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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DG Dobrev

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                      Starfleet Command Volume I FAQ
                   =    Author: DG Dobrev             =
                   =    E-mail: iron_feather@mail.bg  =
                   =    Date: 17 February 2002        =
                   =    Version: 1.0                  =
    1. What you can do with this guide:
    - Make a copy for personal use
    - Sell this FAQ for money.
    - Post it on your website without my permission.
    - Use parts of this FAQ as your own.
    - Plagiarize this FAQ in any imaginable way.
    3. FOR ANY COMMENTS, additions, questions about the game etc. 
    regarding this FAQ feel free to e-mail me. My personal mailbox 
    I. Introduction.
    This FAQ is based on my personal experience in Star Trek: Starfleet 
    Command Volume I PC game. It covers some tactics and a walkthrough for 
    all of the campaigns in the game. I will put all missions one after 
    another with their original names so that you can easily find where you 
    are and search for tips or help.
    I would like to point that it's not easy to learn the ropes of this 
    game.  You'll need some time to do so, so don't flame in vain when your 
    ship is destroyed. Save the game before every mission and try different 
    approach. Patience is golden. The victory, achieved with lots of 
    difficulties on the way is the sweetest of them all. Know this when you 
    play Starfleet Command Volume I.
    NOTE: I will use the ship's designation all the time. If you don't have 
    the SFC manual, I'll give a brief list of all designations in the end 
    of this FAQ. For example: F-CAD+ means Federation Heavy Drone Cruiser 
    with Plus refit.
    II. Basic tactics and strategies.
    1. Read the manual included with your copy of the game. Lots of things 
    are explained there and I can assure you, It'll be worth the time you 
    spend reading. Don't play a game if you are not familiar with the 
    race you have chosen. At least, play the tutorials if you don't want to 
    waste time reading. In the manual you'll find the damage dealt by all 
    weapons in the game, which will help you develop an adequate strategy.
    2. Lots of players buy ship after ship, once they see it's a bit 
    stronger than their current one.
    For example - you play the Federation campaign. You start with a simple 
    Frigate - F-FF. You play two missions, eventually successful, then 
    check the prices in the shipyard and discover that you can buy a War 
    Destroyer if you trade in your ship and add the current prestige. So 
    you sell your Frigate and buy a War Drone Destroyer (F-DWD). The ship 
    is great, you win missions easily. But as soon as you see that you can 
    get a Light Cruiser, you sell your current F-DWD and buy a New Drone 
    Cruiser with Plus refit (F-NCD+). Later, you sell the NCD+ for a Heavy 
    Drone Cruiser (F-CAD) and so on.
    You will notice, that the selling of a purchased ship immediately 
    lowers it's price. In addition, when you gain ranks, the ships in the 
    shipyard will grow cheaper.
    THE MORAL FROM THIS STORY: you should reconsider having a tough time at 
    first and jump from a Frigate to a Heavy Cruiser in one shot. Or if you 
    can - something even bigger, like a Dreadnought. I don't think you'll 
    survive to purchase a battleship immediately.
    3. Always accept the places in your chosen race's Special Corps. It 
    will make you game more interesting and more challenging.
    4. When you start a fight, always launch a scan probe at your enemy. If 
    they are more than one, launch it at your strongest enemy. By knowing 
    the other's ship specification, you'll be able to easily develop a 
    strategy for the upcoming battle.
    5. If the enemy has Plasma weapons, always keep high speed (20+). The 
    plasma torpedoes dissipate over time and lower the damage you will take 
    - so, if your enemy launches a Plasma torpedo at your ship, run to the 
    opposite way. The torpedo will either inflict very low damage, or won't 
    hit at all. Now, attack that ship! Plasma torpedoes replenish slowly, 
    which allows you to attack multiple times before the enemy is able to 
    launch another one at you.
    6. If you are the one with the Plasma torpedoes, use the Pseudo Plasma 
    torpedoes to fool your opponent. Against the AI it doesn't make much 
    difference, but against a human player this works wonders. Reverse the 
    order every time, so that your enemy is never sure what kind of torpedo 
    you are shooting - true or fake.
    7. The missiles are one of the best fighting weapons if you know how to 
    use them. Know that THE MORE MISSILES YOU HAVE, THE BETTER! I have 
    noticed the AI is extremely weak against incoming missiles. Enemy ship 
    will rarely put "point defense" and some tractors online in case you 
    are using missiles. Against human players I don't use missiles. Anyone 
    can handle them easily and I remain with no other fighting weapon. An 
    exception of this rule are the Dreadnoughts and Battleships, which are 
    stacked up with nice weapons and missiles at the same time.
    NOTE: No matter how far missiles travel, the damage they inflict 
    remains the same!
    8. How to deal against missiles? First, click on the Point Defense 
    button. This means your Tactical officer will automatically shoot at 
    any incoming missiles (using your phasers) if you have phasers ready 
    for shooting. If not, the missile will hit and you'll take damage. 
    In this case, you may assign a number of defensive tractors online 
    (the numbers under the button) - from 1 up to 6. They'll capture any 
    missile that is nearing your ship and shoot at it when any phaser is 
    available. Experienced players are very good at this, and don't forget 
    the fact that you may run out of missiles if you shoot very often and 
    at one point have only a couple of phasers to fight an enemy with much 
    stronger weapons that never run out of ammo.
    9. When a mission is complete and you are using missiles, see if you 
    have enough prestige to replenish their number. In Starfleet Command 
    Volume 2 your missiles are replenished without paying with prestige at 
    all every new battle, so if you have tried the "Empires of War" game 
    before this one, be wary of this.
    10. Develop tactics against various enemies. It is easily done with 
    a paper and pencil.
    11. The Lyrans seem to be one of the weakest races available, but they 
    possess one extremely powerful weapon - the ESG (Expanding Sphere 
    Generator). It has decent damage and if a few stuck together, you'll 
    definitely lose one of your shields and maybe even get some damage. See 
    if you have weapons to fight against Lyran ships from reasonable 
    distance - like missiles, Photons, Hellbores, etc.
    12. If you are playing with the Lyrans, make full use of your ESG's. 
    The more they are the better your ship is.
    13. IMPORTANT NOTE!!! If you are fighting in a Nebula, your ESG won't 
    function at all, so better take it offline and overload your disruptors 
    to compensate for its loss in this fight. This happens while fighting 
    Orion pirates and once in the Lyran campaign.
    14. IMPORTANT NOTE 2!!! Missiles also suffer from the effects of a 
    Nebula. They'll travel very short distances, so be sure you are really 
    close to your enemy, otherwise you'll see you missiles disappear after 
    traveling a few K-units.
    15. If you can cloak, BE ALWAYS CLOAKED! Decloak to shoot at your enemy 
    and then cloak immediately - wait to prepare all weapons for fight and 
    decloak to attack. When cloaked you will receive damage a few times 
    lower than the normal.
    There are some cons: when you decloak, you are extremely vulnerable to 
    16. The Flashback effect: if you transport a mine near a cloaked unit, 
    it will explode, revealing the cloaked ship for a fraction of the 
    second. The problem is that this time is sufficient enough for some 
    players to inflict enormous amounts of damage to the poor cloaked ship, 
    confident of its invulnerability.
    However, it takes a lot of practice and I must confess I managed to 
    do the procedure correctly not more than 15 times so far... Provided I 
    play this game since year 2000.
