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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TMak

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    Mad Dog McCree Walkthrough 1.0 (Final)
    3DO Version
    Dec 4, 2001
    by Thomas Mak
    email: tom@netwebcenter.com
    website: webmalloutlet.com & netwebcenter.com
    This document is Copyrighted 2001 Thomas Mak.  It may be freely 
    exchanged as long as no modifications are made and an e-mail telling me 
    where it has been sent is sent to me.
    This is my first walkthrough/FAQ so it's by no mean perfect or complete.  
    Even so, I don't intend on updating it again since I don't plan on 
    playing the game again. I've had this game for the 3DO system for a 
    very long time.  I originally played it a couple times but got sick of 
    losing so I didn't play it through.  
    A couple of days ago, I found a trick to keep playing without dying, so 
    I've decided to try to beat the game and also to write the walkthrough 
    as I play.  After this, I'll probably write the walkthrough for Mad Dog 
    II and Crime Patrol (all 3 games are part of the gunslinger collection.)  
    So look for them in the near future!
    Story Line:
    When you start the system if you don't press anything, you can watch 
    two scenes which are basically as followed.
    You, the stranger, show up in town and found out from an old man that 
    the town is overrun by a bunch of bandits.  The mayor and his daughter 
    are kidnapped.  The Sheriff is also locked inside the jail.  You are 
    the town's only hope!
    Codes & Tricks:
    Infinite lives - Every time you get killed, just press "P" before the 
    screen changes.  Then click continue and you won't lose a life plus you 
    get to know where the enemy will show up and it'll be easier to shoot 
    him.  (Contributed by KasketDarkfyre.  Posted on gamefaqs.com)
    Enemy Load time - Before any enemy shows up, the 3DO machine actually 
    makes the reading noise and pauses for a second.  That's a clue an 
    enemy is approaching.
    Extra Bullets - If you find skulls or urns you can shoot them for extra 
    bullets.  Not all screens have them.  There's at most 1 per screen.  
    Once you shoot it, you won't be able to shoot it again.
    When you press "P", you'll come to the screen where you can choose your 
    difficulty level, Training Mode, Start game, continue game, Select 1 or 
    2 players, Calibrate gun, and Quit.
    Difficulty Level - On the left hand side of the screen, there are 
    Deputy, Sheriff, and U.S. Marshall levels going from easiest to hardest 
    in that order.  In harder levels you have to kill more random enemies.
    Training Mode - Click on "Bottles" to play in the Training Mode.  
    You'll shoot empty bottles.
    Start - Clicking on Start will start a new game.  Be careful not to 
    click on it when you pause an ongoing game.  You'll have to start over.
    Continue - This is to continue a game from pausing.  If you ran out of 
    lives, you can also continue from an earlier stage.
    Players Selections - You can select either "1 Player" or "2 Players."
    Calibrate - If you own a light gun, you can use this option to 
    calibrate your gun.
    An old guy will greet you and after a while, there will be 2 guys from 
    the right trying to kill the old guy.  If you kill those 2 guys then 
    you can save the old guy.  Otherwise, the old guy will be on the ground 
    dying.  (I suppose he will recover) Note there's a skull in the 
    background you can hit for extra bullets.  The old guy then tells you 
    to go to the Saloon to get the keys from One Eye Jack.
    Next you can select the 4 stages in any order.  They are Coral, Saloon, 
    Sheriff's Office, and the Bank.  If you wait long enough the game 
    without pressing anything, the game will automatically go to Coral.  
    Two guys come out from the right hand side.  When the guy on the left 
    draws his gun, shoot him, then the guy next to him.  Next shoot the 
    black window on the top left.  You can't see the guy in there but if 
    you don't shoot him you would know after he shoots you =)
    Next you're inside the barn.  First, notice there's a skull which you 
    can shoot to get more bullets.  I would wait until I'm almost out of 
    bullet before I shoot it.  The first guy is always behind the door from 
    the left.  After that, I've noticed that people pop up from set places 
    but in different order.  Some might pop up at the same place more than 
    once.  They are far left of the balcony, left of the balcony, right of 
    balcony, bottom right and by left or right of the door.  The last guy 
    is pops up from the middle of the balcony with a shotgun, after 1 shot 
    he would fall to the ground but would get up and try to shoot you again.  
    Make sure you shoot him again to kill him.
