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    FAQ/Walkthrough by nfb_things

    Version: 3.4 | Updated: 11/15/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Below is a Faq about S.T.A.L.K.E.R - Shadow of Chernobyl.
    I repeat myself, this FAQ only focus on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl
    and contains many spoilers.
    In this Faq you will be able to find the following things,
          -Table of content
          -Things you need to learn before starting
          -Full walkthrough
          -Some storyline, endings
          -weapons and Ammo, armors
          -secret items, locations, where to get rare items etc.
          -combat tatics
          -survival tatics
          -Possible bugs
          -other things, e.g. questions and mods.
    In this FAQ you may NOT be able to find:
          -The location of every single item, I do not have time nor resource to do 
          -The location of every single enemy.
          -All the secret hide outs, some of them are really hard to find, some I 
    haven't discovered
          -How to be the best player in the world. I mean why would you want to do
    that anyway?	
    IMPORTANT: when READING this walkthrough it is noted that:
          -when copy and pasting this in Word process, it may looking different.
          -Do not panic if this does not display correctly. 
          -DO NOT panic if you can't get through a section of the game or got
    stuck. If there is anything you do not understand, email me.
    If you have any problem reading this guide in terms of displaying issues, you 
    just drop me a note.
    I will provide as much as information about this game, there is so many things 
    yet to be discovered, At least for me, and if there is something you would like
    to tell me please email me at:
    Please do not abuse that account or else I will just get rid of it. Please do
    NOT send me attachments on the email. Those emails will not be opened. If you
    want to send me info, just put everything in the email, for picture please use
    a link. Thank you.
    My pen name on GameFAQ is nfb_thing.
                         Update section/Minor crediting
    This section contains the possible updates, minor crediting for those who have
    emailed me with useful informations. 
          Version 1.2, first version, 12/07/07
          Version 1.21 
    Changed the view a little better, fixed spacing between some lines
    Removed some spelling error.
          Version 1.22
    Fixed more error on incorrect spacing. 
          Version 1.4
    Updated copyright section.
    Removed contents which made no sense, check more spelling.
    Updated some character profile.
           Version 1.5 16/07/07
    Updated armor section, added special armors to a different section.
    Removed unnecessary spacing, and sentence which makes no sense.
    Add more info on Pripyat area, Agroprom area.
    More info on character section, minor updates on small items in the FAQ.
    Hidden stash info, plenty of updates.
           Version 1.6
    Updated section 14.0.
    Updated weapon section, added for weapon analysis, section 6.0 (b).
    Removed some incorrect spacing, removed badly worded sentences.
           Version 1.7
    Updated section 4.9 on the Poltergeist. (Thanks to Escovado.)
    Updated section 4.17.4, thanks to filippetrlic2.
    Updated weapon section, shotgun ammo, etc.
    Removed incorrect spacing.
           Version 1.81
    Spelling correction, fixed more on section 4.9. (Thanks again Escovado).
    More info added to section 4.17.3, and 4.17.5:
    -Thanks to mike, and Bogdan.  
    Removed incorrected sentences and spacing.
           Version 1.9
    Fixed final credits
    Removed more spelling errors.
    Fixed section 1.1
           Version 1.91 30/07/07
    Adjusted some spelling mistakes.
           Version 2.0
    Major updates to section 4.22, Thanks to Boogie.
    Major updates to section 6.0, Thanks to Boogie.
    Minor updates on section 3.0.
           Version 2.1
    Minor updates in section 6.0 (a), new weapon, Martha, Thanks Ben and Julien.
    Minor updates in section 6.0 (c), new armor, Tourist suit
           Version 2.2
    Minor updates in section 6.0 (a), new weapon, sniper obokan.
           Version 2.3 20/08/07
    Minor updates to section 6.0 (c), military special armor, Thanks Cc.
    Minor updates to section 8.0. Anomalies springboard, thanks Mike.
    Minor update section 8.0, shell/battery, thanks Cc.
           Version 2.4
    Some changes/updates to section 9.0, thanks to Mike and Boogie.
    Added Military armored suit, thanks to Cc for the stat, mike for the info.
    Added some info from section 6.0 (c), explaining of some stats.
           Version 2.5
    Change to section 6.0(a), bulldog 6.
    Removed incorrect spacing.   
           Version 2.61
    Removed incorrect texts, spacing.
    Added separators on to the title, to highlight them.  
    Added extra section 3.3 on enemy AI, check it out. 
           Version 2.7 07/09/07
    Added info on Martha handgun, thanks to A. stonefield.
    Added some changes to Martha, thanks to Nate M.
    changes to the section 4.23.4 and 4.24, thanks to B. Marrs.
           Version 2.8 18/09/07
    Mixed mistake on the top of the FAQ section,
    Added info on Bugs section, 
            Final Version 3.0 15/11/08
    Late update, but will be the final update,
    Added some more info on Version 1.4.
    Fixed some mistakes. 
            Version 3.1 18/11/08
    Minor update - fixed some mistakes, added stats
            Version 3.2 01/01/09
    Minor update - changed spacing and fixed some mistakes
            Version 3.3 and 3.4
    Minor changes - section 4
    Now I have had a lot of email about freedom and duty etc, remember it is
    not important for the game play to be friends with both or either faction.
    It is probably easier to stay neutral, but if you have problem with the
    missions dealing with freedom or duty etc, please email me. Thanks. 
                         LEGAL AND IMPORTANT STUFF
    Please note: that you may NOT, and I repeat you may NOT use this guide or
    reproduce this guide for ANY COMMERCIAL purpose without my permission. Using
    this guide on any wesbite and for any public display without my permission is
    a violation  of copyright.
    I have no problems if you would like to use some info from this FAQ, just share 
    it around and please drop me a email, Also please do NOT use this for any 
    commercial purpose without my permission.Please do not copy sections of this 
    FAQ without crediting the correct people. If you are interested in putting this 
    FAQ on siteother than Gamefaq.com, please drop me an email.
    Please know that some of the work here does not belong to me, and I have 
    credited other people for their work. If you wish to use their work, please
    contact them directly. 
    Below is a the website which have my permission:
    www.gameFAQ.com (main website)
                          General Information
    I'm not a very experienced FAQ writer; please keep this in mind when reading 
    this FAQ, also if you can’t find something, email me and I get back to you 
    ASAP. Use search and find, to get what you want. Ctrl+f, try search the number
    attached to the table of content. I will also repeat myself again and again, 
    so you can find the info you need easier. This is also done to remind you 
    important things in the game.
    If for some reason you cannot get pass a part of the game, remember to check 
    Everything I wrote, I will be giving you direction, the direction can be 
    confusing depending where you are on the map, and which side you are facing 
    etc. Try read it with some care, and do not read it too deep into it. Also 
    there is a bug that can cause you to stuck in some parts of the game. Check the
    bugs section.
    WARNING: PLEASE note that many of the following section may CONTAIN SPOILER, 
    PLEASE do not read further if you do not want to be spoiled.
                /            Table of content           \
                |          Section title                | 
                |  1.0 Introduction/shortcuts           |
                |  2.0 Thing you should know            |
                |  3.0 Weapon, combat tactics, NPC AI   |
                |  4.0 Full walkthrough/storyline       |
                |  5.0 List of Endings                  |
                |  6.0 List of Weapon/Armor             |
                |  7.0 Items/supplies                   |
                |  8.0 List of artifacts/anomalies      |
                |  9.0 List of Mutant enemies           |
                |  10.0 List of Factions/characters     |   
                |  11.0 Possible bugs                   |
                |  12.0. Secret Stashes?                |
                |  13.0 Beat the game in master?        |
                |  14.0 Comments and opinions/FAQ       |
                |  15.0 Final Credits                   |
    A friend of mine, who is also really into this game helped with my guide and 
    add few comments. He doesn't want his real name to be shown. So, we just call 
    him Jack, Jack will provide some comments about this game as well.
    Also I would like the following people who helped me and making this possible:
    girwehoohoo05/ilikemuffins000 for helping with the character guide/some info on
    the walkthrough.
    Dark_scourge for info on the ending, info on Easter eggs, and some info on the
    Nova225 on Gamespot for info on artifacts and anomalies.
    Jack for editting and providing useful tips/walkthrough.
    IMPORTANT: I used special separators to separate different section of the 
    walkthrough, so it doesn't look like a huge chunk of text. This is to make it
    easier to read. I would like some feedback on how effective it is. Thanks.
                              1.0 Introduction
    Welcome to the Zone, it is an the area where you are stuck in, and you will be 
    able to find more about the Zone as you move along the game. SO I won't give 
    too much away now. STALKER, shadow of Chernobyl will focus on the world of the
    ZONE.If you do not know what happened in Chernobyl, read the manual that is 
    given to you. Basically, there has been a operating error, and the result is 
    that the carbon control rods to overheated, this resulted in a influx of 
    neutrons to the ore reactors. Once the carbon rods are melted, there is nothing
    to absorb the neutrons, and a chain reaction would occur. This cause the whole 
    area around 30km, to instantly become affected like someone has dropped a A-
    bomb. Well, the emergency cool system did not seem to function very well. 
    However, what happened in 1986 happened again in 2006, and there was a group of
    survivors called the STALKER, they travel around the zone, collecting what 
    remains in the Zone. As a stalker yourself, you will be travelling around the 
    Zone, collect various artifact. You see the explosion did not only create 
    Mutants monster, dangerous anomalies, but also rare and valuable artifacts. 
    These artifacts are very useful in scientific studies and also fetch a very good
    price on the markets.
    You will also be need to complete important mission to find out the secret of 
    the Zone, and why has the explosion happened again and what had happened to the
    Zone. What is the conspiracy and why are people stopping you from getting to 
    your objectives, and seeming simple task will turn into extremely difficult 
    mission as you push further and further into the Zone. However, you are not 
    alone, everyone wants a piece of treasure and find out what the big deal is. 
    Some are willing to aid you on your quest, however, some are there to stop you 
    and hunt you down. So, choose your enemy carefully, but also to remember to 
    choose your ally with even greater care. 
    There are special equpiment, artifacts, armor, a wide range of weapon to select
    to combat the Zones dangerous environments, look out for them in order to 
    protect yourself. There are various types of guns to choose from and to collect.
    Each has its own advantage, remember the choice of weapon is very important as 
    it may give you certain advanatge over your enemies.
    The choice of difficulty, basically you can choose how diffuclt the game to be,
    Novice is quite easy, stalker is average, I played in Stalker difficulty level
    the first time, and I rarely die, even at the end of the game where the enemy 
    are hard. Veteran and master isn't too much different, both are relatively 
    difficult, Master is really hard. If you want a challenge, I suggest you give 
    Veteran a go, if you have to load the game too many times or die too many times,
    then lower the difficult. There is also a difficult option in the game option 
    menu, I'm not sure if that works or not.
    When playing Master or Veteran, you will get killed quite often, don't worry too
    much if you die, however if you have to load 10 times to kill a person, then I 
    suggest you try a easier level. In the beginning of the game, you more likely to
    die due to bad equipment. This happens to me, as I move further on, I die less 
    and less.
    There are various things you need to be aware of, you should read section 2.0
    on the things you should know before you start and section 3.0 Weapon/ammo. 
                              1.1 shortcuts
    Throughout the game I will use some shortcuts, here is a list:
    AP-  armor Piercing, bullet that have a Tungsten carbide or a depleted Uranium 
    core, can go through Kevlar vests. 
    A. rifle,- Assault rifle, or a fully automatic rifle.
    G. Launcher- Grenade launcher, this can be attached to various type of rifles, 
    and can fire an instant grenade, generally a 40*46 grenade. It is much like the 
    hand grenade, except it explodes instantly upon contact.   
    Info - information
    Heli,chopper -Helicopter
    SMG - submachine gun
    S. rifle - Sniper rifle
    NATO: North Atlantic Trade organisation, it includes the USA, Canada, and 
    various European country, such as Germany etc. RUSSIAN IS NOT A PART OF NATO, at
    least not now.
              2.0 Things you should know before starting the game
    You have no doubt read the introduction, now I have another list of things you
    should know:
    1. You will be entering an area called the ZOne and there are many mission
    you need to complete, some are important some are not, I will give a list of 
    non-critical mission in the later sections. In the full walkthrough I will focus
    on the important mission, I will sometimes give you some hints on some non 
    critical mission I have done. 
    IMPORTANT: critical mission which are important to the storyline have unlimited
    time, you can take your own life time to complete them if you want. But, some 
    mission, optional ones have time limit of 1 game day, which is NOT 1 real life 
    day. You can also fail mission by not collecting the rewards, kinda funny.
    2. Enemy AI are very good in this game, they will sneak around, cover each
    other. Duck, dodge and strafe. Sometimes, they can also sneak upon on you.
    So, learn to deal with this. Try not to get distracted by this, make sure to
    check out section 3.3 for more detail.
    3. What you do in the game will serious effect your ending, and there is 6
    or 7 different ending, I unlocked 6, but I heard there is total 7. Following 
    things will effect your ending, it will only effect the first 4 or 5 ending. 
    There is another section of ending which will not be effected by the following 
    list. This will be explained later section. (SEE GAME ENDING SECTION 5.1 and 
          1. The amount gold you carry at the end of the game, there seem to be a 
    threshold around 45-55k gold. (I'm sure it is around 45 to 55k, my friends and I
    tested it). If you want be safe, just carry 20k gold once, and 70k gold next 
    time to get different ending.
          2. You reputation, excellent, terrible or neutral, each may unlock a 
    different ending depends.
          3. The death of faction leaders, there are two faction leader that are
    important, Duty and Freedom. I will explain this later.
    This may or may not effect the ending you get, don't worry about this too much,
    I will explain in the fullwalkthrough when time comes.
    4. There are many different faction of people, groups of fighter that you be 
    friends with or if you chose to be enemy with. However, some factions will 
    always be your enemy no matter what you do. check section 9.0 for the different
    factions and their description. I will also add those decription in the full 
    walkthrough as we progress through the game.
    5. You will have a PDA, this will give you the location of your MISSION, 
    as well as showing the location of yourself, traders, items. It will give you 
    info on the storyline, and also finding about the environment, enemies, Mutants
    and  friends. You can also see the people on your contact list, There is also 
    your dairy to further discovery who you are and the storyline. 
    Below is the mean of the icon on your PDA map:
          i, the icon that looks like a person, it means an important trader or it 
    could be yourself.
          ii, The icon that look like a green circle with cross line in it, this is
    where you have to go for missions.
          iii, the icon that look like a light purple circle with three triangle, 
    this is where some hidden stash are, there will be goodie in there, you will get
    messages when something good is put in there for you. 
          iv, the icon that look like a house, this is for missions, where you have
    to kill a camp of Mutants or bandits.
    There will also be a mini-map on the top-left side of the screen.
          PDA mission: give info on your mission, where to go
          PDA MAp, gives Map
          PDA diary, you own diary, gives you some info on yourself and storyline 
          PDA contacts: gives a list of people in your area, and their statues to 
    you, you can also see if you kill all your enemy by checking the contacts.
          PDA ranking: your ranking compare to other NPCs.
          PDA stats: you stats, you reputation, who you belong to, etc and the 
    people you have killed.
          PDA encyopedia: this give detailed explaination on the environment, 
    artifacts, your character's ability and also some stroyline. This is useful to
    6. The environment can also be quite dangerous, they are full of traps called 
    anomalies, they are basically distorted part of reality, and all anomalies are
    hazardous, some can kill you quickly, some can serious damage you. They will be
    a list of anomalies at another section. anomalies can be pick up by your 
    detector, it will go beep, beep, the faster it beeps, the closer you are to 
    another anomaly. Just keep away from them. Anomaly, thankfully, does not have 
    allies and will be hazardous to all that is around, including your enemy, your
    friends. There is no way to cancel or shutdown an anomaly, however you can wear
    armor to protect yourself from them.
