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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Patt3rson

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    |                                                                            |
    |  ATLANTIS 3                                                                |
    |                                                                            |
    |  FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2 - Written by Patt3rson                  |
    |                                                                            |
    |  Final version, since November 3 2006 – Copyright Patt3rson                |
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    |  patt3rson(at)gmail(dot)com – www.gamechoice.nl                            |
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                                                               | ENGLISH VERSION |
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    = C O N T E N T S =
    \ 1 / INTRODUCTION /
    1A – Copyright Notice
    1B – Additions
    1C – Preparations
    \ 2 / GAME /
    2A – Story
    2B – Characters
    2C - Controls
    \ 3 / WALKTHROUGH /
    3A – The Hoggar Desert
    3B – The Egyptian Dream
    3C – Entering The Skull
    3D – The Prehistoric Age
    3E – Tale Of A Thief
    3F – Secret Of The Skull
    \ 4 / CONCLUSION /
    4A – Final Word
    4B - Credits
    = 1 = I N T R O D U C T I O N =
    Writing FAQ’s and walkthroughs takes a lot of time and effort, so writers do a 
    lot of work. Stealing work from others is unthinkable and one of the worst 
    crimes you can commit in writing. It’s also punishable, because all files on 
    the web are protected by international copyright law and usage without 
    permission can be fought out in court.
    The newest version of this file can be found on http://www.gamefaqs.com. For 
    questions and remarks about this file, including the walkthrough, you can use 
    the e-mail address below. Only serious questions of which the answer can’t be 
    found in this file will be responded to.
    This document may not be distributed or copied in parts or as a whole. This 
    file may only be printed or saved for private use. For usage in other ways or 
    on other locations written permission from the author has to be acquired. 
    Permission can be asked using the below e-mail address, but is not guaranteed! 
    If you find this file on another location than GameFAQs or NeoSeeker, please 
    use the same address to let me know.
    \ B / ADDITIONS /
    I translated this document from my Dutch walkthrough after that one was  
    complete. Everything you see is new and the FAQ will not be updated anymore  
    unless the Dutch FAQ is also updated.
    This document is a translation of my other Dutch walkthrough. While 
    translating I did not play the game anymore, so it is possible that some 
    translations (Especially names for items, locations, etcetera!) are not 
    entirely correct. Read the tips below before you start the game and use this 
    walkthrough. These remarks contain valuable information about using this FAQ 
    or the game.
    I don’t have much to say here. It’s only important that when you end up 
    somewhere that you don’t turn around like crazy. In the walkthrough it is 
    often mentioned how you need to turn after getting somewhere and if you go 
    ahead and do it yourself it might be hard to correct it.
    = 2 = G A M E =
    \ A / STORY /
    A young archeologist is looking for an ancient Egyptian settlement rumors 
    speak of. The weird thing is that this settlement is supposed to be thousands 
    of miles away from Egypt. When she gets close to her goal she meets a Targui. 
    This desert inhabitant wants to liberate a water spring his family has been 
    using for years and is now occupied by a bunch of soldiers.
    The soldiers are under the command of an irritating bald bad guy. The Targui’s 
    plan doesn’t go as planned and he’s taken as a prisoner. You, as the young 
    archeologist, have to help the bad guy to unravel the secret of a mysterious 
    crystal skull. While doing this she will visit numerous dream worlds she needs 
    to travel trough to prove she’s worthy of the secret.
    \ B / CHARACTERS /
    This young treasure huntress is looking for an old Egyptian settlement, 
    thousands of miles away from Egypt. In each dream she will change into another 
    form. Her voice is that of a well known actress.
    This man is used to life in the desert and is just sitting around when the 
    archeologist suddenly has an accident. He saves her and then leaves her behind 
    at his camp while he’s off to liberate a water spring.
    This crystal dolphin lives inside the special crystal skull and helps you find 
    the way to the secret of the skull. You can also come to him for advice on 
    multiple subjects.
    [BAD GUY]
    Just like with the archeologist no name is known. This bald greedy man does 
    know how to find the crystal, but is not capable of unraveling its secret. He 
    uses the archeologist to do this for him.
