up the stairs. If you have low health or armour, you can jump across
    the ledges and then go along the ledge to get two +25 healths and a +100
    armour. If you're not low, don't waste them. Either way, go through the door,
    waste the Zorg to your left and right as you enter, and take the ammo pack.
    Now leave that room, go back down the stairs, and take the other door on the
    ground level (not the one you came in by). Mind the dart shooters, and take
    the Hilariously Happy mask. As you leave, beware.. enemies have spawned
    outside, and you can't use a wall for cover this time. So run in and out of
    the door instead.. snipe the Arachnoid ahead of you, then fire rockets at the
    red Biomechanoid to your left. *Don't* leave the doorway yet. Now, take out
    the distant Zorg with the tommygun or Shofields (using the sniper rifle is a
    waste) then stay back a bit, walk out from under the ceiling above you (just
    outside the building) and shoot the Arachnoid directly above with rockets.
    Now, go left and back to the wall, and shoot the other Arachnoid you should
    now be able to see with the sniper rifle. Now put your back to the wall and
    strafe left until you see another Arachnoid in the distance and to the right,
    which you should also snipe. Continue to strafe left until you see the
    closer one ahead of you (to the left of the big building) and shoot it too.
    That's all of them. Now place the masks on the altar to unlock the big door
    opposite the one you came in by. Go there and, uh, mind the two red Biomechs.
    And there are some Zorg through it, but that's easier.
    Take the ammo and any health or armour that you need. Now proceed through
    the maze-ish area. Mind the dart traps and the Cucurbito round the corner.
    At the end, slay the Zorg in front of you and then the Cucurbito slightly
    hidden to the right. Now, go into another open area, snipe off the two blue
    Biomechs ahead of you, and use the tommygun or Shofields on the Zorg that you
    can just barely see to the left in the distance. DON'T MOVE FORWARD YET.
    Now, line yourself up with the Serious Speed, then turn right around and
    start walking backwards, hopefully towards it. And select the tommygun. As you
    approach it, kamikazes will be launched at you from behind (which is why
    you're walking backward) so you should shoot them with the tommygun and hope
    you reach the Serious Speed. Once you do, it gets easier for the whole 3
    seconds the powerup will last (only a slight exaggeration -_-). You should
    also grab the minigun if you don't already have it, or need ammo. Shoot the
    blue Biomechs with a rocket each, use the tommy or minigun on the groups of
    Zorg, and keep an eye out for Arachnoids that will appear (use rockets).
    Remember there's a +50 health here.
    ===|SECRET 7/15|================================================|ITEM|========
    Walk around the back of the big building that is to the far opposite end of
    the area as you enter to find some cannonballs. Hard to find, weren't they?
    ===|SECRET 8/15|======================================|ITEMS, ENEMIES|========
    Go back to the door you came in by and put your back against it. You'll see a
    few trees with little leafy shrubs next to them in the area. Go to the
    leftmost one you see, which is also the one closest to you on the left. You
    should see some sparks in the air right behind the tree. Touch them to enter a
    whole sub-area, where you'll fight Kleer (larger and slower than usual) but
    also mini Reptiloids and Arachnoids who will cut you up if you're not careful.
    As well as other *weird* but powerful enemies. My advice? Kill the fish in the
    first pool, so that you can use it as cover. It's still not easy, but the items
    you'll get here are well worth it. Good luck... *and take it slowly*.
    Now, go to the door that's to your right as you entered this large area (it's
    got a snake above it). Mind the Red Biomech and Zorgs that confront you. If
    you got the SBC Cannon from secret 5/7, it's quite useful against Red
    Biomechs, as a single fully charged shot (hold the button down until it
    automatically fires) will take one out. Now, go through the door.. and into
    HELL. Bwahaha...
    Note how you've only fought about 200 at most of the 600+ enemies in this
    level? Wondering where the rest are? Here's where you'll find a good many :)
    Take the health, armour and ammo only if you need them. Otherwise, save them
    because you *will* need them later. Advance forward, and here we go. Try and
    take out the first wave of kamikazes from as far back as possible - you can
    'snipe' them with the tommy gun or Shofields by watching to see when your
    crosshair turns green. When one drops the SBC Cannon, you can run forward to
    get it if you don't have it already (but watch out). You will want it for
    taking out several bulls at once, particularly if they're nicely lined up.
    Whenever you face off against multiple bulls, back away until they converge
    more closely together, and then fire the cannon. Kamikazes will helpfully
    bring you more ammo for it during the fight. A bit later, you'll be attacked
    by a hell of a lot of Kleer. Strafe down the side of a group of Kleer while
    firing the flamethrower. You should avoid all their leaps that way, and put
    the entire group on fire, so they'll burn up without any further assistance
    from you. Remember to keep an eye out for more bulls.