    After that, you're back on the street, with people fleeing.  You'll 
    notice a guy riding a horse coming from the right.  He'll stop about 
    the middle of the screen to shoot you.  Kill him before he shoots.  The 
    best spot for me is to shoot a little bit to the right of the center of 
    the screen.
    Sheriff's Office (without keys) (optional):
    Someone pops up behind the station from the right.  Shoot him and 
    you'll go inside.  There's a skull outside on the left.  You'll see the 
    Sheriff locked inside the jail and he'll ask you to go get the key from 
    One Eye Jack at the Saloon.  Once Outside, you'll see 3 guys holding 
    their rifles waiting for you.  Shoot the sign above them and it will 
    fall on the guys.  There's no use trying to shoot the 3 of them.  They 
    would not die.  Actually they all laugh at you after they shoot you.
    Someone will try to shoot you from the top of the house.  Kill him and 
    then shoot the skull to get more bullets.  You'll see the bartender, 3 
    guys sitting at the table playing poker, a guy in the background by the 
    stairs and One Eye Jack by the bar.  One Eye Jack will ask if you're 
    looking for the keys.  He'll order the guy on the left playing poker to 
    kill the bartender.  Shoot him and then shoot One Eye Jack.  (Note: 
    even though the first guy is not shooting at you, if you don't shoot 
    him, you can't kill One Eye Jack.)  Next shoot the middle poker guy, 
    then right poker guy.  Lastly, shoot the guy on the stairs.  The 
    bartender gives you the key and tells you that McCree wears a bullet 
    proof vest.  
    Sheriff's Office (with keys):
    If this is your first time going to the Sheriff's Office, you'll see 
    someone pops up behind the station from the right.  Shoot him.  Next, 
    you'll go inside the office.  Once inside, the door closes while the 
    Sheriff yells "Behind the door.  He's got a gun."  Shoot the guy's head 
    through the window of the door.  You'll then save the Sheriff and you 
    both head out.
    The Sheriff will take out the first two guys but also gets killed by 
    the second guy.  Note there's no way to kill the second guy before he 
    takes out the Sheriff.  I've tried many times to shoot him before he 
    shoots but he simply wouldn't die from my bullets =(  The third guy 
    pops up from the top of the building about the middle of the screen.  
    Kill him.  Then listen to the Sheriff's last words.  He said go through 
    the Mine to the Hideout but you have to go to the Prospector first.
    A lady screams and runs out.  A robber in red then comes out.  Shoot 
    him.  Then shoot the robber that pops out behind him.  I noticed that 
    when I missed the second guy, he killed me, and crouched down to see if 
    the first guy is ok.  I thought that was interesting.  Next, a guy 
    hiding behind the barrel tells you there's more inside.  
    Once inside, it's like the barn, people pop up in random order.  There 
    are two from the left.  One rolls out on the ground from the middle.  
    One pops up from the right, and one pops up from the right of the 
    middle.  One holds a girl as hostage.  Don't shoot them.  Later the 
    robber will pop up again by himself then you can take him out.  Notice 
    there's an urn on the floor you can shoot for extra bullets.
    When you get back out, the guy hiding behind the barrel would tell you 
    which way to take.  He'll tell you not to approach from the front or 
    back.  It changes each time so take note. 
    I'm not quite sure when the duels happen.  I've played a few games and 
    each time the duels happen at different times.  Once it happened after 
    I cleared an early stage.  Another time it happened after I lost a life 
    in the hideout.  In all duels just put your gun below to reload, When 
    it's time, draw your gun and shoot him.  Keep in mind that sometimes 
    they might not die after 1 shot.  So prepare to shoot again.
    New Stages:
    Now you can choose 3 locations.  They are Prospector, Mine and Hideout.  
    I followed that ordered according to the story.
    Once you get there, you see the old man tied to dynamite.  You'll need 
    to shoot the wire to stop it from exploding.  If you don't do it on 
    time, the dynamite would explode and you lose one life.  If you save 
    the old man, he will tell you the map to the Hideout is in the Mine.  
    He'll tell you to shoot the lantern at the Mine.
    Here, the old man also tells you the mine is booby trapped and there's 
    something else to shoot.  It changes so you'd have to listen to what he 
    says.  If you don't get past this stage fast enough, the mine would 
    explode.  If you shoot the right things the map would show.  The map 
    changes so you would have to take notes when you see it.
