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    Unit Creation Guide by SuperPig

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 02/11/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                              Medieval:Total War
                        	   Creating Units
                   brought to you by: SuperPig@gamefaqs.com
    1. Copyrights/contact
    2. Intro
    3. Before you begin
    4. Creating Units
    5. Credits
    1.0-Began guide 7-7-04 @ 3:57pm est
    1.1-General tweaks,2-11-04, 11:46pm est (like you care)
    1. Copyright/contact
    This guide is copyright 2004-2005 Dan Dougherty
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without informing the author. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    As if version 1.1, this guide should only be found at
    If anyone is interested in hosting the faq, you may use it. You do
    NOT need to ask permission. Just simply send an e-mail to- hhawks12@aol.com
    informing me you've posted it.
    Editing is like riding a bike. The first few times, you'll mess up. Eventually,
    after some hard work, you'll be able to do simple things like riding down a
    hill without busting your face, or, in the case of editing Medieval:Total War,
    modifying the game basics. Finally, once you've mastered the basics. you'll
    (theoretically speaking) be able to jump through flaming hoops over 
    20 cars. Of course, there is not a limit to what you can do. Basically, 
    what this FAQ contains is what I've mentioned above. Hard stuff, but if
    you've mastered the basics, you'll be fine. This, by all means is not the
    extent of editing. Eventually,you can modify the campaign map, unit pictures
    sprites, whatever. You should not begin your editing experience here.
    Iced~Metal's editing FAQ will guide you though the beginning. This guide
    exclusivly covers creating units.
    3.Before you begin
    Any editing you do, whether it be start dates or adding new factions, will
    not allow you to play multiplayer. If you are an avid multiplayer-er,
    than do not commence editing.
    Firstly, you need to make back ups of all of the txt files located in
    the campmap/startpos, which in turn is located in the main MTW directory.
    Also make a backup copy of your crusade_unit_prod11 and crusade_build_prod13,
    both in the main MTW directory. If you are a cautious person, you may want
    to back up the whole of your MTW folder. I don't recommend this, since,
    depending on your computer, could take nearly an hour. Do so if wish.
    Secondly, if you're creating a unit, you should download the Gnome Unit Editor
    from www.totalwar.org. It is a very, very useful tool for any editing in
    the build and unit prod files.
    Finally, if you screw up, break your game, delete your hard drive in
    frustration or whatever while attempting to edit, do not come crying to me.
    DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. You've been warned.
    4. Creating Units
    This is more like cloning units to be honest, but you are essentially
    adding a new unit, so we'll call it creating alright? Also, MTW has a unit
    cap of 185. Any more than 184-185 will cause wierd problems. Each unit in
    your campagin becomes the unit below it, in reference to the unit_prod. 
    Hard to explain, but really easy to recognize when it happens.
    Again, before we begin, please backup your unit_prod and get Gnome Editor
    from totalwar.org. It will save a lot of time.
    First, go to your crusade_unit_prod11 file, which is in the main MTW
    directory, which should be c:\program files\total war\medieval:totalwar
    unless you put it somewhere else. Now, in that file, you'll see a huge
    jumbled mess. That, people, is the primary statistical data for every unit,
    ship, and agent. Find a unit you want to clone, it can be any. For our example,
    I will use Kerns. Run a search for your unit, and copy the WHOLE unit string.
    It should be two lines, no more. Make sure you get the very last words and
    numbers all the way over. It's a common mistake to miss them since there is a
    somewhat large gap. Again, make sure you copy it. Paste it all the way at
    the bottom, under the last unit. They need to be touching. Rename the unit
    to whatever you want. NO SPACES though. Capital letters represent spaces.
    For example, HighlandClansmen in the unit file translates to Highland
    Clansmen in game. Save the file.
    	Now, hopefully, you have Gnome Editor. Open it and load your unit
    prod. Scroll down and, what do you know! Your unit is all the way down there.
    This next part is probably the most important part of the editing. Listen up!
    The first column is very, very, very important. You see how the unit names
    show up twice in a row. Your last unit has two different names. Actually,
    the second name is the internal name the engine uses to identify sprites,
    weapons, etc. Change that to whatever you want, perferably to the  exact name
    of your unit. Now, you proably want to edit your unit traits. Here is a list
    of important columns to use.