    7. With anomalies there is also artifacts, these will protect you from 
    anomalies. Artifact are speical item that is spawned from anomalies, every now 
    and then you will come acroos them. However artifacts can sometimes be inside an
    anomaly, you can also get them from mission you have completed. There is a list
    of artifact in this FAQ, just later sections, I will include it with the 
    8. There are various type of armor, you can protect yourself against 
    bullets, explosives and also anomalies, these armor can be found throughout the
    game or can be brought from traders. Keep an eye for them, and choose them 
    wisely, some are good against anomalies, but bad for combat, some are the other
    way around. I will give a list, just check the table of content for the section
    9. You will have a stamina bar, it will effect when you are running, to 
    refill your stamina bar, use a coffee drink or stand still for a few second. The
    load you carry will also effect how fast your Stamina goes, you may also carry 
    artifacts to increase your Stamina. If you overload, your stamina will go off 
    very fast (running too long can cause fatigue).
    10. When your character gets hit, he will start to bleed, there is a right
    side icon which shows how much bleeding, it will be a big drop with three 
    little drop in it. Green means minimal bleeding, yellow means medium amount of 
    bleeding red means serious bleeding. Use a bandage will stop even the worst 
    kind of bleeding, using a medikit may or may not stop bleeding. Artifact can 
    also counter bleeding, although there is a bug with those artifact ( I will 
    explain this in the bug section/artifact section).
    11. Various food and medi supply are in the game, there are boxes around 
    everywhere you can break some boxes, there is also a bluecolored small box you
    can break them use a knife. They will some times drop you supply and or ammo. 
    Check section 7.0 for more detail.
    12. Your body will automatically regenerate health, although it is very 
    slow, you can equip artifact to increase that rate of regeneration or use 
    medikit or eat some good food. Bleeding will cause your health to degenerate.
    13. There are various stats which will appear on the right side of your 
    screen, they will be mini icons. Here is a list of the icons and what they mean
          i. The icon look like a big drop of water/blood, this means your bleeding,
    green means minimal bleeding, red means huge bleeding. Use bandage to stop it.
          ii, The icon that look like a radiation icon, this mean your are been hit
    by radiactive material, get away, and use radiation medicine to counter it, you
    can also use artifact to counter it.
          iii, The icon that looks like a fork and a spoon, it means your Hungry and
    need food, keep yourself well fed, if you have no food, you can always get some
    from fallen enemies, eating also instantly adds health.
          iv, the icon that looks like a Brain, it’s very bad if you see the icon,
    it means your Brain are been damaged by speical Mutants which can control other
    people. These enemies, I will explain when you come to it in the full 
    walkthrough. They can cause serious Brain damage, and if you see a Red brain
    icon, it means one more hit and your brain will be stop function forever.
    14. There are also icon on the bottom left of your screen, it shows how
    much noise you are making and if or not a enemy sees you, learn how to use 
    them as they are important for sneaking around.
    15. Your bottom right, has a red bar, you should worked this out, it is
    the health bar, it will automatically replenish if you get damaged, but the 
    rate it does so is very slow, you can increase the REGENERATION RATE with 
    artifacts. If the red bar runs out, then you know what it means, I won't have
    to explain.
    That will be all for now, I will add more info when I come to it.
                          3.0 Weapon and Ammo quick guide
    This is a quick guide on the weapons and what to do, if you want the complete
    list check at the Weapon section 6.0 of the FAQ. The enemy will also have the 
    same or slightly different weapons as you, for example, enemy close to end of 
    the game can have sniper rifles, so remember you can take weapons from them. 
    Choosing what weapon to use is very important! 
    IMPORTANT, for a full guide and list of the weapon and ammo type, please check
    section 6.0 (c).
    There are various type of ammo for each weapon, each weapon needs its own ammo 
    so make sure you get the correct ammo for your weapon. Also, for a given weapon,
    there is a chance you can get standard round, or an improved. Standard rounds 
    are cheap but cannot damage armored opponent very well. Improved rounds can have
    armor piercing ability, they either have a tungsten carbide core, which is 
    extremely dense/hard or a depleted Uranium core (banned by NATO in 1988 ).
    IMPORTANT: ammo guide is in section 6.0 (c), list under each weapons.
    Basically, there is a few different types of weapon in the game.
           [Knife], ... I mean if you want to humiliate people this will be the 
    perfect weapon, against normal human soldiers, this will kill them in one or 
    two hit, regardless how good their armor is. However, against Mutated monsters,
    knife will get you killed. Also most Mutated monsters excel in melee combat,
    use a knife against a pack of Mutated monster would be a good way to get leave
    a nasty looking corpse. I suppose in multiplayer, this will give you a way to 
    sneak up to people and kill them. However, remember this may not work so well 
    in single player. Using a knife is also a good way to get yourself killed.
    Since a knife has very low range, and you need get close to your opponent. Just
    make sure you knife them before they see you, or else they will blast you to 
    the moon with their automatic weapons/shotgun. I can tell you burning lead
    doesn't taste good.
           [Pistol], you will start with this, there are various types of pistol in
    the game, ranging from 9mm to .45 Caliber, sadly there is no or I haven't found
    a 0.50 magnum (or a desert eagle). These are useful earlier on the game and you
    can equip the pistol along with another large weapon e.g. shotguns or rifles.
    However, even the most powerful pistol is relatively weak compare to other 
    rifles and shotguns. 
           [Shotguns], shotguns are not that great due to the recoil and the
    large scatter pattern at large range, they are however very powerful at close 
    range. I recommend not to use shotgun more than 10 metres away, useful in door-
    to-door combat and close range dog fights. You must also remember, shotgun 
    although powerful, can takes long time to load. There is only 12 gauge shotgun,
    nothing bigger, but they seem to be all semi-auto, not pump action lol?! Also, 
    when reloading shotgun, you need to do it one round at a time, you cannot 
    reload them using clips.
           [SMGs], or sub-machine gun, sadly, there is only one real SMG I found in
    the game, that is the viper 5. Most Nerds would tell you the difference between
    and SMG and a fully automatic rifle, is that SMG shot faster, they are smaller,
    shorter and generally weaker and has relatively low accuracy. 
    The Viper 5 fit exact that, which is why I said it is the only real SMG. Viper 5
    has good firing rate, but low accuracy and low damage, you can find this early 
    in the game.
           [A. rifles], assault rifles, there are many different types of rifles, I
    mean many, you will come across a least half a dozen of these rifles, each one 
    is slight different (I got about 8 different rifles). There is 3 different types
    of AKM 74 (where is the Ak 47?!), Akm 74 is not the same as AK 47. There is 
    different type of ammo for each of those rifles make sure you read it carefully 
    what it uses. You will get A. rifles throughout the game, from the beginning of
    the game to about the end, there is various type of rifles to look for. Check 
    the complete list in section 6.0 (c).
           [Sniper rifle], some of you are hanging your tongue out and wanting to
    get one of these ASAP, head shots and so many more of that. Well you have to 
    wait, these won't be available till the middle of the game. There is variously 
    type of sniper rifle, some A. rifle can be attached with a scope for snipering
    use. Sniper rifle is the ultimate stealth weapon, most of them have 300 to 400
    yards of range, so you can use them at long distance. Make sure you also use 
    heights to sniper, easier to get your enemies. Remember to take cover or strafe
    when you using the scoped mode on the weapon.
           [Grenades], these are explosive and have an area damage, they also can
    kill you if you get too close. Grenades are useful against packs of enemy, or
    smoking out opponents hiding behind objects. You will know that enemy will run
    away when you throw a grenade to get away from it, so sometimes it is best to
    throw them slightly off their mark to confuse your opponent. Grenade are the 
    few weapons that can damage not only standard units but armored trucks. However
    you will only encounter these close to the end of the game so don't worry. 
    Grenades can be found off enemy or can be brought from some traders.
    Ammo: Grenades come in two types:
          Offensive, they haave a radius around 10 metres so don't stand too close.
    this can kill enemies in one hit if they are close to the explosion.
          Defensive, large radius, but same damage, the damage radius is over 15 
    metres, so becareful using these, they can damage you very badly. This can do
    some good damage against a pack of soldier or Mutants.
    Note: Incendiary grenades, flash, and smoke grenades are not in the game, so 
    don't hope for them, not sure if you can get them from multiplayer. Flash will
    be seriously useful against some enemy if it is in the game.
           [RPG], rocket repelled grenade, a.k.a. rocket launcher, this the most 
    powerful anti-armor weapon that is available, this will blow the daylight out 
    of anyone if they get a hit. However, the RPG is very heavy, rare and its ammo
    is even rarer, it also take forever to reload and can only fire one round at a
    time before you need to reload. This is however good against armored truck. I
    never tried against Helicopter, I think they are too hard to hit.
                             3.1 General Tactical tips
    In this section you will learn some general combat tactics, and some useful info
    in terms of this game, and how it is different from other first person shooters.
    A more detailed tactics will be listed in Section 3.2
    STALKER is a very hard game and very different game to play compare to your 
    common first person shooter. The following reason should give you an idea why 
    (this may or may not apply to mutliplayer games):
    1. You no long be able to escape dangerous suitation with hard-core strafing 
    tactic, that is jumping around and strafing side to side. Mostly because your 
    strafing speed will be quite low and you cannot jump great distances. WHen you
    get hit and starts to bleed, your strafing ability further slows down. Strafing
    may get you out of trouble, but if you are a close-range dog fighter, it won't 
    work very well for you, at least not in this game at high difficulty. Remember
    most weapon fire in the game are not dodge-able, they are only avoidable.
          2. Stealth is very important skill to use, although most games need some
    degree of stealth. This game almost focuses on it, it means, if you are good at
    stealth tactics, you will excel more in this game as compare to hard-core 
    strafer/close distance fighter.
    There is two bars on your character screen, that shows noises and if an enemy 
    can see you or not. There is also a mini-map showing opponent's location 
    relative to you and if they see or not.
          i, the purple bar on the left is the noise you make, when you run you
    make a lot of noise, when you couch or lower couch you make much less noise.
    If you make too much noise, the opponent will notice you, and shot at you. So,
    sometimes it is better to slow down, make as little noise as possible to sneak
    up on someone. DO not try to run and rush people, it doesn't work.
          ii. The milky coloured bar on your right shows if an enemy sees you or
    not. Hide and duck to stop an enemy from seeing you.
    There is the white bar down the bottom, is the stamina bar, every time you
    run, and jump, you use some stamina. To refill it, you have to either stop or
    walk. Stopping heals your stamina much faster. Artifacts can also increase 
    stamina. Running is useful when you been detected or lack the weapon/ammo to
          3. You may not run zig-zag, you must press a button to run, but soon as 
    you strafe side to side, it will stop you from running. So you can only walk 
    zig zag. But, there is a way around it, you can use your mouse to run zig zag,
    but it shifts your aiming, only good to get away not to engage into a fight.
    Note: to those people don't know why you would run zig zag, it seriously 
    minimizes you chance to get hit by a sniper. To walk zig zag, just hold down 
    the forward botton, and press one of the side buttons, and count to 1, 2, 3. So
    basically, move to one side, 1,2,3, and move to these other side, 1,2,3. Wile 
    keep moving forwards, this is zig zag running, you can also do it backwards. 
    (note in Multiplayer, if you lag, this tactic does NOT help you very much, lag
    causes a delay in your strafing, so you in fact stay still for a moment).
          4. This is probably one of most important thing: your accuracy depends on
    three things:
    i, You aiming, if your aiming is off then you are not going to hit no one unless
    you are extremely lucky.
    ii, the accuracy of your weapon, each weapon has a different accuracy grading, 
    i.e. a sniper rifle would be more accurate then an SMG, common sense. If your 
    weapon has low accuracy, the only way to increase it is to move closer to your 
    enemy, this however also make you more likely to be hit. So consider this very 
    carefully when choosing your weapon.
    iii, The recoil of the weapon, each weapon has a set amount of recoil, for 
    example, a SMG would have more recoil then a handgun. Recoil will serious upset
    your aiming, you will be shooting up and sideward if you don't watch this. This
    however, is more of a problem to fully automatic weapons. TO COUNTER THIS and 
    READ CAREFULLY: you shot in 4-5 shots rapid burst, and then pause for half a 
    second, and then shot 4-5 shots again. Don't go and unload a fully clip at ONCE,
    if you do that, even at close range, most of your bullet would end up missing 
    your target. 
    Each weapon has an accuracy parameter, which effects the accuracy of your weapon
    at long range, the higher the value the better it is. Remember, when you using a
    fully automatic weapon, it is best to shot 4-5 round then pause, then 4-5 round,
    like a semi-auto burst firing. This will improve your handling of the weapon.
          5. Head shot bonus is seriously boosted, this means unlike many games, 
    give enemy a head shot will seriously damage them. You can kill even the most 
    well-armored units in the game with a well placed head shot. However, due to the
    accuracy problem listed above and the fact the head is so much smaller than the
    body. Sometimes it is best to just aim at the body. However, remember that some
    times pumping a head shot into your opponent will mean the different between 
    shooting then twice and 10 times, see the ammo saved.
    There is also the fact, that shooting people at the back of the head is instant
    death, even if they have huge armor. I tried this even with weak handgun at 
    close range. It just seems rather funny.
          6. Your gun will jam if it is in bad condition, there is a very high 
    probability of your gun jamming. You should be able to see a condition bar 
    below the mini-photo of your weapon. You weapon can jam if the condition is bad
    generally it is best to keep the weapon condition bar green or above 60%. If it
    goes down to less than that, change weapon or you will have problem it jamming.
    Remember, everytime you shot a bullet out of weapon, it degrades the weapon a 
    little. There is no way or at least I cannot find a way to repair a weapon in 
    bad condition. However, to remove a jammed weapon, all you have to do is press 
    the reload button, and it will remove jam AND RELOAD YOUR WEAPON as well!.
    Note: when your gun condition is going bad, there will be an icon that looks 
    like a handgun onto the side of your right screen. It will appear as green and 
    the turn to red if your gun is in really bad condition.
          7. You can now pick up the gun of the opponent you kill, if you kill 
    someone you can get the gun they drop, they usually drop it somewhere close to 
    where they die. GUN CAN DROP DOWN heights due to the real physics of the game 
    if you want people's gun, check it carefully around them. You can also loot 
    their body for supply, ammo medikit, and also move their body if it stuck 
          8. The game uses REAL physics and it is probably as real as you going to
    get, and all bullets/grenades will travel at a parabolic path. This means your
    bullet will drop a little when you shot it. This isn't important at close 
    distance, but it will effect you if you shot sniper rifle more than 100 metres.
    So it is sometimes a good idea to shot above your enemy a little. So the bullet
    will drop and hit them, also remember weapon accuracy at range over 100 metre
    will be very poor, even with accurate sniper rifles.
          9. The enemy can hide and duck, when an enemy is alerted of your presents
    they will hide and duck to play with you, they will not engage in hard-core 
    close range dog fight. Unless they have no where to hide or unless you force 
    them to. This means they are smarter, and some time they can outsmart, 
    especially if you do not know the environment very well. One of the best AI I 
    seem for a long time.