    I don’t know what exactly this is, but this mummy is your loyal support in the 
    Egyptian dream none the less. In his magical boat he will bring you everywhere 
    you want and make funny remarks while doing so.
    This young man is the main character in the fairytale dream. His story is told 
    by a sultan, he needs to find a rose as black as the night for the daughter of 
    a rich merchant.
    It’s always nice to not know a name and to have to come up with a description 
    instead. These senior people are inside the crystal skull and help the 
    archeologist to the secret.
    \ C / CONTROLS /
    Below are all the buttons for the PlayStation controller. It’s possible that 
    not all buttons have a function by default in the game! These are the default 
    settings, it’s a possibility that they can be adjusted to your own liking! 
    Check the manual or the menus to find out how.
    Up                               - Move cursor up
    Down                             - Move cursor down
    Left                             - Move cursor left
    Right                            - Move cursor right
    Triangle                         - Main menu
    Cross                            - Interact
    Square                           - NOT USED
    Circle                           - Inventory
    L1                               - NOT USED
    L2                               - NOT USED
    R1                               - NOT USED
    R2                               - NOT USED
    L3                               - NOT USED
    Left Analog                      - Move cursor
    R3                               - NOT USED
    Right Analog                     - NOT USED
    Start                            - NOT USED
    Select                           - NOT USED
    = 3 = W A L K T H R O U G H =
    From the start you can only move in one direction. So turn around until you 
    can see the cursor indicating you can walk that way. Choose that direction and 
    turn a little to the left to see a guard tower. When you move over here you 
    can here the main character say something. Walk up to the tower and you’ll 
    come to a guard standing next to it. You don’t need to talk to him, he’ll send 
    you away anyway. Turn to the right and you can see a route leading up along a 
    hill. Go there and turn until you see a rock over the road and down again, so 
    it’s a passage through the rocks. Try to walk ahead and you’ll see a short 
    movie. When it ends you still have to walk through the opening in the rocks. 
    Turn to the right and you’ll see a tunnel leading through the rocks. Walk 
    through this tunnel until you get to that weird white light. When you’re 
    standing there looking into the light, look down a little and you’ll see a 
    weird drawing on the floor.
    Open your inventory with the circle button and get that round thing. Put it in 
    the middle of the circle on the floor and then select the stick from your 
    inventory. Use it on the round thing already in the circle to create a 
    spinner. You can see five signs above the circle. A head, two hands and two 
    feet. You need to look at the circle as a person. If you use the spinner on 
    the left foot it will eventually stop there. The bad news is that the spinner 
    takes a different route for each body part and deactivates the body parts 
    you’ve activated previously. So it’s not logical to choose the head, save that 
    one for last. Just try something and look how the spinner reacts for each body 
    part. In that way you can figure out in which order you need to choose the 
    body parts. If you can’t solve this puzzle, here comes the solution. First 
    pick the right foot, then the left hand and then the right hand. Then choose 
    the left foot and finally the head. You’ll see a movie in which a gate will 
    open for you. You’ll enter automatically.
    When you’re in the Egyptian room, keep standing where you are and look to the 
    wall to the right of the sarcophagus. You can see a black star with 
    directional arrows below it at the top and middle of the wall. Remember this 
    combination of arrows. Left, right, right, left and right again. Then look at 
    the wall to the left of the sarcophagus and go over there. You can see a large 
    star on the wall there. You need to turn it in the order of directions that 
    were on the other wall. So first turn it left, then right twice, then left 
    again and then right. The sarcophagus will open and you’ll get to meet your 
    personal guide. You’ll get a small box from him. Open this box to find out 
    what’s inside and then put it away. Talk to your guide about the available 
    subjects if you want some more information. This isn’t necessary, so head back 
    to the position where you started when you’re done talking. So make sure the 
    sarcophagus is between you and the opening of the other side of the room and 
    then turn around so you’re looking right at the torch.
