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    FAQ by EChristine

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    *~                      #      BEACH LIFE       #                    ~* 
    *~                      #    WALKTHROUGH/FAQ    #                    ~*
    By: Ervina Christine
    <Ceres_pallas @ yahoo.com>
    Version 1.3
    III.	WHO AM I?
    IX.	FAQ
    Version 1.3 -2003, Dec 5-
    As always, I won't call this final. You guys can still sent me mail and 
    if that's good I will put it in here. Lot and lots of.. person mail me 
    and tells me gently how long it has been since my last update... :p 
    well if this helps, I install the sims again, this time with makin 
    magic ;) but relax, I already finished the episode, and you guys can 
    still yell at me..
    Version 1.2 -2003, Oct 10-
    Finally, uninstall the sims.. able to get a life and continue on. I 
    can't believe I spend months just playing it... anyway, more episode 
    finished, FAQ added and send this to Gamefaqs.. might take a little 
    while again.. for you who's waiting forever to this guide..
    Version 1.1 -2003, Jul 18-
    Maybe I kinda mixed up with hints and instruction. I separate those 
    finally. More scenarios finished. Sorry, the walkthrough will be 
    written little by little as I get addicted as always to the sims: 
    superstar. Hehe, I think everybody should play the sims!! 
    Version 1.0 -2003, Jun 25-
    Yesterday is my birthday, and I finally stop write this at 02:00 in the 
    morning. I still have many things to do, but this is the basic. Hope 
    Gamefaqs post this. Yawn. 
    What do you mean, what is Beach Life? If you don't know what it is, 
    then why do you open my walkthrough?? 
    Beach Life is a simulation game of running a resort near the beach. You 
    control everything, build everything, and most of the time, ruin 
    everything. Here, you will be guided to know more about this 
    interesting game. 
    That is what you need to know. Now, shall we continue?
    WHO AM I?
    Nobody, I'm just a person who playing Beach Life. Even if I don't get 
    addicted to it as much as another game I've been writing about (You 
    wanna know? Go figure it out yourself) this game was fun and 
    interesting. I can't get addicted, because when I start to be it, the 
    game was over!!
    What the?? I think. Oh well, at least it was fun for 15 hours. Unlike 
    another sim game, this was end up too quickly. Maybe that's the reason 
    I don't get bored. 
    OK, that's it. Enjoy my walkthrough.
    You probably don't know this, I AM NOT A COMPUTER EXPERT. I probably 
    won't be able to answer all your question about the glitch and things 
    about your computer while you play the game, but I accept those mail 
    and try to solve it in my capability. Don't worry, I won't give you a 
    tips that will damaged your PC. At least I know how to avoid that :) 
    But if you send me mail that related to the game, I will answer it as 
    soon as possible, because I know about it. As always, I don't accept 
    any unrelated and junk mails.
    What you need:
    -	a computer
    -	time
    -	basic knowledge of playing simulation games
    What your PC needs:
    -	a nice master that doesn't force him to play all night long
    -	a Beach Life CD
    System requirements:
    - Minimum: 	
         COMPUTER: IBM PC or 100% compatible
    	OPERATING SYSTEM: Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP
    	CPU: Intel PII-450 or equivalent 
    	RAM: 128 MB
    	GRAPHICS: 100% DirectX 8.1 compatible 16Mb Graphics Card
    	SOUND: 100% DirectX 8.1 compatible Sound Card
    	CD-ROM: Quad-speed (4x) CD-ROM drive
    	HARD DRIVE: 950 MB free disk space (more will be required for  
    save games)
    	INPUT DEVICES: 100% Windows 98/2000/XP-compatible mouse and 
     - Recommended:
         CPU: PIII-800 or equivalent
    	RAM: 256 Mb 
    	GRAPHICS: 100% DirectX 8.1-compatible 16 MB Graphics Card
    SOUND: 100% DirectX 8.1-compatible Sound Card
    	CD-ROM: Eight-speed (8x) CD-ROM drive or faster
    	HARD DRIVE: 950 Mb free disk space (more will be required for 
    save games
    Autoplay beachlife...
    In the menu you will see some option.
    Start - allows you to play scenario game
    Sandbox - allows you to play game with no objections
    Load - load your previous game
    Extras : credits 
             Reset game - reset the completed game 
    After you choose to play, the game will load.
    I'll tell you the basic panel.
    - The Map
    Once you enter the game, you will see the map on the upleft. 