          10. The environment is very important, remember to use the environment to
    your advantage, there are some parts of the area that are highly dangerous and 
    can cause serious damage if you do not be careful. However this also means you 
    can lead your opponents to those area and let the environment kill them. 
    Remember if you did that, sometime you cannot loot their body, because it will 
    be trapped in those dangerous environment. So choose what to do wisely.
          11. Learn to peak around corners, using peak key, (q and e by default).
    They help you to see your enemy before they can see you. You can also pop out
    for a quick shot and duck away. Although I'm not heavy on peaking around all
    the time. This can be very helpful, if you not sure what is around the corner.
    However, while you are peaking, you can not strafe around. So this can be a 
    problem if somehow the enemy spots you.
    This sums up pretty what you should know before you start the game, and if 
    There is something you would like me to add, please email me. 
    Thanks to Jack, Mike for the help. Thanks to Boogie.
                       3.2 Detailed combat/survival tactics
    Here I will list everything I know about how to survive in the Zone and some 
    more detailed combat skills. (This may or may not apply in multiplayer)
          1. Strafing or side stepping, everyone pretty much knows what I am saying
    here, strafing will minimize your chance of getting hit, but in single player, 
    you may not do running strafing, you can only walking side stepping, this means
    your strafing speed is much lower than most first person shooter games you 
    encounter. But, Strafing side to side, or behind objects will reduce your 
    chance of getting hit. But, do not think you can survive every time by just
    hard-core strafing. It will not work very well. 
    IMPORTANT, if you get hit and start to bleed, it seems that your strafing speed 
    and ability to jump is seriously reduced. It is almost like you cannot strafe at
    all. This will happen sometimes in a fire fight. 
          2.Jumping, jumping in multiplayer is probably pretty important to reduce
    chances of head shots, even in single player jumping will be helpful in a fire
    fight, minimize your chance to get hit. Strafe and jumping around would be 
    useful, but jumping wastes your stamina, so you need to watch it. I'm not sure 
    strafe jumping can be done in this game, since you strafe very slow. But you can
    always bunny hop.
          3. Couch, there is two different type of couch, normal and lower couch. I
    do not suggest you couch in a open fire fight, only use it to duck or move into 
    tunnels. This is because I find people couch will serious expose their heads and
    lower their head, which makes headshot much easier. Not only that, when in couch
    mode, your speed is reduced, making strafing very difficult. You MAY NOT jump 
    and couch at the same time. Frankly, I never use couch unless I need to enter an
    area or into a tunnel, I would not use in a open fire fight, or in multiplayer, 
    unless I'm doing a knife fight. (in multiplaying, maybe couch will be useful in
    open knife fights?)
    IMPORTANT: there is however a advantage while couch, in normal couch or always 
    couch mode, you still can jump.
          4. Running, you need hold down a button to run (default is X), I prefer
    the space botton, cause it keep my thumb busy. Running is useful to cover great
    distance. But, there is a few things you need to know about running. It doesn't
    seem that you be a able to strafe run at the same time, which means if you run 
    and strafe side to side, you will stop running. Another thing, if you get shot,
    you will stop running, so you have to press the button again. When you stop 
    running, press it again. You will only be able to run if you have enough 
    stamina, above about 15%.
    IMPORTANT: if your health is below 10%, you may not run, you be too damaged, use
    a bandage, medikit or eat some food, or wait a while allowing your health to 
          5. Health and artifact, carry some health, some medikit ,bandage and food
    around, these things will heal you. Artifacts will also increase the rate of 
    your health regenerate. Remember always to carry some medi packs, and bandage, 
    you can also loot dead enemies body for supply. Sometime it is better to run 
    and heal, than keep fighting.
    This five points probably sums up what you need to learn in a fire fight or in 
    combat situation in the Zone.
                              Enemy, NPC AI
    NPC, or non playerable character, are computer characters which you can
    interact with. Some of them are enemies, some are neutral and other can be
    friendly. Sometimes, depending on your action towards the NPC players. They 
    can react different to you. In this game, the AI are very complex and well
    Human enemies have good AI, they are clever and will use various objects to
    hide themselves and duck when in a fire fight. They will have peak around 
    corners to take a shot at you. Most of them, you will fight a group of enemies
    they will work as a team. Using cover fire, and run around to protect each
    The NPC AI is also very good at avoiding attacks. They will run when a grenade
    is thrown at them. Run away when they have to reload weapon, and do hit and 
    run tactics against you when their health is low. They can generally hide very
    well. Their strafing ability is also well good, but fortunately human enemies
    do not jump around.
    The complexity of the AI seem to be dependant on the game difficulty. Although
    to some degree this is true. They do not have as accurate aiming at lower
    game difficulty than higher game difficulty. However, most actions of the NPC
    stays the same. 
    There are three types of status that an NPC will have towards you:
    1. Friendly, friendly NPC will not attack you. They may talk to you even if
    you have your guns up. However, they will generally not follow you around the
    area. But, they will sometimes assist you fighting your enemies. Shooting an
    friendly NPC in non-combat suitation can degrade their status towards and 
    even become your enemy. So DO NOT shoot a friendly unit.
    2. Neutral, neutral NPC will not attack you. They however, will not talk to
    you if you have your guns up. They will also point their guns at you, if you
    do not lower your weapon. They may assist you in fighting your enemies.
    Shooting at a neutral in a non-combat suitation will make them an enemy towards
    you. So try not to shot a neutral.
    3. Enemy, enemy NPC will active attack you. They will not stop attack you,
    unless you either kill them or you are out their range or you are dead. 
    Note: when a neutral and a friendly unit is in active combat status, either
    fighting in a mission or just fighting against a group of enemies. If you
    "accidentally" shot them. They may still retain their status towards you.
                              4.0 Full walkthrough
    This is where you will find the full walkthrough for this game, I will give as
    much info as I can, I will list the weapon/ammo, possible anomalies, 
    items/artifacts. I will also give some direction, if you don't where you are,
    just click the PDA map (default m) and click on the mission, it will show where
    to go, use mouse3 roll up and down to zoom in and out. 
    IMPORTANT: with the directions, remember to read them with care, it can be
    confusing where to go sometimes, and the directions are relatively to where to
    stand, sometimes I even get confused. So, sometimes if I say turn right, and 
    there is no right turn. Then try turning left, etc, you get the deal. Just do 
    NOT take everything as it is 100% the time, and DO NOT panic if you cannot find
    something, drop me an email and I see what I can do.
             Below is some pointy to know before you read the walkthrough:
    1. I have been structuring my walkthrough, and I have separate each small
    section and missions out using some lines. For each new area of the map, I will
    give a short list of the New weapons you can find in the area, the items, 
    possible important artifact, anomalies and also the new armors you can find in
    the area. I will not list everything, if there is something you really need to
    know in the area, email me and I maybe able to find it out for you.
    2. I will give as much detail on directions as possible, but know that 
    sometimes I make mistakes, most of time there is only really one way to get to
    the places you want. I will put some hint, like the appearance of the 
    surrounding to give you more help. If you do not like my direction, you can 
    always use your PDA map to check things out.
    3. Remember, you have limited weight you can carry, however it doesn't 
    seem you have limited space, so carry what you can, always leave about 5 -10kgs,
    for mission items. Most of time mission items are light and doesn't take space.
    if you overload, you will not be able to run very far, you will run out of 
    stamina real fast, and if you carry over 10kg over the max load, e.g. more than
    60 kgs, you will not be able to move. A message will display and say something
    like, you are carrying too heavy load to move. So choose the things you want to
    carry wisely.
    4. There is also main road, main road are slightly safer from anomaly and
    radiations, keep to them will reduce your chance to get hit by environmental 
    traps. But, there is also no artifact on the main road. So it is up to you, do 
    you like sneak and look around. Just be careful, also even though the main road
    is free of anomaly, sometimes things do pop out every now and then.
    5. There are also some wooden and light blue ammo (Ammo boxes) boxes you
    can break, use your knife or gun to break them, there is also some blue boxes 
    (Storage boxes) you can use them to store items. There are also some hidden 
    backpack, it will show you in the map as a circle with three triangles in them,
    a purple circle that is. FInd these, they contain good ammo and items. They are
    however, well hidden and always has danger around them. There are alot of hidden
    back packs, and they seem to appear at random in some places, the items in them
    are also appear at random, you will get a message when new items are added to 
    the backpacks.
    6. Finally, there is still a lot of optional mission and also a lot of 
    thing I haven't done. Also remember try to stick to the storyline, and follow 
    the important mission. DO not try wonder off to different different areas where
    you not suppose to go. Try do the optional mission later, concentrate on 
    important mission first. I have also listed some optional mission I have done in
    the walkthrough. Other optional missions from the traders can be found in 
    section 10.0.
    WARNING: some patches maybe different to others, I check my game update option 
    and it says no new patches are available. Anyway, some thing may have changed in
    different patches. Just remember that when reading the FAQ.
    WARNING: serious spoiler if you choose to read on.
    Storyline, skip if you not interested
    Beginning of the game, you see a dark thundery sky, with  a truck move rapidly 
    along a empty stretch of road, and it is raining terribly. Zooming close to the
    driver. There are also various people on the back of the truck, although one 
    would assume they were asleep due to the darkness. On the close up you can see 
    one of them is deformed and most likely to be dead.
    As the truck moves along, a thunder like bolt strikes it upside down in flames,
    and it flies off the road and crashes. The next morning, you see a man moving 
    close to the dead truck, and finds a man still alive. He then bring the almost 
    dead man to an old trader, who agrees to help.
    You cannot remember, who you are, where you are, but you know you are at the 
    zone from what the old man tells you. You try so hard to remember who you are,
    but you just cannot remember.
    End of storyline
                              4.1 Gordon, Missions
    Then you wake up, unable to remember who you really are. But the old man said 
    he saved you, with little choose you agree to the old man's requests and he 
    also partly agree to help you. Talk to the old man and You will be able to get
    a mission from him to talk to the Wolf (he will be outside) and find someone 
    named Nimble who has a flash drive. 
    You will also get your primary objective, find Strelok and kill him. Although I
    will warn you, but not spoil it for you, that you will not be able to do this 
    mission for a while. SO DONOT PANIC and focus on other missions.
    First go open the door, there is a box next to the trader you can put items in.
    But, I recommend you don't put anything in it ( will explain later why). Just 
    get out of there, and move up a set of stairs, you can then see a few houses 
    and you will be equiped with a pair of military googles (binoculars).
                              4.1.1 Rescue Nimble
    	Weapons: pistol, shotgun BM 17. Use pistol for medium range fights,
    and shotgun for close-range fights. The shotgun will take long time to load and
    only can fire two rounds. You will be able to get from one of the enemy bandit 
    you kill.
    	Item: Medi kit, diet food, bandage, can food , pistol/shotgun ammo.
    	anomalies: Spring board, these anomalies can be picked up your sensor, 
    they look like the air is "jumping"around, just becareful, they can do some 
    damage. They are hard to see at long distance, you can sometimes run into them
    without knowing. Just stay on teh main road.
    	Artifact: Jellyfish, stoneflower.
    	Armor: Leather suit, basic suit, give minimal protection, you will be 
    running around with this for a while.
    IMPORTANT: you can hit some boxes for items, just attack them use knifes, not 
    all boxes can be destroyed, there is also a  blue box you can click on it to get
    some items.
    FACTION DETAIL - BANDITS-skip if you not interested
    Bandits are bad people, who are generally there to kill or rob neutral and other
    stalkers, now Bandits can range from just bad people to serious criminals. Some
    of them enjoy killing others and some just kill because they can. Bandits will 
    not assist you in any way and they are always there to annoy you, they will shot
    you on sight. I suggest, use your Binoculars to see if they are hostile, red 
    icon to you. You can either keep away from them by sneak pass or running pass, 
    alternatively you can shot to kill. Killing Bandits will not upset your 
    reputation, in fact it will most likely to improve it.
    End of faction detail
    The Binoculars are used to see objects from afar, the game will show you how to
    jump and run. Follow the instruction, and move towards the houses. Do not go in
    any of them, but talk to Wolf, he will be the man standing close to the fire, 
    and has a rifle on his back. Talk to him, and he will give you a mission to get
    rid of some bandits and find that flash drive. DO NOT be a idiot and attack Wolf
    I recommend staying neutral with them. Also they do not like it when you have a 
    gun or a weapon on your hand, lower it by selecting the googles again.
    Wolf will tell you to meet up with his friends and then they be able to attack.
    You can also talk to some of the people at the camp, find anything interesting.
    Remember, helping people gives you better attutide towards them and gives you 
    better reputation. Vice visa.
    You can also get another job from him, that job will be easy even on higher 
    difficulty. So you can do that job first if you want, it’s up to you. Now, once
    you got the job, move froward and out the samll camp. I think you go left, not 
    right, if you go right you will meet with soldier and they will settle you down
    with their rifles/SMGs. 
    Once you are out of town, you can roll down to the next weapon, or use the 
    select weapon, like 1 or 2, to get a pistol, this is a weak pistol, but does 
    the job, and also a knife. 
    Optional mission, skip if you not interested
    Now if you taken the other job from Wolf (clearing the Mutants), check your PDA
    map and you will see house like thing on it. That is the place to go, go there 
    and you will find two Mutated animals (Boars). You will have to turn right, but
    do not go too far, just far enough to get the Mutants. They will be easy to 
    kill, you can kill them with the gun or use a knife, up to you. Check the body 
    that is there, you may also hear something that say, DO NOT enter the security 
    area DO NOT go further. Just go back for reward, with the reward you may want 
    buy something good.
    End of optional mission
    Ok, back to the main mission. So, turn left and keep going forward, till you 
    see two bodies on your right (near the damaged cars/large containers), you can
    help one of them and he will be your friend. You can get some more information
    from him about Nimble. There also may be a Heli above your head, ignore it as 
    it is non of your concern. 
    Now, Keep moving and you will see you have to go scouts, it will show a green 
    mark on your PDA map, check PDA map by clicking M (default) or whatever key you
    change it to. This PDA map will be very useful, and it tell you where to go for
    Now, you might come across some dogs, do not go close to them they are not very
    nice doggies. They will bite you if you do not get away from them. Again when 
    you get to the scout, don't be silly and shot them. Since they will help you. 
    Start talking to the guy standing with the shotgun in his hand, he will tell 
    you some info about the Bandit camp. You have two choices:
    1. Go in together with them, 
    2. Go alone, since they making too much noise.
    The choice is up to you, choice one is much easier, and you are less likely to
    get kill. If you go with choice one, go with the group to the camp, and you 
    will get into a fire fight with the bandits. Make sure you aim at the bandit’s 
    head, and stay long range from the guys with the shotgun, when they are 
    reloading run towards them either pop them in the head or knife them (knife 
    kills any human non-Mutants in one or two hit). 
    If you choose option two then you have to be very careful, take the bandits out
    one by one. There is about 7 of them, and two has shotguns on them. This is how
    I did it:
    I choose not to approach the bandits from the front gate. Just keep to the back
    gates, move around the camp, till you see a part of the wall that is broken, 
    move into the wall, and slowly advance, you can see people on your mini map on 
    the top left of the screen. Now move towards your nearest enemy and pop him in 
    the head. This may alert all the other Bandits. So back up a little, and then 
    slowly get one by one. Move from empty house from one to another to get closer 
    to your opponent without getting shot.
    Remember do not check the body of the dead unless you are sure there is no one 
    around you, since you can still be shot at. You can also choose to take out the
    shotgun guys first since they can do a lot of damage if you get hit at close 
    range. Get their shotgun and use it against them. It is up to you. The shotgun 
    should take them out in one hit, just move close to them, strafe when they shot,
    and pop them twice with the shotgun when they are reloading.