    Then turn left a little to get the pillar in view. Look at the floor where the 
    pillar starts, just right of the pillar is a small wooden bird you need to 
    pick up. You can ask your guide about the bird, but eventually head over to 
    the opening where the light is coming from. Use the bird on the opening to fly 
    outside. You’re now standing outside the temple and your guide is already 
    sitting in his boat. You can talk to him again to get information, then get 
    into the boat yourself to fly to another part of the dream world. When you’re 
    not moving anymore your guide will supply you with a map of the area. You can 
    use this map to tell your guide where you want to go. That’s not necessary 
    right now. Just head into the temple on the island where you are now and talk 
    to the priest standing on the elevated platform. He will tell you what to do, 
    although it doesn’t make sense at all. The priest won’t say anything after 
    telling his story, so leave the temple and get into the boat. Pick the temple 
    on the map in the water at the top left to fly over there. Over there, walk 
    inside the temple towards the woman standing there.
    She will talk to you, but just like the priest she won’t say anything after 
    that. Examine the wall to her right behind her. You need to tell a story here 
    by moving the pictures and the texts. The first time I did this puzzle I was 
    sure I did it right, but there’s one misleading piece in it. The order goes 
    from left to right and then continues on the bottom row. First try to get the 
    storyline right, then arrange the pictures accordingly. The solution will 
    follow now. The first tile needs the sentence Osiris, Son Of Earth And Sky, Is 
    Pharaoh and Isis, His Sister, Is Pharaoh’s Wife. He Brings Knowledge To Egypt. 
    The second sentence is Seth, Twin To Osiris, Is Jealous Of His Brother And 
    Plans His Murder. Then comes During A Feast, Seth Offers A Splendid Coffer To 
    Anyone Who Fits Perfectly Inside It. The fourth tile has to be All The Guests 
    Try The Coffer, But Only Osiris Can Lie Down Inside It. Place Before Osiris 
    Can Leave The Coffer, It Is Shut Fast By Seth’s Servants And Thrown Into The 
    Nile on the fifth tile. On the last tile of the top row you put Isis Seeks Her 
    Lost Husband. At Byblos, She Sees The Coffer Caught In The Branches Of A Tree.
    Then go to the next row, where you start with She Hides Osiris In A Swamp, But 
    Seth Learns Of Her Actions And Determines To Discover His Brother’s 
    Whereabouts. The second tile of this second row needs He Finds Him And Cuts 
    Him Into Fourteen Pieces, Which He Hides Throughout Egypt. Then comes The 
    Faithful Wife Succeeds In Recovering Thirteen Of The Pieces. Three more tiles 
    to go and then on to the pictures. On the fourth tile of the bottom row you 
    put She Puts The Body Back Together And Prepares It With Oils And Perfumes. 
    Then She Wraps It In Bandages. He Appears Almost Reborn. On the fifth tile 
    comes After That, She Lies With Him And Conceives Their Son, Horus, The 
    Falcon. Last comes Who One Day Will Avenge His Father, Henceforth King Of The 
    Dead. Now you have the proper order of the text, now the pictures have to be 
    done as well. Start at the top left again and put the picture with the sitting 
    woman on the left (Isis!) and the standing man on the right (Osiris!) there. 
    The second picture is that of Seth, you can see fire in the background.
    Then comes a picture of Seth and the coffer, there a cross on the coffer. 
    Fourth is the picture of the coffer with a man inside (Osiris!). On the fifth 
    tile you place the picture on which two men throw away the coffer. In the top 
    right corner you need to put the picture with the coffer with a palm tree to 
    the right of it. Start the next row with the picture of Seth, chopping with an 
    axe in his hand. There’s a picture with left in it the profile of a face, with 
    trees to the right. Place this picture on the second tile of the bottom row. 
    What follows is the picture of Isis with the body parts around her. On the 
    fourth tile you place the image with Isis on it and Osiris wrapped in 
    bandages. The second to last picture is an image of only Horus. This will 
    automatically make the last image the one with Horus and his father Osiris 
    with the sun in the background. The story is solved and the woman will talk to 
    you, you’ll receive a talisman from her. Leave the temple and get inside your 
    guide’s boat again. In the bottom right of your screen and the map you can go 
    to a beach with palm trees around it, head over there.
    Walk away from the boat and you’ll come to a boy who is fishing. Select the 
    talisman and talk to the boy. Pick up the scale tied in his net after he drags 
    this out of the water. The boy will also give you a stone object after that. 
