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    Editing FAQ by Iced~Metal

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 09/16/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    		Medieval: Total War
    		Editing FAQ
    		by Iced~Metal (ekinlegend@yahoo.com)
    Version 1.2
    Last Revision:  Sep.16/2002
    Creation Date:  Sep.06/2002
    ***Copyright Info***
    This document may not be modified in any way, shape or form unless consent by
    the author or for personal private use.  This document cannot be under any
    circumstances be used for profitable purposes.  The author reserves the right
    to 0wn your ass in MTW any time of the day, any day of the week, any week of
    the month, any month of the year and any year of your miserable life.  ;-)
    If you wish to have this document placed on your website, magazine, etc, please
    contact the author.  Thank you for your co-operation.
    And now, onto the good stuff!
    Table of Contents
    Editing Periods
    	Editing Playable Factions
    	Editing Treasury (starting money)
    	Editing Starting Buildings
    	Give Yourself Infinite Turns/Years
    Editing Units
    	Editing Unit Statistics
    Editing Buildings
    	Editing Buildings' Special Requirements
    Finally I feel I have learned enough about editing the game to start writing
    this FAQ and teach the inquiring gamer.  Medieval: Total War is already an
    awesome game, and the flexibility and ease of editing just makes it totally
    awesome, the replayability factor is endless!  And it's easy too!  No need to
    "hack" into the game by using memory searches or hex editors.  I will guide you
    step by step on the basics, and you can explore on your own.  MAKE SURE TO BACK
    P.S.-  I am fortunate enough to play this game flawlessly, no crashes or boot
    to desktop whatsoever.  I use a Pentium III 800 mhz, 256 MB RAM, GeForce 2 MX
    w/ 10.80 drivers, and the game is very stable.  So, don't blame me if you get
    any problems.  Be warned that editing may be easy ONLY IF YOU DO IT RIGHT. 
    Screw around and your game WILL crash, even if you backed up, you will waste
    your own time trying to figure out what the hell went wrong.  So be careful
    folks!  Onwards to the good stuff!
    .....just in case.  The author of this FAQ (Iced~Metal) cannot be held
    responsible for any damages that result if you follow the procedures from this
    document.  The author of this FAQ cannot be held responsible if a lightning
    storm hits your area during your editing session and you lose all your data in
    a power outage.
    		*****Editing Periods*****
    First off, go to Your Medieval Directory/campmap/startpos and you should see
    four textfiles.  Open the one you wish to edit, ie Early.txt to edit the Early
    period campaign.
    ( *** Editing Playable Factions *** )
    After you open the textfile, scroll down and find the Active Factions list.  If
    you're too lazy to look, search "SetActiveFaction" and you should get to it. 
    Find the minor faction that you wish to play and change it from FT_MINOR to
    FT_MAJOR.  Get in the game and you should be able to choose that minor faction.
     (BUG ALERT:  Papacy may be a bit buggy right now, so be cautious if you decide
    to play it)
    If you want to play as a minor faction that you know is available in Medieval:
    Total War, but not in that period, it's a bit more complex but I'll teach you
    anyways.  A good example is playing as the Golden Horde in the Early period,
    where Golden Horde is not yet in play.  However, because the Golden Horde is a
    valid faction in MTW, you CAN play as them in Early.  Open Early.txt, go to the
    Active Factions list, add this line:
    Okay?  Good.  You're not done yet.  Search "SetRegionOwner", and add this line:
    Substitute KIEV to whichever province you want the Golden Horde to start on.  I
    wouldn't suggest the huge provinces such as Saxony or Denmark, because they
    already have Kings on them.  Choose a rebel land that is located on the Plains
    of Russia.
    Good job.  Next step, search "SetStartLeader" and add this line:
    ---> SetStartLeader:: FN_GOLDEN_HORDE 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
    Now you have a leader!  Otherwise your faction would collapse on the first
    year.  Now, add this line in the category that is just below SetStartLeader:
    ---> PlaceLeader:: ID_KIEV	FN_GOLDEN_HORDE
    Substitute KIEV to whichever starting province you decided.