    The Rocket Launcher isn't bad for taking out groups of Kleer either, but as
    you can imagine the flamethrower is rather a lot less dangerous at close
    range. Round the corner, it's time for the next wave. Use the sniper rifle or
    rocket launcher on the blue Biomechs (sniper rifle's easier to hit with on
    these ones as they move around at long range) and charged cannonballs on the
    red ones. Also watch out for kamikazes (one will also helpfully bring you an
    ammo pack at the start). Then it's the... bulls with cannons on their backs?!?
    STRAFE when you see them, and fire back with your own cannon. It's probably
    best to take cover around the corner too.
    When it's finally over, go through the door at the end and prepare to face..
    more Biomechs and kamikazes. No rest for the wicked I guess... Take out all
    the Biomechs you find in the maze of buildings, the handful of kamikazes, and
    watch out for all the Arachnoids on top of buildings and on the ground. Phew..
    ===|SECRET 9/15|===========================|ITEMS, MONSTER/EASTER EGG|========
    From the entrance of this area, go straight forwards, past the +50 health and
    around the left hand side of the building directly beyond it. In the clearing
    past here, on the right hand side, there's a small house with a snake above
    the door. Make sure you're looking at a small house, *not* the large building
    with a snake over the entrance that you can see from the area where the +50
    health is/was. THE MOMENT YOU ENTER THE HOUSE, STRAFE TO THE SIDE unless you
    want to become a red smear on the floor. Then destroy the cannon, take the
    cannonballs and leave.
    ===|SECRET 10/15|===============================================|ITEM|========
    Put the doorway to the room with Secret #8 in it (the small house with the
    snake to your back. Go towards the smallest and furthest-from-you house which
    has a tree on either side - behind this house is a +50 health.
    Now, go into the large building with the snake above the entrance. Waste the
    Cucurbitos, and then take the ammo.
    ===|SECRET 11/15|===============================================|ITEM|========
    If you go to the far end of the room, then look back and up you'll see a +100
    health. To get it, simply shoot the little platform under it to make it fall
    Now, go through the door and take the ramp down. Kleer Party! Again, the
    flamethrower is your best friend here. It's not hard to beat them without even
    being hit if you're careful.
    ===|SECRET 12/15|===============================================|ITEM|========
    Facing the exit door to this room, look to the wall to your right and shoot
    the (slightly) darker area with a rocket for some cannonballs and two +25
    ===|SECRET 13/15|============================================|ENEMIES|========
    Facing the exit door to this room, look to the wall to your left and shoot
    the (slightly) darker area with a rocket to find three Zumb-Uls engaged in...
    a poker game. Riiight. There's no real benefit to doing this one, by the way.
    Now go through the door, up that ramp, and into the next door, grabbing
    anything you need along the way. Go through the door.
    ===|SECRET 14/15|======================================|ITEMS & ENEMY|========
    As you enter this passage, look for a hole in the right-hand wall about where
    the first hole in the floor is. Take the health and the armour... and then
    shoot the mini Cucurbito. Then you can leave by the other hole to be slightly
    further along in the pathway.
    This pathway is annoying. Don't fall in the holes (obviously) and make sure
    the wind doesn't blow you in either. When you cross the narrow bridge with the
    strong wind, you'll need to avoid being impaled by the two spiky walls (better
    save, it's annoying) then you may take the door to another room featuring Zorg
    and a Cucurbito. After taking them out, go through the door where a Cucurbito
    will ambush you from the right as you enter, there will be a Zorg ahead, and
    another Cucurbito round the corner. And then a Zumb-Ul down the stairs (sniper
    rifle!) and a door which leads to the beginnings of a lava cave. Take the
    health, armour and ammo, and then the door.
    Cucurbitos, Lava Golems and red Biomechs, oh my! Whenever a Cucurbito spawns,
    drop everything and shotgun it. Then go back to shooting the Lava Golems and
    the Red Biomechs when they appear. Use charged cannonballs and/or rockets for
    both. Remember that Lava Golems lead you with their shots - they will fire
    them at where you will *be*, not where you are. Therefore, if you just strafe
    in a straight line like you would with other projectile-firing enemies, you'll
    still get hit. To counter this, keep an eye on the Lava Golem and whenever you
    see it throw a fireball, start strafing the other way. If you were strafing
    right, then strafe left when you see the fireball fly. That fireball will have
    been aimed at where you'd be if you'd kept strafing right, so by changing your
    direction you avoid it. Get it?
    ===|SECRET 15/15|===============================================|ITEM|========
    Now, run all the way to the right of the platform you're standing on, then run
    forwards to the edge and look down. Drop down slightly to take the rockets,
    and then jump back up again.
    Now, "How the hell do I reach the other side?" you ask. Well, run to the left
    hand side of the platform you're standing on, and drop down to the small rock
    platform on the lava, closest to you. Wait for the moving one to slowly drift
    closer to your position, and jump onto it when it's close enough. It will take
    you to another platform, which you can then jump up to the other side from.