    Follow the route back to the boat and get in. Choose the island you can see in 
    the water with the temple in the bottom left of the map. Use the stairs to 
    head into the temple and stop right in front of the altar. Then look down to 
    see the altar. On top is an image of a woman, but to the side as well. Use the 
    stone object, the head of the woman, on the head of the woman on the side of 
    the altar, so not on the top. The altar will open and you have to pick up the 
    feather. Look up again, turn to the left and walk straight. There’s a wooden 
    stick coming out of the pole right in front of you. Place the scale there. Now 
    your goal is to place the feathers onto the scale to see which one is the 
    heaviest. This differs from game to game, so I can’t tell you which one it is. 
    Put a feather on both sides of the scale and keep the heaviest one.
    Repeat this until you’ve weighed all the feathers and know which one is the 
    heaviest. When you know you have to return to the altar. Put back all the 
    feathers inside the altar, except for the heaviest one! Leave the temple and 
    get inside the boat again. You can see on the map that there’s also an area 
    underneath the body of the Sphinx. Let the guide fly you over there and also 
    head inside the temple over here. Walk to the altar that’s inside here, open 
    the box and take the Ankh with you. This is the only thing you need to do 
    here, so leave the temple again and get inside the boat. You now have the two 
    required items, so fly over to the temple where you arrived first, between the 
    front paws of the Sphinx. Head inside the temple and walk up the platform 
    where the priest is also standing. Turn to the left and place the ‘heavy’ 
    feather on the block. Then turn to the right side of the platform to place the 
    Ankh on the other block. Leave the temple, get into the boat and fly to the 
    temple under the belly of the Sphinx where you found the Ankh. Also walk up 
    the box where the Ankh was inside and then open the little box with the beetle 
    you’re still carrying.
    Step back through the gate you opened to get here. Walk out of the cave by 
    following the lights outside. Once there you can see that the man you saw 
    earlier has now been captured. There’s a guard next to him and to your other 
    side is his employer. Talk to this boss and after the conversation you will go 
    back to the Egyptian room. Another conversation will follow and you’ll regain 
    control after a while. Just do what the man orders you, examine the skull. You 
    will end up in a vague environment which is connected so weird that I can’t 
    tell you how to walk. You need to be somewhere in the middle to meet up with a 
    crystal dolphin at an intersection. Finding the dolphin for the first time 
    isn’t hard, it will be later on. Turn around completely when you first enter 
    the skull. The intersection you need to be at is the one you see ahead. When 
    you talk to the dolphin for the first time it will mention directions.
    You can’t use them yet, you have to remember them for later. It would be a 
    good idea to write them down. Later you will receive even more directions, you 
    need to put them in the right order. For now what you hear from the dolphin is 
    enough. You now need to find a bubble of air within this maze that shows some 
    doors. Try to follow the directions from the dolphin in the room where you end 
    up. You will soon find out that it’s useless to continue. Then you need to 
    walk through the door opposite the clock on the other wall to get back inside 
    the skull. Look for the dolphin, now you just need to get back to the Egyptian 
    room. Look around you from where you’re standing to see an air bubble with a 
    picture of the Egyptian room inside it. You will then return and start to talk 
    to the bad guy. He will take off after that, but his helper will keep an eye 
    on things.
    When you look at the small altar where the skull was there’s a pillar exactly 
    to your right. Turn towards it and you can see an image of a man on it. Click 
    on it and the man will come to life, talk to the guy. Your character has to 
    answer with Another Corridor or you didn’t open enough doors inside the skull. 
    The man will tell you a story if the answer is correct and then change back 
    into the image he was before. At the end of the room a weird item has appeared 
    which is hanging in midair. Walk around the small altar to get there and click 
    on it so that it will drop an item. Pick up this item. There are three buttons 
    around an eye, two of those will bring you to another world and the third one 
    just doesn’t work. Press the button on the outer right. You will hear a sound 
    and you’ll see that the wall behind you changes into a passage through which 
    you can only see snow and rocks. This is the next world you’re going to, so 
    step through the portal to end up in this ice age.