    17. Be careful when you have decided to take the damage! Don't use your 
    front shield, for in 75% of the attacks you'll be charging against your 
    18. Capturing ships adds to overall prestige at the end of the mission. 
    However, don't capture Orion ships or starbases, for they'll 
    self-destruct the very minute you gain control over them!
    19. Always keep an eye on the enemy ship's shield condition and attack 
    through the weakest (or lost) shield.
    20. One of the easiest ways to win is to remain behind the enemy ship, 
    move the may it moves and just firing at its rear shield, which is in 
    90% of the cases, the weakest shield. Only the Federation's rear shield 
    is as strong as the others.
    21. I will repeat something written in the manual here: SPEED IS LIFE!
    22. Drone Cruisers are considered one of the most powerful ships in the 
    game. However, know that their maintenance costs are high! Don't be 
    surprised if you pay over 75 prestige after each mission just to 
    replenish your missiles!
    23. One of the easiest ways to deal with lots of missiles launched at 
    your ship is to transport a mine in their way. When they come closer, 
    the mine will explode and take out at least 75% of them.
    24. Don't overlook ECM and ECCM! If you can, and depending on your 
    engines, put as much points in it as possible! The safest manner using 
    ECM/ECCM is to put 3 points in both... Though at some situations you'll 
    need your ECM maximized.
    25. SOMETHING ABOUT "Black Hole Mania" missions: be careful! The Black 
    Holes may appear anywhere, which means you should keep an eye on the 
    tactical map all the time. I suggest that you CAPTURE all enemy ships 
    that are attacking you. By doing so, I got 400 (!) prestige for this 
    mission and an addition of about 30 for delivering the enemy ships.
                     THE RACES - campaign walkthrough, etc.
                      = THE UNITED FEDERATION OF PLANETS =
    General overview:
    The UFP has the widest range of weapons available - Phasers, Photons, 
    Missiles, Plasma Torpedoes, Phaser G's. The last few of those are 
    available only on certain ships like the Battlecruisers (New Jersey, 
    Miranda and Kirov-classes). Their shields are good, equally defending 
    their ships from all sides (compare a L-FF with a F-FF).
    Shopping for ships:
    It depends on the era you're playing in. If you're in the early era, 
    strive for the most powerful ship with as much photons and phasers 
    available. If you are playing the middle era, see if you can get your 
    hands on a ship with Photons, Missiles and maybe Plasma torpedoes at 
    the same time. In the late era, pursue the Battleship! It is the best 
    fighting machine for this race.
    in the meantime, seek Drone Cruisers (F-NCD, F-CAD) or if not available 
    - ships with greater engine power so that you can always shoot 
    overloaded Photons - they do wondrous amounts of damage at close range!
    - The Federation Battleship is your strongest ship. However, it is 
    extremely weak against faster units, though the missiles provide 
    some balance, it's turn speed is extremely low. Be wary of this! I had 
    a F-BB in my last mission and the only thing I thought when I saw it 
    move, was that I should've kept my F-DNH.
    - Always keep sensor Decoy shuttles, just in case the enemy has too 
    much missiles or Plasma torpedoes you can't run from!
    - If you are facing a stronger enemy, launch Scatterpacks. These 
    shuttles are restricted to Klingons and UFP only, so make use of them!
    - If your enemy has Fighters (like the Hydran Stingers - ST-3), launch 
    some administrative shuttles with "defend me" or "harass" option 
    - A tip for the players who like drone cruisers: Scatterpack + Own 
    Missiles is an extremely dangerous combination for your opponent! The 
    only way of dealing with it is a Point defense + at least 3 online 
    defensive tractors + readied phasers!
    - Check the fourth mission from the campaign - "Dancing with Myself". 
    In this mission you'll face an enemy, equal to you (your mirror 
    counterpart from the mirror universe) - the same ship with the same 
    specifications. Before meeting him, you'll have to do a little fight, 
    but generally, if you want a weaker opponent, you should consider to 
    be a weaker opponent too! I won this mission with a NCD and had no 
    problems. Perhaps it is the exception for the rule "when you have 
    collected lots of prestige, but the strongest ship"... But not that 
    much. You can go the Frigate-New Light Cruser-Dreadnought-Battleship 
    route rather than Frigate-Heavy Cruiser-Dreadnought/Battleship route.
    Ship designations:
    F-FF - Frigate
    F-FFG - Improved Frigate (+missiles)
    F-FFD/F-FFD+ - Drone Frigate
    F-CFF/F-CFF+ - Commando Frigate
    F-FFB - Battle Frigate
    F-DW - War Destroyer
    F-DWD - War Drone Destroyer
    F-DWC - Command War Destroyer
    F-DD/F-DD+ - Destroyer (weaker that F-DW and cheaper)
    F-DDG/F-DDG+ - Guided Weapons Destroyer
    Light Cruisers:
    F-NCL/F-NCL+ - New Light Cruiser
    F-NCD/F-NCD+ - New Drone Cruiser
    F-NCT/F-NCT+ - New Commando Transport
    F-CLC - New Command Cruiser
    F-NCA - New Heavy Cruiser
    F-NCC - New Heavy Command Cruiser (like "Enterprise" - it is NCC1701)
    Heavy Cruisers:
    F-CA/F-CAR/F-CA+ - Heavy Cruiser
    F-CAD/F-CADR/F-CAD+ - Heavy Drone Cruiser
    F-CC/F-CC+ - Command Cruiser
    F-CB - Heavy Command Cruiser
    F-BCG - Battlecruiser, Kirov-class
    F-BCF - Battlecruiser, Bismark-class
    F-BCJ - Battlecruiser, New Jersey-class
    F-DN/F-DN+ - Dreadnought
    F-DNG - Improved Dreadnought
    F-DNH - Heavy Dreadnought
    F-BB - Battleship
    + refit - adds either shielding, power, phasers, photons, missiles, 
    and extra ph-3s for close combat and defense against missiles. Ship's 
    names have a "+" to them: like F-CAD+
    R-refit - adds a few rear-firing phasers. The ship's names become: 
    Mission 1: Errand of Curiosity.
    First of all, scan all Listening posts before scanning the planet. After 
    you've done this, scan the planet itself. When you find out that the 
    Organians have disappeared, the Klingon ship will hail you and no 
    matter if you want to fight or not, you'll have to destroy it. When 
    the enemy's dead, you'll win the mission.
    Mission 2: Testing Ground.
    You'll face some treachery here. Your first objective is to destroy the 
    Orion pirate and then tractor the freighter Dukain to the sun till the 
    orbit is achieved. After you destroy the pirate, an "ally" will appear 
    - USS "Boston", a ship, which captain is your friend from the academy. 
    When you achieve the orbit and phase one commences, another wave of 
    Orion pirates will appear. Don't charge them and let USS "Boston" do 
    the fight. Don't even shoot at them! If you do so, "Boston" will turn
    around and start pulling Dukain out of orbit.
    If you have decided to help "Boston", you'll have to finish the last 
    pirate by yourself and then attack USS "Boston". Get some of its 
    shields down and beam some marines inside. The task is to capture 
    the ship and get Tim Abell for questioning. When you capture it, the 
    mission will be complete.
    --> Problems: If Dukain and "Boston" are too close to the Sun and you 
    are going after them, you'll start taking heat damage - first on your 
    shields, then on the hull, until your ship is destroyed. In such 
    occasion, just leave Boston destroy himself and Dukain near the Sun.
