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"Fantastic and original, but can get repetitive"

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is a fantastic game, but can get repetitive. I will give you my prescription at the end of this review on how to truly enjoy the most out of this game.

Gameplay (8/10)
The best part of Hitman 2 is you can choose how to play. It’s not as cut and dry as Splinter Cell, where you have to use stealth or fail the mission. Hitman 2 gives you the ability to be a “silent assassin:, where you often use just 1 bullet, kill no one other than the target, and not raise any suspicion doing so. This is the way the game is meant to be played, but you don’t have to! You can also kill every one on the map, civilians, soldiers, guards, and nurses. Don’t let any one even think about getting in your way you, “mass murderer”. You can also mix and match - take out the guards when you need to or anyone that will cause trouble, you “hired gun”. The game bonuses you for doing it silent assassin, by unlocking Silenced Ballers (dual pistols), a sawed off shotgun, and a M4 colt by completing an appropriate number of missions silent assassin. You can also see how you are as an overall hitman [compiles all mission statistics] (I was an “Executioner”).
The game takes you from Sicily to St. Petersburg, Japan, Afghanistan, Malaysia, and India. As a hitman your job is to murder someone [mostly military leaders among others (ie: female doctor, computer geek)]. The way you can murder the target varies in each mission, as you can shoot him from close range, snipe him, use a bomb, strangle him, poison him, or choke him. And that’s in each mission you usually have numerous ways of killing him.
I also think it’s great how you can change clothes in the game. But it definitely does not guarantee the freedom to run around toting guns. Suspicious individuals will look you down and sometimes recognize your disguise if you act too weird.
The only problem is the repetitiveness. The missions aren’t always fresh and seems just like you did in the previous mission. Sadly, in this day an age, the Middle Eastern missions were by far the most disappointing. Although it was cool to take out Saddam Hussein and Osama look-alikes, the missions themselves were definitely the worst, most repetitive, and annoying of the game.

Story (6/10)
The story is not very important. You’re a hitman and you’re supposed to kill people for a client. He doesn’t even tell you why. But the only reason you’re doing this is because someone has stolen your friend, the priest, and you need to repay your debt to have the company you work through to help you find him. However, I will say the ending has an interesting statement by Mr. 47 (main character) about how he will live his life.

Graphics (8/10)
On my powerful PC, the game ran with practically no skips in the frame rate. The characters look very sharp. However, all the guards look exactly the same in each mission (same faces and all). It’s not that important and considering the number of people you face, it’s understandable. The guns look somewhat like their real life counterparts, but not exactly when it’s in Mr. 47 hands. They’re great graphics, but you won’t wow you in any way.

Audio (9/10)
I think Mr. 47’s voice is cool. I like how the people speak their native tongues (in Russia the soldiers speak Russian etc). Thanks! The music changes when your spotted and they become suspicious. You not only know when they become suspicious by the meter they give you, but also by the way each person reacts to your disguise. Pretty cool in all.

Value (10/10)
Considering the number of ways you can approach each mission, it warrants a value of 10. You can beat the game in a day with guns blasting in each mission, but again, that’s not why to get this game. I beat each mission at least twice - once the easiest way possible. Then I replayed it, as stealthy as I could. You also are motivated to replay missions to get silent assassin to get cool guns like the Silenced Ballers and M4. You can also replay missions with your new inventory of guns after you defeat a mission or replay it to get special guns found in that particular mission that won’t show up else where in the game.

Overall: 8.2
If my ratings for the game are so high, why do I give it a lower overall score (well obviously, my tilt to this game isn’t that high). The repetitiveness of the missions may prevent some from having the nerve to defeat it. So I have a suggestion to all those that have this game (as I still recommend buying it). After you completely beat each location (ie: Japan), take about 2 days from the game off so it does not seem so repetitive. Then go to the next mission and beat it.
If you have a console, and can rent this game, it’s definitely worth a rent and at least beating it and doing just 1 or 2 missions stealthy. If you liked the stealth, then buy it and do it with as many missions as you can.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/10/03, Updated 01/10/03

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