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"A simple, fun time at the beach"

Ah.. the beach. Such a nice place to visit. We've all been there.. well.. most have. And we all had a pretty good time.. I think. Well, this game is definitely a more optimistic view of the beach. The people are sure to have a good time.. right? You know, since you'll be in charge of creating the layout of the town.

This game takes place on the waterfront of a beach. With a certain amount of funds as well as a bunch of guests that will be shortly arriving, you must create a fun beach that is sure to please your guests. There are a few basic needs that you have to accomodate for. First off, your guests need a place to stay. You build them the hotel, and they will come. Simple as that. They also need food. You can build real restaurants or just something to hold them over on the beach. Also, they need stuff to drink. It IS the beach afterall. Give your guests a few options... like a drink stand on the beach or maybe a bar for the legal guests. You also need electricity and water to run these places. Okay, then your done. Just kidding, what is a beach without entertainment? Give your guests some surfboards, arcades, discos, fishing trips and more. Don't forget to build lifeguard stations too because not everyone is a good swimmer. There is so much to build that I can't name it all in the review. Just imagine your at the beach, thats whats in this game and probably some stuff you didn't think of.

There really isn't much of a story. You own a beach and you have to make it awesome by building a bunch of stuff to keep the guests happy.

The music in this game is amazing. On top of that, you are able to import songs into the game to even improve the quality of the music even more. Listening to Beach Boys while building a beach is almost like being on the beach yourself.

The graphics aren't that good, but get the job done. They appear a bit cartoony and I have no problem with it. It only adds to the "feel good" feeling you get when you play it. Everything looks how its suppose to. Lifeguard towers look like lifeguard towers, hotels look like hotels, etc.

I have three problems with this game. First off, the game is kinda small. When I say small I mean there isn't a lot of levels and there isn't a lot of content. Yeah you can build a lot of stuff on the beach, but its a small field and not like a city builder where there are thousands of buildings. You are managing a small piece of land with only a few buildings. Second of all, the graphics are subpar. You can't even rotate the camera. Third off, the artificial intelligence isn't that great. Its a problem that plagues a lot of games. Hopefully in the near future artificial intelligence will be a lot better.

I don't see much replayability out of the game. Once you built everything and you built some awesome beaches, there really isn't a need to build any more. Once you see people surfing and attending events on the beach, you don't really need to see it again.

Its a good game but isn't as impressive as big name titles. Its a unique and original game and that is why I enjoyed it. If you think you'll do the same then I totally think you should... dude.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/01/05

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