    The blue colour shows you the building, the red one shows you your 
    staff. Other than that, the map was drawn exactly like it is. 
    - Control
    Watch five circle icon on your bottom left. Those icon gonna help you 
    for the rest of the game. Let's start from the left side.
    1.	Construction icon
    If you click on it, the construction panel will shows up. At the 
    right side of the panel, you can choose from 3 type of building: 
    hotel and related, eating and drinking, or leisure and pastimes. 
    The building will be explained later. To begin the construction, 
    click the construct icon on the bottom right.  
    2.	Scenery icon
    Watch 7 types of scenery on the left side of the panel. There are 
    also a bulldoze icon on the bottom left of the panel. 
    3.	Guest and Building browser
    Here, you can see a list of your guest and their percentage as 
    well. If you choose the building icon you will see the list of 
    your building. 
    4.	Finances
    Watch for the money issue; it was the most important factor 
    throughout the game. If you have played this before you will 
    understand what I mean. See the overview, income and costs around 
    your resort. Make sure your costs doesn't charge more than your 
    5.	SHO
    You can take a picture around your resort here.
    - Status icon
    There are 7 of them, which are:
    1.	Money stat
    Shows you how much your money now.
    2.	Electricity stat
    Shows you the amount of electricity you have and how much you've 
    been using.
    3.	Island stat
    Shows in stars. The better you are, the higher the stars.
    4.	Clock 
    5.	Day
    6.	Ferry summary
    If you click on it you will get a list of the departure and 
    arrival time.
    7.	Guest stat
    - Staff portrait
    Six portrait you will see there is the portrait of your staff.
    1.	Mechanics
    Mechanics is vital if you already pass the 3rd scenario. It repairs 
    your broken things, maintain the building and repairs it if 
    something went wrong.
    2.	Representatives
    You should hire holiday rep if you want to make the guest happy. 
    3.	Cleaners
    Cleaners are totally important since the beginning till the last 
    scenario. They cleaned all the litter your guest making.
    4.	Lifeguards
    To secure the beach area. And to make your beach more beautiful, 
    5.	Securities
    If your guest throwing a litter or breaking the lamp or bench, he 
    is the one you wanna go for.
    6.	Builders
    This is the most important staff you should have. They build 
    everything you order; though it not as fast as you hope.
    - Another panel
    You can see the most bottom left icon; The zoom panel and the speed 
    panel. You can't pause the game but at least you can make it faster, so 
    that means in this game there is no way you could do another things 
    except if you press the Alt + Tab. The bottom right icon show you the 
    music panel (not the speed panel as most people think). Those two last 
    icons is the objective panel (trophy icon) and options (wheel icon)
    Whew, I think that's the basic you should know... for now.
    This section contains the list of the building on Beach Life. 
    1. Power generator: provide the electricity for the entire island. 
    Without this, you can't build most of the vital buildings.
    2. Watercleaning plant: clean the water, essential for the island with 
    dirty water.
    3. Accomodation Block: your place to spend the nights.
    4. First aid post: if you gets unconscious because of overheated and 
    bad water.. and get kicked by that drunk woman.. and..
    5. Toilet Block: you know what this is for, don't you??
    6. Representative Chalet: office and apartment for the rep.
    7. Cleaners Shack: home for the cleaners.
    8. Mechanics Hut: home for the mechanics.
    9. General Store: sells sunblocks, maps or whatever you think you need.
    10. Lifeguard Tower: lifeguard spot drowned guest from here and 
    sometimes ignore them...
    1. Poolside Bar: a small bar at the side of the pool; self explanatory.
    2. Theme Bar: a huge bar with unique theme like country bar or 
    3. Beach Bar: small bar on the beach, open 24 hours a day. 
    4. Beach Barbeque: a chef standing there 24 hours a day and cook the 
    BBQ. Someday he'll cook himself if he continues that job.
    5. Cafe: a trendy and smaller version of restaurant. 
    6. Restaurant: self explanatory.
    7. Ice cream stall: the guests buy ice cream mostly on the hottest day.
    8. Soft drink stall: open 24 hours a day and offered a normal and soft 
    drink for the 'soft' people.
    9. Fastfood stall: buy the burgers here; not as good as the beach BBQ 
    10. Theme Club: a themed club including bar and dancefloor. 
    11. Cocktail bar: no cocktail here; just a cool place to hang out. 
    1. Beach furniture shack: rents beachchair if you want to tan. 
    2. Hotel pool: a safe place to swim; sometimes very boring.
    3. Jaccuzi: a warm water, 24 hours a day for you and your mate.
    4. Funpool: more interesting version of swim pool.
    5. Beach equipment hire: rents surfboard.
    6. Party boat: you can go on a date with someone here and spend all 
    night dancing.