    --> Careful! You need "Boston" captured, not destroyed!
    --> If you decide to leave "Boston" to fight the pirates alone, be sure 
    you are able to help him any time! The pirates may destroy it, and you 
    want it captured!
    Mission 3: Bordering on Insanity.
    Go to the Listening post (Communications Relay station) and scan it 
    first - thus you'll prevent yourself from losing the mission if an 
    allied ship is destroyed right away. Get a copy of its log and help the 
    first ally (should be either Klingon, Romulan or Gorn). Weaken the 
    Imperial ships (the message will say: "federation Captain", but 
    actually, these ships are from the mirror universe) so that they can't 
    destroy the allied ship and max speed to the second ally. You need to 
    help him before he is destroyed! Kill the two ships that are bothering 
    him and if the first allied ships isn't done with the weakened 
    imperials, go do that for him.
    You will lose prestige if an ally is killed.
    -->Problems: If you play this mission in the Late Era, the Frigates 
    that attack the allies may be F-FFD's, which is a great problem! The AI 
    is weak against missiles and one of the ships may be destroyed before 
    you are able to help him. This won't be your fault, though Starfleet 
    will blame for this...
    Mission 4: Dancing with Myself.
    You may need help on this one, so buy another ship (at least NCL, NCD 
    or whatever better is available). Take out quickly the first two enemy 
    cruisers and order your fleet (press the button in "Fleet Orders" which 
    looks like a target with a chain around it) to capture the ship. When 
    your counterpart is weakened, tractor him and hail the Klingons/Gorns 
    or Romulans and the mission will be complete.
    --> If your enemy has Drone cruiser like you, be sure to have at least 
    2-3 points in online defensive tractors and activated point defense. 
    Also prepare to launch a few Sensor Decoy Shuttles if you see lots of 
    missiles coming towards you.
    --> Try something simple - if you can endure a couple of hits, activate 
    your tractor beam on at least level 3 (so that your counterpart won't 
    be able to repel in immediately) and hail the Gorns, etc. The mission 
    will be completed again, without much problems.
    -->Doing it alone: Since the AI is extremely weak against missiles, you 
    may try the next tactic: when your counterpart is about 35 K-units away 
    from you, launch a Scatterpack shuttle and if you have even a few 
    missiles, launch them too. Then run away from him, in the opposite 
    direction. If he's still standing, launch another scatterpack and a few 
    own missiles and he'll be weakened enough to charge and either get him 
    in tractor and hail the allies or try to capture him.
    Mission 5: A Nest of Spies
    Travel to the enemy base and wait till you receive the transmission 
    about the Orion attack. I suggest that you get the first strike... 
    You'll need as much Imperial ships standing after the fight.
    --> If all the ships remain alive, just go to the station, beam in the 
    team, when they're done, beam them out, and max speed to the nearest 
    border. Until they find out that something has happened, you'll be far 
    away. I've tried it several times and it always worked.
    --> If one of the ships is destroyed, return to the base, beam in the 
    team and prepare to run for your life after beaming it out. Max speed 
    to the border... If you survive, you'll be able to go on... If not, you 
    may have to try and destroy the second imperial ship after beaming back 
    your team. Start running and stop on at least 30+ K-units, so that the 
    Starbase can't help the other imperial ship, destroy it and leave the 
    Mission 6: Alliances
    In this mission you may need at least one other ship to help you. 
    Weaken Decker's ship as much as you can and order your fleet to capture 
    it. You should stack each one of your ships with as much marines as you 
    can, because Decker's ship has a lot of them aboard...
    You can also try to win this mission by yourself. But... You must be 
    sure you have a strong ship (at least F-CAD+ or a Dreadnought) to do 
    so. I've managed to beat him, so I think you should be able too. Just 
    be patient and restart a few times until you find the right way to 
    Mission 7: Does Anyone Know What Doomsday This Is?
    The active planetkiller is near the southern border of the system. He 
    is designated with M-DML and is visually alive. Well, scan it just to 
    make sure he's active and see if there's at least light cruiser around 
    - however, around him should be floating a F-NCT/F-NCT+, so tractor it 
    into Planetkiller's maw. The Light Cruiser shall be destroyed and the 
    Planetkiller will be dead. After you finish that, go kill a few 
    Imperial cruisers for fun. If you don't feel like fighting anymore - 
    leave the system through the nearest border.
    -->Problems: It is better if you do this mission all by yourself. The 
    AI has a stupid pattern of moving and my wingman went into the 
    Planetkiller's maw and was destroyed. I paid about 700 prestige for his 
    F-CAD+ and just wasted it to get measly 200 prestige for this mission. 
    --> Frigates won't kill the Planetkiller, though they'll be destroyed 
    if enter Planetkiller's maw. Be wary of this. You need either and NCT 
    or one of the Heavy Cruisers floating around the other Planetkiller.
    Mission 8: Rift Raft
    Tractor the Freighter forward till you get a message that it is in 
    orbit, then guard it from the two Heavy Cruisers. Don't worry, this 
    mission is extremely easy, because the freighter will soon explode and 
    take the Imperial vessels with him.
    Mission 9: Armageddon Away
    Easy task, no matter how hard it looks like. Travel to Decker's 
    Dreadnought and swarm it. Once he has a shield down, beam in some 
    marines. Repeat the operation again and again, till you capture his 
    When his ship is yours, beam in some spare parts to get it moving (not 
    that you need it, but that's what I did) and went on transporting Nova 
    mines into Planetkiller's maws. It was easy - just approach the monster 
    within range of 5 K-units and energize the transporters. He'll die.
    The problem is that you have only three mines. When you run out of them, 
    return to Earth for resupplying. Lower your shields in range of 
    5 K-units and hail the Earth to get the more mines. Repeat the 
    procedure a couple of times and all is done.
    ---> Problem: careful! Don't run into planetkiller's maw because... Do 
    you remember what happed to the Imperial NCT a few missions ago? I'm 
    sure you don't want the same to happen with you...
    This is the end of the campaign. After you save the Earth, you are 
    transferred to a desk job, with a task to oversee the new generation of 
    captains that will appear and guide them well. I'm sure you'll be good 
    at it!
                        =    The Klingon Empire    =
    General overview:
    Klingons are much like the Federation in terms of weapons and tactics. 
    The have Phaser 1-3s, Missiles and the only difference are the 
    Disruptors. These weapons are weaker than the Photon torpedoes (and 
    greatly outclassed by the Plasma torpedoes), but require less power to 
    charge and you will see that in most battles you'll fight with 
    overloaded Disruptors all the time!
    Klingon's ships possess extraordinary flexibility and maneuverability. 
    They are able to make extremely sharp turns and thus do some awful 
    rear attacks.
    While using Klingon ships you should take full advantage of its 
    attributes. And be careful, never allow the enemy to get behind you! 
    Klingon's rear shields are weak (unless you are using a Heavy 
    Dreadnought or K-10K/K-11K...).
    Shopping for ships:
    when shopping for ships, you should pay attention to the rear shields 
    they have. he greater value, the better. Also, if you can get a Drone 
    Cruiser, do it! The Disrutors are generally considered as weak weapons 
    and the extra speed will be nice. If not - see that the ship has high 
    values in "Engine power", so that you can either maintain high speed 
    and fight with overloaded Disruptors.
    - Use your HET (high-energy turn) often. Your engines should endure it. 
    Using this simple tactic will allow you to stay behind your enemy at 
    all times and attack his weakest shield.
