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"A game where the AI is good. WOW!!"

Flight sim games were never good. But what if you combine a flight sim game with a strategy game? That is something to think about.

STORY None really, but if you want to push it, this takes place in space, and oh........wait....... there is no story.

CHALLENGE A game where the AI is good. WOW!! Doesn't that sentence give you enough information? If not, there are two modes of play. Tactical and strategic. The tactical mode is basically a flight simulator. You must have chose your weapons, armor, shields and special systems properly to do well against the aliens. There is also one 'super ship' that the aliens have, you'd even have to figure what weapons can actually damage the ship! You must manage your power effectively, dodge alien beams and missiles and hit with your beams and missiles. The strategic mode is the bulk of the game. you must build more bases, buy this, buy that, while still having enough money to buy some vessels! You still think this game is easy? Think about the five difficulty levels and think again.

GAMEPLAY You manage bases, defend outposts, attack bases and attack outposts. That's the cream filling. Actually trying to find the alien bases and outposts, buying dozens of probes, where do you get the funds for that? There are a few side missions that you can take part on, these appear randomly through out the game, but some are pretty interesting.

GRAPHICS Pretty nice. Don't you just like the effect of beams hitting your shields, or the movenent of the stars when you move? The explosions are pretty good, as are the 'burning' ships. But the main thing is: it's so smooth.

SOUND Don't you just like it when your wingmen relay a com to your vessel, ''Thanks I owe you one.'' other than that, have a CD player around.

CONTROL GET A JOYSTICK!!! It's just so frustrating when you've engaged in a battle, but have to pause, look up the key, and then press it!. With a joystick, it's like a mouse. You know what does this, and what does that.

REPLAYABILITY Although this game gets old fast, there is a combat simulator where you can play a variety of different types of tactical simulations. You can also think about the five difficulty levels, beating the game in record times, etc.

SOUND 6/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/20/01, Updated 10/20/01

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