"Near Perfect"

Medieval Total War is the Total war groups 2nd game. And they didn't dissapoint fans. The game puts a perfect blend of strategy and war together to make a great game...

Can't really give this area a score because you create your own. You pick a nation and your objective is to conquer Europe. Or if you chose to do Glorius Achievements you might have to conquer something in x amount of years or build something in x amount of years.

Sound 7/10-
The game has some good music to start off the battles and plays another track when your units move. After the music ends however it just turns into metal clanking together and men screaming. But it is cool when you pick a cav unit or something and charge them into another unit and hear them scream. The sounds are good for the realism factor but music that lasts the whole or almost the whole battle would be nice.

Gameplay 9/10-
This game just about has everything. The combat is based off Sun Tzu's writings about the Art of War. You will have to be a good strategeist if you hope to win battles. Charging all your units is not always the wisest decision. Although it is funny to see a unit of 20 Royal Knights charge into about 900 Peasants/Fanatics and not lose one horse. You will also have to have a good blend of troops. Like just because royal knights/ghualm bodyguards are the best horses available you cant make a full army of them because there are only 20 in each unit which limits your number of troops and the horses can be conquered easily by any unit that carries a spear.

The sieges have also been made better. Now you will actually have to break the walls down to get to the enemy. Which is not an easy thing to do without siege engines, whether they be gunpowder or not you should never assault a sieged castle without siege engines unless you absoloutly need it by next year.

Replay Value 7/10
Sure there are a lot of factions and 3 different time periods but once you beat it(which takes forever btw, the only difference will be a few exclusive units and a new religion maybe. The historical campaigns are good but some of the missions are hard. Online play is a plus but what they need is an online campaign map to play. It may take a while for it to be finished but the host could set it to where theres a turn limit or something.

Final Statement- Buy this game if you love strategy and war. If you dont like one or the other dont bother spending 30 bucks for it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/25/04

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