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"Bald guys in tuxedo could never get as deadly as this."

I've been a big fan of action games specially those stealth assassins type of one. Like most action games like Max Payne, Metal Gear and I believe a lot more Hitman 2 allows you to finish a certain mission in a number of ways. You could go and act as James Bond or quickly turn into Rambo instantly. You're given a wide variety of weapons, costumes, and props. Let's just say that Hitman 2 has taken stealth assassin games to another level.

How fun this game could be? it depends on how you'll live up to the title of a Hitman. Go do those James Bond thing or infiltrate a territory as a delivery boy or close your eyes and start pulling the trigger of those sub/machine guns you have at your disposal or simply be the wind quickly attempting for the target flawlessly. In short the game is extremely fun. You can attempt almost anything to finish the mission. The difficulty of the game? The way you play the game is rated into 2 simple categories, Stealth and Aggression. Either ways it works as a weighing scale meaning you could only get a high mark of either stealth or aggression but not on both. The game could take 15+ hours or maybe 30+ hours depending on how you play the game. If you'll be going for those secrets or attain the ''Silent Assassin'' title then it'll probably take longer considering that you won't be getting it on the first try. The controls on the other hand is pretty easy. You could base your control on your Half-Life (Counterstrike) game or anything similar. I've managed to master the game controls in less than half an hour so it means that it's easy just be sure to change those controls to what suits you.

The story is rather simple. Agent 47 has been away from the killing business for a long long time now and a sudden turn of events forced him to return back to his old ways of killing then ended up into loads and loads of event that made him to continue being a Hitman though it doesn't change much till the later parts of the game. Mini-stories and cut-scenes are what makes this game special. Though the game has a slow moving story it suits such an action game anyway.

Graphis are pretty sleek. The texture of the environment is pretty smooth and the animations/cut-scenes/death animations could never be compared with anything else. You'll just love the animation. You could even shoot everything and surely get a reaction from it. The weather effects seem very realistic and is extremely beautiful. The blood spills are even better. Shoot a man standing by the wall and you'll get blood on the wall. Fire a shotgun and look at how far your target could fly. Hitman has taken the graphics level to a very high level and I don't think it'll effect the flaw of the game a bit.

The in-game music is excellent. The voice overs are great and is pretty well made. The guns makes different sounds as well and is quite great. The people in the game speaks clearly well and makes funny noises even.

Play Time/Replayability
The Replayability of the game depends on you. If you want to always get that Silent Assassin title then it'll take longer. You can even replay it as a mad man with guns or better yet a blood thirsty psychopath. You could play it in hours with out getting bored because the game will bring you in different locations face different kinds of enemies and at the same time allows you to go back to the stage you've already visited.

Final Recommendation
If you don't have the game yet then you should've had bought one. It's a very good game and I believe you'll love it as well. Well, you've read my review and why not grab another copy for you to believe me.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/28/02, Updated 12/28/02

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