    - Maintain the highest speed possible (I mean traveling fast and 
    recharging weapons at the same time!) at all times. It will save your 
    - Cloak if your ship allows that. The Klingon's cloak is not as 
    effective as the Romulan's cloak, but it can yet be used for the better.
    Ship designations:
    K-E4/K-E4B/K-E4K - Escort
    K-E4D - Drone Escort
    K-E4G/K-E4GB - Commando Escort
    K-E4Y - Cloaking Escort
    K-E6 - Battle Escort
    K-F5/K-F5B/K-F5K - Frigate
    K-F5G/K-F5GB - Commando Frigate
    K-F5C/K-F5L - Frigate Leader
    K-F5Y - Cloaking Frigate
    K-F6 - Battle Frigate
    K-F5W/K-FWK - War Destroyer
    K-FWC/K-FWL - War Destroyer Leader
    K-D5/K-D5K - War Cruiser
    K-D5D - War Drone Cruiser
    K-D5G - War Commando Cruiser
    K-D5C/K-D5L - War Command Cruiser
    K-D5Y - War Cloaking Cruiser
    K-D5W - New Heavy Cruiser
    K-DWC - New Heavy Command Cruiser
    K-D6G/K-D6GB - Commando Cruiser
    K-D7W - Heavy Command Cruiser
    K-D6/K-D6B/K-D6K - Battlecruiser
    K-D6D/K-D6DB - Drone Battlecruiser
    K-D7/K-D7B/K-D7K - Battlecruiser
    K-D7D - Drone Battlecruiser
    K-D7C/K-D7L - Command Battlecriser
    K-C7 - Heavy Battlecruiser
    K-C8/K-C8B/K-C8K - Dreadnought
    K-C9/K-C9B/K-C9K - Dreadnought
    K-C10K - Heavy Dreadnought
    K-B10/K-B10K - Battleship
    K-B11K - Super Battleship (the biggest of all races!)
    B-refit - usually strengthens the rear shields, which are generally 
    weaker then the others.
    K-refit - upgrade Phaser-2 to Phaser-1. Command ships without the K-
    refit have the suffix "C" (K-D7C) and those with K-refit have the suffix 
    "L" (K-D7L).
    Mission 1: Expedition to Organia
    You'll see a Fracture in the Space right in front of you when you enter 
    the quadrant. Travel to it within scan range and Deepscan it. After 
    that, launch a probe inside. After that, hail the Federation ship and 
    request their data. Exchange your own data for theirs and prepare to 
    fight a Hydran ship.
    Destroy the weak Hydran ship and the mission is complete.
    -->Problems: Don't lauch a probe without completing the deepscan! If 
    you do, your ship will take some damage when the probe enters the 
    Mission 2: A Hole in Time and Space - Part 1
    Stack your ship with as much marines as possible, for we will capture a 
    Lyran ship in this mission.
    Attack the first Lyran ship, weaken it and send as much marines as you 
    can inside it. Overwhelm its defenses and capture it. Now, feel free to 
    destroy the other Lyran ship. You don't need to capture it as well.
    When the second Lyran ship is destroyed, get the captured one in your 
    tractor and start dragging it to the wormhole. All done!
    Mission 3: A Hole in Time and Space - Part 2
    Stay near the Freighter at all times. If you play the early era, you 
    don't need to (it'll ram the base and blow up no matter how much damage 
    is taken), but if you're going the Late era, you'll need to do some 
    real distraction here.
    Shoot at the first Hydran vessel you see nearby. Get your Disruptors 
    "offline" to have more speed - you have to run a few seconds later! The 
    Hydran ship will start to attack you, so shoot at it one more time and 
    when the freighter rams the Hydran base, go to yellow alert and use max 
    speed to get out of here. Don't mind the damage you take, just repair 
    the engines all the time. You'll survive!
    Mission 4: Paradise by the Disruptor Light
    Hail the first klingon ship you encounter and order his captain to 
    surrender. He will refuse, so follow the orders and destroy it. Now go 
    to the Planet and destroy all defense platforms around it and all other 
    klingon ships.
    You must find these fool's base and it is on the planet. Just enter 
    close proximity and star bombarding it. Stop when you see these notes:
    "Colony destroyed"
    "Primary objective complete, Captain"
    When these messages appear, leave the system through the nearest border. 
    All done!
    Mission 5: The Cloak of Night
    First of all, remain near your escort ship. Go to Red Alert hail it and 
    wait a bit until he warns the Lyrans of your appearance. As soon as the 
    sign "Allied" is gone from his description, attack and capture it. 
    He'll need to give some serious explanations for his deeds.
    Now, go and destroy the two Lyran ships. Activate your deep scan so 
    that you are able o scan the freighter while fighting the other ship. 
    After the scan is complete, deactivate it and destroy the freighter as 
    well. Now return to the captured ship and tractor it through the
    wormhole. You'll get some bonus prestige for this act.
    --> Problems: DON'T capture the freighter! It will self-destruct and 
    the Klingon command won't count that as if YOU had destroyed the 
    Mission 6: That Which Must Die
    This is a pure hunting mission - easy and for fun.
    Firs of all, activate your deep scanner, so that you know how much 
    tribbles you kill every time. The targets are the following:
    1. The NCL federation cruiser (hundreds of tribbles aboard)
    2. The Starbase (thousands to tribbles aboard)
    3. The Planet (billions of tribbles) - bombard it till it is destroyed: 
    look for the message: "All life on the Planet was extinguished, 
    There are some police ships in the area - destroy them at your 
    pleasure. When you are satiated with tribble hunting, return to the 
    Mission 7: The Devil You Know
    Rendezvous with the Imperial ship first. His captain will spot an enemy 
    ship and ask you to destroy it.
    But no! Don't destroy the enemy ship. Get a shield down and capture it! 
    If it is weak, beam in a few spare parts to get it back moving and 
    rendezvous with the Imperial ship this time for real. Hm, the 
    Imperials are not a worthy ally... So attack the Imperial ship and 
    CAPTURE it too. 
    The Planetkiller is approaching...
    But fear not, young captain! Tractor one of the two ships you have 
    into his maw (or wait a little for them to run into it themselves) and 
    the Planetkiller will be killed.
    Now, leave the quadrant through the nearest border.
    Mission 8: Vanishing Act part 1
    Your first objective in this mission is to ease it a bit. There are a 
    few Orion pirates in the area which may try to swarm you at some point. 
    So, go to the first ship and destroy it. Then destroy the second ship. 
    Now, go to Yellow alert and activate your deepscan. Travel from 
    fracture to fracture and scan them. You are to determine from which one 
    the shipyards have been pulled through, and enter it. mine was in the 
    northern part of the quadrant, but I assume each mission is random and 
    thus it can be any of those.
    When you find the real one, go through it.
    Mission 9: Vanishing Act part 2
    You find yourself in an enormous space graveyard. The blinking points 
    on the screen are actually thousands of Klingon dead bodies.
    Ignore them and destroy the Defensive platforms and the shipyards near 
    the planet. After everything is gone, scan the planet within range of 
    15-30 K-units. Your science officer will ask you to move closer after 
    the scan is complete: approach to range of 5-10 units.
    You should hear a telepathic message.
    If there are any other defensive platforms or shipyards around here, 
    finish destroying them and leave this dreadful system.
