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"Great gameplay, but it needs just a little bit more"

Intro: My friend was the one who recommended Hitman 2 to me and I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I heard that it was a stealth game and it would be like "Splinter Cell" or "Thief" in some way. Little did I know that Hitman 2 was very different from each of those games. Hitman is still a stealth game, but it takes a different kind of stealth.

Graphics: Great. That describes Hitman 2's graphics in a nutshell. They aren't amazing and their are definitely better out there, but they definitely server their purpose. Hitman 2's graphics were very clean cut and had barely any bugs that I could notice. They were smooth and streamlined and pretty realistic. Yet again, I stress that they weren't amazing, but they weren't bad either. 8/10

Sound: The sound was just like the graphics. Nothing really stood out, but it was definitely good. The music was good and fit the mood. I also liked how the Russian guards spoke Russian, the Japanese spoke Japanese, etc. Altogether the sound was pretty good. 8.5/10

Story: Mr. 47 (the hitman) has a friend who is a priest. This priest is kidnapped by some Italian thugs. Mr. 47 has to then "dig up the past" and recontact the agency (the people he worked for in the first game) to help him find this priest. The agency agrees only if Mr. 47 repays the debt by working for a very special client of theirs. Most of the missions are you working for this client and doing what he tells you to do. The story was pretty lame and it really didn't bring you into the game. Basically except for the first mission and the last two missions, there was basically no real plot development which sort of brings my score down. With the story being lame and sort of half-thrown on, I was never really brought into the game. (6/10) I think that IO interactive probably could have found a better story, but it doesn't matter that much because of the amazing...

Gameplay: Awesome! Great! Superb! There are a whole host of words which describes the gameplay, but it truly is the best part about this game. When I first started playing, I expected a sort of Thief-like gameplay where you would hide in the shadows and sneak in and out of the dark spots. Unfortunately, it seems Mr. 47 doesn't have Garret's talents in that area. Instead, Hitman 2 plays much more like an espionage movie or some kind of spy movie. A lot of the game is you choking some guard and taking his clothes to sneak around, as opposed to sneaking in the shadows. But the truly best part of Hitman 2 is the many different ways to complete a mission. You can snipe that guard in the head, take his clothes, sneak through the guards ranks without raising any suspicion, then shoot you're target in the head. But say you want to get the coveted "Silent Assassin" rating. Well then, instead of killing the guard, you can sneak into the garage, honk the horn in the car which will make guards come to investigate. Sneak past them while their backs are turned, grab a chef outfit, and then find the poisonous blowfish and slice off a piece and put it into your target's dinner plate. Yum! But wait! Maybe you're just pissed off and feel like shooting a bunch of guys? Well then start off the mission with you're M60 assault rifle and you're double ballers and blast those freaks into the walls. At these times you can really appreciate the ragdoll physics of the game. That's only three ways to beat the mission, and there are quite a few more! And that's only for one mission! The replay value of the game is fantastic, simply because you want to try and discover all of the different ways to beat a mission. I know I beat every mission 2-3 times, and there is a lot to each mission that I missed. Also, the A.I. is pretty good. You have to be really careful to not get caught, even in a disguise. If you attract attention to yourself in anyway (like by running right by a bunch of guards) the guards will check you out to make sure you're legit, and they'll see that you are actually a bald man, not a japanese ninja. Unlike a lot of games, the guards in Hitman 2 don't give up after you've ran a certain distance away from them. In fact, they are tenacious and will chase you through an apartment building and into the streets. A cool thing I noticed is that certain people can see through your disguise easier than others. For example, I could put on my chef outfit and the guards wouldn't be able to tell me from any other chef, just because they don't know them. But if I walk even slightly close to another chef, he'll see right through my disguise and go call the nearest guard. Its trick but cool. The gameplay is the best part of the game! 9/10

Conclusion: Hitman 2 is a great game, but its score is brought down by a bad story and the fact that not everyone can like it. I know many people who think its one of the greatest games ever made, and many others who hate the game so much they refuse to even look at it. So taking all this into account, I think the game should be rented before bought. Try playing it on a friend's house on their computer or their console and see what you think. If patience, espionage, and stealth are your things, then I would definitely suggest buying it. All in all, the game is good, but I'm a tough grader so it gets an 8/10. Its gameplay is awesome, but the other aspects of the game such as sound and graphics were only par, and the story was sub-par. This brought the score down quite a bit. If it had a compelling story, shiny seamless graphics, and some sharper sound, I would have given this game a better score. Well, you've heard my advice. Happy Hitman Hunting!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/13/04

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