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    FAQ/Walkthrough by twotwotwotwo

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     Mad Dog McCree FAQ/Walkthrough Version 1.0
    System: PC
    Author: bloodstorm 
    Email: blood_storm@hotmail.com
    * Table of Contents: *
    1) Introduction
    2) System Requirements
    3) Controls
    4) Menu
    5) Skill Levels
    6) Part 1 Walkthrough
      a) Introduction
      b) Menu Screen
      c) Corral
      d) Saloon
      e) Sheriff's Office
      f) Bank
    7) Part 2 Walkthrough
      a) Menu Screen
      b) Prospector
      c) Mine
      d) Path to the Hideout
      e) Final Showdown
    8) Showdowns
    9) Miscellaneous
      a) Gameplay Tips
      b) Glitches
      c) Things the Undertaker Says
    10) Credits/Contact Information
    * 1) Introduction: *
    I started this walkthrough a while ago, but I never got around to 
    finishing it until now.  I just added this paragraph to the previously 
    written introduction, so it may seem out of place, but I thought it 
    important to point that out.  Hey, who wants to know some information 
    about this game?
    Mad Dog McCree is a game made by American Laser Games about ten years 
    ago (it was copyrighted in 1990).  The game uses "real motion picture 
    action", so the graphics were pretty good for the time it came out.  
    Even though all of the people look perfectly realistic since they are 
    real people, the graphics are a little grainy most of the time.
    This is a shooting game, so you don't actually control your movement.  
    You move the cursor (which looks like a gun) around the screen and 
    shoot the enemies as they appear.  The ammo remaining is on the left of 
    the screen, and your score/reloading area is at the bottom.
    The basic premise of the game is that Mad Dog McCree and his gang are 
    causing all sorts of trouble in an old western town, and you're a 
    stranger in the town who is asked (forced) to single-handedly stop him.  
    You visit several different sections of the town and surrounding area 
    on the way to Mad Dog's Hideout, shooting enemies as you go.
    This is a fun game, although perhaps a little short since it was made 
    for the arcade.  I'd recommend it if you like this kind of game, and if 
    you can find it I'd imagine it wouldn't be very expensive, so you've 
    really got nothing to lose!
    * 2) System Requirements: *
    (from instruction manual)
    - Minimum: IBM PC 286 16 Mhz or Compatible
    - IBM PC 386 or Compatible Recommended
    - 512 K-RAM with VGA
    - Mouse
    - CD-ROM Drive
      (150 KB per second or greater, continuous read, 380 ms seek)
    - Sound Blaster or 100% Compatible Card
    - DOS 3.3 or Higher
    * 3) Controls: *
    To shoot, move the cursor over your target and press the left mouse 
    To reload, put the mouse at the bottom of the screen and press the 
    right mouse button.
    Pretty simple, right?
    * 4) Menu: *
    (from instruction manual)
    Lawman Needed:
    The lawman needed are listed in increasing order of difficulty from 
    easiest (default) Deputy to toughest US Marshall.
    The Bottles plaque starts a new game with some target practice of 
    bottles on a fence.
    The Start plaque starts a new game, bypassing the target practice.
    The Continue plaque continues the games.  If you hadn't started a game, 
    the demo loop will continue playing.  If you are in the middle of the 
    game, the game continues where it was when you selected MENU.  If you 
    had just lost all of your lives, the game will continue where you left 
    off to give you another chance.
    (Note - when you continue after running out of lives, your score will 
    be reset to 0, but you have unlimited continues.)
    The Save plaque will save the current game situation.  You can only 
    have one situation saved at any given time.
    The Restore plaque will restore the currently saved game situation.  
    When you continue, the game will be in the last situation that you 
    The Quit plaque will exit the game back to DOS.
    * 5) Skill Levels: *
    You can select the skill level you want to play at on the menu screen.  
    You can change the skill level at any time during the game.  The only 
    real difference between skill levels is that you have to react faster 
    and shoot more accurately, and at some points the number of enemies you 
    have to kill in an area may change.  The points you get don't change 
    based on the skill levels, so there's no real advantage to playing on 
    higher skill levels (except for the challenge!).
    * 6) Walkthrough Part 1: *
    To start a new game you can either start with some bottle target 
    practice or jump right into the game.  If you're going for a high score 
    you should start with the bottles (you get 50 points per bottle and a 
    shot at five bottles), but otherwise feel free to just start the game.