    Either way. When they are all kill, you will see a message says talk to Nimble,
    he will also call out what is going on, someone help me, anyone alive. Just go 
    to him, he is inside one of the houses. You will be able to talk to him and get
    his flash drive. Remember before you leave check around for items and also check
    boxes and pick up any guns you can sell later for money. 
    This will be your most important mission in Gordon, you will go back to the 
    trader collect your reward. Also, you can get a job of Nimble to find the 
    perfect suit. 
    To find the perfect suit, you need to keep going beyond the Bandit camp, and 
    into a hole where there will be a nasty dog waiting for you. Check your PDA map,
    you have to turn right into a pathway. I suggest save the game before go in. You
    can kill it easy with the shotgun, wait till it comes close, pop it twice, if it
    is not dead, keep moving backwards and kill it with the handgun or knife. The
    suit is a bandit vest, you can use it, or give it to Nimble. If you really want
    use it, put it on, remember you will have to come back to Nimble, and when you
    find better suit you can get rid it to Nimble. You can fail this mission, as you
    only have 1 day to do it. SO if you want fail it, just take the suit. It can be
    helpful in someway, since it gives decent bullet resistance.
    Now go back to the Wolf, and he will give reward, you can return the suit to
    Nimble, he will give you an artifact. Go back to the trader and he will give 
    you money. You can also trade your guns away for some cash and buy some supply,
    if you want. Now you can talk to the trader to get some special mission off him
    IMPORTANT: there is a bug with the door to the trader, sometimes you can’t seem
    to open it. Jack said you just throw in a grenade to open it. Not sure if it 
    works never happened to me, so try save the game before throw the grenade. It 
    may take a few tries according to Jack.
            4.1.2 Gordon, meet Journey man. (stealing military document)
    Storyline, skip if you not interested
    He will tell you Strelok is a stalker, and has gone to the North part of the 
    zone, where there is a lot of artifact. He wants to help you, but not for free.
    Basically, he wants to open a path to the centre of the zone for trading and 
    make some good money. However, there is a problem, that place is hard to get to
    as someone or something is stopping people from getting there. There is a place
    where your brain starts to boil (LOL?!). Anyway, the trader has sent a 
    groupof spy and wants you to help get information on a few things about the 
    centre of the zone by getting into the Agroprom research insitute. 
    End storyline
    Ok, now he need something from the third floor, you need to find a brief case. 
    Now, you need not to give him the case, but bring him to a bar man. at 100 Rad 
    bar, anyway he will give you the location. It will be a fair way away, so stock
    up supply. We are going for a long ride friends. I suggest you get some medikit
    if you got none, also get some good ammo, the improved pistol ammo, +p+. I also
    got the silencer pistol (PB1s).
    You also may want to ask the trader some question and he will give you answer 
    about the military post and a bit about the zone. You can also ask him for the
    job, he will give you a few job, I won't list all of them. But you can find 
    artifact for him, you will no doubt get some artifact from wolf and Nimble for
    doing the mission. Those jobs are not important to the game or the storyline, 
    just for extra cash if you want.
    He will ask for jellyfish and stoneflower, one after the other, if you have
    those and have not trade them away, then select those jobs and do them and give
    him the artifact. He will pay well. 
    Now, get out the camp, and move at the same direction as the you went to the
    Bandit camp, but don't turn into the Bandit camp, just keep going till you find
    that Journey man. You will see him dead. DO NOT GO into the tunnel, there are 
    a lot of abnormality and traps that will kill you. Alternatively, you can just
    go across the railway embankment. There will be armed man there, they ask you 
    to pay, it is up to you, 500 dollar isn't much since you would have about 5k 
    now. I paid them, but if you have no money. Then do either the following:
    Move to the right or east side of rail way, you will see a fence that is broken
    and you will be able to pass. Once you pass you can do another job for wolf. 
    Mission: Abandoned farm, you can go to the farm, there will be two or three 
    Mutant pigs, just kill them with the gun and go back for reward. Remember, you
    may have to pay the armed man again to pass.
    There is another way to get across, but you have to keep going to your right
    (east side), you have to go all the way to the end, till you see a train engine
    Then, jump on the train engine if you want a shotgun/ammo, just be careful of 
    the anomalies. There shouldn’t be any fence, keep going fast, or else the 
    radiation will fry you.
    Note: remember the tunnel you see with anomalies, if you time your move 
    correctly, you  can move through the tunnel without been hit.
                 4.1.3 Gordon: Finding Fox, getting info on Strelok
    	Weapons: pistol, sawed-off-shotgun, BM 17. 
    	New weapon: viper 5. Viper 5 is a SMG, can some handgun can also use its
    ammo. Viper 5 can be good weapon, I suggest you use it for a while, you will 
    need for the next map. You can get viper 5 from killing a bandit, if you get 
    this weapon, use it instead the saw off shotgun.
    	New weapon: Akm 74/2U, Akm is A. rifle, it is decent, but I like the viper
    5 over it. Both weapon can be find off the Bandits.
    	Item: Medi kit, diet food, bandage, can food , pistol ammo, shotgun ammo, 
    viper 5 ammo, 5.45*39mm rifle rounds
    	Anomalies: Spring board
    	Artifact: Jellyfish, stoneflower. They help against bullets but gives 
    Just keep going till you see some houses, pass the farm, and fox will be on the
    ground, give him a Medikit, if you don't have one, go back and get one. Help 
    him, and then he will tell you some info. Save the game now, and a group of 
    dogs will attack you, kill them, should be easy and then he will thank you 
    again. Now your mission in Gordon is almost done. 
    You just need to get to the Garbage. It will be a good walk, and also there are
    some Bandits on the road remember to keep your eyes open. The bandit may have 
    automatic rifles and SMGs, remember you can get it from them if you kill them.
    There is also neutral lone stalker which can help you against the Bandit, don’t
    shot the neutrals, check before you shot.
    Now he tell you to meet with Gray, and as you learn something about Strelok from
    him. Ok, now you have to advance further North. Just keep going north. There 
    will be some Bandit alone the way. there also be a Truck broken down, get away 
    from the Truck as it is highly radioactive, but there is some good stuff if you 
    want get make sure you have some Vodka or radiation medication on you. 
    Now move further north and you will see an outpost, there will be some bandits 
    in there as well as Neutrals, so let them fight out. If you have to shot the 
    Bandits and they will drop you some good items. The bandits may drop you a viper
    5 or a AKm 74/2U. I suggest you use the viper 5, and change the shotgun, this 
    Viper 5 will be good for a while and its ammo is easy to find.
    Storyline, skip if you not interested
    It seems that the trader has been truthful to you and he has told you about 
    people who know of Strelok, you met up with Fox, but sadly he knows very little
    about this STALKER named Strelok, however, a guy called gray or Seriy know more
    about this man. In fact Strelok has a hiding place. The garbage is ahead, and 
    north is the only path to go if you want to meet with this man.
    End of storyline
      4.2 Garbage, finding Gray, meet up with Seriy to find more info on Strelok
    	Weapons: pistol, sawoff-shotgun. Akm 74/2U, Viper 5. You can get viper 5
    from killing a bandit, if you get this weapon, use it instead the saw off 
    shotgun. It is much better, this viper 5 will be good for you for a while. You 
    may also get a pistol PMm, weak pistol but still can use it.
    	Item: Medi kit, diet food, bandage, can food , pistol ammo, shotgun ammo,
    viper 5 ammo 9*19mm, 5.45*39mm rifle rounds
    	New anomalies: Whirligig, or that's what I call it, these are hard to see,
    but you can feel heavy wind, and your sensor can pick it up. These thing are 
    nasty and can do serious damage and sometimes can instant death you. When you 
    get in, you will see yourself spiral around, try hard to run out or else you 
    will be spattered apart. Vortex is that one this same as Whirligig
    	New Artifact: stone blood and chuck of meat, Soul, these do NOT increase
    your max health level, but increases your ability to restore health. E.g. a 
    stone blood +200% health means you regenerate extra 200% faster. Check of meat 
    gives 400%, soul gives 600%. These artifacts are good, but they lower your 
    bulletproof and rupture, so you can get killed easier.
    The Garbage, is a place that is full of crap, wasteland, full of radioactive 
    materials and small hill and some isolated building. There is also the Duty 
    faction outpost here. There is also a large building in the centre of the Zone.
    There will be a lot of dogs Mutant around the small hills, and in the valley, 
    just stick to the main road if you don't want have to deal with them.
    Note: there will be a lot of artifacts, goodies and hide outs here, so if you 
    want have a look around.
    You mission: is to get to the Agroprom research institute and also meet up with
    Seriy, find more info on strelok.
    Starting by moving forwards and you will see that a stalker is getting 
    surrounded by three Bandits, shot the Bandits and then follow the Stalker to a 
    camp.  Follow him to the camp, you will hear that the leader of the neutral 
    stalkers, Bes will ask for your help. Help Bes to take out the Bandits, and he 
    will give you a reward. Alternatively, if you do not want help, just keep going
    I recommend you help him, Jack reckons you can keep going if you not interested
    in helping.
    If you choose to help Bes, read this, if you not skip this part
                      4.2.1 Mission destroy the Bandit Raids
    First talk to Bes and make sure you save the game, and he will tell that they 
    kick out the Bandits and expect a counter attack, first Get yourself stock up,
    and ready for a fire fight. If Bes dies, you will fail a mission. SO you will 
    have to kill the Bandits quickly before they get to Bes. This is what I did, 
    after talking to Bes, I moved myself forward till I see a pink bus beside the 
    broken Heli. Hide behind the bus, and wait for the Bandits, you will be able to
    see a couple of them coming, throw a grenade to weaken them and then duck for 
    cover. Now, move away from the bus and start picking off the Bandits one at a 
    time, watch out the ones with shot gun and stay out of range. There will also be
    Bandits with a black hood, he will be hard to kill, he has a viper 5 too. If you
    see him, take him out first, he appear to be the leader.
    I suggest you advance slowly forward and shot any bandits you see, make sure 
    Not to loot their body unless you are sure you won't get shot at. Use the 
    Minimap as your guide, remember to take cover ever now and then. Once they are 
    all killed, talk to Bes and get some reward.
    Note: there is a blue storage box in a small room, just as you enter Bes's 
    camp, you can store some stuff there if you want.
    End of optional mission
    Now, you will going to head for Gray's direction. Now, there will be a Bandit 
    camp, outside the camp of the neutral stalkers, The bandit camp will be at the 
    direction where the bandits come to get Bes. There will be some good artifact 
    there, chuck of meat, soul etc. But there is a lot of whirlgig anomalies that 
    can kill you. So, it is up to you what you do. After you done, Just keep moving
    in Gray's direction. North that is.
    You will follow the main road, look out there will be a small band camp to your
    right, finish him off, there will be 5 of them and one will have an SMG and one
    may have a shotgun, just pick him off one at a time. Afterward loot them, and 
    their little camp, there will be some boxes around, there also be a small box 
    light blue in color, it will be on a concrete block, REMEMBER THE SHAPE OF 
    THESE BOXES, if you come across them in the future, they may contain ammo and 
    supply.In this case they contain medikit, and some viper 5 ammo.
    Keep going North, heading over to Seriy's(Gray) direction .You will soon hear 
    Seriy yelling over the Radio for help, you will see a factory, go in, and help 
    clear out the Bandits. Now, the Bandits will come in, just take them out one at
    a time. There will be a lot of them, but they will also be good reward. 
          4.2.2 Talk to mole and find more information on Strelok's hide out.
    Note: there also be some small hills to your right and left, they may contain 
    important and useful artifact, but they can also be hazardous, full of 
    radioactive material and anomalies, it is up to you to explore them. If you do 
    not like to get hurt or killed by these, just stay on the main road.Now after 
    you kill the bandits off. You can talk to Seriy (Gray), he will tellyou that 
    a man named Mole. Mole has found out Strelok's hide out and has information 
    that maybe useful to you. Now head to the Agroprom exit, it should be to your 
    right. There will be a bandit camp there, just watch out, there may still be 
    Bandit left, just pick them off one and a time, also there is a bandit on the 
    top of the tunnel. Get him first. Alternatively, you can just make a run for 
    the exit, much easier.
    I know there is a lot of random Hide out here, below is some hide outs:
    1. There is a pipe near the buses, as you enter the Garbage, on the main road. 
    Go off the main road, and you should see a small rusty pipe poking out. Go look
    inside for a hidden backpack. 
    2. The belongs of a murdered one, It should be near some small pools of water,
    near a small badnit camp with many concrete beams. You just have to find a 
    cross, and click on it for some goodies.
    3. There is a goodie hide out in the tunnel, it is pass the train, watch out 
    the anomalies. DO not go in there yet, not much stuff in there yet. 
    4. Once, You done with the Bandits, there is a excavator, to your far right,
    you have to turn right and keep going, there are full of spring board 
    anomalies. There is a pipe and you can see a hidden backpack on the other end.
    You can look it to the back pack. There maybe some goodies.
    5. There are some hide out on the hills full of junk, very hard to find and 
    they are full of radioactive material and anomalies, so be careful
    6. There is also a hide out in the factory, it seem to be on one of the lower 
    Some of these seem to appear at random, and you may not be able to get item 
    from them. They seem to be spawning item at random. You need to get people's
    PDA in order to get some of the hide outs. You can kill some of the Bandits
    or loot dead bodies for their PDAs. 
    End of hide outs
    Note: you may have kill a Bandit leader, if you did, it will be on your mission
    statue, if you kill him. I suggest you go back to get your reward, you get lots
    of ammo, 5.45*39mm and a new AKm 74/2U. Goodie, if you haven't don't worry 
    about it, just keep going on, your viper 5 will be good enough for the later 
    fights. You will get better AKm series weapon after you get to Mole. 
    To the North is the Duty Camp, you do not need to go there yet and you cannot 
    go in the duty camp anyway. To the east is the dark valley, again stay out of 
          4.3 Agroprom facility (Talk to mole, then find the military document)
    	New Weapons:  AKm 74/2, new weapon you be able to get off the military 
    dude you kill, better weapon, decent fire power. Use can use this instead of 
    the viper 5, it is up to you. I suggest you still keep the viper 5, just in 
    case you are out of ammo with the Akm 74/2. 
            New Weapon: You can also get the Obokan from elite troops, read blow
    for more detail.
    	Item: Medi kit, diet food, bandage, can food , pistol ammo, shotgun ammo,
    viper 5 ammo 9*19mm, 5.45*39mm rifle rounds
    	New anomalies: Vortex, they like the whirl wind, they spiral you in and 
    blow you apart. Just stay away from them, they can be hard to see, if you get 
    inside, just run out. You sensor should pick them up.
    	Artifact: Wrenched, Garvi, useful against knife attacks it increase 
    Rupture, but gives radiation.
            Armor: Leather suit, basic suit, give minimal protection, not sure if 
    you can get better armor here or not. Sadly you can't get armor from those 
    elite military troops, that would be better.
    IMPORTANT: from now on you will see some explosive barrel, you can shot the 
    barrel and they will explode, this can damage you and your opponent. 
    Keep moving foward and you will hear a message from a neutral stalker 
    telling you the army is trying to kill Mole's crew. You need to help Mole. 
    Your mission is to save Mole. The military are well armed and can take some 
    heat from your guns just be careful. Now go into the camp MAIN GATE slowly,
    and watch your left, just go left and kill the soldiers off, hit the barrel 
    and blow it up, hopefully you get a few soldiers.