    Easy enough... Now go through the door. On the bridge, beware the Cucurbito
    which will spawn behind you while you're preoccupied with the Cucurbito and
    red Biomech ahead of you. Now go through the door and collect as much as you
    can of the ridiculous amount of ammo, health and armour presented to you. It
    does indeed look like they're leading up to something... and that's true.
    Approach the +100 health and... GACK. This without a doubt the most annoying
    room yet. The floor of the room is bouncy, and you and the 100 or so enemies
    that will spawn in (AND.. THEY.. JUST.. HAD.. TO.. INCLUDE.. KAMIKAZES!!!)
    will bounce up and down like demented rabbits. Think you can wait on one
    of the non-bouncy pillars? Think again, as the kamikazes will splatter you.
    This... won't be easy. Try backing away and moving around the room in a
    circle. The items on the floor (two Serious Damages, four +1 health pills,
    and an ammo pack) and the two +50 healths on each side will respawn, so make
    sure to take them frequently, and the +100 health (which unfortunately doesn't
    respawn). If you take two of the +1 health pills, then the gravity in the room
    will be turned completely off for a little while (meaning that everyone will
    just float) which is nice if you're able to concentrate on getting those pills
    and *don't* get eviscerated in the process (read: not me).
    Fire the flamethrower forwards constantly, and hope you hit something. It's
    damned near impossible to actually aim when you and everything else are
    constantly bouncing. I personally used my first Serious Bomb of the game
    towards the end when the situation was looking dire.. kudos to you if you can
    manage without. When you finally manage to survive that nightmare room, get
    back to 100 health on the respawning health pickups and take an ammo pack or
    two before heading out the door. And a fresh Serious Damage, because it'll
    carry onto the next level ^_^ Level ends here.
                               | Serpent Yards |
    Here we go. Go through the door and step forwards a bit (not too much, or
    Zumb-Ul on the roofs will shoot you). Blast the Zorg to either side, then the
    couple of Kleer that attack, and a bunch of Zorg will spawn ahead of you.
    Shoot them with the tommy or minigun (this will be easier if you brought a
    Serious Damage from the previous level, although it will be almost expired
    by now). Now ready the sniper rifle, step out and quickly snipe off the Zumb-
    Ul on the roofs of the buildings to either side of the one you came out of.
    ===|SECRET 1/10|================================================|ITEM|========
    As you step out from the building you came from, go to the wall to the right.
    Tucked out of sight is some sniper rifle ammo.
    ===|SECRET 2/10|===============================================|ENEMY|========
    As you step out from the building you came from, go to the wall to the left.
    Tucked out of sight in the corner is an armour shard. If you take it, you'll
    be attacked by a 'suicidal plant'. Uh, okay then.
    Also keep an eye on that glowing face on the wall. It shoots rockets at you
    sometimes. Now, as you approach the other end of the area, two Zumb-Ul and
    some Kleer will spawn ahead of you, and two Reptiloids will spawn on the
    roofs behind you, where the Zumb-Ul were before. Immediately head back to
    where you entered the area so that you can use the stone zigzag as cover.
    Don't back right against the wall or the Zumb-Ul rockets will get you with
    splash damage. Instead, wait further forward, firstly for the Kleer to come to
    you, and then snipe off the Zumb-Ul. Finally, back out, fire three rockets at
    one of the Reptiloids, and go back in. (Rockets are faster than the sniper
    rifle, and with Reptiloids you have to get out of their sight as fast as
    Pick up any health or armour you need and then go through the next area,
    shooting Zorg as you go. Now, approach the blue snake statue in the large
    area ahead of you. Don't take the items if you don't need them of course. Also
    read the NETRICSA message... uh oh. Get that flamethrower ready. You can pick
    up the Serious Damage now or save it for slightly later, it's your call. I
    find the tommygun works even better than the flamethrower against Kleer with
    a Serious Damage.. When the red Biomechs appear, use charged cannonballs on
    them. Anything else takes too long when you've got Kleer jumping at you from
    all sides.
    ===|SECRET 3/10|================================================|ITEM|========
    Go back up the stairs you entered this area by. (You can tell which are the
    right stairs by standing at the top and looking down - if you're on the
    'entrance' stairs, the other stairs should be on the left hand side of the pit
    from where you're looking.) Walk straight forward up to the wall (with a
    couple of trees and look back and to the left to see a +50 health.