    After you get your map, the old man would throw 5 bottles into the air 
    for you to shoot.  It doesn't matter if you get them or not.  You won't 
    lose a life.
    You can choose left or right.
    If you choose the wrong side, you would hit a trap where many bandits 
    are hidden.  They all pop up at the same time to shoot you and laugh.  
    There's no way to kill any of them or get out without losing one health.  
    If you find the right way, there's a guy at the middle of the screen.  
    Shoot him when he turns around.  He'll fall into the water.  The next 
    screen, there are 3 bandits hidden.  The first one is right between the 
    left most hill and the second hill.  Second one is from the center of 
    the screen.  The last one is closed by.  He comes from the lower right 
    of the screen.  After that you come to another crossroad.  I call it 
    Once again there are two roads left and right.
    If you go the wrong way, once again you would be hit by many baddies 
    and die.  Moreover, they would laugh at you =(
    If you go the right way, on this screen there's a skull around the 
    center left of the screen you can shoot for extra bullets.  Baddies 
    come out from almost all over the screen in random order.  Since the 
    whole screen look pretty much the same, I won't try to describe where 
    they are.  Just keep in mind they all hide behind the rocks so 
    obviously they won't come out at the bottom.  After this screen is 
    cleared, there's another crossroad, I call it Hideout3.
    You can choose left or right.
    If you go the wrong way, you'll see the same spot as hideout2's game 
    scene.  However this time they all show up to shoot you and you'd die 
    no matter what.  
    If you go the right way, there are more baddies to shoot.  This time 
    they are well covered when they shoot you.  There are only 3 locations.  
    Top, Middle right, and lower right.  They come from the same place more 
    than once.  Notice there's a skull on the lower left you can shoot when 
    you're low on bullets.  Once you clear this screen, you're on to the 
    Hideout Entrance.
    Hideout Entrance:
    Here you can choose front or back.  Remember what the guy hidden behind 
    the barrel told you.
    If you choose the wrong way, you'll see a house and a horse.  A guy 
    will run out from the house and shoot you.  There's no way to kill him.
    If you choose the right way, you'll see a wall where there'd be two 
    bandits hidden behind the wall.  Kill them as the left one pops up 
    first then the right one.  After that, the screen shifts to the right, 
    In front of another house.  A guy pops out behind the right of a barrel.  
    Shoot him.  There's a skull on the bottom of the screen.
    Next, you see another house.  There's another skull on the middle on 
    the screen.  You can shoot it for bullets.  There's a chimney on top of 
    the house.  Shoot it and it will disappear.  If you don't shoot it, 
    some guy will shoot you.  Don't ask me why.  Next the screen scrolls to 
    the right.  3 bandits run out of the house.  You need to kill them one 
    by one as they run out.  After 3 bandits, the mayor runs out.  Don't 
    shoot him.  He'll tell you to forget about him because his daughter is 
    As the door opens, you can't see anything but smoke.  Shoot anyway, 
    because if you don't, someone will shoot you.  Next, you'll see vaguely 
    the mayor's daughter running and screaming outside the house and 
    there's a note that says "Meet me in town."
    Back in town, you're in front of a house with 5 windows.  There's a 
    skull you can shoot for bullets.  Baddies pop up inside all 5 windows 
    randomly.  Just shoot them.  After that, it's the final showdown with 
    Mad Dog McCree.  Remember the bartender said that he wears bullet proof 
    vests.  Aim at his head.  He'll try to draw the other gun, Shoot his 
    head again.  Congratulations.  You've won.  Now sit back and watch the 
    brief ending.
    ---THE END---
    There's a guy that speaks to you every time you die or you killed a 
    hostage.  Here's what he says after each case.
    If you have 2 lives left - "You better work on your sharp shooting, 
    stranger.  You've only got two lives left."
    If you have 1 live left - "You better get lucky, or you'll be dead.  
    You've only got one live left."
    After you lose all your lives - "Looks like the good old boy has seen 
    the last gun fight.  Time to take him to the boot hill"
    If you kill the hostage in the bank - "That was a good woman you shot.  
    Population 64."
    If you kill the mayor - "That was a good man you shot.  Population 64."
    by Thomas Mak
    email: tom@netwebcenter.com
    website: webmalloutlet.com & netwebcenter.com
    This document is Copyrighted 2001 Thomas Mak.  It may be freely 
    exchanged as long as no modifications are made and an e-mail telling me 
    where it has been sent is sent to me.

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