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"Charge !"

This is one great game!, even if it has some holes to it, witch I will explain in the review.

Graphics: 8
This game has ''split'' graphics. One part is beautiful lush countryside’s with almost thousands (yes thousands) of men with great detail (well if you zoom in they don’t have faces but from a far there movements are done with accuracy) charging into one another, ready to rip each others heads out with various types of weaponry. and there are even details of birds and such, and the great part of this is you don’t need a killer system (although it helps) ....... amazing. But the graphics when you are constructing your empire is not as great, it is somewhat average pulling the score down from ten to eight.

Sound: 10
This game sounds are well made from some religious sounding tones to bagpipes ! Another thing you should note that all the multiple factions have their own accent in giving you the information in the battlefield.

Controls: 10
The game controls are very easy although at the start of the game you might have some trouble with the camera, you’ll get used to it in time.

Gameplay: 10
This is what makes this game different from all the other games out there, it involves TRUE strategy, and unlike all the RTS’s out there today with is “go make a lot of the strongest units. ow c'mon click faster!'' this one involves
you really to think. The strategies used in this game are the same as the real strategies in medieval times: flank, rear etc. Winning in this game could be done in many ways such as making them run away for their lives by using different methods of ''scaring them''. This game is not always played in battle right away, it also involves unit training, diplomacy, etc. Each of the many sides have there own set of units. Note: the designers made this game as historically correct as possible such as the units, and events.

Replay Value: 7
A lot of people out there would tell you that the replay value is limitless and you would be playing this for a very long time but I disagree, this game quickly becomes repetitive and you would get bored rather quickly. Even so you could play this game again after some time and have a different experience.

- Great in game graphics
- Excellent Strategy
- Very realistic
- Fun
- Great sound

- Gets boring
- Bad planning screen graphics

Final Verdict
8+10+10+10+7=45 = 9
Buy the game!

That’s my review hope you liked it!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/25/03, Updated 05/25/03

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