    Mission 10: We Are the Dead
    In this mission you should seek and capture Dr. Kraa. He is in one of 
    the ships in the system... And unfortunately, there are a lot of them 
    Activate your deep scanner before fighting any of the ships. If Kraa is 
    aboard, capture this one. by default, Kraa is in the Gorn ship, which 
    is the farthest from you. But if you attack this ship, everyone will 
    come to rescue him and you'll find yourself attacked by at least 3 
    heavy cruisers at the same time. No need to say that this is lethal. So 
    travel to each ship and destroy them one by one, leaving Kraa's ship 
    for desert.
    BE SURE TO CAPTURE Kraa's ship. When you have done this, tractor it 
    and return to the wormhole. Mission complete.
    --> If you find this mission difficult to handle, buy another ship, 
    preferably a Drone cruiser to launch missiles at your opponents and 
    stay away from the fight scene while YOU do the fight for your fleet.
    Mission 11: Praxis
    This is the best closing mission of all campaigns! You start as a 
    leader of a squadron of 5 warships and your job is to destroy an 
    enemy battle station, activate a Psionic Disruptor and withstand all 
    attacks. Great!!!
    Start making your way to the enemy Battle Station. You start in the 
    SE corner of the map and the enemy installation is in the NW. Destroy 
    the first two Hydran ships you encounter and proceed to the base.
    Swarm the base and destroy it. There'll be some enemies there, nothing 
    that serious. Leave your fleet to tackle them and go activate the 
    Psionic Disruptor. Travel to Planet 0 (Praxis) within range of 5 and 
    energize the Disruptor.
    Another wave of ships will appear and you'll have to destroy all of
    them - though I found out there's a specific ship which if destroyed, 
    wins the battle automatically. It is one of the four that appear last. 
    Which one - I don't know. The first time it was the F-BCF, the second 
    time the Klingon Battlecruiser. When you destroy the right ship, your 
    science offices will shout "We did it!" and the mission will be 
    This is the last battle. Good luck and happy hunting. And don't forget 
    to act like a Klingon.
    This is the end of the campaign. I had the biggest Klingon ship 
    available at this time K-C11K (Super Battleship) and two K-D7D 
    cruisers, just for their missile support. It cost me a fortune to 
    replenish their missiles in all missions, so I decided to leave them 
    on "standard" or maximum "x2" missiles. When my two Drone cruisers ran 
    out of missiles, I highlighted the "Defend Command Ship" button in the 
    "Fleet Orders" menu. Thus they started to destroy all missiles coming 
    at my ship. Nice!
                            = The Lyran Star Empire =
    Race overview:
    The Lyrans are one of the weakest races available in the game. Their 
    ships have weaker shields and their engines don't allow extremely fast 
    speeds - though the names of their ships are Cave Lion, Cheetah, etc. 
    Funny! They have only a few types of weapons: Phasers, Disruptors, and 
    The ESG. The ESG is one of the strongest weapons in this game! You just 
    need to know how to use it.
    However, the engine problems are solved by the introduction of the PP - 
    the Power Pack refit.
    Purchasing ships:
    Look for as much ESG's as possible and better phasers. The ships always 
    have some disruptors, but in most of the cases you won't have enough 
    engine power to overload them and will have to fight with just normal 
    Disruptors. Also, see that the ships have some better shielding. Only 
    the Dreadnoughts and the Battleships have better shielding, so you'll 
    have to be prepared to deal in some extreme situations in the meantime.
    - Don't overload your ESG's. If overloaded, they do more damage, but 
    you'll have to be just over your enemy's ship when activating it. In 
    most of the cases, it may be lethal...
    - Overload your Disruptors only when you need them overloaded and you 
    are sure you have enough energy to support them. Don't forget that speed 
    is life!
    - One of the most successful tactics I implemented was setting the ESG 
    on range of 2/3, activating it when the enemy ship comes nearby and run 
    away from it till I get my ESG back, ready to go online. Do the same 
    and run for your life again. Since ESG's inflict wondrous amounts of 
    damage to the enemy, it'll weaken a shield then start hitting the hull.
    Ship Designations:
    L-FF/L-FF+/L-FFP - Cheetah Frigate
    L-DW/L-DW+/L-DWP - Alleycat War Destroyer
    L-DWL/L-DWLP - Snow Leopard War Destroyer
    L-DD/L-DD+/L-DDP - Leopard Destroyer
    L-DDG/L-DDG+ - Commando Destroyer
    L-CW/L-CW+/L-CWP - Jaguar War Cruiser
    L-CWG/L-CWG+ - Commando War Cruiser
    L-CWL/L-CWLP - Black Jaguar War Cruiser Leader
    L-NCA - King Jaguar New Heavy Cruiser
    L-NCAL - New Heavy Cruiser Leader
    L-CL/L-CL+/L-LCP - Panther Light Cruiser
    L-CA/L-CA+/L-CAP - Tiger Cruiser
    L-CC/L-CC+ - Bengal Tiger Command Cruiser
    L-CCH - Java Tiger Command Cruiser
    L-BC/L-BCPP/L-BCP+ - Wildcat Battlecruiser
    L-BCH - Hellcat Heavy Battlecruiser
    L-DN/L-DNPP/L-DNP+ - Lion Dreadnought
    L-DNH - Gir Lion Heavy Dreadnought
    L-BB - Cave Lion Battleship
    "+" refit: Increased the power of the rear shields.
    "p" refit: this is a phaser refit, replacing side Phaser 3s with a 
    Phaser 1s or Phaser 2s.
    "PP" refit: since the larger ships became extremely power deficient, a 
    new refit had to be implemented.  PP increases the engine power so that 
    the ship can support all it's systems to full capacity.
    Mission 1: A Cold, Quiet Place
    First, check the area for some Orion pirates. If they are not visible, 
    go to the Moon and scan it with your deep scanners. After that scan the 
    missing planet itself (it has shields around it and a "No Lock" sign). 
    You must also question the freighter for the planet's disappearance.
    And destroy the Orion pirate ship in the meantime.
    Tip: you can complete this mission with you basic ship without problems.
    Mission 2: Lifeline.
    Be sure to have a stronger ship for this mission, like a Heavy Cruiser 
    with at least 2 ESG's, for you should expect a lot of fight in this 
    Hail your cousin first and tell him to get going. But at some point 
    he'll ask the other Lyran ships to destroy you, so be sure you've 
    targeted one of them and start fighting it. Destroy it before the other 
    one arrives and keep on destroying their ships one by one. In the 
    meantime scan the planet and the Starbase. To complete the mission 
    destroy your cousin's ship.
    Mission 3: Scum of the Universe
    On entering the system you should see a Klingon vessel nearby. Hail it 
    to make him charge at you.
    You need some strategy for this combat. Since the action is taking place 
    in a Nebula, your shields will be extremely weak and you won't be able 
    to use your strongest weapon - the ESG. So, don't keep it online and 
    take the ESG offline in order to save some power. Also, I noticed that 
    the defensive tractors didn't catch that Klingon's missiles! I assume 
    this is one of the bad effects of a Nebula, but luckily, the point 
    defense still works. Activate it and always keep at least 4 phasers (of 
    any kind, even Phaser 3s) to compensate in defensive aspect.
    Overload your Disruptors and be sure you can run from his ship all the 
    time. I had the bad luck to have a Drone Cruiser against me and I had to 
    run all the time from his missiles. They will disappear after some 
    flight so don't worry too much about this.
