"I give this game a 47/47"

Ok let me start of by saying Badass Super Bald Guys Kickass.

Since that is settle let me tell you about the game. You are a hitman(duhh..) well retired one now who has now just came out of retirement to pay the bad dudes ransom.

Now this is a sequel that deserves the name of Hitman. There are many added things to this game that are not disappointing. First off you now have a type of home base that has its attractions to it. For one, it stores weapons there and you can use them and train with them. At this place there are many targets you can shoot at and improve on and this place is huge and is worth the walk around the place. Also you can look through keyholes but you can't see much but at least its something. Your can also play this game as a FPS too, I would rather not because sneaking around like that is hard but its another thing that new And one other thing is that u can be found yet still get away and sneak around. Now I’ve only done the first 3 missions but that’s enough to talk about this game.

Graphics 10/10 I just love the graphics of this game. Now this is working on my brother’s top-notch computer and the game is really beautiful. The textures are smooth and the animations are great including the death animations because there is no animation. When they due they go in any random direction and this great because you can shoot people off of balconies, across tables, and into water etc etc...

Sound 9/10 The music is great and gives some tension to the game. The voices to the game sound solid and that’s all you need to know for that. But some of the sounds, sound like they came from the original but that’s not all a bad but some of it is. The guns like the Deagle(Desert Eagle) don't sound powerful enough but the game sounds are still pleasing to the ears.

Gameplay 10/10 Your a hitman and yet every mission is unique and as I said before the bodies fly when u shoot them. You can kill civilians and foes and steal there clothes to be sneaky sneaky. Now this is not Solid Snake sneaking around. This has a different appeal to it, like classier. Now this game is just great. The weapons all have there own special interest to them which makes for a great game. Now it can be frustrating playing this game and in what to do but that’s what FAQs are for. I suggest just reading the part you’re stuck on and that’s it and continue on and this makes the game a lot of fun. One more thing is that the mission range from any thing and if you’re ever bored, a rampage in a level always satisfies.

Control 8/10 Now the controls have a little to get used to but you can switch to FPS to so you don't have to cry if you not good in a 3rd person. You can change the controls to what ever you want so this helps as well so there is no bad choices of group controls your forced with to play.

Depth and Story 10/10 This is one nice part of the game. Your charter 47, is one of a kind clone that kicks ass. The game plays nicely to the original and the missions do too. There is something about sneaking in the guys uniform who you just killed and getting away with it that is just fun. Of course the missions are long and take patients but now you can save 7 times in each mission so that takes away some stress.

Skip or Buy
Ok this is just one hell of a game and I’m only in the 3rd mission. This is one game that shouldn't be missed especially if your fan of the first one.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/26/02, Updated 10/26/02

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