    Now search for "addheir" and add this line:
    ---> AddHeir:: FN_GOLDEN_HORDE 1 13
    ---> AddHeir:: FN_GOLDEN_HORDE 1 11
    ---> AddHeir:: FN_GOLDEN_HORDE 1 5
    Now you have heirs, otherwise you would lose the game when your Khan dies.  Now
    search "SetTreasury" and add this line:
    ---> SetTreasury:: FN_GOLDEN_HORDE 10000 8000 6000 4000
    Good job!  Now the Golden Horde are fully functional in the Early period
    campaign.  Congradulate yourself, you've just edited the game!  Ho Ho!
    ( *** Editing Treasury *** )
    This is dead easy especially since you already know how to edit factions, you
    are already a skilled game editer!  Just go to the SetTreasury and edit to your
    heart's content, just don't go nuts or the game will crash.  I included this
    section just in case the newbie gamer skips everything just to read this
    section, I can see the gold fever in your eyes!
    Search for "SetTreasury", find your faction, and edit the numbers.  There are
    four numbers and they correspond with each level of difficulty, they go in
    order of Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert.
    ( *** Editing Starting Buildings *** )
    At first this was my favorite edit, I spend a few days playing around, it's
    really fun!  And easy!  First, open up the period you wish to play in, then
    search for "MakeBuilding".  Good, now you're in the Starting Buildings section.
     You can fool around by yourself here for a bit, but I'll just explain to you
    what it all means.
    MakeBuilding:: ID_WESSEX 			Spearmaker
    This tells the game to auto-build a Spearmaker in the province of Wessex before
    the game begins.  Simple.  But WTF does this mean?
    MakeBuilding:: ID_VENICE 			Castle5
    What's a Castle5???  Well, it's the FIFTH level of Castle upgrades!  For
    example, just plain old "Castle" is the first level, which is a Fort.  Castle4
    is a fourth level upgrade, which is a Keep.  The highest for Castles is 13, so
    Castle13 is a Fortress with the Siege upgrades, it's the MAXIMUM.  For other
    buildings, such as Spearmaker, 4 is the highest number.  Spearmaker4 is a
    Master Spearmaker, the highest it can go.  Horse_breeder4 is a Master Horse
    Some buildings don't require numbers, such as the Mosque.  If you want a Grand
    Mosque, you don't just type Mosque2.  You type "Grand_Mosque".  Experiment for
    yourself.  My suggestion, and personal favorite, is Armourer4 and Metalsmith4. 
    This gives you +4 Attack and +4 Defence bonus to ANY troop you produce in that
    province!  Totally awesome!
    ( *** Give Yourself Infinite Turns/Years *** )
    Quite simple, and effective way to give yourself an extra 1000 or so
    years/turns so you don't have to rush or worry yourself.  After all, Rome
    wasn't conquered in a day!  Neither will be Europe!  Hellz no!!!
    Open up the period textfile you want to play, at the top there is a place for
    Start Date, simply delete the last digit of each year.  For example, in
    High.txt, it's like this:
    SetStartDate::	1205
    SetPeriod:: HIGH
    SetEarlyPeriodStartDate::	1087
    SetHighPeriodStartDate::	1205
    SetLatePeriodStartDate::	1321
    Right?  So change it to this:
    ---> SetStartDate::	120
    ---> SetPeriod:: HIGH
    ---> SetEarlyPeriodStartDate::	108
    ---> SetHighPeriodStartDate::	120
    ---> SetLatePeriodStartDate::	132
    It's that simple.  Your King will NOT be something like -65663 years old and
    die on the first turn, at least it didn't for me.
    		*****Editing Units*****
    So, you're already a proficient editer and you want to move it to the next
    level?  Or do you think editing the Early/High/Late.txt is child's play, you
    knew that AGES ago?  Great to hear, let's edit the units, which makes Fun
    Factor x 100.
    Go to your Medieval directory and open up a textfile called
    "crusaders_unit_prod11.txt" this file is simply located in the Medieval
    directory.  You can try to figure stuff out yourself but it's really REALLY
    messy and totally unlike the Period Campaign textfiles.....  screwing something
    up could lead to serious repercussions, so BE CAREFUL!