    After the Klingon is destroyed, there are two Orion pirates near the 
    informant. Attack from the right place, so that you can destroy them one 
    by one - if they both attack you, you'll have some real tough time (or 
    you may just die...) defeating them.
    Hail the informant now and tractor him just to be sure he's with you. If 
    you don't, he'll come with you on his own, but I just wanted to be sure 
    he's following me right. Travel to the listening post now, destroy it 
    and leave the sector through the border, closest to the Listening post.
    All done!
    Mission 4: The Plot Thickens.
    First, travel to the listening post and scan it. You'll find out that 
    you are in a trap, so follow your Lyran friend in his attack.  He'll 
    charge the enemy fleet and you may as well give him a hand. Just be 
    warned - he is NOT your ally, so watch out for him. Activate your ESG's 
    only when he's not around, or they may affect him too. This is not 
    something you want...
    Your friend will either die or survive this fight. Destroy the remaining 
    Orions and attack the starbase. Just remain in close proximity and just 
    keep on fighting the base with your ESG's. It'll go down quickly, so 
    the only thing left to do now is to leave the quadrant through the nearest 
    Mission 5: Challenge.
    Start destroying the Mine Controllers (they look like Listening posts). 
    just follow your science officer's lead and keep on doing this till you 
    see a little fleet charging at you. The ships in it are not powerful, 
    but would do anything to kill you. So be quick, alpha-strike every 
    single ship (hopefully you are strong enough to kill it in one shot) and 
    after they're gone, continue destroying the posts till you see your 
    rival on visual. Now, go and thank him for that fleet, which was sent to 
    destroy you!
    When you kill your opponent, check if there are more Mine Controllers. 
    If yes, destroy them before leaving the sector. If not, leave the sector 
    Mission 6: Reemergence.
    First, start scanning all listening posts. Close to one of them is a 
    freighter, who is supposed to be transporting an Ionic Projector, but 
    a few ships came and stole it. He asks you to retrieve it for exchange 
    of his valuable information (valuable for you only).
    Continue scanning listening posts and then go to the asteroids in the 
    SW part of the map. You should see two ships there - mine were L-CWC and 
    L-CWLP. Talk to the L-CWC and order them to return the Ionic Disruptor. 
    I expected some fight here, but they didn't attack, just lowered their 
    shields and allowed me to beam in the projector.
    Now return to the freighter and hail it. He'll give you all the info he 
    has, and this is what you need. Leave the system through the nearest 
    Mission 7: The Whole kitten Kaboodle.
    Expect a mission with a lot of fight! And unfortunately, you'll have to 
    start everything, or suffer the consequences. Travel to the nearest 
    Dreadnought and attack it. If you want, capture it. If you just go to 
    the Planet, a battle will rage and you are more likely to be attacked 
    by a couple of ships, which even with a strong ship may be lethal.
    Then a dreadnought in possession of the Mountain watchers will appear. 
    You'll have to fight it, no other option... Enter in close proximity and 
    Alpha-strike it - you are to weaken it as much as you can. After this 
    ship is down, destroy everything in sight, save for the engineer's ship 
    - the L-NCA.
    After all ships are destroyed, hail the Engineer's ship and order him to 
    surrender. He'll comply, so tractor him for safety out of the system.
    Mission 8: Strike First, Strike Hard!
    When you enter the 80-100 K-units range of the base a weird device will 
    go online and overload your (and all your fleet's) engines, making the 
    shields useless and the engines themselves perform at 70% efficiency. 
    Don't mind that! Help your pals destroy the dreadnought first and then 
    tackle the starbase. When it's down, go to the planet designated with 
    Planet 0 to hear a transmission from Vor Char. Then leave the system.
    -->Problems: if you don't enter the range in which your engines will 
    be overloaded, and leave your fleet do the job, the base and all ships 
    around it will be destroyed without problems. But then you may not be 
    able to hear the transmission from Vor Char, because it regards the 
    shield-nullifier device.
    Mission 9: Broken toys.
    There are two things you should do in this mission: buy another ship and 
    remain away from the planet at all times. If you move towards it, I can 
    assure you - you're hailing the death (engines to 70% and attack from 
    three ships - a dreadnought and 2 heavy cruisers).
    Target one of the Combat ships and hail it. Command them to surrender 
    And to show you they don't want to do that, they'll attack. This is just 
    what you want - fight them at full power! They are so easy to beat that 
    way... With the help of your friend, of course. You can try this solo, but 
    I don't recommend that.
    After the enemy ships are destroyed, feel free to go to the Planet and 
    destroy the defensive platforms and all freighters around the planet. 
    even at 70% engine efficiency and without shields, this should be an 
    extremely easy task.
    After it is done, leave the sector and the campaign is complete.
    This is the end of the campaign. Yet, I have some suspicions about it. 
    In Starfleet Command Volume 2: Empires at war a new race is introduced - 
    The Mirak Star League, who are mortal enemies with the Lyrans. If you 
    pay close attention to the briefings, you should've seen the "Name We 
    Are Not Permitted To Speak" line. It represents a civilization which 
    was defeated long ago by the Lyrans, but as Vor Char said, it had other 
    worlds, where they were gaining power, ready to arise again. And since 
    the Mirak is the new race, and mortal enemies of the Lyrans, I assume 
    they are this long-defeated civilization, who recently arose to power 
    once again.
                          = The Romulan Empire =
    Race Overview:
    The Romulans are an offspring of the Vulcans, but much more warlike and 
    capable of treachery. Their ship are not that strong, but they possess 
    one of the greatest weapons of the game - the Plasma torpedoes. Compiled 
    with the ability to cloak, they are dangerous enemies. Their ships have 
    some phasers and often a few types (R,G,S,F) of Plasma torpedoes. It 
    requires a little practice to learn to play with this race, but I must 
    say I'm pleased with them a great deal.
    Purchasing ships:
    See that they have as much plasma weapons as possible and save your 
    prestige for the last missions, when you need your fleet of three ships 
    - it takes a lot of guts and skill to deal with the army, that you are 
    expected to fight there!
    - Since Plasma Torpedoes are the most damaging of all, be sure you use 
    them carefully. Cloak when recharging and decloak just to shoot!
    - I almost never used my Plasma's as Enveloping (attacks all shields 
    equally, like the Hellbore, but with an exception that the torpedoes 
    do not concentrate on the weakest shield) and fight with normal weapons.
    - While cloaked, you also take damage from enemy fire, just not that 
    extensive compared to the one if you weren't cloaked.
    - I found an interesting tactic against cloaking bases: remain at 
    no more than 3 K-units from the base and cloak, yet having your best 
    shield to protect you against enemy fire (just see how your ship 
    should be positioned). When the base cloaks, cloak too, till your 
    weapons are ready to shoot. Then pres "X" key twice quickly (the default 
    button for "cloak") to give fake impression to the stupid AI that you're 
    decloaking and firing. The base will shoot and cloak again. Now is the 
    time to strike!