    3-9  General info such as starting valor, cost, build time, unit size.
    17   build requirements
    20   periods
    26-30 samurai=elite unit. Also has speeds
    37-41 combat stats
    48    VERY IMPORTANT! Remember what that column says. Right it down if necessary.
          Whatever you do, DO NOT modify. That is what the unit looks like.
    50-51 faction and province requirements
    59-64 bonus vs. armoured troops, shield, bonus vs. cavalry, etc.
    REMEMBER: I'm using Kerns as an example.
    That's about it. You can play around with the other things as long as you
    know what they do. Be careful if you decide to do that.
    Now, you've got a unit, but right now it has basically nothing. Go into
    the main MTW folder. Look into the Battle\uniticons. Find the unit you
    cloned (for example, I would find Kerns) copy that file and rename the duplicate
    to your unit. No spaces. It must be exactly like what you put in that second
    column above. You must do this or your unit will have a black box for an icon 
    during battle.
    Next, go back to the main MTW folder. This time got to the 
    campmap\infopics\units folder. Again, find the unit you cloned, copy the file
    and rename it to your unit, exaclty like above. Do the exact same thing in
    the campmap\review_panal\units. Don't rush any of this or you're bound to
    make a mistake. I will remind you again that you absolutley must rename
    the unit exactly like you did when you first loaded up the unit_prod
    in Gnome Editor.
    As of now, you're about 2/5 done. There is still a lot to do. Next, you
    need to go back to the MTW directory and go to textures/men. Remember
    above when I said that you needed to write down or remember what was in column
    48? Well, here is where it is needed. Find that folder, and open it. You
    should, hopefully, see two txt files for your cloned unit. Take note that some
    units don't have two. The reason is beacause the _s and the _w at the end
    of the file represent shield and weapon. Kerns, for example, do not have
    a shield, therefore they only have a kern_w. Understand? Alright, find
    your cloned unit. Copy both the files, and rename the UNIT portion to your unit's
    name. KEEP the _w and the _s. Put them back into the folder they belong, open
    them, and take note of what _s and what_w your unit has. It should be a single
    digit number. Again, write it down if necessary. Next, go back to the main
    textures\men. Go into items. There are folders there that say either
    weapon or shield with a number after them. Find the folders that
    have the same number as the ones you just saw. Your base unit (like kerns)
    should have a folder. Copy the folder and rename it to your unit. Do the same
    in the other folder. You aren't done though. You still have two things left
    to do in the textures\men folder. First, if your base unit is new from VI,
    like Faris, you have an easier time. If not, no big deal. Go into the
    actionspage folder. If unit comes from VI, this is the only folder where
    you need to do this. If it's from regular MTW (like kerns), you need to
    do the same thing in the actionsdiddy folder. Find your base unit, and rename
    the unit portion to your new unit. Again, if your unit is from regular MTW,
    do this agan in the textures\men\actionsdiddy. In actionsdiddy, make sure
    your unit has a X after you rename it. Finally, go back to textures\men
    main folder. Find DEADPAGE COORDS.TXT Open it, and run a search for your
    base unit. Copy the whole section, including the name, up until you are right
    above the unit below it. Copy and paste it wherever, but perferably right below
    the base unit. Here is an example
    --units above--
    26 13 286 179 334 203
    20 16 118 232 154 257
    24 15 125 206 170 230
    20 13 74 206 123 230
    26 13 286 179 334 203
    20 16 118 232 154 257
    24 15 125 206 170 230
    20 13 74 206 123 230
    ---more units below---
    Now, my unit is called Wood. So, it'd look like this:
    --units above--
    26 13 286 179 334 203
    20 16 118 232 154 257
    24 15 125 206 170 230
    20 13 74 206 123 230
    26 13 286 179 334 203
    20 16 118 232 154 257
    24 15 125 206 170 230
    20 13 74 206 123 230
    26 13 286 179 334 203
    20 16 118 232 154 257
    24 15 125 206 170 230
    20 13 74 206 123 230
    ---more units below---
    Hope you're still with me here :p
    Save the file when you're done. If you don't, when your unit dies,
    it won't leave a corpse behind. (not a big deal but wierd when it happens)
    Now, we're out of the textures\men. Go into the main MTW folder, and go
    to LOC\eng. Go into descriptions.txt Scroll down a bit, until you see units.
