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"Great Army Men, Worst RTS"

Ok. I first saw this game at the 3DO website. I saw some of the screen shots and think that the game is pretty great. So, I went down to a retail stall and bought this game. I got home quickly and install the game on my computer and started playing.

Gameplay 6/10

I give it a score of 6 as the game is pretty good. It requires a lot of thinking and planning of strategies. It also requires lots of focus as one wrong move will determine whether you will win or lose. More weapons can be bought as you reached higher missions which is good. But one thing bad is that there are too little things to build. I was expecting a whole lot of stuffs to build but it didn't turn out to be so. They should have more different types of things to build such as including a power line like which is present in many games such as Red Alert or Dune and include structures such as power plants, sam sites, and other units which will make the game more exciting and appealing to players.

Story 4/10

While, the story is bad. The storyline is too simple which makes the game to be very plain. They should make the storyline more complicated and exciting so they players will be more interested in the game. More complications will make the game longer too as more missions can be added which also allows players to have more fun in the game. This will also make the players play more as some players are very focus on the game and wanted to complete the missions as soon as possible.

Graphics/Sound 4/10

The graphics and sound are lousy. It sounds very 'fake'. They should make the sound more 'real' so that players can experience the game as if is real life. The graphics is also bad. Some of the graphics in the game are quite blur. They should improve on the graphics to make the units and structures in the game to be more like things nowadays. Well, the structures in the game seems very 'old' to me. They should change the design of the units in the game and make it more 3D.

Play Time/Replayability 7/10

Ok. I have to give credit to this. It took me 2 months to complete the whole game storyline and all the ranks are not gold. The missions can always be replay by players if players wanted to aim for the gold rank in the missions. Besides the missions, there is also a section call 'Great Battles' which have other maps for players. Players get rank for a mission in order to unlock the others. Similarly, players can always replay the mission in order to aim for the gold rank. Players can also play online with other players in the section 'Multiplayer'.

Overall 5/10

Well, after all the talk, the question is 'should I buy the game?'. Well, its up to you. Different people have different opinion. If you are a hardcore fan of Army Men, then you will probably get this game to complete your set of Army Men collections. If you are not, the maybe you won't get this game and will prefer other games.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 09/06/03, Updated 09/07/03

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