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"Fast Food with a bad twist to it"

Okay,lets start here.You venture into an Electronics Boutique and see a game called Fast Food Tycoon 2.You figure,hey its only ten dollars might as well buy it.You take it home,load the disc,install it and play it,then after about a half hour you stop playing it and never play it again.Thats probably the story if you do end up getting this game.

Story(2/10):Your relative dies and you take over his fast food job.Very very very very very very short but simple.

Gameplay(5/10):You click around with your mouse.You search around town to find a building to rent or buy for your resturaunt.You find one and rent it.You buy some average furniture to replace the ratty stuff that comes with a building if you rent it.Now you go to town hall and get some staff,you get a waiter,cook,guard,and a few errand boys. Now you go to your resturaunt.You open it up and the staff arrives about 2 hours later game time.A customer comes in then another.Then the staff leaves.The only good points of this are the ability to destroy your opponents resturant and make your own pizza.There are louts,big shots,kids,teens,students,yuppies,oldies,tourists,and special guests.

Sound(2/10):Basic sounds.Hello and explosions are just about the only things you hear.I gave this a 2 because when you do hear a sound it is good quality.The little girls have a soft,high pitched hello.The boys have an average tone and volume hello.

Graphics(4/10):You have one camera angle throughout the whole game,the whole game!At least the graphics of the people are good, they are 3 dimensional.Outside of that the graphics stink,totally totally totally totally totally totally totally totally stink.

Replayability Level(1/10):You wont be playing this game for more than 30 minutes unless your stranded in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do.If you need a cheap present as a gift then fine this is good cause your not gonna play the worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst game in the whole big big large huge big big big world.

Buy,Borrow or Forget:Forget it unless you see this game marked for under 5 dollar.You will regret it if you buy it for 10 dollars.

Overall(3/10):This game feels like a 1998 game not a 2001 game.So if you like bad classics(I love classics but this is a bad new classic) that are new then this game is for you.If you have 10 dollars only for spending money than do not get this.
Thes e are for words so i can post this.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 10/05/02, Updated 10/05/02

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