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Reviewed: 09/18/02 | Updated: 09/18/02

Sun, Sea, Sand & Sharks, yes beach life has it all.

Think you can create the Essential party island?
Ever thought you could do better and build the ultimate exclusive resort?

If the answer is YES then beach life is the game fro you.

From the moment you pick up the box you know who Eidos are aiming this game at, and I am pretty sure its males 14- 23, with bikini clad females on the box and one on ever other page of the manual I am quite sure.

A lot of time has been putting the whole presentation aspect of the game, the menu system is simple yet not to limited by its simplistic manner, the manual is a class publication, unlike so many manuals that come with games these days.
8 / 10

If this game was out five years ago it would have been called revolutionary, but it now looks like just another bland three dimensional strategies.
5 / 10

im going to split this sound category into two sections, Music and Sound Effects.

Outstanding some classic tunes from the likes of :-
Angry Mexican DJ's,
Laurent Garnier,
Bent, Crustation.
These make up the majority of your night time music which is more of your American house/ dance music.
Where as during the day you get some chillout mellow classics such as,
Kinobe - Bopalong,
Crustation - Face The Waves (Instrumental).
All selected through the ingame GipAMP MP3 player, you can even add your favrioute tunes from your very own MP3 collection and select the time of day for your tune.
Some of the best Chill out and club yourself mad sounds in any game.

Sound Effects
When I say sound effects in that essence I mean the other sounds you get in games . From the sounds you get when building a beach club, to the sound of a poor clubber emptying his stomach all over your red cobbled paths.

All the sounds are nothing new and sound like they have been in ever game since Theme Park almost ten years ago. Not really original material here, but sound good nevertheless.
6 / 10

Overall sound Score

With the now essential to most games Sandbox mode, this game will last as long as you are interested in it, I would say its got a good playing life.
7 / 10

Best Bits
+ Watching the little clubbers spending there money in your masterpiece
+ The Music, great tunes.
+ The ability to add your own music to the game, I recommend adding some beach boys, California Girls is one of my favourites.

Worst Bits
- Realising that you are going fail the level, despite spending some two and a half hours on it.
- The lack of information the is given in the manual (but that is nitpicking right?)
- The small amount of levels
- It's the basically the same as ever Tycoon game you have ever played but with beaches.
- The inability to rotate the map, at first you think its not a problem, but in later levels its frustrating
- Knowing you have spent on one level only to fail it

The game looks, sounds and plays extremely well with the addition of the sandbox system this gives the game a lasting longevity that the missions simply didn't give. A worthy purchase.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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