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"THIS IS AN AGE OF DARKNESS. But total war lights it up :)"

I do like this game but it does fail in some places and I will explain why in my review.

The graphics are pretty amazing. Especially when you enter a full 3D battle. You really feel part of the action. The graphics all have a good medieval feel to them, all the little messages that pop up telling you that your king has died or something look very good and are illustrated with little pictures.

The sound in total war is simply amazing. If something major happens in a battle you hear a voice telling you so and all the voices have different accents depending on what faction you are. There is also different music depending on what's happening and what faction you are but IT'S ALL GOOD!

Nothing at all wrong with the controls. Just click. It's easy to do anything at all, such as organise your men into formations or tell them how fast to march.

You play as a faction leader in medieval times. You can play a simple campaign (just for fun) or complete the historical campaigns and historical battles (such as the 100 years war or the battle of hastings.) These are all historically correct and are very fun to play.
However, if you select to play a normal campaign mode you are greeted with a whole range of new options. You can play as (deep breath) the english, the french, the germans, the danes, the russians, the polish, the spanish, the egyptians, the byzantines, the turkish, and some more which I can't remember. That's ALOT. Not only that but each faction has different troops available to them, the english have billmen, the danes have vikings, the polish have polish retainers, EVERY faction has different troops.
You start off on a map of the world and the world is split up into provinces. For exemple, France isn't just France, the french lands are split up into different provinces such as toulouse and aquitaine. To conquer provinces you move your troops into an enemy province and then command them in battle. You don't just tell your troops to attack and there are an amazing variety of tactics you can use. The battles really are amazing. You can also do lots of things on the world map and there are a number of tactics to use there as well. You can hire assassins and spies to weaken or kill the enemy generals before a battle, you can go on crusades or jihads and help to spread your religion, you can trade and forge alliances the possibilities are endless!!!

The game is VERY good but it does get boring after a while. There are only so many battles you can fight and after that it's just boring.

Buy or Rent
I say buy but rent if you are not really a fan of the genre. As I said before it is a very good game but it does get a bit tedious.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/11/02, Updated 12/11/02

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