    --- ------------
    6a) Introduction
    --- ------------
    When you enter the town, you're greeted by the old prospector.  The 
    introductory monologue is so cool that I thought I'd write out the 
    whole thing for you:
    "Eh, Stranger!  Stranger!
    Howdy Stranger, we need your help.  Mad Dog McCree's gang has taken 
    over the town!  The mayor and his daughter have been taken hostage out 
    to Mad Dog's hideout; and the sheriff, he's locked up in jail, we're 
    gonna have to get him out to help with the gang.  Can ya help?  Good!  
    Uh, one more im-portant thing..."
    At this point, a man comes up on the right of the screen and says, "Hey 
    old codger, don't tell him a thing!", and will soon shoot the 
    prospector if you don't do anything.  If you shoot the man, another 
    will come to the same spot and shoot at you, so take care of him, too.  
    If you don't, the prospector dies and you go to the scene selection 
    screen (but the prospector will still be in later parts of the game, 
    for some reason).  But if you saved the prospector, he says:
    "Hey, now that's good shootin', Stranger!  Oh, the thing I was gonna 
    tell you: the key to get the sheriff out of jail is with One-Eyed Jack.  
    He's down at the saloon drinkin', so go get him.  Ah!"
    It doesn't really matter whether the prospector lives or dies, as the 
    only thing that will happen if he dies is that you won't get to hear 
    the above line.  And you won't get the 200 points for killing the two 
    men, so if you're trying for a high score you'll probably want to save 
    him.  Otherwise...
    --- ------------
    6b) Menu Screen:
    --- ------------
    Now you'll be at a menu with four choices for places to go, and you can 
    go to them in any order (although going to the Sheriff's Office before 
    the Saloon is pointless).  If you wait too long without selecting a 
    choice, one will be selected automatically.
    --- -------
    6c) Corral:
    --- -------
    When you first enter the corral, you'll be confronted by two men.  
    Shoot the guy on the left first, then the guy on the right.  Now look 
    at the left of the screen and you'll see a small, dark window.  Shoot 
    at the window to kill the guy there (you can't really see him), or 
    he'll kill you.  Now you'll go into the building there.
    Here you'll be shooting guys as they pop up from one of several 
    locations.  They come one at a time, so just watch for them and shoot 
    them as soon as they come.  Also, be careful of the guy in the upper 
    left as he is sometimes hard to see.  After you kill enough guys, a man 
    will stand up on the right of the upper level and prepare to shoot you.  
    Shoot this guy and he'll fall into the hay.  However, he's not dead 
    yet; as he starts getting up, shoot him again to finish him off.
    Now you'll be outside, and a couple men will run by from the left to 
    the right.  Don't bother shooting at them or anything else since you 
    can't hurt them.  Next, a man will ride onto the screen on a horse from 
    the right.  You have to shoot him before he gets too far onto the 
    screen, or he will shoot you and you'll have to redo the whole corral.
    --- -------
    6d) Saloon:
    --- -------
    As you approach the saloon, you'll see a guy on the roof off in the 
    distance.  Soon he will fire at you and miss, and then your view will 
    zoom in on him before he shoots you again (and he doesn't miss the 
    second time).  You can either shoot him from a distance, or up close, 
    and then he'll fall off the roof.  Note that you can shoot the cowskull 
    here to get 9 bullets in your magazine (but also note that when you 
    reload you'll only be able to get up to 6 again).  
    Now you'll go inside the bar, and the barkeep will warn you that the 
    men at the table are Mad Dog's boys.  Then One-Eyed Jack will ask you 
    if you're looking at his keys, and say something to a man at the table.  
    You can't shoot One-Eyed Jack yet, so don't waste your bullets.  
    Instead, you have to shoot the man who starts getting up and aims at 
    the barkeep.  Note that you can continue whether he kills the barkeep 
    or not.  Next, shoot One-Eyed Jack, then the guy at the left of the 
    table as he raises his gun, then the guy at the right of the table as 
    he gets up, and finally shoot the guy in the back of the saloon on the 
    stairs.  Now, if the barkeep is still alive he'll give you a drink and 
    the keys and warn you that Mad Dog wears a bullet-proof vest.  If he 
    died, the woman who walked by when you first entered the saloon will 
    get the keys off of One-Eyed Jack's body to hand them to you and she'll 
    thank you.  Now that you have the keys, you can go to the Sheriff's 
    Office and "get him out."