    You do not need to copy\paste. All you need to do is follow the format,
    using your unit name, and making the string look exactly like the others.
    You can put a little description. It cannot be too long, since MTW
    does not have a scroll wheel for unit descriptions. Save You have one more place
    to visit and only two things left! Go back to the the Loc\eng, and find
    the names.txt. run a search for singular. Follow the format, using your unit.
    This is minor, but do not mess it up. here is an example.
    ["HighlandClansman_Singular"]				{"Highland Clansman"}
    ["BallistaCrew_Singular"]				{"Ballista Crewman"}
    I'd just add Wood to in between. It can really be added anywhere in that part.
    ["HighlandClansman_Singular"]				{"Highland Clansman"}
    ["Wood_Singular"]                                       {"Slice of Wood"}
    ["BallistaCrew_Singular"]				{"Ballista Crewman"}
    notice how the second part can be spaced. Run another search, this time
    for plural.
    ["HighlandClansman_Plural"]				{"Highland Clansmen"}
    ["BallistaCrew_Plural"]					{"Ballista Crew"}
    notice how in the singular, it was Ballista CrewMAN. Now, for plural, it's
    Ballista CREW. Sneaky huh?
    ["HighlandClansman_Plural"]				{"Highland Clansmen"}
    ["Wood_Plural"]                                         {"Bricks of Wood"}
    ["BallistaCrew_Plural"]				        {"Ballista Crew"}
    there,now your unit has a proper name! And guess what, you're done!
    If you didn't give your unit unique stats, you can give it to them now. Load
    up a game of MTW and see if your unit appears. Note that it may not appear in
    a custom battle list. You might need to start a new campaign and just cheat
    to meet it's requirements. If you are worried about unit balances/imbalances,
    you can always fight a few battles using them. I've fought many test battles, only
    to realize that the unit is extremely overpowered in certain situations. Other 
    times the unit is weak. Once you get everything nailed down, and learn how the
    attack/defense/armor (and etc.) values (a)effect combat, you should not need 
    to run many test battles.
    You may, unfortunatly, have some problems. Don't worry! Dr. SuperPig is
    at your service.
    Q. Can I create a Hero?
    A. I don't want to say no, but I also don't want to say yes either. I
       haven't done it, put I've heard that it can be done, so we'll let it 
       rest for a while.
    Q. When I look at a unit description, it gives me 
    A. You didn't add a plural entry in Loc\Eng. If it
       says (!newunitname_singular!)couldnottranslate, add one in the singular
    Q. Can I create a projectile
    A. Probably not, but you can edit them. Editing projectiles comes
       at a later date. Probably next update.
    Q. My unit has a black box in its battle icon!
    A. You didn't put your unit in the Battle\UnitIcons folder
    Any more questions/problems? Dr. SuperPig is here to help! You can send
    them to me via email (address at top), post on GFAQS, whatever. 
    I'm listening!
    Need some ideas? Here are some of my created units
    1. Cavalier Bourguignon (Burgundian Horsemen)
       base unit:Gendarmes
    2. Finnish Infantry
       base unit:Mongol Warriors (a.k.a Golden Horde Warriors)
    3. Flemish Pikemen (French, Burgundian, German pike unit)
       base unit: Armoured Spearmen
    4. Mounted Huscarles
       base unit:Teutonic Sergeants
    I'm always open to feedback. Don't be shy. If you have something to say, if
    you need help, or whatever, I'm listening. There are many things I would like 
    to include into this guide, but I won't do any of it if I feel like I'm
    wasting my time. MTW is an old game,but editing puts back the life into it.
    I realize a lot of people have looked at this guide, but the 
    lack of feedback makes me wonder.
    There are only a few people I'd like to thank.
    Thanks to MistofRuin, self proclaimed God of Editing. Great teacher too.
    I salute you.
    Thanks to Iceant for asking most of the questions above and giving me the
    Thanks to CJayC for, well, everything.
    Thanks to the GFAQS mods for purging the MTW board of trolls and n00bs. 
    Thanks to whomever I've forgotten, I'm sure there are a few of you.

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