    Ship designations:
    Old series:
    R-SNA/R-SNAR - Snipe-A Frigate
    R-SNB - Snipe-B Frigate
    R-BH/R-BHR - Battlehawk Destroyer
    R-COH/R-COHR - Command Hawk
    R-WB+ - Warbird
    R-WE/R-WER - War Eagle Cruiser
    R-CE - Commando Eagle
    R-KE - King Eagle Command Cruiser
    KR (klingon-type) series
    R-K4R/R-K4RB - Klingon-type Escort
    R-K5R/R-K5RB - Klingon-type Frigate
    R-K5L/R-K5LB - Klingon-type Frigate Leader
    R-KFR - Klingon-type Battle Frigate
    R-KDR - Klingon-type War Cruiser
    R-KR/R-KRB - Klingon-type Battlecruiser
    R-KRG/R-KRGB - Klingon-type Commando Battlecruiser
    R-K7R/R-K7RB - Klingon-type Battlecruiser
    R-KRC/R-KRCS - Klingon-type Command Battlecruiser
    R-KCR - Klingon-type Heavy Battlecruiser
    R-K9R/R-K9RB - Klingon-type Dreadnought
    R-K9RH - Klingon-type Heavy Dreadnought
    R-K10R - Klingon-typr Battleship
    New Series:
    R-SEA - Seahawk Frigate
    R-SEG - Seahawk-G Troop transport
    R-SEL - Seahawk-L Frigate Leader
    R-SKA - Skyhawk Destroyer
    R-SKG - Skyhawk-G Troop Transport
    R-SKL - Skyhawk-L Destroyer Leader
    R-SPA/R-SPA+ - Sparrowhawk Cruiser
    R-SPG/R-SPG+ - Sparrowhawk-G Troop Transport
    R-SPL/R-SPL+ - Sparrowhawk Light Command Cruiser
    R-SPJ - Sparrowhawk-J Assault Cruiser
    R-FHA - Firehawk Heavy Cruiser
    R-FHK - Firehawk-K Heavy Cruiser
    R-NHK - Novahawk Command Cruiser
    R-RGK - Regalhawk Heavy Cruiser
    R-RHK - Royalhawk Command Cruiser
    R-KHK - Killerhawk Super Heavy Cruiser
    R-CON/R-CON+ - Condor Dreadnought
    R-PRA - Praetor Heavy Dreadnought
    R-KCN - King Condor Battleship
    "+" refit - upgrade of type-G to type-S torpedoes
    "r" refit - adds rear-firing phasers
    "b" refit - increase the strength of rear shields and changes type-G to 
    type-S torpedoes
    Mission 1: Four Funerals and a Wedding.
    When you start this mission, remain near the frigate all the time. When 
    the Orions appear, they will more likely swarm it, so be ready to 
    attack. Your little fleet will be more than sufficient to beat the 
    pirates even if you are using as main ship the frigate you've started 
    with! Destroy the enemy ships, see that the freighter is OK all the 
    time and the mission will be completed without problems!
    Mission 2: Medicine Jar.
    At first, you should notice a Romulan ship charging at you. Hail it and 
    refuse to give them the medicine they want. This will result an 
    immediate attack, so have your ship on red alert and with readied plasma 
    torpedoes already.
    After you destroy the invader ship, travel within range of 5 K-units and 
    beam out the medicine. No other attacks will result, so you may go to 
    yellow alert and leave the system after you completed your primary 
    Mission 3: The Yellow Flag.
    When you start the mission, press the tilda (~) key, which by default 
    transfers the target mark to the nearest enemy unit. It should be out of 
    range now, but thus you'll have the course set even before your science 
    officer has given it to you. Charge your weapons and travel fast towards 
    that direction. Attack the combat vessel (should be a light cruiser), 
    weaken it so that it can't move fast, then swarm the freighter near it. 
    Again, pathetically weaken it and travel to the other group of 
    freighters and destroy them completely this time.
    After they're done, return to the previous attacked targets and finish 
    them. I propose that you use this tactic, because with weaker ship it 
    may take some time to destroy a vessel, and it would be better to just 
    weaken it and then destroy the others before dealing with the slowed and 
    weakened units.
    Mission 4: Howdy, Neighbor!
    Keep your ship stacked completely with marines for this mission, for we 
    are going to capture an enemy starbase, which is supposed to have some 
    medicine for our disease.
    In this mission, you have a friend, Orioss, to assist you. He is tought 
    and he is a good captain. I'm pretty sure he can complete this mission 
    on his own... But, I don't feel like letting him take all the fire and 
    all the credit for destroying everything all by himself :-)
    First, attack the enemy ships near the enemy base and destroy them. This 
    should be easy, and after that go and help sub-commander Orioss to capture 
    the starbase.
    After this is done, get the data and leave the system.
    Mission 5: Scan and Scram!
    Destroy the nearest defensive platforms to prevent your enemy from 
    having backup fire in the fight against you. After it is done, attack 
    the ship that guards the base itself.
    After you destroy the enemy ship, you may approach the base and do the 
    scan. Your task is to get the black box too (I won't tell you where it 
    is, for it is simple...) and then leave the system.
    In my game, I also captured that base. I just didn't want the other ship 
    to be destroyed in that fight...
    OK, OK: I'll tell you something about the secret with the black box... It 
    has something to do with the other Romulan ship and the station... And 
    some scanning!
    Mission 6: Orion Must Be Destroyed
    This mission has nothing special to think of - just start killing 
    everyone in sight. Also, when the Klingon ships arrive, activate your 
    deep scanner - it won't take more than 10 seconds to get the info about 
    them. I captured one (because they were unmanned and it didn't take much 
    effort), just to make the things more interesting!
    The Starbase in my game was destroyed by the Klingon ships who arrived 
    Later in the mission. I was intended to capture it... Well, nothing 
    Special, just 15 bonus prestige points! You need them everywhere.
    Pleasant hunting!
    Mission 7: Sheriff.
    In this mission, you are supposed to restore the order in this area. The 
    problem is, that the ships will not be pacified easily... So, you'll have 
    to slap them a little, just to show them who is the boss here! When you 
    see that the enemy ship is badly damaged, almost collapsing, order his 
    captain to surrender, and he'll stand down. It's best that you do 
    everything possible to make all enemies surrender. Do not destroy them - 
    they are Romulans!
    After you have pacified everyone, go to the life pods and beam in all 
    survivors. After this is done, leave the system.
    Mission 8: The Secret of Romulan Fury.
    In this mission, I would advise you to refrain from interfering in the 
    actions. Just hail some of the Federation ships, so that they become 
    hostile towards the Tal Shi'ar's ships and handle them on their own. 
    If you enter the fight, even against the Romulan ships, you won't win 
    The Federation support and yet be an enemy - so just stay away from 
    them, ready to escape. No point in fighting 3-4 Federation ships at a 
    time, right?
    After you read the note "Primary objective complete", you are free to go 
    to the nearest border and leave the system before the Federation ships 
    have arrived to deal with you too.
    Mission 9: War of the Tal's.
    In this mission, you MUST have at least one helper as a wingman. In 
    addition, stack them up with marines and try to capture as much enemy 
    Dreadnoughts as possible. Beam in some spare parts so that they do some 
    basic repairs and be ready to fight. After the king Condor ship appears 
    designated with R-KCN, order all your forces to swarm it. The King 
    Condor is extremely powerful... That's why you need your men to handle it 
    for a while and weaken it, so that it would be easier to destroy it.
    This is a tough battle, so there's nothing more I can tell you but wish 
    you "Good luck!"
    When all is finished leave the system through the nearest border.
    Problems: If you destroy Tuvius' Ship before hearing his ultimatum to 
    all people on Romulus, the mission will be considered as lost. That's 
    why remain near the planet, wait for his Dreadnought to approach the 
    Planet and deliver the ultimatum. Then attack it with an alpha-strike, 
    so that you can destroy it, before this ship's bigger brother arrives 
    (the R-KCN), so you can make a 3-on-1 combat. There is no way to lose 
    this one!