    Now, go up the stairs you didn't come in by. Slay the Zorg and the Zumb-Ul and
    take the ammo and armour where the Zumb-Ul was if you need it. Now you'll come
    to a 'forcefield' with more Zorg guarding it. Firstly deal with them. Now, the
    way the 'forcefield' seems to work is that the beam closest to you will
    activate three beams in the distance which damage whatever passes through them
    and also a series of rocket launchers between the two beam areas. This would
    theoretically be useful for damaging the Werebulls that should be rushing you
    about now (bahaha) but they don't seem to do enough. Just get the sniper rifle
    and snipe them all before they reach you.. that seems to be the best way.
    However, don't concentrate so much on objects in the distance that you fail to
    notice the occasional harpy that will drop a Kamikaze on you. Ok?
    When you're done with all of that, wait until the 3 beams have turned off (if
    they're still on) and then jump over the beam closest to you and continue
    ===|SECRET 4/10|================================================|ITEM|========
    Right after passing the forcefield area, go around the back of the house to
    your right where some cannonballs are hidden.
    Now, be careful upon opening the next door. There is a Reptiloid and such in
    the next area, so don't just stroll in or you'll get several fireballs, lasers
    etc in the face. Open the door, immediately fire rockets at the Reptiloid close
    and to your left (he's partially hidden behind a tree), and duck out. Once it's
    dead, then you can shoot the Zorg close by and snipe off the two blue Biomechs
    you should be able to see in the distance. Now enter, but don't go forwards
    far. Strafe directly to the left, and you'll see another Reptiloid hiding
    behind the house to the far left. Again, shoot him with rockets or grenades
    right away. You can even use the chainsaw effectively at this range ^_^
    If you now go around to the right hand side, you can also waste a Zumb-Ul
    behind a house. There's also a Serious Damage here, which you should collect
    a bit later when you need it. Now, go forwards a bit further. Soon you'll have
    another out-of-body-experience that will show you what to do. But I'd watch it
    because you're not quite done here yet.
    As you pass the temple on the right (the one with the 'very locked door'),
    look above it and on the left. See that green arm? :) Snipe off the mostly
    concealed Reptiloid. If you then advance past the building, you'll be attacked
    by a few Zorg. Shoot them and take the cannonballs if necessary. There's some
    sniper bullets behind the 'very locked' temple, and a Serious Speed behind a
    house further on and on the right (again, save).
    The door on the far left won't open yet, so take the one on the far side of
    the area. Now, this next area can be.. confusing. An area with lots of pillars
    as well as moving teleporter sparks that send you all over the place - and of
    course, Kleer. Just stand to the side and wait for them to come to you, then
    use the shotgun or flamethrower. Shouldn't be hard. Then, take the mask.
    ===|SECRET 5/10|========================================|ENEMY & ITEM|========
    Approach the flat stone head to the right of the pillars & moving teleporters
    area. WHAA? It will start bouncing around and attacking you.. O_O Shoot it
    with whatever, and take the +100 health that drops afterwards. Awesome.
    ===|SECRET 6/10|======================================|ENEMIES & ITEM|========
    Go to the back of the huge pyramid in this area. Approach the detonator there,
    use it and.. YIKES! Two IMMENSE Highlander Reptiloids. They're not easy, and
    unless you want to use up most of your cannonballs and health fighting them,
    it's probably best not to do this one. Unless you can get away without losing
    health or something. You'll get an ammo pack too, but it's not worth it.
    Now, leave and go back to the previous area. Approach the altar where the mask
    is to be placed (it's on your right as you enter) and.. run to the side. Ready
    the tommygun, and then back towards the altar while shooting the fireballs out
    of the air. When you've placed the mask on the altar, a beam will destroy the
    fireball shooting head. The NETRICSA message you receive after doing so needs
    no comment from me.
    ===|SECRET 7/10|========================================|ITEM & ENEMIES|======
    The 'very locked' temple opposite the altar where you put the mask is now very
    unlocked. Go in there for a 'secret' +100 armour, but beware the Reptiloid on
    the roof that will attack as you leave. And the other two on your right.
    Now you can go to the door on the far left of this area (with the snake above
    it - and not the temple opposite the altar with a snake above the door, that
    leads to secret #7 above) so do so, and take the Speed and Damage if you
    haven't yet, because you're not coming back here. Cue the OBE.
    First off, there's some ammo to the left of where you start. And some bullets
    ahead which you'll need as Kleer, kamikazes and harpies attack. Still, nothing
    you haven't done before.
    ===|SECRET 8/10|==========================================|EASTER EGG|========
    Take the +1 health pill that is ahead of you and to the right, behind the
    first set of houses on your right. This will activate the 'secret watcher'
    above you. What's that? Look to the sky to see eyes. Uh huh.
    ===|SECRET 9/10|=====================================|'ENEMY' &  ITEM|========
    After doing secret #8 just above, shoot the eyes to activate the 'mighty
    kamikaze'. Rather than just staring at it, get the hell away unless you want
    to take damage. Wow, that's a big explosion... now take the +50 armour that it
    dropped as it exploded.