    You’ll get to see a movie in which you’re character is walking through the 
    snow together with another man. After encountering a mammoth they will flee 
    into the cave. There you can continue playing. You can’t go outside so walk 
    more into the cave. Keep going until you start sliding down, the fall will 
    kill you and you’ll play as a ghost from there. There are three corridors 
    here. One will bring you back to where you started, the other two will end up 
    inside other rooms. Take the corridor you can find closest to the head of your 
    dead character’s body. You’ll end up in a room with a burned out camp fire. 
    Use the stick you have with you to get the fire burning again. You can now see 
    shadows of wolves on wall to both your sides, there’s one white wolf among 
    them. You need to send one wolf from the left and one from the right by 
    clicking on them to fight each other. When a wolf is defeated, send another 
    one into battle. Your goal is to make sure that the white wolf is the only 
    In a movie this wolf will jump out of the wall and then disappear back into 
    it. Now that you know that the wall won’t stop you, walk straight to also get 
    through the wall yourself. You’ll end up in a totally different prehistoric 
    age, without ice. When you get out of the water, move forward once and look at 
    the island with the large thing above it. Look down to see the root of a tree. 
    Pick it up and continue walking until you get to a dead tree. Use the tree 
    root you just picked up on the bottom of the dead tree so that you have a 
    step. Now you can go to the next island using this dead tree. Turn to the left 
    until you see the small tree and then look further down to find a small stone 
    next to the edge of the water. Take it along with you and take a step towards 
    the tiger. Don’t continue there or the tiger will get you. What you need to do 
    is throw the stone at the tiger at the exact right moment so that he ends up 
    in the quicksand. This moment is when the tiger has just gone around the 
    corner and is walking up in the direction of the tree.
    You need to hit the tiger when he’s almost at the tree with his head, so you 
    need to throw a little sooner. The tiger will jump into the sand and you can 
    continue. But before you do first look at the ground, where you can see a 
    branch you need to take with you between two rocks. Then continue along the 
    island until you get to a big rock. Use the branch you just found on the rock 
    so that it falls into the water and you can move across it. On the next island 
    you need to be very quick or you will pay for it with your life. Take a step 
    forward, then you can see a stone path to the left and a white wolf on the 
    right. Remember where the white wolf is and then follow the stone path, 
    through a small tunnel and then turn around so that you can see the black 
    wolf. Quickly follow the stone path upwards, the wolf will follow you. 
    Approach the white wolf to make the two animals fight each other. Then return 
    to the stone path and go back to the spot where you encountered the black 
    wolf. Over there is a long pole you need to pick up. Walk past the entrance of 
    the stone path so that you get to a hill with grass on it.
    Look down and use the long pole you just found on the grass to get to the 
    other side. Then follow the island to the farthest point, there’s a log 
    waiting for you there. Get into the water to use the log and float over to the 
    middle island. Follow the path all the way up and then look up as well. Click 
    in the air to let yourself being beamed up. Walk over to the other side of the 
    area and pick up the spear thrower next to the skull. Then pick up the skull 
    itself as well. In the skull you need to look for the dolphin again. Talk to 
    him to get some more directions and then look for the air bubble somewhere in 
    this maze to return to the sunny prehistoric age, or the spaceship to be 
    precise. From there you need to beam back down again. Descend along almost the 
    entire circling path and look towards the island. You can see the drawing of a 
    wolf, click on it. You’ll return to the room where you lit the camp fire. Go 
    back to the large cave where your dead body still is. Then leave again through 
    the passage to the left of the body. In the room where you end up you need to 
    click on the image on the floor. You can then see all kinds of animals running 
    around on the wall.
    Pick up the spear next to you on the ground and use it to hit the animals on 
    the wall. Don’t forget that you can still turn when you have the spear in your 
    hand, so turn right when you see an animal coming and time your throw. For 
    each animal you hit you’ll get a heart with the name of an element. When you 
    have them all, four that is, you can go back to the cave where the dead body 
    is. Now you need to place the four hearts you have on the correct corner of 
    the plate the dead body is placed on. On the hearts you can see the same 
    corresponding signs as on the corners of the plate. When the four hearts are 
    each on the correct corner, the ghost will go back inside the body. Your 
    character will get up and you can continue playing. Head into the cave you can 
    see to the right of the high waterfall. You will end up where you started this 
    part, where the man is still waiting. Your character will give the spear 
    thrower to the man, who will then use this new technique to kill the mammoth. 