    Now, after you killed the soldiers on your left, keep going and turn right
    mole will be close by, he will call for your help. There will be soldiers to 
    your right and a head of you, shot them down and get their weapon, a new Akm 
    74/2, this will be better than the Akm 74/2U. equip it and use it, make sure 
    you aim at their heads, there will be about 3-4 soldiers, help mole, DO NOT 
    SHOT him. Now, after you killed those Soldiers, Mole will thank you and you 
    should follow him.
    ALTERNATIVELY, as you approach the entrance, you can go straight ahead and
    try fight your way through. It maybe a little bit hard to do that cause there
    will be more military guys and lots of cross fire between the neutrals and the
    miltary guys.
    Note: if you do not want help mole, and just want to get to Agroprom institute 
    ASAP, then just take the other path and follow it all the way ahead, you will 
    be at another military camp. I suggest you try at night, there will be lots of
    army guys. You have to make a run for a large building in the centre of the 
    institute, passing some bushes/houses. Check section 4.5 for more detail.
               Below section a little challenge, skip if you not interested
    Note: If you want to get yourself kill or test yourself, a group of elite troop
    at the main gate, they will be well armed and they will likely to kill you very
    quickly. I suggest you leave them alone, but if you want, go get them. First go
    near the front gate, and throw a few Grenades if you have them, this will take 
    out about two or three of them if you are lucky, and this will also scatter 
    them around. 
    Now you can pick them off one at a time, using the concrete blocks and the 
    damaged bus as your shield, just fight them off one at a time. Slowly advance,
    throw a grenade every now and then to smoke them out if they are hiding. The 
    elite troops are very hard to fight against and especially if you playing high
    difficulty. I find that if you use the little house next to the bus for cover,
    it really helps. 
    Also, when I played in Stalker difficulty, I died 1 time, used 0 saves(had to 
    start again). When I played in veteran, I died 4 times against the elites and 
    used 2 saves. In master I died 10 times and used 3 saves. Well, in Master you 
    will have problem against them, even if you are good at headshots. They can 
    tank 1-2 headshot even with a Akm 74/2.
    At the end of the day, you will obtain a gun called Obokan, it is like the Akm
    74/2, but better acurracy and a little more powerful. I suggest you use this,
    it will be very handy.
                              End of Additional Information
    Now you can talk to mole, and he will lead you towards a tunnel, Strelok has a 
    hide out in the tunnel. However he warns that the tunnel has many entrance and 
    it can be confusing. Now, you can enter the tunnel.
    This is from Jack, note: there is a large radioactive lake (pond), further 
    North here, you have to go a fair way, and inside a trailer in the middle of 
    the pond is a terrified soldier, he will give you some good info on where to
    find the document and thing about the tunnel. Try not to kill him, there will 
    be a Job for you later on to kill him from the Bar keeper. So do not kill him 
         4.4 Agroprom Tunnel ( find strelok's hide out, find military document)
    	Special Weapon:  Fast shoting Akm 74/2U, from Strelok's hide out. Fort-
    12mk2, Urkraine pistol, holds 12 rounds, low damage. You can get from the 
    	Item: Medi kit, diet food, bandage, can food , pistol ammo, shotgun ammo, 
    viper 5 ammo 9*19mm, 5.45*39mm rifle rounds
    	New anomalies: Fruit punch (Chemical burn), these are green bubbly 
    thingies, can they can burn you, just stay away from them, you can see them 
    easily. Electro (electricity), just stay the away from these, they will get you
    badly, you can see them. 
    	Artifact: Sparkler, Moonlight, useful if you run long distances, there is 
    a few around some contrete pipe, keep an eye out for them, they have a lot of 
    value and also very useful for long distances running. 
    	Artifact: slime, slug, these stop bleeding, however there is a BUG with 
    them, I have tested this as well as my friends, you will get this when you do 
    mission in the BAR, which will be a while. But they cuase you to bleed more 
    rather than slow it down, do NOT use them. I hope they fix the bug soon, I 
    cannot seem to get new patches, maybe those at THQ are working on it.
    IMPORTANT: these artifact may or may not appear, seem to be spawning at random.
    	Armor: Not sure here, 
    You have a choice here, find Strelok's hide out, or just go the Agroprom 
    Research institute. You can also do both, but you will notice that you have no 
    map to Strelok's hide out. I will give you some direction as to where to go.
    However,if you don't want find out, then just don't read that part.
    There are a lot of military dudes here, check your contacts see if you have 
    killed them all.
    Continue into the tunnel, go forward, and turn right, then you see some bad 
    Bandits shoting at you, take them out, should be easy, and make sure you get
    all of them before advancing. Then you will enter a room that is dark, keep 
    going to the door, down a set of Spiral stair, watch out for bandits, and keep
    away from chemicals. Now keep going and you will see a door on, go inside, and
    you will be in a large room. Now you can hear something, just move forward 
    slowly, and you see some dam shadows, wait what the?!
    Two things almost transparent starts to attack you, those are blood suckers, 
    shot them fast, better aim at their heads. You can check their body afterwards,
    they may leave you something good. There are also military dudes here, a lot of
    them. You need to kill them, fast before they kill you. 
    Note: in this large room, there is may be a sparkler (similar to moonlight, 
    except not as good) artifact in the centre of the room, and my friend Jack says
    you can let the Blood sucks fight against the military, since they are not 
    friendly against anyone.
          Here is the information on Strelok's hide out, skip if not interested
    When you go down the Spiral stair, you be in the room with large columns and 
    fruit punch, go to the exit of the room, into a room with pipes on the ceiling,
    take out the blood suckers and the military dude. Now, go to the exit, and then
    turn right. There will be a long tunnel with (fruit punches), you will see two 
    exits, head for the one to the left, and keep going till you can turn right, 
    then there will be a tunnel to your right, it looks like a hole on the wall, go
    in there are you be in Strelok's hide out. 
    Alternatively, when you exit the room with the pipes on the ceiling, you can 
    turn left, and go into the exit, and then you go out another room and then turn
    right, keep going till you see a hole on the side of the wall. (You be in the 
    same tunnel where Strelok's hide out is.). Go in the hole, climb up the stairs.
    There is lots of goodies in there and a fast shooting Akm 74/2, then you go to 
    the end of the room, where there is a board, behind it is a flash drive. Take
    it and find out more info about Strelok.
    You found out Strelok has two partners, one is called Ghost, and the other Fang
    However, Fang died, killed by what appear to be neutral stalkers, they were 
    waiting by the warehouse and waiting for Ghost and Fang to come. Even though 
    Fang sensed them, he didn't make it back, he was shot dead by one of them with 
    a Vintar(most likely a rifle). Ghost got two of three who try to kill him and 
    Fang. The third one got away, they appear to be Mercenaries, one with big scar 
    and Hazel eyes. Strelok also made it to the centre of the zone or a least 
    Ghost and Fang were planning to go with him.
    Ghost is then increasing annoyed and he feels that he is been followed, and he 
    is asking where why Strelok went to the centre alone, and he is very annoyed 
    about the man who killed Fang. he is gona cut that guy to pieces. Strelok went 
    to the centre alone, and Ghost is worried.
    Now you get a new mission: find what happened to Ghost and maybe he will give 
    you more info on that Strelok guy, who ever he is.
                              End of Strelok hide out
    Ok now you killed The blood suckers, just keep going to the exit, turn right, 
    not left , go down the tunnel and you will see two exit. (take the left exit if
    you want go to Strelok's hide out, see info above). Take the exit ahead if you 
    just want to get to Agroporm ASAP. Now keep moving ahead, and turn left, and 
    down the tunnel, turn right, out the exit.
    You will now see a set of stair, watch out there are military guys here and 
    better take them out.Go up the stairs, go up and up till you see an exit, go in
    the exit. Take out the military guy, if he is still alive. now go into a small
    tunnel, you will then be in a room with some water leaks, and a stair, ignore 
    the stair it has nothing on it (just a dead end).
    Now, just move a head and exit the room, you may pick up some radioactive 
    materail signal in the pervious room, just ignore it. Ok, now go ahead, turn 
    right, and you will be in a tunnel. You can see two exits, and two sets of 
    ladder, just use the last one to go out. You will hear a scream, and now look 
    behind you. Oh dear?!
    WHAT THE?! You may wonder what is that thing that is causing your screen to go
    funny, and what is that annoying buzzy sound, look out it is a CONTROLLER, they
    can control your mind, run towards it and shot it in the head if you want kill
    it. Look out for the icon on the right hand side of your screen, if it shows a
    icon of a brain turning from green to red. If it is red then it means you are 
    going to get turned into dead meat. Just keep shooting it in the head. It is 
    slow, or you can knife it.
    If you don't want fight it, just keep running till the end, and climb the 
    Ladder and get out of there.
    Note: there is a blue bar in the inventory screen next to your health bar, it 
    gets reduced when you get hit by the controller, it is the same colour as your
    armor bar. When it goes to zero, you are finished. 
    Note: there are a few entrance (about 5) into the tunnel and a few exits.
    However, some of them cannot be accessed.
       4.5 Agroprom research insitute (military camp, find the military document)
    	New Weapons:  AKm 74/2, Obokan
    	Item: Medi kit, diet food, bandage, can food , pistol ammo, shotgun ammo, 
    viper 5 ammo 9*19mm, 5.45*39mm rifle rounds
    	New anomalies: Vortex, watch out for these.
    	Artifact: Garvi, jellyfish, stoneflower.
    You better do this at night, but if it is morning then just keep moving a head.
    Now, check your contacts and you will see a few military guys. They soon spot 
    you, take them out, and then a silly alarm is going off. There is two choices 
    here for you:
          1. You can fight the military guys and take all of them down, this will 
    be hard at higher difficulty I do not recommend you do this. 
          2. Sneak behind enemy lines and get the document, and get out. 
          3. If you did not help mole, you just went straight on
    Check your PDA, you should get a map with the guard at the research institute, 
    now the guard go off at 11:00pm, so you can either wait or you can go in for 
    the kill.
    Well, lets go option 1 first:
    IMPORTANT, there is a lot of barrels here, use them! To be honest, this is a 
    bad choice if you do not have good armor or lots of ammo. I died many times 
    trying, I wanted a challenge.
    My tactic, get inside the houses closest to the tunnel entrance, you should be
    able to see it, and then use the house as a shield and take out some of them
    from the windows, aim for their heads, their body armors are too hard to get 
    through. Now if you check you contact list again, there will be a dozen more 
    Once you take out a few soldiers, it is time to move, watch the door, when you 
    move out, there will be tower to your right, and take out the soldier on the 
    tower. There will be a few of them around, I suggest you stay long range from 
    them and slowly wear them out.
    This is from Jack: I found a way to get them tower guys easy, you have to
    run towards the tower, till you get right under it, I mean right under it, and 
    then there is a small gap between the wood, shot into the Gap and you will 
    kill, them take about 15 or more hits with my Akm 74/2. Well the good thing 
    about This way they cannot shot you back.
    Now since you are out of the house, head forward, you will see a huge part of 
    wall destroyed, go in side, there should also be a tower just in front of you, 
    take any soldiers out, take cover behind the houses. There will be a path 
    slightly to your left, which has some bushes in it. Head that way, then move 
    ahead, you will see a large building (the biggest here), it also has a painting
    on the side with a lady, an older man, and another man. The entrance to the 
    building is just to the right, keep going. Now take out them dam solders, use 
    the explosive barrels.
    Then go all the way into the building, and then to your left should be some 
    stairs, go up the stairs to the third level. There will be the briefcase, use 
    the PDA map to see exact where it is. If you lost count the level you are on, 
    just go all the way to the top, and then go down a level.
    Now check your contacts, see if there is more enemy soldier. if there is, they 
    may be at the front entrance. Now, you have the briefcase, get down and start 
    running toward the exit. It should be near the part where the wall was 
    destroyed, be slight to the left of the wall, you will see it in sight. Watch 
    out, there may still be some soldiers.
    Once you are done, exit this area and you have now head to Bar keeper.
    Option 2, sneak and get the document
    This is hard to do in the morning, but wait till after 11:00 pm at night would 
    be a wise choice. You may find it is possible to do at night, just start by 
    moving toward the houses, and couch and take cover every now and then. Then 
    slowly move towards the side where the wall was destroyed, near a guard tower. 
    move behind the bushes and then slowly advance, and make a dash for the front 
    entrance of the large building, should be to your right.
    Now, run all the way to the third floor, and take the brief case, there might 
    be soldiers here so you have to kill them. Then just exit the building, make a 
    dash for the front gate. Wait behind the destroyed wall, till the enemies stop 
    shooting or are reloading. Then just make a dash out of the gates.
    You will find this hard, since if you get hit you stop running, just keep 
    hitting the run button and also to remember to heal. Running should make you 
    much less likely to get hit. Once you are done, head to the Bar, you need to go
    through the Garbage again.
    Alternatively, as you go out of the tunnel, you can turn left, and then head
    straight and you should see the entrance to the large building. The only 
    reason I do not choose to go this way, is there may be soldiers around and
    they may be able to see you. The choice is yours, you can always make a run
    for it, if the soldiers see you.
    Option 3, I never tried this, but was told it can be done, you have to take a 
    different path in the beginning, one to your left, and it will get you towards 
    the military camp,  you will be in a army camp and you will be attacked by 
    lots of military guys, try it at night, easier for sneaking around.
    Once you are in the main gate, head straight for the large building in the
    centre of the camp, go in the front entrance. If you alerted the military guys
    just make a run for it. Go up to the third level and then get the briefcase.
    Then run out the same way as you came in. You probably going to have problem 
    taking down all the military guys. So try to just make a run for it if you 
    don't have loads of ammo/health. (Especially if you go in the morning).
    Note: the Agroprom institute has two entrance on the ground level, both are
    well guard by huge number of military guys. So becareful if you going head on
    against them.
    Now, when you are out of the Agroprom research institute, head for the bar, 
    exit the military camp, move all the way the way back, and go to the Garbage. 
                4.6 Garbage, Rostok (get the document to the Bar keeper)
    Now you can go to the duty outpost and just keep moving ahead, and then get for
    north, you will see the exit to Rostok. There will be a Duty outpost up there,
    the duty commander will say some mutants are coming and they need help. 
    Help them, but do not go against Mutants alone, throw a few grenades as the
    mutants come in. Loot the Mutants body for any items. Then, talk to the guy 
    at the exit to the Duty headquarter. (if you do not kill at least 1 mutant, 
    the Duty guys will not thank you).
    You will tell him, you got business with the Bar keeper. Now, you just have to 
    keep going forward and wait for the next map to load.
    Note: you may or may get some random non-critical mission like camp elimination,
    where you have to take out Bandits at the Agroprom, if you want to go back to 
    the trader to get your reward, go ahead, if not keep going to the duty camp.
    You can fail the mission even if you don't get the reward and you also have a 
    time limit.
                         4.7 Rostok, Duty faction camp, the BAR
            New Weapons:  AKm 74/2, Obokan
            Item: Medi kit, diet food, bandage, can food , pistol ammo, shotgun 
            ammo, viper 5 ammo 9*19mm, PB1s Viper 5 ammo, 5.45*39mm rifle rounds
            New anomalies: None
            Artifact: Chuck of meat, get from a job 
            New armor: You can get a stalker suit, which will give you very good 
            bullet resistance.