    7. Beach disco: mini version of club, only for dancing. You can dance 
    around the night while the sand dance around your face. 
    8. Beach event stage: watch the cabaret and weightlifting here; 
    guarantee you won't get bored. 
    9. Beach shower: enjoy the feel of water on your body as well as the 
    eyes of those people enjoy it.
    10. Jetski hire: get on the jetski. Nothing beats the feel of get 
    drowned because you hit some sharks.  
    11. Windsurfing hire: a medium excitement, safer ride and more 
    saltwater comes into your mouth. 
    12. Amusement arcade: finally, an arcade on the land!! Forget the 
    saltwater nightmare and spend your entire holiday here. 
    13. Casino: for those gamblers and those who think they're gamblers. 
    The differences?? Only the money on their pocket. 
    14. Speedboat hire: hire a speedboat and enjoy the speed you can only 
    feel while you're on the sea. 
    15. Pedalo hire: a very... very... nice amusement for some people.
    16. Fishing Trip: If you watching the sea and thinks about how tasty 
    the fish down there, try to get a shark. And we'll see who's eating 
    I only tell you the scenario for the normal mode. On the sandbox mode, 
    the island is completely the same as the scenario mode, unless there is 
    no objection. If you have finished one scenario, you will unlock the 
    next one as well as the sandbox mode. 
    1.	At the Deep End
    Location  : Mistbuyam Isle 
    Map size  : medium
    Weather   : good
    Hazards   : none known
    Difficulty: Easy
    Objections: Place any building the island doesn't have by 17:00 
    on day 3
    Instruction: First, hire 2 more builders. Believe me; you'll need 
    it. Then, build a beach bar, cleaner shack and a lifeguard tower. 
    While waiting for beach bar to complete, build a soft drink stall 
    near it and put a lot of trash can around the structure. You'll 
    see why.  Hire many cleaners and raise their wage. After the 
    beach bar and lifeguard tower complete, you can build beach 
    barbeque and beach equipment hire apart. Put a lot of trash can 
    around the beach barbeque. It should be night soon. Build a beach 
    disco near a place that visited most by the guest. Build a toilet 
    block as soon as possible and put it near the soft drink stall 
    and the bar. Then, build a beach shower. Next, build everything 
    that left behind. 
    - Hints: This scenario was very easy. Just build anything the 
    island still don't have. To make your builder work faster, raise 
    their wage to 13-15 every hour (a lot of expense, huh?)
    2.	If It Ain't Broke
    Location  : Catchet              
    Map size  : medium
    Weather   : good 
    Hazards   : none known
    Difficulty: easy
    Objections: Build another 15 structures
                Hire 3 mechanics
                Let no more than 5 drown guest
    Instruction: First, build two lifeguard tower apart. Build a 
    general store and a mechanics hut. Build a beach barbeque and 
    soft drink stall near that toilet. When the lifeguard tower is 
    completed, put both the lifeguard into a different shift. Hire 3 
    mechanic, raise their wages and put them on a different shift. 
    Build a cleaners shack and hire more cleaners. Build cafe and 
    restaurant then finish building the structures. 
    - Hints: Okay, this maybe tough. You should always hire maximum 
    number of builders and raise their wages. If two lifeguard isn't 
    enough, make another tower with the third lifeguard on a 
    different shift.  
       3. Something In The Water?
    Location  : Tempest Island             
    Map size  : Large
    Weather   : Occasional light rain
    Hazards   : Poor water supply
    Difficulty: Easy
    Objections: build a water cleaning plant, litter below 20 items 
    and resort rating 3.5+ stars all before day 5.
    Instruction: Build a mechanics hut, a cleaners shack and a 
    representative chalet quickly. Build a water cleaning plant, a 
    beach bar and a toilet blocks after the three buildings finished. 
    While waiting, hire more cleaners, mechanics, raise their wage 
    and put them into a different shift. Build a beach barbeque, a 
    lot of trash can nearby, a beach disco and an amusements. Build a 
    restaurant quickly, then make a lifeguard tower. Continue with 
    the leftovers. 
    - Hints: Hmm... looks hard? Nah.  Remember, always put a lot of 
    trash can near the soft drink stall. Make your rep waste more 
    time with the guest. Put the smiley beer effect to the strongest. 