    The door at the far end won't open yet, so you need to check out the buildings
    on either side, which are a bit below ground level in that ditch you see
    through the middle of the area. Let's go to the left one first. Open the door,
    but then ready the sniper rifle, zoom in slightly, face left and strafe right
    to enter, so that you can immediately shoot the Zumb-Ul on the left. Then
    also immediately strafe back out and do the same for the right hand Zumb-Ul.
    Take the armour if you need it, then go down, kill the frog, and take the ammo
    if necessary. Then press the switch on the wall. Don't go strolling right out,
    as a Zorg spawned ahead of you, a Zumb-Ul to your left, and there's a
    Reptiloid on the roof. Tommygun the Zorg, step out slightly and immediately
    snipe the Zumb-Ul, then turn around, back out, and fire rockets at the
    Reptiloid above.
    Follow the ditch to the other building. Open the door and watch out for the
    harpies inside. Shoot the switch below you with the Shofields, then get the
    shotgun or flamethrower ready for the Kleer that will attack as you leave.
    Snipe off the Zumb-Ul in the distance to your left before you go any further.
    Now take the ramp up, turn around, and cross the bridge, taking the ramp down
    to the door below, which will now open.
    Enter. Take the ammo to either side as you enter. Step forwards, blow away the
    Zorg and then the blue Biomechs (use the pillars for cover) and fire a charged
    cannonball at the red Biomech.
    ===|SECRET 10/10|===============================================|ITEM|========
    Shoot the two jaguar statues (above the hole that was created) with a rocket
    and a +50 health will drop down.
    Now, jump down the hole that was created. End of level. Quite a bit easier
    than the last, I notice.
                                    | The Pit |
    You'll land in some water, so blast the fish that attack, surface, and shoot
    the Zorg. Take the ammo, then go through the door, and shoot all Zorg and
    frogs. Now, something I'll tell you now is that later on in this level,
    you'll get two Serious Bombs. Since you can only hold three, feel quite
    welcome to use all but one of your Serious Bombs (assuming you have more than
    one left) in the level's tricker spots.
    ===|SECRET 1/10|========================================|ITEM & ENEMIES|======
    Walk behind the fourth pillar from the door you entered by, on the right. It's
    too dark to see anything, but there's a hole in the wall here. Enter and take
    the +100 health.. and you'll be ambushed by two Zumb-Uls as you leave.
    Provided you end with more health than you had before, this is fine.
    Now go to the next room and.. aiee. While it looks intimidating, this array of
    crushers isn't *too* hard to get through as there are numerous spots where
    there are no crushers at all. Watch the ceiling to see where you can stand.
    The harder part will come when you reach the second 'safe' spot and you're
    attacked by rather a lot of frogs. Use the flamethrower, move around a bit,
    but make sure you don't step under a crusher. Once you're through, take a bow
    and proceed through the door.
    Yay, the lasergun! And you'll even be able to try it out as you get it. After
    that, take the ammo and go through the next door. More Zorg.. you know the
    drill. Now, you have to ascend stairs with bouncing fireballs coming down them
    and there isn't really anywhere you can stand to be safe. Equip the *minigun*,
    and run up the stairs while firing ahead at the fireballs. When the Fiendian
    appears, shoot him right away (that's why we equipped the minigun and not the
    tommygun). Once you're at the top the fireballs will stop and some Zorg will
    appear. Shoot them with the minigun too (there's plenty of bullets up here)
    and then take any needed ammo or health, both from up here and on the slopes
    to the side of the stairs. Then proceed.
    Down the slope. Take the armour, which you will need. And now.. ACK. Wouldn't
    you know it, it's another bouncy room. In this one, you'll be thrown left and
    right instead of bouncing up and down, but it's still annoying, and it still
    has those damned kamikazes. Oh dear. This is a real pain... do your best to
    hit them with the tommygun before they reach you, but aiming under these
    conditions is quite hard. You're also almost guaranteed to feel nauseous after
    this.. bleah. You might also find it easier if you stand in the doorway on the
    other side of the room. Good luck.
    If you survive, leave the room and go down the next corridor. Here, dispatch
    the Zumb-Ul and Zorg and walk to the end.
    ===|SECRET 2/10|==================================================|ITEM|======
    The very last flame on the left has teleport sparks in it. Jump into them, and
    you'll be teleported to the rafters above where you can reach a +200 armour.
    Which is a godsend after that 'motion sickness hell' room before.
    Another Room of Wackiness. Fortunately this one is tame compared to the one
    you endured just before. Take the armour if you need it, and then shoot the
    enemies the way you would be if the floor *wasn't* tilting (which doesn't
    really affect the situation much, it just makes you slightly ill). Afterwards,
    run along the bridge and shoot the Zorg near the end. And watch out for the
    Fiendian high above you and to the left - hide behind a pillar when he throws
    a fireball and then snipe him off.