              Information about Duty faction, skip if you not interested
    Duty is a paramilitary faction known for its strict discipline, they have close
    tie to the military and also the government. Duty have many small outposts 
    around the zone, they often help neutral loner Stalkers in dangerous situations
    However, they refuse to trade away the zone's artifact with the outsider, and 
    all the strange artifact of the zone are passed to scientists. Where, they are
    studied and hopeful in someway that science is able to find a way to stop the 
    expanding zone. Because of this Duty faction are at war with Freedom faction, 
    where their ideals are opposite. Duty believe to protect the world from the 
    zone while freedom believe that everyone should be allow to access the zone's 
    secret and artifacts.
                            End of extra info on Duty
    Now, you at the duty camp, it is just a short run ahead, you will see a lot of 
    dogs here, just ignore them for now and move on. You will see duty camp, and 
    there will be a Sergeant standing there you can talk to, talk to him, and he 
    will tell you about the Bar, the Arena, and the duty faction.
    IMPORTANT: DO NOT SHOT at anyone or anything, or kill any duty guys or you
    will regret it.
    You can also get a job from that man, he will tell you to clear the dog lair, 
    It is easy to do. Make sure when you fight the dogs, do it one at a time, if 
    you see swarm of dogs charging at you, just run. You get a good artifact as a 
    reward Chuck of meat.
    Now, once you done, talk to the Sergeant, you should get the co-ordinate of the
    bar, if you don't know where it is. Here is some direction, go a head, passes a
    set of gates, turn left into a warehouse, where a duty soldier tell you to get 
    out. Run ahead, and go the exit. You will then see the Arena, go in there if 
    you want do some fight, if not, then turn left into a house. Then go to the 
    Exit on your left, go out, run ahead, and you will see a door on your left. Go
    down a set of stairs, and you be at the BAR
    Go in the bar, and talk to the Bar keeper, and give him the document. He will 
    give you some reward and a new mission to get to the dark valley and go to Lab 
    X18. Now there are various other mission you can get here. 
          Main mission: Find another key for LAB X18, and find the document.
          Optional mission: You can talk to the hunter to get the family rifle 
          Optional mission: you can also talk to Brome for a mission to find the
    weapon of duty.
    I suggest you focus on your main mission, you will come to the weapon of duty
    mission at the Dark Valley, so you can take that one, about the family rifle.
    DO NOT go there yet, just get the mission at the lab X18 done first.
    Note: you can get other jobs from the Bar keeper, I'm not going to list all of
    them here. I may list them at another section later. You can do some artifact 
    hunting mission for him, he gives good reward, but make sure you already have 
    those artifact in your head before accepting them.
    You can also buy some information from snitch, I suggest you buy them, they are
    cheap anyway, you should have got plenty of money, especially if you got a few 
    Akm 74/2 to sell. You can also learn some information from the bar keeper. Here
    is a summary of the information you can get from snitch and bar keeper:
                              Optional storyline/information
    Snitch's info:
    Strelok has a hide out in the Agroprom research tunnels, the location of this 
    hide out will be uploaded and you will be given a mini hand drawn map to the 
    Ghost and fang and Strelok has gone to the centre of zone, they happen to come 
    pass Yantar, this is where the Lab X16, it is rumored that Yantar has some 
    strange things which zombifies people, and turn them into relentless killers. 
    This is somewhat same as the brain scorcher. So, you need to be careful when 
    going there.
    Barkeeper's info:
    Strelok is a experienced Stalker, he somehow worked through to the northern exit
    of the zone and into the centre of the zone. He was no seen in the bar usually.
    Ghost is one of strelok's men, known that he can sneak inside any where without
    detected. He took out the leader of some crazy group. He has taken up some job 
    with the scientist at Lake Yantar, he could still be there.
    Fang is a weird guy, he most talks to himself, and call him self by that name. 
    He seem to be a alright guy, but haven't been around the bar for a long time.
    The wish granter, now when in 2006, the zone appear and starts to expand, a lot
    of people were trapped and the scientist, the military could not stop the 
    expanding zone. The field lab can not do anything. However, groups of people 
    start sneaking pass the military barriers and entering the zone, hoping to find
    wonderful artifacts to make them rich. Then the legend about the Monolith start
    to appear. A few survivors manage to do something useful before they died in 
    the zone, one of them was close to the Monolith and went there, it was highly 
    radioactive, but he can sense the monolith calling him.
    Apparently he saw amazing thing and was able to make a wish, and suddenly the
    zone grow by 5 km. it seems the zone "feeds” on the wishes of others. Everytime
    someone makes a wish, the zone expands. 
                              End of optional information
    Now, stock up supply and get out to the dark valley, you should get a nice suit
    called the stalker suit, it give good protection against bullets and anomalies.
    Put it on, finally something decent. Now, get some good Viper 5 ammo,they call 
    the PB1s rounds, they have better armor-piercing effect and also a hollow point
    that means they have extra stopping power. You can also get some food and drink
    from the table. Get some medikit and bandage if you like.
    Ok, now get to the dark valley, first you need to get the Garbage again. Go 
    through teh Garbage with care, as you approach the Dark valley entrance, there
    will be group of bandits, about five of them, one will be on the top of a 
    building. There will also be a pack of dogs. (Somehow jack manage to get the 
    pack of dogs fight with the Bandits, it was kinda funny.)
                4.8 Dark Valley (Get into the Lab X18 and obtain document)
    	New Weapons:  Scope, when completing a mission, walker p9m pistol, from 
    some killed Bandits, good handgun, can use viper5 Ammo. Weapon of duty, Obokan 
    with a grenade launcher.
    	New weapon: Noiseless viper, you get this when you kill some neutral 
    	New weapon: storming obokan, obokan with a grenade launcher, but you can't 
    attach a scope to it, it is the weapon of Duty. You can return this for a job 
    in the Bar to a Duty member. You get this after you kill Friar, a Bandit.
    	Item: Medi kit, diet food, bandage, can food , pistol ammo, shotgun ammo, 
    viper 5 ammo 9*19mm, 5.45*39mm rifle rounds
    	New anomalies: None
    	Artifact: Mama's bead, I'm not sure if you can get this, but I heard my 
    friend find it in here, a good artifact gives you bulletproof, but has no 
    radiation counter effect. It should be close to the area where the duty member
    is threaten the injured Bandit, close to the entrance of the dark valley
    	Artifact: Chuck of meat, there is a lot of them around, if you like those 
    that increase you health regeneration, collect them, they are good for sell and 
    you can also offer them for missions.
    	NEW ARMOR: MERC armor, you be able to get this in one of the houses (a 
    trailer houses, it has wheels) in the Bandit camp in the dark valley. I will 
    give you directions in the walkthrough when I come up to it.
    	NEW ARMOR: Duty suit, very good suit, better than your stalker suit, it 
    has good bulletproof too. 
    From the Garbage, just keep going ahead, Dark valley will be to the east side,
    you may run into some Bandits, just stay away from them. There are some serious
    radioactive area, just keep running, do not stop and mark around. Now head to 
    the dark valley and then you will be able to see a Duty member pointing a gun a
    Bandit, now follow him to save another duty member.
    Note: There will be a lot of goodie hide out places, check them out, but make 
    sure you stick to the main mission.
                     Optional mission, free the Duty soldier
    Ok, save the game first, and here is what you have to do, hide and wait, the 
    duty guys should take care of Bandits by themselves. But, remember to wait till
    after the Duty soldier shots, you should go and get the Bandits. You may fail 
    the mission if you get seen by the Bandits. Remember do not shot until the duty
    soldier does. You can help, just make sure you aim at the bandits not the duty 
    Once you done talk to both the duty soldier, one will give you a scope, which 
    you are attach to your Obokan or maybe Akm 74/2. Oh yeah, now you can sniper 
    people. He will also give you some info about the Dark valley, and the area 
    around it. He will tell you there is a village to the south with neutral 
    stalker,do not go there, those neutrals are assholes who try to scam you. 
    The other duty soldier, will ask you to help get another duty officer from the 
    Bandit camp, now also you can get some information about the Bandits, you will 
    know that a Bandit leader named Borov has another part of the key to Lab X18. 
    You need to kill him to get it.
    !!IMPORTANT: Hide well, do not let the bandits see you, or else you MAY fail
    the mission.!! 
    !!IMPORTANT: to attach the scope, alright listen up, you equip the weapon 
    first and then move the scope onto the top part of the weapon. Only some 
    weapons can be attached with a scope. Zoom in with the right mouse button 
    (default). Remember when in scope mode, your view to the side is limited, so 
    zoom out every now and then to check your surrounding.!!
    !!NOTE: To unmount the scope, right click on the weapon and select unmount
    scope. I suggest you put the scope on, good for snipering. If you want shot
    without using the scope, just use your left mouse button.!!
                              End optional mission
    You will need to find a man called Borov, he will be a bandit leader, and there
    will be a lot of Bandits, so ready for a fire fight. Borov is not a kind man, 
    and he doesn't like you because he is a Bandit. He will shot you down if you do
    not watch out. So just be careful. If you did not succeed the optional mission,
    the duty soldiers will not help you and give you extra info. If you fail and 
    want to do it again, simply load the auto save game or your own saved game. 
    There are artifacts around here, but do not wonder off too much, or else you 
    May get lost and run into an anomaly. There are some good hide outs here so 
    check them out. There is also a secret area where you can get some cool items.
    Read below:
                            Hidden LOCATION, skip if you not interested
    On the road where you save the Dutyer, there will be a pink bus, go towards it,
    then turn right and head for the hill. Go over the small hill and you should 
    see a structure that looks like a mining machine/crane, there is also a trailer
    behind it. It is full of anomalies, electro, etc. Go towards the big 
    structure/machine. Move around the anomalies, and go up the ladder to the big 
    crane/mining machine thing. Then follow the ladder, and then you can jump into 
    a big steel container, it is highly radioactive, so be careful.
    In the container, you get some cool stuff, including a guitar, a hand radio and
    a Spring artifact which is very rare. When you done, make it quick or else the 
    radiation will get you. Jump down, and then run away fast towards the pink bus 
    again, use an anti-radiation machine to get rid of the radiation.
    Note: You may or may not get these items, not sure if it appears at random. Do 
    not panic if you cannot find it, just move along with the mission. They are not
    important items.
                              End of Hidden location
    OK, now you are back at where the pink bus is, just keep going straight a head,
    passes a small bus, go around it, now you can get some artifact if they are 
    laying around. (There is a lot of chuck of meat artifact around, use it to heal
    yourself when you not in a fire fight.). Now you should be at the front gate of
    the Bandit camp, there is a side gate to your left and a large area to your
    right. The side gate on your left is closed and you can't get in, do not worry,
    just keep moving forward to that large open area. (The building in the side 
    gate is where Borov sits).
    You should see a really large organish brick building on your left, and what 
    look like a gas station on your right. Keep moving a head and pass the orange 
    building as you cannot enter in it yet. Now turn left into another open area, 
    it has a lot of buildings and empty houses. Here is the Bandit camp, check your
    minimap and PDA contact to see the Bandits around. Now, if they see, just 
    return fire, you have better weapons and vest than them. So if you strafe 
    around shouldn't be too hard. Alternatively, you can sneak behind them and pop
    each of them in the head. 
    Use the building to hide yourself and use heights to your advantage, keep 
    moving around and check the mini-map every now to see if the Bandits are 
    hiding. Once you clear the area, there is a large warehouse in the centre, 
    it has a door already opened, you can now go in there. Now, becareful as there
    are still a lot of Bandits around, get ready your Viper, you need to blast
    them when they jump at you.
    Your goal is to get the Borov, he will be in an adjacent building to the
    large orange brick building. The orange brick building is the largest in the 
    area, it seem to have 4 levels, you cannot miss it. You have to go through the
    orange building to get to him. (Remember the gate before leading to him, it is
             Optional Mission, weapon of duty, skip if you no interested
    The weapon of Duty should be around here somewhere, check the PDA map for more 
    clear direction. The weapon of duty is on one of the bandits, I'm sure one of 
    the Bandits will have it. Check on the On the PDA map, you will notice that the
    weapon moves, this means one of the bandits has it and is moving around. (Check
    PDA contact, he would be an expert Bandit) Do not worry he won't be moving very
    far. He will be moving around, he maybe in an open area or he could be in near 
    the tunnel. He could also be inside a building, use the PDA map to follow him. 
    You will have to kill him to obtain it, he may be a little hard to kill, 
    be careful.
    The weapon of duty is in fact an A.rifle (storming Obokan), attached with a 
    Grenade launcher, it is much just like the Obokan or Akm 74/2. Sadly you won't 
    get any grenades with this for a while. You can now either return this weapon, 
    or just leave it for now and return it later. You will have to go back to the 
    Bar anyway, after you have gone to Lab x18. However, you must know that the 
    mission has a 1 day time, it means you should watch your clock. It is up to you
    now, what ever you do, just make sure you get on with your mission.
                              End of optional mission
    Turn on your flash light or night vision if it is dark. 
    Now that you have taken the Bandits out of the area, and it is a good time to 
    go forward into the large warehouse (big building with large doors and a truck 
    parked in it) . You can turn right into another door. Then up a set of stairs, 
    follow the stairs, turn right, go straight ahead on the narrow pathway, watch 
    out for Bandits. Then, you will be into the really large orange brick building.
    Go up the small set of stairs and turn right, watch out Bandits, check your 
    mini-map. Then turn left into a room, shot the bandits, and then out the room,
    you can now go down the stair (if you go up there is nothing much up the top).
    Alaternatively, you can go down the stairs as soon as you enter the orange 
    building. It is up to you.
    (Note: There is an alternative path to enter the large orange building (close 
    to Borov's hide out), there is a building as you enter the gate, and you can go
    down a underground path to the orange building. You have to go up a set of 
    ladder at the end of the tunnel. Whatever you do, you need to get yourself into
    the largest orange building here.)
    The largest orange brick building have many levels, but just go down to the 
    lowest part of the stair, but not into the basement unless you want help the 
    duty soldier. Now, what you do turn right, into a passageway, watch out there 
    are 3-4 bandits here. Door on your left is locked, there is loads of goodies in
    there, but you can't get to it until you kill Borov I think. Now, keep going, 
    you be in another large building. This is where Borov lives. You can also go to
    the second level of the orange building and get to Borov, it is all connected.
    Borov would have many Bandits around him, he is hiding on the second level,
    just be careful, you can see a stair going up. Follow it up with care. 
    Alternatively, you may go all the way to the end of another room, you will see 
    the bath room. Then a set of stair, go up. Whichever way you use, you be on the
    second level, there will be a few Bandits here, drop them with your obokan 
    74/2. Now, there will be a room and you see a Bandit in a black hood, take him
    out, keep distance and strafe around to avoid his fire. Shot him with your
    rifle. Sometimes, he will try to hide, just use the scope to see better.
    Now you have obtain the key, you may want go to Lab X18, there is a blue box 
    near the door, and check it some ammo and health. There will be some draw and 
    cabinet in Borov's office that is locked, anyone know where the key is? Now we 
    can go down stairs to get some goodies, read below:
    !!IMPORTANT: you may now open the gate at the bottom level of the orange
    building for some supply before going to Lab X18. Inside the steel gate, there
    are load  of goodies, check the blue boxes for ammo and medi-kit, 2 cases of
    Vodka (drink your guts out, unfortunately two bottles are the max you can drink
    in one go, ha they capped it).!!