    If you feel the cleaners don't clean the litter quick enough, 
    build more cleaners shack. 
       4. Scorcher
    Location  : Sol             
    Map size  : Medium
    Weather   : Mixed; heatwaves and light rain
    Hazards   : none known
    Difficulty: medium
    Objections: collect $1500+ in fine
                Build general store
                At least 150 people in resort, all before day 10
    Instruction: Build a general store, security office, soft drinks 
    stall and a beach bar. Build a mechanics hut in emergency, build 
    a beach barbeque without a trash can. Make beach disco, beach 
    shower, hire more mechanics and cleaners, you'll understand soon. 
    Build representative chalet and make them closer to the guest. 
    Build lifeguard tower, an accommodation block and give your guest 
    all they need. 
    - Hints: Raise the smasher beer effect and don't put a trashcan 
    near the soft drinks stall. If the fine is still below 1500, 
    build more beach barbeque, more bar and raise the smasher effect. 
    Or build more security office.
       5. Don't Cramp My Style!
    Location  : Tinsay             
    Map size  : Small
    Weather   : Occasional light rain
    Hazards   : Sharks, poor water supply
    Difficulty: Medium
    Objections: Construct at least 14 diferrent building and lose no 
    more than 5 guest to sharks before 17:00 day 5
    Instruction: build a cleaner's shack and a toilet near the ice 
    cream stall. Build a beach barbeque and lifeguard tower near the 
    main hotel, then another lifeguard tower at another beach. 
    Squeeze softdrinks stall building next to the toilet, build a 
    general store, beach disco and beach shower near the loungers. 
    Last, build amusement arcade, a restaurant and a cafe. Complete 
    the building list with anything you want. 
    - Hints: Now that's what I call small. Always watch the sharks 
    route and close the beach wherever they goes. Just bulldoze some 
    lamps and trashcan near the main hotel and the ice cream stall. 
    Hire cleaners soon and change the beer to smiley. Thumpers make 
    the guest fight. As the water supply may getting worse, build one 
    water cleaning plant and first aid post.
       6. Girls, Girls, Girls!
          Location  : Isla Man             
    Map size  : Medium
    Weather   : Mixed; heatwaves and rain
    Hazards   : none known
    Difficulty: medium
    Objections: Get at least 50 couples to have a romp on the beach 
                Keep the island population of above 100 guests
                Get an average totty opinion of 3+ stars, all before 
    day 8 
    Instruction: build a cleaners shack and representative chalet 
    first. Then a softdrink and a toilet, but build it far from the 
    bar. Let's continue with general store and a mechanics hut. Next, 
    build a 'women bait' like beach shower, theme club, Jacuzzi, 
    casino and pedalo hire. 
    - Hints: You should make enough mixed gender in this island. 
    Build more building that interactive to women. Raise the cape 
    horn beer effect and lower the price. Raise the price for 
       7. It's A Beauty!
          Location  : Emerald Isle             
    Map size  : Medium
    Weather   : Mixed; heatwaves and heavy rain
    Hazards   : Sharks
    Difficulty: medium
    Objections: Get the average beauty opinion up to 4+ stars
                Get 75+ guest drunk at any one time
                Get at least 200 guest on the island, all before day 
    Instruction: Build a general store, a representative chalet, a 
    toilet, restaurant, and any bar. Build more accommodation block 
    is a good idea.  Next is up to you, even if you might want to put 
    a security office near your softdrink stall.
    - Hints: to make the island look beautiful, put a lot of scenery, 
    preferably a fountain and trees. Don't let any trash piling up 
    and don't choose smashers or thumpers as a beer. Watch out for 
    the sharks. 
       8. Milk It!
          Location  : Lotto             
    Map size  : Medium
    Weather   : Volatile; heatwaves, rain, thunderstorm
    Hazards   : sharks, poor water supply
    Difficulty: hard
    Objections: Raise the safety opinion up to 4+ stars
                Generate $ 30.000 income in any one day, both before 
    day 10
    Instruction: put 2 security office and hire more security man, on 
    a differ shift. Build a higher income building, such as: hotel 
    pool, fun pool, Jacuzzi, party boat, restaurant, cafe, theme 
    club, and cocktail bar. Raise the price a little. You might have 
    to build a water cleaning plant and a first aid post. 
    - Hints: Don't choose smashers or thumpers as a beer. You might 
    just be able to choose smileys, as cape horn make some of your 
    guests feels cautious. Also careful for the sharks.   
