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"Bald guy with big guns...What could be better??"

Ok, so I REALLY liked Hitman: Codename 47. Then Hitman 2 arrived...had to get it...have to review it.


In direct agreement with the first game, how sneaky you are determines a lot about the gameplay. You could enter a mansion with guns blazing, but then the target is in a room, his revolver drawn, with a shotgun guy. Opposite of that, you can slowly sneak up to him and cap him while he practices he golf swing. Either way is TOTALLY acceptable in this game. One additional nice feature is at the end of every mission, they rate you in two categories: Stealth and Aggression. You then get a rating depending on these categories. They range from Silent Assassin to the Mass Murderer. They also threw in saves: 7 every mission. This helps a LOT when you are attempting to silently sneak anywhere. The way the weapons are handled is very well done. If you end a mission with a weapon, it will appear in a shed on the wall so you can look at them later. It is such a good feeling to open the doors and stare at a wall full of weapons. The weapons are mad powerful and can toss a guy across the room like he was weightless, remember, that goes both ways! They also threw in a compass that is always there, which is nice at times, along with an ''awareness meter.'' This flashes red when the enemies realize that you are not their friend Roy anymore. Overall, the gameplay is awesome, with a pre-configuration to WSAD for easy startup.

Overall: 10


The graphics are very good, but not the best I have seen. In Hitman: Codename 47, bullet holes appeared in people when you shot them, but was taken out in Hitman 2. Other then that the guns are very detailed, and the weather effects are nice to watch. The faces are very good and so are the body physics(usually).

Overall: 8 (Lack of bullet holes in people mostly)


Wow. This is the only word I can think of. The composer Jesper Kyd and the Budapest Orchestra really nail it. The soundtrack is amazing from the opening theme to the end song. I can open the game, load a mission, hide in a corner, and just listen to the music for a long time. The effects are very good, from ambient sounds to bullets whizzing by your head as you strafe like mad.

Overall: 10 (14 if I could)


The story is rather good in this game, but like the last never really develops till the end. This is mad up by mini stories within a string of missions. The story could have been developed much more, but fits a high action game well.

Overall: 9


The replayability of this game is great. When they designed it, they engineered an average of two or three different ways to complete each mission. Plus the fact that the first time you could be sneaky and the second time you could empty clips into people. Added with three different defficulty levels, this game's replayability is a great part of the game.

Overall: 10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/14/02, Updated 10/14/02

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