    You will return to the Egyptian room. Get the remote control you have with you 
    on screen and click on the button below the eye. The image on the wall will 
    change, the ice age will switch to a garden from like a fairytale. Head into 
    this garden.
    \ E / TALE OF A THIEF /
    When you’re inside the barrel, look up and remove the lid so you can get out. 
    You’ll get to see a movie, after that you’re in the garden and the story will 
    continue. Turn around and open the pot next to you so that the cat will run of 
    with a fish. Move one step away from the pots and then turn right. You really 
    need to be careful here, or a guard will spot you and you’ll have to play the 
    section from the start again. But anyway, after turning to the right you can 
    take another step forward. Then turn to the left and look at the floor next to 
    the corner of the garden barrier. Pick up the stone you can see there and turn 
    more to the left to see a large palm tree in the back of the garden. Throw the 
    stone over there. The guard will start walking to that location, so quickly 
    turn back to the right and then run to the ladder you can see in the distance 
    and take it with you. When you have the ladder, turn around quickly and return 
    to the spot behind the bushes where you came from. If you do this right the 
    guard will not see you and you will have the ladder. Stand with your back to 
    the plants and look up. Place the ladder against the balcony you can see there 
    and then climb up. As soon as you walk away from the balcony another guard 
    will show up, so quickly turn right after the movie and go through the door.
    A young lady will save you from the guard, but you now have a harder 
    assignment. You’re now in a pretty large garden where there’s so much to do it 
    might make you crazy at first. Pay attention to my descriptions and try to 
    take in the surroundings. From the spot where you start you need to turn right 
    to climb the stairs between the rocks. Follow the path you see to the end, 
    there’s a stick in the corner which you need to pick up. Then turn around and 
    walk down the stairs ahead again away from the rocks. Keep walking in the same 
    direction, so between the little house and the large tower until you’re off 
    the elevated platform, this is two steps. Turn a bit to the left at the last 
    step to get to the path. Follow this path until you’re right next to the 
    pillars and then look up and to the left. In the tree you see there are 
    bananas. Use the stick you have with you on these bananas so that one of them 
    will fall to the ground. Pick up this banana and head up the small stairs 
    ahead. Turn right, take one step forward and turn to the right again. Descend 
    the stairs and approach the monkey you can see next to a pillar. Wait until 
    the monkey is juggling while standing still and then give him the banana.
    The monkey will take off and leave his sticks. You have to pick them up, of 
    course. Turn around and go back up the stairs where you came from, turn to the 
    right up there and follow the path until you’re standing between the rocks. On 
    your way you will see some kind of bird house, just walk past it for now. You 
    can see a cute monster on the right with a cage above it, we’ll come back for 
    that later. To your left is some kind of crystal ball on the floor, you need 
    to take this with you. Turn around and walk forward to the bird house. Then 
    turn to the left and use the stairs to get into the building. Place the 
    crystal ball in the weird work of art to your right, you will get the horn of 
    a unicorn. In the PC version of this game there seems to be a puzzle before 
    this, but PS2 players will just receive the horn. Walk down the same stairs 
    you just used to get here and walk up to the bird house, use the just acquired 
    horn over there. The cage will catch the monster. Go over there and get the 
    box left of the monster in the wall. Take all three of the gems, turn around 
    and walk out the rocky area. In this garden there are three little buildings 
    with a woman dancing in front of the entrance.
    You can look for these houses yourself, two of them are right next to each 
    other on one side of the garden and the other one is somewhere in the middle 
    on the other side. When coming to one of these houses, look inside the tent at 
    the bottom of the curtain. Try to enter the house and an ugly guy will jump in 
    front of you. The color of the curtain will match with one of the sticks you 
    got from the monkey. Show this ugly when the stick with the right color and he 
    will step aside. Then step inside the tent to talk to the lady sitting there. 