       9. Don't Leave Me Now!
          Location  : Sortee            
    Map size  : Large
    Weather   : Volatile; heatwaves, rain, thunderstorm
    Hazards   : lightning, beer shortages
    Difficulty: hard
    Objections: until day 5, no more than 8 unhappy leavers.
    Instruction: Build general store, cafe, beach shower and beach 
    bar to keep your guest at place. Then continue building a beach 
    equipment hire, an amusement arcade, souvenir store and a beach 
    event stage. 
          - Hints: make the guest happier by hiring more rep. Change the 
    beer effect to smiley and lower the rate of your security man's 
    harshness. If the beer problem came to an issue, change it to 
    smasher, but lower the effect and raise the price. If there are a 
    lot of queue on one building, build another one. Lighting might 
    make some of your guests upset, build more indoor entertainment 
    will stop them from leaving you. Oh yeah, lighting also make your 
    building broken down faster. 
      10. Party On!
          Location  : Larjanit             
    Map size  : Large
    Weather   : Mixed; heatwaves, rain
    Hazards   : none known
    Difficulty: hard
    Objections: build 3 new bar
                Build theme club 2
                +125 guest partying at one time, all before day 5.
          Hints: well, that's easy. The island already have all the main 
    buildings, so all you have to do is just focused on those bar and 
    clubs. But first, check on your crew. If all set and ready, build 
    a theme bar first. You can put it everywhere as the island is 
    huge. Then while building a theme bar, build two small bar if you 
    wish; the main problem here is party, not beer. Objections one is 
    complete, now create a beach disco and a partyboat somewhere 
    before you thinking of those beach amusement. If the theme bar is 
    complete, quickly plan on those clubs and build a lot of them, 
    variation is needed. Lower the price for party. You will see 
    massive guests partying in their hundreds.
      11. Big Spender
          Location  : Sabot              
    Map size  : Large
    Weather   : Mixed
    Hazards   : Shark 
    Difficulty: Hard
    Objections: resort rating of 4+ stars
                + 250 guests before day 6
          Hints: $100.000?? Better get serious then..
    The main problem here is sharks, so build the lifeguard tower 
    first and keep an eye on your crew. The other problem is there is 
    only a few attractions! Now head to the construction menu and 
    build whatever attraction that you think they like. I don't have 
    to specify here because if you reach this level, you don't have 
    to build everything on the order anymore; you know how to do it. 
    Besides, this island is large and you have lots of money. So, 
    unless you're really stupid you'll know how to use it. And may I 
    suggest you to think about the scenery?? Maybe build a 4+ star 
    tree, 2+ star flower, a few statue while maintaining your crew 
    and buildings?? And maybe you'll consider a few more apartment?? 
      12. Happy Endings?
          Location  : Isla Finale             
    Map size  : Large
    Weather   : Volatile; heatwaves, rain., thunderstorm
    Hazards   : none known
    Difficulty: hard
    Objections: 5 star rating before day 10
    Hints: I should congratulate you for reaching this level. I don't 
    believe in fate, but I appreciate destiny. Like it or not, you're 
    gonna win, so just relax and enjoy your last island. Yes, it is 
    tough because there is almost nothing on this island, you don't 
    have that $100.000 from your last level (where the hell did that 
    money go??) and the weather is... well, comfy. So now, you 
    already know what to build first, right?? Uh-huh, collect your 
    team first, then move on to bladder and edible thing, then think 
    what they want on those pretty weather. Be careful, don't build 
    the entertainment building first, in spite of the huge island. 
    It's huge because there's nothing on it. You working on the stars 
    here, not guests or money, so just slow down; you have 10 days 
    anyway. If the basic building is finished, all will turn out 
    perfect. In your spare time think about those tree and flower 
    that happy with the rain, and maybe some statues to laugh off. 
    Maybe you should build more indoor entertainment and cold drink 
    to fight those weather. Day by day you'll realize your winning 
    step gets closer.. 
    May I congratulate you first?? 
    "Congratulations on building all the island so they became a huge 
    entertainment area with the most fun, cool and interesting atmosphere. 
    Thank you for playing beach life and thank you for listen to me and all 
    my blabber. And considering my slow and lots of waiting response, thank 
    you again for your patience. Maybe next time I'll guide you again to 
    another game. At that time just tell me if I repeat this habit again. 