    --- -----------------
    6e) Sheriff's Office:
    --- -----------------
    As you walk toward the Sheriff's Office, a woman will walk by on the 
    sidewalk in from of the office (don't shoot her unless you like losing 
    lives).  Then a man will peek out from around the right corner of said 
    office and shoot at you (missing).  Not unlike at the saloon, you can 
    shoot him from a distance or after you zoom in.  
    What comes next depends on whether you've gotten the keys from One-Eyed 
    Jack at the Saloon.  If you have not, the Sheriff will tell you to go 
    get them and then you'll go outside and you are confronted by three 
    men.  You can't kill them, but you can shoot the sign above them to 
    prevent them from shooting you.
    If you do have the keys, you'll enter the office, and the sheriff will 
    warn you that there's a man with a gun in there as the door closes.  
    Just shoot through the window of the door to kill the man.  Now you'll 
    enter the jail room and the sheriff will say, "Thank God you're here 
    with the keys; I gotta get outta here!" as you give him the keys. 
    (Note that if you don't have the keys yet, the man won't be behind the 
    door and the sheriff will tell you to get the keys from the saloon.  
    Then a large group of men will shoot you, and you can't harm them.)
    Now you'll both go outside, and the Sheriff will say, "Mad Dog!  You 
    don't stand a chance!  Let's go get him, stranger." and spin his 
    revolver.  Then you'll go to a scene with a few men and some buildings, 
    and the sheriff will shoot a man.  Then a man in the building in the 
    distance and to the left will shoot the sheriff, and there's nothing 
    you can do to stop him.  But you have problems of your own to worry 
    about: a man will pop up on top of the closer building to the right and 
    shoot at you, so take care of him.
    Now you'll look at the dying sheriff who will tell you that the map to 
    Mad Dog's hideout is in the mine.  But you have to talk to the 
    prospector first.  Then he dies.
    --- -----
    6f) Bank:
    --- -----
    When you choose the bank, you'll see the doors of the bank that will 
    soon open.  A man in a red shirt comes out with a hostage, and he'll 
    throw the hostage to the right and shoot at you.  Make sure the hostage 
    is well out of the way before you shoot the man (or you lose a life and 
    the town's population will be 64), but don't wait too long or you'll be 
    dead.  Then another man will come to the same place (but with no 
    hostage), so shoot him.  But, as the hostage tells you, "There's more 
    Here, enemies will pop up one at a time in one of five locations.  The 
    man in the back will have a hostage in front of him every time (except 
    at the end), so don't shoot at him and he won't shoot at you.  Shoot 
    the enemies as they come up, and after enough the man in the back will 
    pop up without the hostage to kill you.  Shoot him and you're done with 
    the bank.
    Now the hostage who told you there were more inside will tell you which 
    side not to approach Mad Dog's hideout from (front or rear), putting 
    himself at risk of facing Mad Dog's wrath.  Make sure you remember 
    this, as it is different every time and quite important later in the 
    * 7) Walkthrough Part 2: *
    I thought I'd divide the walkthrough into two parts since the first 
    part can be done in any order, and this part seems separate from the 
    first anyway.  And for the this section, you'll have 12 bullets instead 
    of only 6, which makes the cow skulls pretty obsolete (although it's 
    probably possible that they do something different here, and they're 
    good for one quick reload).
    --- ------------
    7a) Menu Screen:
    --- ------------
    This area's selection screen is a three signs on a post, each of which 
    brings you to a different area.  You can skip the Prospector and Mine 
    areas, but then you'll just be guessing on directions to go and will 
    have to be lucky to avoid death.  To make sure you're going the right 
    way, go to each area in order.  Also, if you wait too long to make a 
    selection you'll be shot.  They're pretty harsh on slow people in this 
    --- -----------
    7b) Prospector:
    --- -----------
    When you click on the Prospector sign, you'll see a scene where the 
    prospector is tied up with some TNT, and Mad Dog lights the fuse with 
    his cigar.  All you have to do here is shoot the fuse before it gets 
    near the TNT barrel.  I find it easiest to shoot the fuse right after 
    Mad Dog lights it while your view is still zoomed in, but you can also 
    shoot it on the zoomed out view without much difficulty.  If it gets to 
    the view of the TNT barrel, you can't really shoot the fuse without 
    also hitting the TNT and blowing y'all$ up.
    After this, the prospector will thank you and you'll go to the Mine to 
    find the map.
