You are immersed into a dark and forbidden world of mayhem, chaos and destruction. Battle your way through caverns, buildings, dungeons and forest landscapes using one of three diverse and uique heroes. Your quest takes you through many evil lands filled with hostile foes. Embark on a journey to the Black Goddess Temple, where you must destroy the powerful Nightstone. However, your quest will not be easy and your journey will be perilous, full of endless dangers and unforgiving hostile forces.
- Three playable characters. Choose among a Barbarian, an Amazon and a Wizard. Play as up to three characters at the same time.
- Unique combination of RPG/Adventure/Strategy.
- Enhanced enemies AI: the enemies can detect you by sound and vision.
- Non linear gameplay, a total of 35 levels, in the shape of standalone missions.
- Three different multiplayer modes: Deathmatch, Team Play or "Find the exit" with special maps, for up to 8 players connected to a LAN or via Internet.
- Very easy to use level editor: build new levels to play on-line and add scripts to items and enemies in real time.

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