    ===|SECRET 3/10|==================================================|ITEM|======
    Jump up on the side of the bridge at where the last pillar on the right is.
    Now look back at the second-last pillar on the right. See the teleport sparks
    on the side? Jump into them, take the cannonballs and use the teleport sparks
    down there to get back up again.
    Now go into the door.
    ===|SECRET 4/10|==========================================|ENEMY & ITEM|======
    Go to the right, to the dark area under the stairs. There's a Kleer here, and
    a +50 health.
    Now climb the stairs to the left. Slay the many Zorg on the way and Cucurbitos
    (shotgun is probably the best one to use here). When you hear the bull, get
    your sniper rifle ready. Although, when I encountered it, I dodged it and it
    proceeded to run all the way down the stairs and die at the bottom for some
    reason.. O_o Oh well.
    ===|SECRET 5/10|=====================================|EASTER EGG & ITEM|======
    On one of the side windows on the way up (the seventh, specifically) there's a
    *tiny* Fiendian that is hard to see if you're not looking carefully. I don't
    think it attacks you. If you shoot it, a voice will say "Oh my God, you killed
    Blondie!" and a +100 health will drop down. Okey dokey.
    At the top there's more Zorg and a Zumb-Ul. The Zorg are in a circle, so it's
    unwise to just run up there. Try and take them out one by one, running back
    down the staircase before they can attack you. Now, start to cross the bridge.
    Ack, more Werebulls. Take out the first one or two with your sniper rifle
    right there, then go back and hide down the stairs. :P They'll usually fall
    down there and you can take them out one by one, as well as any stray Zorg.
    After the rumbling stops, head up and take out any remaining Zorg with the
    tommygun. Go to the junction at the end of the bridge, look left and snipe the
    Zumb-Ul, then tommygun the two Zorg.
    ===|SECRET 6/10|==================================================|ITEM|======
    In this junction, walk across to the opening directly across from where you
    came in. Look at the right flame for those telltale teleport sparks. Jump in
    to learn that it is a 'broken teleport'. I assume this is because it sticks
    you high up on a seemingly invisible platform, or something. Jump forwards
    from here to get the +200 armour (you should just make it) and if you land
    on the building roof below you should slide down to a damage-free landing.
    ===|SECRET 7/10|===============================================|ENEMIES|======
    In this junction, turn right as you enter and go to the opening there. Now
    destroy the two flame braziers with rockets to make two mini Reptiloids
    appear. Whoo. If you positively need to do this secret, shoot the rockets at
    the braziers from inside the junction area so you can duck around the corner
    without them seeing you. Then snipe them off one by one (they only take two
    shots each).
    Now, go down this other bridge (to the left as you enter the junction) and
    take all the ammo. Hm, foreboding... It's always trouble when they give you
    this much :) Now proceed through the door into the awesome Newton's Nightmare
    room. This is a hollow tube which you walk on the inside of - even on the
    ceiling ^_^. Equip the flamethrower first off, and prepare to toast some
    frogs. A lot of frogs. Try to run from one side of the tube to the other in
    order to group them together and avoid wasting too much ammo - but watch where
    you're going, so that you don't inadvertedly run into some! You can usually
    outrun frogs, fortunately.
    When all or most are gone, a couple of bulls will appear. Shoot them with
    whatever's handy (which will likely be whatever you're fighting off the
    remaining frogs with) or the sniper rifle if you can. Then, three blue
    Biomechs. Fire a rocket at each, and keep strafing to one side (you can strafe
    as much as you like here, heh..) When the Zorg appear, tommygun them until the
    Red Biomechs appear. When they do, take some time off attacking the Zorg to
    dispatch them with charged cannonballs. It can be tricky to avoid damage here,
    so good luck. However, there's plenty of health and armour around.
    When it's all over, take the blue door to leave. More weird gravity in the
    next passage, along with just what the previous room was missing.. Kleer! :)
    Flamethrower, if you've got any ammo left for it. Just run around in circles.
    After that, proceed to the next area.
    Ah.. the promised two Serious Bombs, at last. Grab them if you need them, and
    the welcome ammo pack. Now a passageway with alcoves.. just guess what that
    means. Well, firstly, if you don't take the armour, nothing will happen. So if
    you don't want it, skip to the end of this paragraph. If you do, carefully
    take it and enter the second alcove on the left as soon as you possibly can.
    You'll hear a Zorg and one should run right in front of you, so blast him with
    the shotgun. One also appeared back the way you came a little bit, so edge out
    and blast him too. And definitely shoot the Zumb-Ul directly to your left,
    with the sniper rifle. Then it's a simple matter of disposing of the other few
    Zorg waiting in the alcoves.