    Also, a good duty armor, very good suit can replace your stalker suit if you 
    There is also some special VOG-25 grenades on the table, these are for the 
    Grenade launcher. These Grenades explode instantly upon connect with an enemy,
    They are somewhat better than the normal grenades as they do not allow 
    the enemy to get away. But they ALSO do not allow you to get away, use them 
    !!Note: to find the MERC suit, this will be in the open area where there is
    alot of buildings, it is a straight run from the tunnels. One of the houses
    near the main warehouse, it looks like a trailer houses and has wheels on it,
    it is also near some large concrete slabs. You can go in by a small stairs and
    it should  have one little box with some ammo, and one big box with the suit.
    This suit isn't that great. It gives less protection than the Stalker suit.!!
                       Optional mission, Rescue the duty member
    The Duty member will be UNDERGROUND, and I say again he will be underground in 
    the basement of the orange building. if you want to help him, you will have to 
    go all the way down the stairs (all the way down to the last level). It will 
    lead you into another room, now turn left into another room, watch out the 
    Bandits, check mini-map, now, go to the next room, and you should see at the 
    end of the room, there will be a stair leading underground.
    Go under ground, and the duty member should be in the prison, open the door to 
    the prison, controls on the wall to your left. Now he is free.
                              End optional mission
    When you are done looting the place, get out of there and head for LAB X18.
    Now just get out the Bandit camp, you can either jump out one the windows, or
    just go back the way you come. Move yourself to the front gate, watch out there
    may be some Bandits outside. When you out of the front gate, the lab entrance 
    should be nearby. Just turn left into another set of buildings.
    Now, enter the building careful, there maybe some Bandits again waiting for you
    there will be about five of them and they will be using AKm rifles and SMG.
    Take the one that is standing in front of the building first, then turn left
    into  the building. Now, keep your distance, just shot the Bandits using your
    at range, take two of them out, then move inside, turn right, you should be in 
    a room with some lockers. There will be a door to your right again, take it,
    run DOWN a set of stairs to the lab entrance. Watch out for Bandits again, he 
    be waiting for you down there, get him, then turn right into the lab.
    Now, you can explore around if you want, go to top of building and check the 
    view and look around for hide outs. But just make sure you don't waste too much
    time playing around. Now just follow the PDA map to the building where the Lab 
    entrance is, go in the building, into a large room, down the stairs and then 
    into the lab X18.
          Discovered by Jack, saving a lying stalker, skip if you not interested
    As you pass the orange building, there is a houses you can go in, just pass the
    gas station. it is on your right, when you go up the stairs, a stair will ask 
    for your help, after you help him, a blood sucker will come. Kill the blood 
    sucker, and then the stalker named, Toshika sqruit eye (his name seem to be 
    random), will tell you  some neutral stalker to the south is selling a Gauss 
    rifle (most powerful in  the game) for 800. It is obvious a SCAM, follow him 
    allthe way if you want. You can then go to the stalker camp south of the area.
    There will be a stalker ask you for 800 for the rifle, he is try to scam you, 
    give him the money and you get nothing. If you do not care, just keep moving 
    back to the Bandit camp. If you decide you kill them cause they scammed you, go
    ahead, they not hard, but there will be 5-6 of them, throw a grenade or two to 
    take them down. When they are all killed, you can grab a noiseless viper. There
    is also a small hideout in the village. 
                              End of extra info
                               4.9 LAb X18
    	Weapons : RPG, hehe you may get this when fighting a Pseudogaint, when 
    you getting the first code to the underground lab. IL 86, you may get that from
    a dead scientist in the lowest level of the lab, decent weapon.
    	Item: Medi kit, diet food, bandage, can food , pistol ammo, shotgun ammo.
    	Anomalies: Burner, these thing can burn you badly, just keep moving, do 
    not stand still.
    	Mutants: Snorks, they can leap great distances, and do a lot of damage.
    Take care, they are around the lower level of the lab.
            Mutants: PseudoGaint, thankfully, you will only meet one of these. 
    They have an area effect damage. Becareful very careful around it.
    	Mutants: Poltergeist, you will meet it just before you get the document.
    There are also some floating sparkling things around the lower levels of the 
    lab, they are Poltergeists as well. 
    Check the stat on your PDA, you should level up from rookie to experience.
    Now, when you start, there is only one way to go down stair, you may notice the
    body of an expert stalker, ignore him, he is dead. Go down the stair, and then 
    turn left and you will see a door locked, and you need to find out the code. 
    Now, just be careful, anomalies are here, and they can burn. They is also a 
    Mutants near by. The lab is pretty creepy from now onwards. Lab is kind of dark
    turn on night vision or your flash light.
    What THE?! You may notice, boxes move up in the air by themselves and hitting 
    You, do not worry too much, they shouldn't effect you at least not for now. Ok,
    now when you near the door you cannot unlock yet, just turn right into a room. 
    (There are a lot of rooms around here, you can explore them if you want). You 
    should be in a dark room, so turn on your flashlight, now turn right again, and
    you be in a tunnel, you can hear WATER leaking, there are pipes behind you. 
    Just be careful now, you can hear some howling in the distance, zoom in with 
    your scope and you may see something charge at you, goodness me. Shot it down
    fast, before it can get you. These things are called Snorks.
                Extra info on Snork, skip if you not interested
    Snorks are what appear to be deformed humans, the reason behind their
    horrifying appearance is unknown and whatever cause their mutation should be
    best avoided.  These beasts are smart, fast and knows how to hunt preys. They
    like the smell and the taste of meat. It is interesting to note that Snorks
    have huge leaping  power and can leap over many metres in a single jump, they
    calculate their  victim's distance, position themselves, leaps and then using
    the weight to pin their victim to the ground and tear them apart before they
    feast on what remains.
    Snork can do some serious damage, and can do a nasty leap attack. I suggest
    you use a shotgun and shot them down when they get close. You can also sniper
    them, but make sure you stay more than 20 metres away. They can move very 
    fast and before you know it. They will be on to you.
                              End extra info
    Once you take out the Snork, check its body, you may get some good item, if not
    just keep going a head into the tunnel into a room, ignore the room on your 
    right. Now, run ( I mean run, do not stop here) into the room at the end of the
    tunnel, to your right is the body of a scientist, he will give you the code. 
    Just watch out there are a lot of nasty anomalies here. Fire everywhere, the 
    access code is 1243.
    Now go back to that door and enter the code, go all the way down the stair, and
    you can hear something in below, ignore it and keep going. Then you can see an 
    exit, and also a barrel floating on the top, What the?! You will be in a room 
    with the lift. (but you can't use the lift.)Anyway, keep moving, to your right,
    you will see a entrance, go in, and you should see a door. Now you have to find
    the second access code. You will also notice, someone or something is hitting 
    against the door, doesn't sound very good now does it. 
    Now go back to the room with the lift, and then turn right, you will see 
    another corridor. Go in there, and you can see three entrance, keep to your 
    right entrance, go in, and you can see set of stairs (there is also a stair 
    outside, ignore that one). Go down the stair, now be careful, as you can hear 
    something, something big, turn left into the opened door. Watch yourself.
    WATCH OUT, it is a pseudogaint, this thing is big, and has a stomp area attack.
    Watch out, use the barrels and take him out your rifle or the Viper 5. This 
    thing may take quite a few hits to go down. Use some Grenades if you have to or
    if you run out of ammo.
    Now, when you kill the Pseudogaint, go all the way to the end of the room, you 
    can also look around for an RPG, it is close to the Fenced area (one with steel
    fencing), it is on the other side of the fence. When you done with looking for 
    the RPG. Go to the dead scientist body at the end of the room, search his body 
    for a IL 86 rifle and the code 9524, it is a decent weapon, has a 4*scope mode
    However, it has accuracy when in burst firing mode and also relatively low 
    damage. It also uses 0.22 caliber NATO rounds (5.56*45mm).
    Note: Those sparkling things floating around are actually poltergeist. They 
    are all around the lab, and are responsible for throwing things at you. You 
    can shot them if you want. I just ignore them, since they do not do much 
    damage, more annoying than threatening. After you kill them, their bodies 
    should appear.  
          More information on the PseudoGaint, skip if you not interested
    Pseudogaint, are huge Mutant monsters, which can weigh up to 2 tons. They have
    massive claws and huge stopping power. What is interesting and deadly about 
    Pseudogaint is not only that they can do massive melee damage. But they have a
    deadly stomp attack, which causes an area of objects to suffer serious damage.
    This attack is perhaps the most dreadful to even elite Stalkers.
    It is also equally deadly to assume that a pseudogaint is slow, their size may
    confuse  their victim of their speed, but once it starts to move, you won't
    have much  time to get away.
    The brain of a Pseudogaint is protected by a skull 4 inches thick and is as
    hard as steel. This makes it very difficult for bullet to pentrate their skull.
                              End of extra information.
    Now, you can exit the room and go to the door that is locked, enter 9524 and 
    You may go in. You will be in one room, no much here, enter another door, and
    you can hear something screaming. It is a Poltergeist, they can make burner 
    anomalies to occur. Watch out, You have two options here:
    1. Take the path to your left, up the ramp to a safe haven, it will have ammo, 
    and also lots of medikit, etc. Stock your supply but, you will need it later. 
    Trust me.
    2. You ahead into the room, turn right into the set of stairs and enter the room
    and get the document. There will be monsters here.
    Now, whichever you do, get the document, and the door to exit the lab will be 
    locked, someone is holding it and you can hear something screaming. There are 
    also fire anomalies everywhere you do, keep moving, you will be able to see 
    something sparkling in the air. If you see it, shot it, keep shoting it, until 
    it explodes in a cloud of blood. Now you have killed that monster the door will
    be open.
    Alternatively, you maybe able to kill the Poltergeist before you get the 
    document either way, it is the same outcome. Now you can exit the lab. Wait a 
    minute, what is going on, the screen...
                       Storyline, skip if you not interested
    There is a large power planet in a sunny day, and what appear to be rats, 
    hundreds and thousands of them are running out, and man is shooting at them for 
    some reason. Now you can hear a voice, calling out Strelok, but as this man 
    turns around, his face is hidden and you did not get a chance to see him awoke 
    Now Lab x18 was not fun, all those nasty monsters should not even exist. The 
    document was full of technical stuff, and it says something about the Kaimanov 
    emitter, it also take about a lab call lab X16. Apparently, there are quite a 
    lot of experiment going on both labs, test subjects were subjected to a psi-
    emission and their Brain was fried. Whatever it is, hopefully there is answer
    in Lab x16.
                                End of storyline
    Now, you are awake, you can hear on your radio, someone are coming, there are 
    few teams of military guys here, now becareful, these guys are well armed, but 
    they won't have better weapon than your Obokan. Take care not to fight multiple
    of them at once. Just exit the door now, and slowly advance to your level above
    you. When you get to the top of level, be ready for a fire fight, there will be
    a military guy waiting for you, take him out. 
    Note: make sure you do headshots, I know those elite troops have seriously 
    strong armor, takes many headshots to kill, I loaded about 40 rounds into one 
    and killed him, also my gun jammed twice in the process.
    There will be a few more, waiting for you, throw a grenade to smoke one of two 
    of them out, make sure you hide or strafe around don’t get cornered. Check your
    mini-map and contact list to see how many of them are there.  Now, move out the
    security door, and turn left, then go all the way up the stairs again. Watch
    out there is another trooper on the top, take him out and exit the lab. 
    Still more troops and bandits out there, just be careful, take them one at a
    time, do not be a quick Hero. However, the troops are not allied with the 
    Bandits, so you may let them fight out. There will be a lot of military guys, I
    suggest you make a run for it, if you can not take all of them out.
    The trader will tell you to go the path to the south, follow the map, head out 
    the building the way you came in, and head south, over a bridge, do not mark 
    around, there are a lot of radiations here. Now, follow the path and you can to
                          4.10 Gordon, again, after Lab X18
    Now, you remember this place, the place close to Bandit camp and where you find
    the perfect suit. Now run all the way back to the trader, just head south. You 
    have to pay the military guys again if you want go through, you can just sneak
    pass them. Now go to the trader and he will offer you some money. You can go
    back to the bar. If you want to do the special mission, and the mission Fanatic
    offers you read below.
    Extra mission, Fanatic's mission, kill the Mercs
    Talk to Fanatic and get the mission, he tells you that the mercs are coming and
    are trying to storm the camp. He wants your help, because he fears that is 
    rookies can not fight against the well-trained Merc. The merc ain't so hard, 
    there is about 5 of them. Now, they come in a group, so stay low, around the 
    houses, and sniper them down. It should not be a problem. If you do not have a
    scope, just throw a few grenades and take them out with your Obokan. They are 
    not so difficult for now.
                              End extra mission.
    Special mission: get information on the military operation to the northern part
    of the zone.
    You best do this mission at night, where there is only two guards, try like 
    after 10:00pm (22:00), it is up to you. If you choice to do this in the morning
    there will be about a dozen military guys, and they will have the protection of
    their barriers against you, so be aware. There will also be a loud speak going
    off, something like "Do not enter, this is a restricted area, get out of our 
    area". So you have two options:
    1. Go in daylight, now just be aware they are going to be at least a dozen 
    military guys here, some are elite troops. Keep distance, I mean do not go so
    close to the camp outpost or else you might end up been surrounded by many 
    I suggest you try throw a grenade or so to smoke them out. Then, they 
    may or may not start shoting at you, moving out and expose their positions. If
    you have the scoped Obokan, take the closest trooper out, remember to aim for 
    the head or the upper torso. Use the trees and the bushes to cover yourself. It
    is important to know that even though there is alot of elite troops, their 
    weapon is no more superior than yours, they mostly have AKm 74/2U, or AKm 74/2
    2. Go in at night, and sneak behind enemy lines, there is very few guards late
    at night, maybe they all sleeping. Anyway, just sneak in side the building, 
    keeping cough position and move towards the barriers, use the barriers as a
    shield. Now, once your inside, stay low and be careful not to get detected. 
    Alternatively, you may take out the few remaining guards and then go inside 
    the barriers.
    Ok, so you are inside the barrier, turn left into what appear as another gate
    Go around it, enter one of the houses, you will see some beds, and there are 
    some medikits and bandage on the draw next to the bed. Keep going into another
    room, there should be a TV, lol, TV is displaying someone playing what appears
    to be the same game as you, also looks a bit laggy. Now, the briefcase with the
    information should be on the draw to your right. Get it, and move out, go back 
    to the trader and he will reward you.
    This is from Jack: somehow for me, the military guys just moved out their camp 
    in a huge group, and I let them walk out far enough, so they are away from the 
    protection fo their barriers. I throw a few grenades, which took out about 3-4 
    of them, and then my Obokan did the rest, stay distance, use your scope and the
    aurracy of your rifle as a advantage to you. It is important you take it easy 
    here, one at time, slowly wear each of them out. I know those elite troops have
    some serious head armor, you need many close range headshots to bring them down
                       End of special mission for the trader
    Ok, you can now go back to the bar, keep going north passes the broken down 
    train, you may have to pay the military again, or you can sneak pass them. 
    Now, keep running north, to the Garbage and then to the Duty outpost, and.
    finally north to the Bar.
    Now, you are about half way to the end of the game, take a break, and relax a 
    little more, there is gona be a lot more tough work left. 
                          4.11 The bar, again, after Lab x18
    Now, you are at the bar again, you may visit the Arena if you wish, I will list
    the Arena fighting later in section 9.0 (under Arnie in section 10.1).
    Go to the Bar keeper, and he will give you a big reward and offer you some 
    useful information, he will tell you that the Brain scorcher, which apparently 
    boils people's brain or convert them to mindless killers are in fact MAN-MADE. 