    --- -----
    7c) Mine:
    --- -----
    If you've saved the prospector before coming here, he'll tell you that 
    the mine is booby trapped and that you have to shoot two items in order 
    to find the map to Mad Dog's hideout.  The first item is always the 
    lantern, which is located on the box above the cow skull.  The second 
    item will be one of three things: the pitchfork, located to the right 
    of the lantern; the gold pan, located on the ground on the left of the 
    screen; and the shaft #1 sign, located at the top and center of the 
    mine entrance.  If you wait too long to shoot the items or shoot the 
    wrong items, the mine will blow up.
    After you shoot the correct items, you will see a map that has several 
    paths and an X on it.  The location of the X is random, so just look at 
    the map and memorize when you have to go left and when you have to go 
    right.  You'll be selecting directions later, so make sure you 
    Now you'll get some more target practice from the prospector.  He'll 
    throw whiskey bottles in the air, and you can shoot them for 100 points 
    each.  He'll throw four bottles in the air before you have to move on.
    --- --------------------
    7d) Path to the Hideout:
    --- --------------------
    It's time to embark on a journey to the hideout!  Hopefully you've 
    already been to the mine and remember which directions to take, as that 
    will make it a lot easier.  If you select the wrong path you'll be shot 
    by a large group of men and go back to the first direction sign (but 
    any conflicts you've finished will still be done).  The number of signs 
    you'll go through may vary depending on your path, but they always go 
    in the same order.  Just shoot the direction you want to go (and don't 
    wait too long before choosing or you'll be shot).
    First Sign:
    After you choose the correct direction the first time, you'll see an 
    area with a small lake and a tree.  By that tree is a man facing away 
    from you who is somewhat hard to see, but that won't save him.  Shoot 
    him and watch him fall into the lake.  
    Now you'll be at an area with a little ridge in it.  A man will pop up 
    from behind here on the left, so shoot him.  Next a guy will come up a 
    little farther to the right followed by one even farther to the right 
    and close to the screen, so kill them before they kill you.
    Second Sign:
    At this point, you'll come to another sign, so think back to the map 
    and select the correct direction (or die trying).
    Now you'll go to a rocky area where men will randomly pop up and shoot 
    at you, not unlike many other areas of the game.  After killing a 
    certain number of them, you'll move on to the next sign.
    Third Sign:
    Choosing the correct direction here will result in another nice little 
    conflict in a desert-like area.  This one is easier than the last one 
    since there are only three locations that men will pop up from, so you 
    shouldn't have much trouble here.
    Now you've finally made it to the hideout!  You're greeted with a 
    lovely sign that says "Front" and "Back".  Now you'll have to think 
    back to what the man by the bank said about which direction not to 
    approach from and select your direction appropriately.  
    If you go the wrong way, you'll go to a nice secluded area with a horse 
    and be brutally murdered.  Choosing the correct direction will send you 
    to the next area which has a log cabin in the back.  A guy will pop up 
    inside there through the window at the left to shoot at you, and after 
    he's dead another will come up a little to the right.
    Now you'll come to another building.  There is a barrel on the left 
    side of said building, which is where your first opponent will appear.  
    Now the camera will pan out to show the whole building, and then zoom 
    in on a skull on the chimney.  You have to shoot this skull to continue 
    along the game, and don't wait too long if you don't want to get shot.
    Now your view will be zoomed to the door of the building, and after a 
    few moments some men will start running out of the door and shooting at 
    you.  You do have to shoot them to not die, but there will be no visual 
    cue to tell you that you've hit them.  Just shoot into the door, but 
    after the first three or four you have to stop shooting or you'll kill 
    the mayor, who stupidly runs out right into your line of fire (watch 
    for a man in a white shirt, as he's the last one to run out before the 
    The Mayor will now tell you that Mad Dog has got his daughter, so 
    you'll go inside to try and rescue her.  As the door opens, a man 
    rendered invisible from the smoke will be slightly to the left in the 
    doorway.  Shoot him quickly in order to prevent him from shooting you.  
    Unfortunately Mad Dog has fled the scene, so you'll just hear the 
    Mayor's daughter's yelling, "Poppa, poppa, help me!  Help" as he runs 
    off with her.  Then the smoke will clear and you'll see a note that 
    says, "Meet me in town - Mad Dog"
    Back to Town
    Well, it's not time to take on Mad Dog yet.  You've got another set of 
    bad guys to kill, this time in a building.  A guy can pop out from any 
    of the five windows.  Also note that the guy who appears in the upper 
    center window will just barely show himself, but you'll hear a grown or 
    creak (I'm not really sure what it is) whenever he appears. Ok, now 
    after finishing this conflict you'll be able to take on Mad Dog.