    ===|SECRET 8/10|==================================================|ITEM|======
    Destroy all the braziers (you know, those stone things with flames on top :P)
    in the alcoves (preferably with the chainsaw). There's 8 in total. Doing this
    causes 8 cannonballs to appear for you to take.
    Now, go through the door. Nice arena - or to put it another way, Hello and
    Welcome to Biomech City. Now, get ready to dodge and shoot blue biomechs with
    rockets and red biomechs with cannonballs like there's no tomorrow. It's not
    easy to dodge lasers and rockets coming at you from all directions, so make
    sure you jump constantly and keep moving. This might take a few tries..
    After those, a couple of bulls will attack (they take two rockets or one
    sniper bullet each, remember, so the sniper rifle might be a decent idea) and
    then finally, three Fiendians will warp in. One directly over the entrance to
    this area, and the other two in the back left and back right corners. Now, we
    need to start off by taking cover.
    There's a wall directly opposite the entrance (which will open, but later on)
    with a small overhang above it. Put your back to this wall, and the Fiendians
    in the corners to your left and right shouldn't be able to hit you. This means
    you only have the one above the entrance (in front of you) to worry about.
    Shoot it with about four sniper bullets, being careful to avoid the
    (semi-homing) fireballs. Now look right, strafe left slightly, and if you're
    lucky you'll be able to see the Fiendian there while still blocking the other
    one. Snipe that one off, and then deal with the last. Then the wall that
    you're standing against should open. Go up those stairs.
    ===|SECRET 9/10|========================================|ITEM & ENEMIES|======
    Turn left, follow the ledge around, and approach the +100 health. It'll fall
    down into the arena below, so go down and take it. You'll be attacked by a few
    Red Biomechs, so get the charged cannonballs ready. You're still almost
    certain to end up with more health than you'll lose, so this one's worth
    ===|SECRET 10/10|================================================|ITEMS|======
    From the top of the stairs, turn right and follow the ledge around until you
    notice that one of the braziers has those tell-tale teleport sparks in the
    flame. (They seem to do this a lot..) Jump in, and drop slightly down from
    where you land to a platform with two rocket ammo packs and a Serious Damage.
    After getting the Serious Damage, you'd better hurry to the next part, where
    it will be very useful.
    Now, go into the door that's right in front of you as you go up the stairs,
    and take the +100 health, +200 armour and ammo pack (uh-oh...) Now slide down
    the slope, quickly swerve to the right and then to the left to narrowly avoid
    being skewered, then you'll be in another arena. Get the Serious Speed.. WHOA!
    Yes, it's another of those boss moments... with the perfect music for it too.
    :) Select the lasergun and the instant his life bar appears, start pounding
    away (especially if you got the Serious Damage before). If you run out of
    lasergun ammo, use rockets or charged cannonballs. Don't try the minigun, it
    won't do any damage. Keep moving, collect the Serious Speed whenever possible
    (it respawns) and don't hold back with the ammo. Enemies will keep appearing
    around, but you need to concentrate on the boss. So if the enemies become too
    much, wipe them out with a Serious Bomb and keep blasting away.
    There's respawning Serious Speeds, +200 armours, +50 healths, ammo packs
    and two Serious Bombs around the arena, so this really shouldn't be hard.
    Once you've finished the boss off, deal with the remaining enemies. If you're
    efficient and started this battle with 200 health and armour and the Serious
    Damage from secret #10, you should easily come out with over 100 health.
    Afterwards, collect any extra armour and health that you can (and any Serious
    Bombs left over), and step onto the sparkly pad in the middle. And that's the
    end of this level, and indeed this chapter of the game.
                              || PERSEPOLIS ||
                                | Ziggurat |
    Here we go, part 2. You'll notice you've lost all weapons except your standard
    Shofield and knife, but you keep your previous values for health, armour and
    number of Serious Bombs. I had 2 of the latter left when I got to this point,
    which is quite fine.
    ===|SECRET 1/10|==================================================|ITEM|======
    Walk around the back of the building in front of you to find a sniper rifle.
    Go into the building, and you'll immediately get the chainsaw, (single)
    shotgun, and another Shofield. Use the chainsaw for the time being. Now
    walk over to the pit ahead. Drop down to the second ledge down.
    ===|SECRET 2/10|==================================================|ITEM|======
    Look down into the pit. See the +100 health surrounded by spikes? Save your
    game, and carefully drop down so that you hit the health and *not* the spikes.
    The area of ground the health is on is bouncy, so you can now bounce back up
    to the ledge.
    Walk down the passage, around the fallen pillars and through the door. When
    you come to the next set of fallen pillars, do *not* try to squeeze under
    them - instead, approach them, wait until they've fallen over, and then walk
    around them or jump over them. Go through the doorway to find a Cucurbito - I
    recommend you answer his chainsaw with your own. There's another further on -
    do the same. Pick up the flamethrower in this room, but don't use it yet (not
    enough ammo).