    ( *** Editing Unit Statistics *** )
    First, you find the unit you wish to edit.  This can be done easily by
    searching.  Example, if I want to edit the Crossbows, I search for "crossbow"
    and it takes me where I need to go.  Now, since it's all messy and garbagelike,
    I'm going to paste the whole thing for the crossbow unit and analyse the data
    step by step with you.  Here is the entry for the Crossbow:
    Crossbows	INFANTRY	200	3	1	0	80	60	1	DISCOURAGED	"CATH_BANDITS(5),
    ), AMMO( 28 ), FORMATIONS_PREFERRED_NUM_ROWS( 3 )"	NO		"own_unit_tooltip1,
    own_unit_tooltip2, other_unit_tooltip1,  other_unit_tooltip2"		"MSHELM, YES,
    SWISS,TURKISH,ALMOHAD,EGYPTIAN"		"Missile, Shocktroop, Spear,
    Cavalry"	"SKIRMISH(1), ADVANCE_PARTY(1),
    COVER(2)"			0			NONE	YES	1	NO	0	0						SWORD	YES
    Don't be afraid of all the stuff.  Look at the stuff next to the unit name,
    starting at INFANTRY.  This is the unit type.  The Crossbows are infantry!  One
    entry to the right ( --> ) of INFANTRY, is 200.  This is the unit cost.  You
    can edit this to your heart's content.  Next is 3, this is Support Cost, which
    is the upkeep you pay blah blah blah NOT IMPORTANT.  Move on, you see a 1. 
    This is Production Time, and you can screw with this.  This is in years, so the
    Crossbows unit requires 1 year to make.  You can edit this but I'd stick with
    it, since it can't get shorter than a year, and I wouldn't know why you would
    want to make it longer.
    Next is a zero, this kickass zero represents Starting Honour for the unit. 
    Obviously, higher the better!  Muahahahah!  Don't go higher than 8 or
    something.  The next one is not important, skip it and you get to a 60, this is
    cool, it represents the number of men in one unit.  60 men in one unit of
    Crossbows.  You can edit this...  so you can make 100 Royal Knights in one
    unit, instead of 20!  Pretty kewl.  So let's wrap up what the first line means.
    Name of Unit --> Unit Type --> Unit Cost --> Upkeep Cost --> Production Time
    (years) --> Starting Honour --> Handicap (don't know what it is) --> Unit
    Strength (in numbers of men)
    Blah blah blah, skip all the weird religion crap, you see BOWYER2 in brackets,
    { BOWYER2 }, this is the structure requirement for the unit.  Skip a bit and
    you see "HIGH, LATE", this is the Period Requirement for the unit.  You can add
    EARLY into it, like this:
    --> "EARLY, HIGH, LATE"
    Now you just enabled the Crossbow unit to be playable in the Early Period
    Campaign!  Woohoo!  Easy isn't it!
    Now look forward a bit, do not change the Height and Radius etc etc of the unit
    or I'm 100% it will crash, this controls the image of the unit and you don't
    want giants running across the battlefield like Jack & the Beanstalk!
    MARCH_SPEED( 6 )
    This is the walking speed of the unit (on the battlefield, of course).
    RUN_SPEED( 10 )
    The running speed, for when you double-click to make the unit run.
    CHARGE_SPEED( 11 )
    When you double-click on enemy unit, your unit will charge towards them.  This
    is the charging speed.  You may edit the speeds but again, do not go crazy. 
    Next few are the Turnspeeds and they affect how fast/slow your unit turns when
    you click on a different direction.  Blah blah blah, and we get to:
    The charging factor!  Now we get onto the really cool stuff.  This is the bonus
    damage for when you Charge into an enemy unit.  8 is probably the highest,
    which gives your unit "Irresistable Charge".  If you read my Units FAQ you
    should understand what this is all about.
    The next few are self-explanatory, and you can edit freely.  Melee affects your
    units' melee attack.  For Crossbows, they are -1 (Weak Attack), since they
    aren't meant to melee...  but you can change it!  Haha!  Defence and Armour can
    be easily changed.  I'm not sure how HONOUR_LEVEL is different with the
    Starting Honour, but make it the same.  Next is.....
