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"He's back. A changed man? Hell no!"

Here's my review for the game they call Hitman 2, the sequel to one of my favorite games of all time - Hitman: Codename 47.


All of you should know by now that stealth plays an important part in Hitman 2. Whether you're on top of a tower waiting for the precise moment to be able to kill two people with just one shot from your sniper rifle, or you're sneaking up behind a victim, fiber wire at the ready, about to strangle him. All this of course is great fun, but it can be frustrating at times, so you'll be glad the developers have included a mid-game save function, although on the hardest difficulty setting you won't be able to. Yes, stealth is fun, but for those action fans out there, you can go on a bit of a killing spree and wipe out the entire level with your weapon of choice. There are rewards for for getting the best mark (Silent Assassin) on a new rating system at the end of every level, there are only about 3 secret weapons to get doing this though. Oh, and who wouldn't want to be rewarded with the title of Mass Murderer at the end of every level eh?
As well as all of these additions to the gameplay, a nice touch is the Suspicion Meter which basically tells you when the guards have finally figured out that a bald white guy would not be working for some Indian terrorist. As with most games these days the controls are your standard WASD configuration with a few extras, most notably the 'sneak' mode which involves 47 moving slower than a snail so as not to arouse suspicion.


Beautiful, not the best, but still very nice, the characters faces have an exaggerated feel to them, which makes them stand out very well. Some of the locations look excellent as well as the weather effects (namely rain and snow). The particular weapons all seem very realistic (not that I know much about them and each one packs a nice punch.
The in game music is excellent, not that you'd expect much less from the Budapest Symphony Orchestra, and the way it gets more and more frantic as the guards get more and more suspicious is excellently done.


Not bad, they've tried to include some sort of element to make it personal, which is done very well. The thing is that in my opinion a game like this doesn't need a MGS style story, Tetris didn't have a story and it still sold by the bucket load, didn't it?

Replay value

Huge replay value for this one, with multiple ways to complete all of the long 20+ missions, it should last you a good while. I highly recommend this game to any fan of the Thief series, I also highly recommend it to anyone else reading this review. In fact the only thing I can think of that's wrong with this game is a couple of duff missions in the middle of the Japan section of the game. But when you've been to Sicily, St Petersburg, Malaysia, Nuristan, and India I don't think you'll mind too much.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/13/02, Updated 10/13/02

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