    She wants a gem from you, luckily you have them already. Give her the gem of 
    the same color as the stick you just showed and which is also the color of the 
    tent. You will get an item from the woman. Repeat this at the two other houses 
    and use the corresponding sticks and gems. Eventually you will have two keys 
    and a map, given to you by the women. With these items you can go to the large 
    tower in the middle of the garden. Open the gate at the bottom of the spiral 
    leading up with one of the two keys you got, probably the golden one. I don’t 
    know whether that is random or not. You now have to play a mini game against 
    the freak sitting in front of you now. Talk to him to start the game. You can 
    see a monkey climbing a tree. When you press the red button, the monkey will 
    throw down a coconut and it will bounce on the animals in the water.
    The higher the monkey is up in the tree, the fewer animals you will hit. The 
    amount of animals you hit stands for the amount of moves you can make. In the 
    spiral are also some specials squares, some will help you go up, some will 
    make you go down again. Your goal is to get to the top before the freak does. 
    The first square you need to try to hit is seven steps away from the starting 
    position. So throw seven in two turns and you will end up at that square and 
    be transported upwards. Then try to avoid throwing two, because on the screen 
    you can see that this will put you on a bad square. From the square you land 
    on after being transported up, try to move eight steps forward to hit another 
    one of those good squares. So throw eight in two turns (But not a two or six 
    in the first throw!) and you’ll be moved up again. From here I kind of lost 
    track. If I’m right there should be at least one other good upward moving 
    square on the route, but also some more traps. When you get to the end sooner 
    than the dwarf, turn left and try to open the door with the other key, 
    probably the silver one. You’ll get to see a movie in which the skull plays a 
    big part yet again, then you’ll be at another location. When you regain 
    control you can go through the door in the bottom of the tower to be greeted 
    by a pair of snakes. Poke them with the long stick you have with you and they 
    will use their hypnotic powers to send you to another room.
    You can see the image of a snake in front of you and some star signs around 
    you. On the floor you can see an image of a star filled sky. Your goal here is 
    to distinguish all the star signs one by one on the floor. So you need to 
    activate the stars of which you think they belong to the star sign you’re 
    working on. When all stars of a sign are lit up, lines will appear between 
    them and then you can try and find the next one. There are five star signs in 
    total and you need to reproduce them in the sky. One star in the middle will 
    not be used, you need this one for the second part of the puzzle. When you 
    manage to find all star signs they will all disappear and the star in the 
    middle will light up. Your goal is to make a route to the top star of the 
    snake star sign. So look at the image of the snake to see what is the top star 
    there and then find its position in the sky. Then you need to get from the 
    bright star to the top star of the snake with the lowest amount of steps 
    possible. Well, I managed to do it in four steps, but only when I used five 
    stars something seemed to happen. When you manage to do this you’ll be 
    standing in front of the stairs with the snakes again, but now the snakes are 
    gone. Head up the stairs and into the room. Turn towards the closet with all 
    the triangles inside it. This is another puzzle and below it are four more 
    triangles which are actually drawers. In the puzzle you can see four triangles 
    with an edge around them.
    It’s your goal to let these triangles come up while all the other ones are 
    still down. Then you will here a click and the lowers will be opened. You can 
    solve this puzzle by clicking just four times, if you know how it works. At 
    your first button press the triangle below and to the right of the one you 
    press will change position. So if you press the triangle in the top left, the 
    triangle one row below and one column to the right will change. The second 
    time you press anything, again a triangle below and to the right of the one 
    you press will change, but this time it will skip one triangle. So when you 
    press in the left upper corner, the triangle two rows below and two columns to 
    the right will change. At the third time, the distance is again one triangle 
    larger. So if you press the top left triangle, the triangle in the bottom 
    right will change. If you press a fourth time, the triangle you press itself 
    will change. From that point on this pattern will repeat itself. Now that you 
    know how it works, you can manage to lift the correct triangles within four 
    button presses. Open the drawers underneath the puzzle and pick up four pieces 
    of paper. Then move away from the puzzle and the closet will turn around. 
    You’ll be confronted with another puzzle right away, the pieces of paper you 
    just found play a large part in it.