    And blah blah blah blah..." =P  
                                  YOUR TIPS
    ----- episode two ------
    HersheyLoneWolf write this: 
    Here is another smaller version of your strategy (think of it as as an add on) for the 
    scenario where you can't lose more than 5 guests to sharks.  close down the beaches 
    throughout the entire scenario and build up on water entertainment on land (pools, 
    pedaloo hires etc) I didn't have any trouble with the guests.
    ----- customize -----
    MDPHopkins write this: 
    I don't know how old the postings are for Spring Break, but I've just 
    playing it regularly. I was reading your FAQs and noticed that you said 
    you can't pause the game. You can pause it by just pressing P on your 
    keyboard. You can also rotate buildings by pressing the space bar. Just 
    Q: Hi!
    I'm in a mission with objectives:
    - 4 stars
    - 75 drunked men
    - 200 guest
    The problem is that i have always 4 stars for good standard and more 
    than 200 guest, but never ever 75 drunked people (max 55)!!!
    What is the strategy for this mission? I play this scenario more than 
    20 times. 
    Q2:I find difficulty to complete "It's a beauty" level,
    Where we have to make the guests drunk ( 75+) at any
    One time. What kind of beer and level of strength
    should i use ??
    A: Well, all you have to do is raise the Cape Horn beer effect and make 
    sure there are mixed gender to pair with. The Smiley beer effects are 
    the way too weak. Lower the beer price (really, lower it as low as you 
    can) and clean up the beach so the drunker love to pair there. Don't 
    make much disco because everybody who have dance tends to lower down 
    their beer effect. Just make sure you build enough drink stall for 
    another guest who is tired of drinking beer, but make the price higher.
    Q: hiya.
    im on level 'girls girls girls' and ive just managed to get the romp 
    level to what it needs to be, but I cant get the totty rating up far 
    enough. what does this mean and how will i go about increasing it?
    A: hiya too. I definitely can't tell you what totty is, but maybe I 
    know what to do. Build more building that attractive to women and raise 
    the cape horn effect. Lower the price, then raise the soft drink effect 
    for preventing them to choose soft drinks. Totty rating is achieved if 
    anyone gets drunk and try to match over. Maybe a beach showers and a 
    beach event stage also help (choose the event as wet T-shirts, cabaret 
    or weightlifting). 
    Q: Hi Ervina, 
    I just read yr Beach Life walkthrough & I actually can't wait to use yr 
    guide. From what I've played so far yr guide is excellent. 
    See, my problem is in Level 2 If It Ain't Broke, I can't build a pedalo 
    hire. I tried placing it everywhere along the beach but I found nowhere 
    I can put the staircase on the ground and the platform on water unlike 
    in Level 1. It's also the same in Level 3. It's frustrating not being 
    able to build a pedalo hire when it's the last item you need to build. 
    (Though I've one time made 5 people drown in less than half a day) 
    Would appreciate your help in the pedalo hire issue. Thanks. 
    A: In level 2, the problem is because there is not enough place to put 
    the structure, so in my guide I suggest to build the most important 
    structure first (the structure that most guest complained about), so 
    there is a possibility of not enough space for pedalo hire. If you 
    really want to put the ride, bulldoze all the scenery first (you can 
    build pedalo hire with a compensation of lack scenery that your guest 
    will complain.) If all the structures have been build, then complete 
    the scenery by choosing the most beautiful one (a lot of star).
    The problem in level 3 is, a lot of litter and unhappy guest because 
    the water is horrible. You can try to put any structure you want first, 
    but I think it will make the guest mad if the most primary structure 
    wasn't build for them. Try to change a representative chalet with the 
    pedalo hire if you want (this might reduce the number of happy guest)
    Q: i wanna rotate buildings but don't know how!!! please show me!!!!
    A: Did your mouse have a WHEEL?? 
    Thank you:
    -	Jesus Christ, for the blessing. 
    -	Gamefaqs to posted this.
    -	www.cheatcc.com
    -	HersheyLoneWolf for the tips on level 2.
    -	Me, for obvious reason.
    -	Anyone who read this.
    I'm still waiting for a contribution. Anyone who wants to contribute 
    will be given a credit and of course a big thank you! 
    This FAQ was made by Ervina Christine and protected by a copyright law.  
    Only for personal use only. No part or whole of this document may be 
    reproduced. Prohibited for commercial use. This document may not be 
    referenced, doctored or altered on any ways without the permission of 
    the author (ceres_pallas @yahoo.com)
                       -COPYRIGHT 2003 ERVINA CHRISTINE-

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