    AMMO( 28 )
    If you set your game on Limited Ammo, this affects how much ammunition the unit
    have, if it's a missile unit, which the Crossbow is.  28 shots perhaps?  I'm
    not sure, but possible.
    Next one is really important.  Near the end of this entry, we see the
    These are the factions that this unit is available to!  You can change this as
    long as you don't misspell a faction.  You can enable Longbows to be playable
    by a faction other than the English!
    This is about it, feel free to explore on your own.  There is a little tutorial
    at the beginning of this textfile that tells you what's what, there are lots of
    other little things you can figure out on your own, such as CavAttackBonus,
    give your unit a cutting edge against that blasted cavalry.
    Theoretically, the only thing that keeps the Golden Horde from training
    Emissaries, is because Emissaries are only available to Catholic, Orthodox and
    Muslim religions.  Now, IN THEORY, you could just search up "emissary" to get
    to that entry, look for this line:
    And just add PAGAN, like this:
    Because the Golden Horde are considered pagans.  Theoretically it should work
    but I'm just too darn lazy to find out.  With the help of emissaries, the
    Golden Horde can really be a powerful force.
    		*****Editing Buildings*****
    The following is a tip sent by a curious editing wizard who went poking around
    the "crusaders_build_prod13.txt" file, which functions exactly the same as the
    units textfile, but controls the game's buildings.
    "Venuur" <merlyn_of_ms@yahoo.com>
    Hi this is Venuur from the game faq message boards.
    Here is all I know about it.  It appears that at the
    end of of very near the end of the building
    information they an entry for the inventions are
    required (compass and gunpowder for example).  For the
    buildings which require an invention the entry will
    already be present.  You can remove the requirement by
    changing the inventions listed to NONE (proper
    capitalization is important, these are probably case
    sensitive).  I haven't tried to add a requirement to a
    building which doesn't have one to begin with.  If you
    simply delete the entry for the technology, for some
    reason unknown to me it will cause an error when it
    tries to load the game, so all I've done is change the
    It also appears that an entry that usually appears
    just before this (though I think other listing some
    times come in between them) is an entry which
    determines what level of castle to need to build it.
    This looks like this: "2, 3, 4" I think 1
    corresponds to a fort, 2 to a keep, 3 to a castle, 4
    to a citadel, and 5 to a fortress.  So I think if you
    wanted you could change these to change that
    Well if you need any more details, or if I forgot
    something let me know.
    Thanks Venuur!  Now, for the infinite years users, special events like
    Gunpowder or Compass would probably take a thousand years or two to occur.  But
    with this edit, gamers can enjoy the benefits of higher technology no matter
    what year they choose to play in.
    Basically, if you still don't understand, go to the Shipyard entry, and look at
    the last line of code, where it says "NONE, NONE, COMPASS, COMPASS".  Just
    replace COMPASS with NONE, so it looks like:
    ---> "NONE, NONE, NONE, NONE"
    And the special technology COMPASS will no longer be required.
    That's all folks!
    I hope you enjoyed reading this FAQ!  Please feel free to send your comments,
    suggestions, and requests to my e-mail at "ekinlegend@yahoo.com".  Because I
    usually frequent the message boards at GameFAQs, it may be a good idea to ask
    your questions in the Medieval: Total War message board, you may get a faster
    response than by e-mail.
    Oh and by the way, because of my previous Empire Earth FAQs I had recieved
    countless e-mails asking for permission to use the FAQ on their magazines and
    websites.  Therefore I have decided to change it a bit.  You do not need to ask
    for my permission anymore!  This document is offically public!  You may use it
    any way you wish as long as it is unedited (ask for my permission if you wish
    to edit it), and for non-profit purposes.  However, I do ask that you e-mail me
    in notification if you do decide to use it!  This way, I don't have to reply to
    every single e-mail.  I will put your website/organization in the credits below
    in the next possible revision.  Thanks for all your support!!
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    A special thanks to these sites for hosting my FAQs!
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