    By analyzing the pieces of paper you can see in which order you need to open 
    the drawers, you only need to open four of them. If you look at the paper with 
    all four drawers on it and then to the one with only one drawer on it, you 
    will know which drawer to open first. Then look for the position of the 
    second, third and last drawer. The solution will follow now. First open the 
    third drawer from the left in the bottom row. Then open the third drawer from 
    the left in the top row. Third is the last drawer of the second row and last 
    is the drawer in the top left corner. In the closet you open is some kind of 
    dust cloth or something and a magical lamp. Use the cloth on the lamp to 
    summon the genie. You will get the black rose you’ve been looking for all this 
    time from him, and the crystal skull will once again show up inside the 
    closet. Enter the skull and talk to the dolphin, he will give you the last set 
    of directions. Then leave the skull through another bubble with a tower inside 
    it, opposite the dolphin. Then leave the tower through the door. The story of 
    the thief will end after he delivers the rose to the young lady. You will run 
    into the bad guy again inside the Egyptian room. After the conversation with 
    him you have to look inside the skull again to get back inside. Time to 
    discover the secret humanity longs to know so much.
    When you’re inside the skull you need to look for a bubble with the image of 
    the hallway with the doors. I’m hoping you wrote down all the directions the 
    dolphin gave you, you’re going to need them now. But they’re probably not in 
    the right order now. You can put them in the right order based on what the 
    dolphin said. The dolphin will start each set of directions with an important 
    word. Begin, Next and Finally. Put the directions in that order and you’ll 
    have the perfect route. You will end up with the following solution. First 
    door on the left, then the third one on the right. Then the fourth door on the 
    left and the third door on the left. Last is the first door to the right and 
    then the sixth door on the left. In total you need to pass through six doors 
    in this order. When you do this correctly you’ll end up in a landscape where 
    an old woman and an old man will speak to you. The conversation you’re having 
    is a puzzle all by itself, because you need to say the right thing at the 
    right time to the right person. And you also have to walk up to them at the 
    right time and not. Walk up to the woman, speak to her about her and her 
    husband, the image with the two old people on it that is.
    The woman won’t respond, but the man will call you over to him. Walk up to him 
    and he’ll say something. Then speak to him about the crystal skull. Then ask 
    him something about yourself, that’s the archeologist. Then talk to him about 
    the earth globe (Without the arrows!) and the woman will now say something. 
    Walk up to her again (Don’t talk to her from where you’re standing right now!) 
    and talk to her about the earth globe with the arrows. Last you have to talk 
    to her about the gift, in this case the staff which is inside the topic image 
    you haven’t discussed yet. Time to discover the secret and get out of here. 
    The conversation with the old folks is over, so turn around and walk around 
    the pond until you can’t go any further. From there you can walk into the 
    water. You’ll get to sea move in which the archeologist finds the secret. 
    After that she’s back in the Egyptian room with the bad guy next to her. Click 
    on the crystal staff you found to get back to the world of the dolphin.
    Talk to him about anything you want, then turn around and look for the bubble 
    with an image of the camp in the desert. Click on it to get there. Turn right 
    to see a soldier between the two tents. On the tent to your left you can find 
    a flashlight. Use it on the soldier to knock him out. Look at the body of the 
    fallen soldier, especially at the extended arm. At his hand is a knife. In the 
    tent to the left of the body is your captured friend, free him with this 
    knife. Then look at the body of the fallen soldier again. On his belt you can 
    see a bundle of keys, you need to take them with you. You also need the keys 
    to the other car, or the soldier will come after you. Look up a little and you 
    can see a little bag hanging on the pole of the left tent. Take a second key 
    from the inside of this bag. Talk to your friend about the keys (You can do 
    this twice!) and then turn around so you can see a car to the left of a tree. 
    Use the correct key on this car to take off. If you get into the wrong car you 
    will be shot, if you use the wrong key you will be told that. You and the 
    desert guy will take off the car, the man decides to try and liberate the 
    spring again tomorrow.
    = 4 = C O N C L U S I O N =
    \ A / FINAL WORD /
    What I saw of this game on television and in the magazines looked pretty good. 
    When I saw the game for a reasonably low amount of money I decided to take it 
    with me. Where the game looks better graphically then most games, it’s worse 
    on other areas. I probably won’t play this game any more after completing this 
    \ B / CREDITS /
    [IN UTERO]
    They extended the reputation and characteristics of other games from publisher 
    Cryo in a nice way.
    For hosting this document.
    For hosting this document.

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