    Go to the other end of this room and take the doorway (it's safe to walk under
    the fallen pillar) then drop down the hole with horizontal pillars in it. Walk
    down this passage, and get your shotgun ready for the single Kamikaze - then,
    shoot the frogs with your Shofields. Step on the lift and ride it downwards.
    In this next room, if you head to the right you'll see a Cucurbito (chainsaw
    it) and if you continue along the wall to the right you'll see a Zumb-Ul. If
    you got the sniper rifle from secret #1, now is a great place to use it.
    Otherwise, I guess you'll have to use the shotgun, flamethrower or chainsaw.
    Kleer will probably also see you at this point, so use the shotgun. There's
    also a Gnaar around here, but the chainsaw will make easy work of it.
    You'll notice that two of the pillars here have stair-like platforms jutting
    out from them. Climb up each pillar using them - from the top, you can reach
    several high platforms with items on them. To get to the next area, you can
    either drop down from one of the platforms with sniper ammo (to the platform
    with the sniper rifle on it) or press the switch on another platform, which
    will make stairs appear that you can use to reach the sniper rifle platform.
    Either way works.
    Once you're there, enter the door, take the sniper bullets, and then either
    chainsaw or snipe the Cucurbito. The former is easy enough to do. Carefully
    walk up the slope - if you don't go too fast, you should be able to see the
    Kamikaze before he sees you. Blast him. Now take any health or armour that you
    need, and through the door we go. Out into the open.. and a welcoming party of
    harpies. Blow them away with the shotgun, and let's continue.
    ===|SECRET 3/10|==========================================|ITEM & ENEMY|======
    Go straight left and look in the back corner. Take the sniper ammo, and you'll
    be attacked by a 'suicidal avenger plant' which will hop around and fire the
    "lasers" at you. Just hit it with one sniper bullet and it's history.
    ===|SECRET 4/10|==========================================|ITEM & ENEMY|======
    Go to the immediate left wall as you enter this area (if you just did secret
    #3 you'll already be there). Follow this wall and look for a tiny darker spot
    towards the ground. Shoot (or chainsaw..) this spot, then crouch, enter it
    and take the +1 armour. This will make a +100 armour and a Red Biomech appear
    outside. Unless you really need that armour, don't bother. (You'll have to use
    the sniper rifle on the Biomech).
    ===|SECRET 5/10|==================================================|ITEM|======
    Go directly right as you enter. You should see in this corner that there is
    a +25 health and a +1 health. Stay away from the +1 health because it'll make
    a Zumb-Ul warp in. Rather, behind the +25 health, part of the wall is
    darkened. Chainsaw it to reveal a +50 health.
    Now, head forwards to the large pegasus statue, and go left to the small
    building with lots of items inside. Take them, and then take the Hawk Wings
    Part 1. Yes, that's lots of enemies spawning outside :) Get the chainsaw ready
    for the Gnaar that will rush you through the door. (And don't just stand in
    front of the door, you'd better hide off to one side instead). After the Gnaar
    attack, carefully shoot the Arachnoid outside with two sniper bullets.
    Now you'll want to leave and almost immediately return, because you're hardly
    done with the enemies outside. Kleer should follow you back inside, so waste
    them and repeat until all Kleer are dealt with. Now, there's a few 'sniper'
    enemies to take care of. Firstly, step out, blow away the Beheaded Bomber
    (use the Shofields) on the roof of the building you were just in, and then
    retreat inside it again. Now, there's one Arachnoid left to deal with. Step
    out of the building, then look left and behind you to see the Arachnoid, who
    you should snipe off.
    Now, keep the sniper rifle handy and zoomed in slightly, and approach the
    building opposite you. As you get close, you'll be rushed by Cucurbitos and
    Zorg out of the building. Take careful aim and shoot the two Cucurbitos, then
    shoot the many Zorg with your shotgun while strafing and jumping. Then enter
    the building they came from. Take the health, ammo, and the Hawk Wings Part 2.
    More Gnaar are coming, so chainsaw them. If a Beheaded Bomber (green) strolls
    in, make sure you shoot him from a distance with the shotgun instead. Make
    sure you don't stand in front of the doorway, because there's a Reptiloid
    outside and to your right who will hit you if you do. Now, stand to the left
    of the doorway, and snipe that Reptiloid off.
    Now, as you leave, firstly snipe off the Zumb-Ul behind you to the left, and
    then the Reptiloid behind you to the right up high. (Watch out for the
    latter's fireballs!) There should also be a Cucurbito around, so beware. Now,
    you'll want to go to the now accessible door at the end (opposite the door you
    originally entered this area by) then immediately duck to the side because of
    the Arachnoid directly within. Get the sniper rifle ready, strafe from side to
    side and take it out.
    I'll write the rest sooner or later. Honest.

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