    After you have dealt with Tal Shi'ar you are transferred on a desk job 
    on Romulus, to oversee the tactical missions of Tal Prai'ex. Given your 
    many years of combat and undeniable experience, I think you'll be very 
    good at it!
    You start with a simple R-SEA, which may be upgraded to R-SEL. Do it 
    immediately. This will give your ship additional power and another 
    plasma torpedo, which is great at this moment. Now, start doing missions 
    at full efficiency - meaning you should take as much prestige as you 
    can. You can easily win the first two campaign missions with the ship 
    you have (the R-SEL), but for the third, you should have a better one. 
    So, see how much prestige you can get until the third campaign mission 
    and buy the best ship available (I succeeded to buy a Dreadnought right 
    away, and even had some prestige left, so I think you'll be able to do 
    the same!).
    Now start saving prestige. Try capturing enemy ships (not Orion, for 
    They self-destruct when you gain control on them!) for more prestige. By 
    the end of the eighth mission, I was already a Sub-Commander and had 
    over 1700 prestige saved, so I bought another dreadnought (R-K9RB) and 
    a Sparrowhawk Accelerated Cruiser (interesting, his description is 
    missing from the manual!) with 6xPlasma F and a bundle of Phasers. Now, 
    this army was more than enough to help me deal with the Tal Shi'ars. So, 
    it is best that you try to do something like that and leave the R-KCN, 
    which you can buy at a certain point alone. I know it is the best ship, 
    but I had extreme problems winning the campaign with it... No point of 
    getting tough time when you can do the job in an easier way!
                         =   The Hydran Kingdom      =
    Race Overview:
    For all I see, the Hydrans are one of the most loved races in the game! 
    Their ships look interesting, they possess good weapons. I'm sure you 
    have noticed the power of the Hellbore by now. It has the ability to 
    attack all shields equally, concentrating on the weakest shield. So, if 
    the enemy has a weakened shield, all hellbores will concentrate their 
    attacks on it. Great!
    The Hydrans also have Fusion Cannons and Gatling Phasers (Phaser G). The 
    Fusion Cannons take a little time to be overloaded, and I would suggest 
    that you keep them overloaded all the time!
    Purchasing ships:
    Basically, I look for ships with as much Hellbores as possible. The 
    Fusion Cannons just make the ship better. Also, see the number of phaser 
    G's that it has. This is one of the best weapons in the game. However, 
    be vary of the fact, that if hit, the ship is more likely to lose this 
    Phaser G, so be sure you have good rear shields.
    - while attacking a ship, see that you hit with the other weapons first, 
    and then with your Hellbores.
    - Overload your Hellbores, if you have some extra energy. You'll find 
    this most useful!
    - Don't leave your Fighters (ST-1, ST-2, ST-3) to tackle enemy ships by 
    themselves! They are extremely weak and are destroyed in a hit. I use 
    them with "Harass" option highlighted and rarely with "Attack".
    Ship designations:
    H-HN - hunter Frigate
    H-HNG - Commando Hunter Frigate
    H-DWF - Buffalo Hunter War Destroyer
    H-CU - Cuirassier frigate
    H-DWH - Rhino Hunter war Destroyer
    H-CRU - Crusader Frigate Leader
    H-DWL - Lion Hunter Destroyed Leader
    Destroyers/Light Cruisers:
    H-LN/H-LN+ - Lancer destroyer
    H-LNG/H-LNG+ - Commando Lancer
    H-CNT - Commando Destroyer Leader
    H-HR/H-HR+ - Horseman War Cruiser
    H-CAT - Cataphract Commando Cruiser
    H-MNG - Mongol Medium Cruiser
    H-COM - Comance Medium Command Cruiser
    H-MHK - Mohawk New Heavy Cruiser
    H-KN/H-KN+ - Knight Destroyer
    H-ERL - Earl destroyer Leader
    H-WAR - Warrior Destroyer Leader
    H-TR/H-TR+ - Traveler Light Cruiser
    H-BAR - Baron Light Command Cruiser
    H-TAR - Tartar medium Cruiser
    H-APA - Apache Medium Command Cruiser
    H-IRQ - Iroquois New Heavy Cruiser
    H-CHY - Cheyenne New Heavy Cruiser
    H-SIU - Sioux New Command Cruiser
    Heavy Cruisers:
    H-RN/H-RN+ - Ranger Cruiser
    H-LC - Lord Commander Early Command Cruiser
    H-LM - Lord Marshal Command Cruiser
    H-CHA - Lord Admiral heavy Command Cruiser
    H-DG/H-DG+ - Dragoon Cruiser
    H-LB - Lord Bishop Command Cruiser
    H-CHC - lord Cardinal Heavy Command Cruiser
    H-OV - Overlord Battlecruiser
    H-PAL/H-PAL+ - Paladin Dreadnought
    H-PAH - Paladin Heavy Dreadnought
    H-MNR - Monarch Battleship
    Interesting, when I enlisted in "The Hydran Keepership", I had no 
    special missions to complete...
    If anything pops up, I'll upgrade this section in the next version of 
    this FAQ.
                             =  The Gorn Confederation =
    Race Overview:
    The Gorn is much like the Romulans - they have similar weapons and 
    similar ship specifications. However, Gorn ships are inferior to their 
    enemies, but later on, by refitting their ships, they started to gain 
    victories easier.
    Gorn ships have Phasers and Plasma torpedoes of various types. They've 
    also skipped the frigate Class entirely! Their weakest ship is a 
    destroyer and their refits allow additional Plasma Torpedoes to be 
    Purchasing ships:
    Always search for more Plasma torpedoes. This is more like the Romulans 
    - the more torpedoes, the better.
    Ship designations:
    G-DD/G-DD+/G-DDF - Destroyer
    G-DDG/G-DDG+ - Destroyer Commando Transport
    G-DDL/G-DDL+ - Destroyer Leader
    G-BDD/G-BDD+ - Battle Destroyer
    G-BDG/G-BDG+ - Commando Battle Destroyer
    G-BDL/G-BDL+ - Battle destroyer Leader
    Heavy Destroyers:
    G-HDD/G-HDD+ - Heavy Destroyer
    G-HDC/G-HDC+ - Heavy Commando Destroyer
    G-CDD - Command Destroyer
    G-CM - Medium Cruiser
    G-MCC - Medium Command Cruiser
    G-CS - Strike Cruiser
    G-CL/G-CL+/G-CLF - Light Cruiser
    G-COM/G-COM+/G-COMF - Commando Transport
    G-CA/G-CA+ - Heavy Cruiser
    G-BC - Battlecruiser
    G-CC/G-CC+/G-CCF - Command Cruiser
    G-CCH - Heavy Command Cruiser
    G-BCH - Heavy Battlecruiser
    G-DN/G-DNF - Dreadnought
    G-DNH - Heavy Dreadnought
    G-BB - Battleship
    This part shall be upgraded when I finish my first week in University, 
    since I'm starting tomorrow - meaning in a couple of weeks. Thanks for 
    the understanding!
                        =  SPECIAL THANKS SECTION  =
    1. I would like to thank to Anna, for her "special support".
    2. Special thanks to Mina for her support too. It was invaluable!
    3. Special thanks to Konstantin for being such a good friend.
    And don't forget something - this game is made just for fun, so have fun 
    and be patient! Patience is golden...

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