    --- ---------------
    7e) Final Showdown:
    --- ---------------
    It's time for a showdown!  Yes, you're finally going to take down Mad 
    Dog McCree and save the town (or get shot if you're too slow).  This 
    showdown is somewhat similar to the others you've no doubt encountered, 
    but much more difficult.  Mad Dog will walk from the right side of the 
    screen to the center, where he will say, "Now it's my turn, Stranger."  
    He will draw his gun and shoot you after saying this or as soon as you 
    This all happens very fast, so as soon as you reload (preferably while 
    he's talking) aim at his head and fire.  As you may recall if you kept 
    the barkeep alive, Mad Dog wears a bullet proof vest and can only be 
    killed with a head shot.  Actually, two head shots.  After the first 
    hit Mad Dog will stumble a little, which is when you should shoot him 
    in the head again if you don't want to die.  If you're having trouble 
    getting that first hit, just keep trying.  It can take some luck, but 
    you'll get it eventually.
    After defeating the evil Mad Dog McCree and saving the town, you'll get 
    a short ending in which the townsfolk will thank you.  But the 
    Prospector (who's alive despite your best efforts) has a bad feeling 
    that they're going to need you again...
    * 8) Showdowns: *
    Showdowns are events that occur seemingly randomly during the game.  
    They usually come up after every four deaths, but just completing 
    sections also triggers them eventually as well. Anyway, in a showdown, 
    you face one opponent and the last man standing wins.  All of the ammo 
    in your magazine is taken away until you are told to reload.  After 
    reloading, you just have to shoot your opponent before he shoots you.  
    There are only three different showdowns you'll face, and each is 
    introduced by the Prospector (note that they can occur in any order).  
    The first one, the Prospector introduces by saying, "It's showdown time 
    stranger!  So holster that iron, we're gonna see how fast you can draw.  
    You'll need to be mighty quick, or, well... that's why we've got a Boot 
    The second one he introduces by saying, "Ya think you're in the middle 
    of a hurricane now?  It's time for a showdown! (to donkey) Ain't it?"  
    In these two, there's a guy in the middle of the screen.  Just reload 
    when prompted and shoot him.  Pretty simple stuff.
    The third showdown is slightly different.  This one takes place at the 
    coral and is against a man you've probably killed already.  In the 
    introduction to this one the Prospector says, "You've jumped from the 
    frying pan to the fire; you've dusted (I'm not sure if that's the 
    correct word) Crazy Sam's brother!  Now the crazy varmint's waiting for 
    you over yonder!" What's different about this showdown is that Sam's 
    not in the center and after you've shot him, he'll fall over the hay 
    bale and then try to shoot you again.  Don't let him do that.
    * 9) Miscellaneous: *
    Yes, everybody's favorite section in a FAQ is in this one as well.  
    Sure, it may not have a lot of content, but it's here.
    --- -------------
    9a) Gameplay Tips
    --- -------------
    - Shoot cowskulls/spittoons to increase your number of bullets and/or 
    for a quick reload.  Each one only works once.
    - You can shoot the screen to skip some of the introductory videos.  If 
    you want to do this without wasting ammo, just click the left mouse 
    button in the reload area.
    --- ---------
    9b) Glitches:
    --- ---------
    The "s" at the end there may be somewhat misleading as there's only one 
    glitch here.  I've found that after you've lost all of your lives, if 
    you go to the menu and save (at the correct time, while there are no 
    lives showing), you will not be able to continue from that file after 
    you restore.  Just something to look out for, if you actually use the 
    Save feature.
    --- ---------------------------
    9c) Things the Undertaker Says:
    --- ---------------------------
    In case you wanted to read what the undertaker says, I've included it 
    in this section (since it didn't really fit into any other sections or 
    deserve its own).
    After One Death: "You'd better work on yer sharpshootin', stranger.  
    You've only got two lives left."
    After Two Deaths: "You'd better get lucky, or you're gonna be dead!  
    You've only got one - life - left."
    After Three Deaths: "Looks like this good old boy's seen his last 
    gunfight.  Time to take him to Boot Hill." (he then covers the screen 
    with his hat)
    After You Shoot an Innocent Person: "That was a good (wo)man you shot.  
    Population: 64."
    * 10) Credits/Contact Information: *
    If you have any questions or comments about this game or FAQ you can 
    email me at blood_storm@hotmail.com. 
    This document is copyrighted (c) 2001.

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