    It was made in Lab x18, a experimental Kaimanov Psi-emission device. This lab 
    X18 made a reference to Lab X16, close to Lake Yantar where some scientist have
    set up mobile labs to study the emission. Lab X16 may contain more information 
    on the psi-emission. 
    New mission: find document in Lab X16
    Now, you have to go to Lake Yantar, but first you need to make your way to 
    Rostok, Wild Territory. Now, I suggest you stock up some supply, ammo and you
    may take the mission from the Hunter to get the family rifle (this mission has
    no time limit, but we can do it now). Do not take the mission from snitch yet,
    take it after you finish with lab X16.
    Ok, exit the bar, and go pass the Arean, then turn left down a set of stair, 
    then turn right, head straight, and turn left and you will see another set of 
    stairs and then go up and you will see a large door that is open go through. 
    Then head straight into Wild Territory, do not go the Warehouse area yet.
                            4.12 Rostok, Wild Territory
    	Weapons : Trs 301, a very good, fast action, high ergonomcs, easy handling
    rifle, powerful and has good damage, fire rate and also accuracy. This is a 
    NATO,0.22 caliber rifle. You can attach a NATO scope to it, just equip the 
    weapon and then move the scope onto the weapon. You may also attach a grenade 
    launcher on this.
    	New handgun: black kite, a huge 0.45 caliber handgun. SIPT M200, new 0.45 
    caliber handgun, you can get this when you revisit wild territory again from 
    some bandits.
    	New weapon: Big Ben, much like the black kite, it is very powerful, but it
    uses rifle rounds, very inaccurate handgun. You find this the same place you 
    getthe black kite. However, this weapon seem to be appearing at random.
    Note: Big Ben may or may not appear, depending on game difficulty level.
    	New weapon: CGI 5k, a good rifle, it is really easy on the recoil and 
    pretty powerful too. I like it, you may only get this weapon by re-visiting the
    wild territory again, I suggest to go to Yantar for a while, then come back and
    you be able to get this weapon. You can also get some NATO scopes, but you may 
    not attach the NATO scope on this weapon.
    	Item: Medi kit, diet food, bandage, can food, pistol ammo, shotgun ammo,
    rifle ammo.
    	Anomalies:  electro, lots of them around, watch them, fruit punch, inside
    some buildings.
            Artifacts: Fire ball, lots of them here. They are all on the ground.
            Artifacts: Slug, Mica. Mica is rare, slug is easier to find.
    	Mutants: Blood suckers, just watch out, they might pop out when you least
    expected, they are near the a large orange-brown building.
    There will be a lot of merc's here, and they will be well armed, so you need to
    take care. There is also load of good hidden places to find items, look them up
    on the map, there is some hidden under concrete and some inside houses.
    First start by going straight ahead, and you will hear some radio transmission,
    that some people are knowing you are coming and Wolfhound have order them to 
    take you out. Now, you have to take them out first. Use th scoped obokan to 
    take some merc out, they will be some snipers on the second level. Now, take 
    the sniper with your Obokan, keep distance, one at a time. Alternatively, you
    can go up towards their hiding place and throw a grenade or two in it.
    Once all snipers are gone, 4 of them in total, move in and take out the merc on
    your right, now you can take a Trs 301, good rifle, uses Nato rounds, high 
    damage/firing rate, also very light. Go up the stairs if you want some supply,
    and you can also get some more scope if you need. Now, go down the stair when
    you done. Go pass a truck, and there will be more merc waiting for you, just
    watch out, they have good weapons and they work for Wolfhound.
    You can hear the radio transmission, that you took out all the sniper by 
    yourself, and more mercs are coming, there is two merc shooting at you. Now, if
    you use the scope you can see a barrel, shot the barrel till it explode. (make
    sure you strafe, do not get hit too often). There is a sniper all the way up 
    the tower, take him out if you want. You can also see a chopper coming, and it
    is going to help you take out the merc, sadly, the chopper soon went down. 
    Now, keep moving ahead, passes a few houses, and you will hear someone calling
    help, the scientist need your help. go Help them, you will need their help 
    later on. DO NOT SHOT THE SCIENTIST, there will be a lot of mercs, so be ready
    for a fire fight. Go pass what appear to be a broken down train, and keep 
    moving, and you will see the mercs. 
    Start shooting, now there will be about half a dozen mercs, and watch your 
    back,they may ambush you, start taking them out, they will move towards the 
    scientists. So, follow them, you will now be into a field where the crashed 
    heli is, take out all the mercs I suggest you use the Trs 301. The scientist
    also have dropped some Il 86, you can use those also. Once all the mercs are
    taken care off, you may go to Professor Kurglov, he will be at the end. 
    Before you do that, if you taken the family rifle mission from the hunter or,
    if you just want another good weapon, following the guide below.
      Additional mission/extra weapon, family rifle, skip if you not interested
    By the crashed helicopter, go left, you will see a trail of dead scientist, and
    there will also be a large ramp going down. Go down the ramp, and there will be
    load of electro, there are everywhere, so watch out, use the cars as shields 
    jump onto them. First jump onto the nearest car to avoid the electro, then keep
    going, and you will see a dead body, now the rifle is close. Jump onto the 
    broken car and a wooden drum, and then onto the dead body. 
    Check the body and you will get a massive handgun, called the black kite. This
    is a 0.45 Magnum, and uses 0.45 rounds, expensive handgun, can do a lot of 
    damage, but very inaccurate and the recoil make this weapon a little silly to 
    use. Now, once you got to the dead body, there will be two what appear to be 
    containers. There will be one that you can enter, and one you cannot enter as 
    yet. Enter the contain you can go in, and break the box, you may or may not get
    a Big BEN handgun. It seem to appear at random. This is much like the black 
    kite, except it is more powerful and uses rifle ammo, lol.
    Now, the family rifle in the other contain, so move out, watch the electro, 
    quickly run pass it. Then jump again onto the wooden drum and jump onto what 
    appear to be a Vent shaft, with a red engine on its side. Then jump onto the 
    large long container, follow it, and move down to the other side and you will 
    be able to enter it. Go inside and you will be able to get the family rifle. 
    It looks just like a saw-ed off double barrel shotgun. Once you obtain it, just
    move out of there, you can either run pass the electros, you may take some 
    damage or just use the car and junks to jump your way out.
    Note: you may also get another job from the Hunter, to kill the bloodsucker, 
    this should be easy, follow your PDA map and check their location, their 
    location seem to be at random.
                              End 0f extra info
          4.12.1 Back to main mission, help Professor Kurglov to Yantar exit
    When you done looking around. Check your PDA for the location of Kurglov, he 
    will be near the large ramp, but he will on the ground level. He will be hiding
    inside a open gate building, around the corner. Talk to him, and he will ask 
    you for your help to get to Lake Yantar. Since you are going there anyway, 
    might as well give him a ride along. Follow him around the place to Yantar, but
    note that there will be many more Mercs coming around to get you. DO NOT let 
    Kurglov die, or you will regret it. 
    Once you start moving for a while, a few Mercs (3 of them) will start following
    you, throw a grenade to stop their advancing, and then take them down using 
    your Trs 301. Keep moving, and there will be some Merc appear from the 
    destroyed building next to your left, about 4 or 5 Merc will be coming out and
    chasing after you. Throw a few grenades back, 
    I suggest using the defensive grenades and move back quickly as you throw, make
    sure it does not damage the Professor. The Mercs are really going to hunt down 
    the Professor, so better take the Merc out quickly. Alternatively, you can also
    ambush them by staying way behind the Professor. It is up to you, I suggest you
    keep close to him, since once the Merc get to him, they can take the Professor 
    down fast.
    Keep moving, there will be a few Mercs waiting for you to come out, so take all
    of them out and then keep moving by following the Professor, and you will soon 
    come to an underground tunnel, there will be a few fireball-like artifact to 
    collect. But the area is also full of Burning anomalies. I suggest you just 
    make a quick run to the end of the tunnel, make sure you stay in the middle of
    the tunnel on the concrete path, watch out for zombies, heal if you need to. 
    Then, once you are at the end, the Professor will join you. He will thank you 
    for helping him, anf give you his flash disk which contains information about 
    the reasearch done on the PSi-emission device. You may wish to go back to the 
    bar keeper to give him the info, it is up to you. You can also continue your 
    journery to Lake Yantar. The Professor will also give you a environmental suit,
    which will provide you with huge protection against the anomalies. 
    Note: If you want to go back to the wild territory, to get to the bar keeper, 
    there will new enemies, but also new weapons (SGI 5K)  and Trs 301 with NATO 
    scopes. To obtain this NATO scope, you have to take out a few mercs, they will
    be around a large damaged building, which you can go up, remember when you 
    helping Kurglov. 
    There are also mercs at the entrance to the wild territory, close to the 
    snipering area. You have to get the merc, and take their rifle and you can 
    unmount the scope by right clicking. The NATO scope gives a 4 time Zoom in and
    is perfect for your Trs 301 rifle. However, do not expect too much from this 
    rifle, as it won't be much more accurate than the Obokan. But it does have much
    higher fire power. 
    This is from jack: Before you talk to Professor Kurglov, you can in fact take 
    out some of the merc, they will be around a building and there are some mercs 
    up there. You can go around and up the building and shot them down. So you 
    won't have to worry about them later on. SOme mercs you can not take out, they
    seem to be spot spawned, which means they only come out after you have talk to
    Professor Kurglov.
    The Professor will give you some useful information, below is a summary of the 
    The Professor is a biology scientist and was here to study the zone, document 
    the zone itself, new species of Mutant animal and studying them. He has also 
    helped many stalker survive in the zone, and was transporting the latest 
    research via a Heli to Lake Yantar.
    The zone is a great gift to humanity because of its scientific value, new 
    medicines and technology can be created from the zone because of the zone's 
    secrets and everything should be studied and documented. There is also a lab 
    near Lake Yantar, and it is close to Lab X16, a scientist there should be able
    to help you about Lab X16.
    Now, you may encounter some zombie stalkers, here is some useful info below 
    about them.
          Extra info on the zombie faction, skip if you not interested
    The zombified stalkers are ordinary stalkers which have been subjected to the 
    Psi-emission, this emission cause the human brain to lose the ability of 
    rational thoughts and becoming zombie-like. These stalkers do not show relent 
    until either their enemies are slain or they themselves have fallen. 
    Zombie stalkers are probably the only, and the easiest stalker to use a knife
    to kill. They are slow and will not duck when shot at, you can rush them 
    with your knife if you want. But, you must also remember that when they are 
    4 - 5 of them around, knife is not a good choice of weapon unless you want to
    become a corpse quickly. Sometimes, zombies may take 2 knife hits to take down,
    this is noted at higher difficulty and if this does happen. Do remember to 
    strafe and move around, DO not tank rifle or shotgun rounds. Burning lead 
    doesn't taste very nice.
                       End of extra info on the zombie faction
                       4.13 Lake Yantar (find the document in Lab x16)
    	Weapons : Now, you can buy IL 86 rifles, and NATO rifle rounds. 
    	New weapon: Chaser 13, a good shotgun, appear to be semi-auto, now this 
    shotgun holds 6 rounds, use if you know how 	to use shotgun. I do not like it 
    that much, but Jack uses it often.
    	Item: Medi kit, diet food, bandage, can food , pistol ammo, shotgun ammo, 
    rifle ammo.
    IMPORTANT: remember when I tell you check the body of dead Mutants, they leave 
    some goodies and you cannot sell to anyone, now you can sell to the scientist. 
    They pay well for them, if you need money here is the chance.
    	Anomalies: Burner, you just cannot see them in this dark lab, be careful!
    	Mutants: Snorks, lots of them around the lake.
    	New armor: Eco-suit, offers the best protection against anomalies. 
    	New armor: healing Beril, offers huge protection against bullets, but
    has little defense against anomalies. But it speed up the healing of wounds, 
    good suit if you can avoid anomalies. It is near the entrance to Lab x16, on a 
    dead soldier’s body. You can do a job, later, and give this suit to the 
    leader of Freedom (Lukash).
    	Artifacts: Lots of fire balls, especially around the Psi-emitter.
          Extra info on the mobile science lab, skip if you not interested
    The mobile science lab is a small bunker with small tilted windows. It is 
    completely sealed and air-tight, with food and water to last a few month. The 
    lab is used commonly by the Zone’s scientist to study their surrounding 
    environment. The bunker is heavy shielded, and can protect itself against 
    harmful radiation, anomalies and various other harmful environmental traps, 
    such as the Psi-emission. As well as the protection the bunker offers, it is 
    also packed with important scientific equipment and instrumentation for field 
    experiments and to study important areas of the zone.
    The scientist are good guys, they are here to help you complete your missions 
    and help you find out more about the zone. They offer rare and unique selection
    of equipment and weapons for you to choose from. They are also very interested 
    in the Mutant animal's in the zone, helping them to obtain some important part 
    of the Mutants animal will earn you great rewards.
                              End of extra info 
    Now, when you are at Lake Yantar, do not stay outside for too long, or you may 
    need up like those zombies. I suggest you make your way quickly to the Bunker. 
    Just run straight ahead, ignore the zombies. Now, once you at the lab, talk to 
    the Professor Sakharov and he will ask you about the location of lab x16, and 
    he needs some help with the measurement of the psi-emission, so he may build a 
    prototype to protect people from it. So, you need to help him. 
    New mission: Go now with professor Kurglov and help do the measurements,
    Ok, you just need to follow the professor and help him, take out the zombies. 
    Follow the professor, but protect them, which means you should go a ahead 
    of him. You will go through a tunnel, and there will be two zombies in it, kill
    them, and keep moving. when you are the tunnel, kill the remaining zombies and 
    stay with Kurglov, then something happened, and you will faint. Mmm, after a 
    while you be able to get up again, and you have to get back to the lab now.
    (Note: Try protect Kurglov and do not let him die, at least not before he takes
    the measurement. Or else you will get a not-adjusted prototype.)
    Now, once you back to the lab, talk to the scientist again, he will say that 
    the prototype will give you maximum protection, but the lab's emitter must be 
    shut down, or else even the prototype cannot protect you forever. Vasiliev
    knows where the lab entrance is, he and a stalker called Ghost went into the 
    Lab, but Vasiliev failed to come back, his signal disappeared near the lake and
    he is sadly gone too. Now you have to find him. He may have the accurate source
    of info on the lab X16 entrance and also contains other important information
    on Ghost, Ghost seem to know a lot about Lab x16, and maybe he is still in 
    there or maybe he is still alive somewhere else. 
    You have to go around the bunker to find Vasiliev's body, keep going around 
    Ytill you get to the lake, there is a lot of snorks around, about 7 or 8, keep
    distance and move side to side or backwards, remember to search their body 
    afterwards. Make sure you shot them when they come close. Take out the zombie.
    You should see a large crashed Heli, go close to there, and watch out the 
    zombies and the snorks. There you will find Vasiliev body, he looks like a dead
    Once you find, it go and search his body for goodies. and you may find more 
    information about the lab and ghost. Below is the information:
              Extra information/storyline, skip if you not interested
    Vasiliev and ghost has found the exact source of the emission and are going to 
    deactivate it. He and ghost makes into the lab and when they are about to move 
    in. Ghost suddenly went mad, maybe he is gotten effected by the psi-emission. 
    Vasiliev left ghost in the lab, and trying to get out, he is at the swamps, but
    the zombies are everywhere. He cannot find the bunker and he cannot get help. 
    He is almost out of ammo, and the zombies are gaining on him. 
    Ghost has also gone in the lab, it is unlikely I will find him alive. But, I'm
    just one step away from Strelok, the scientist got me a protection device, I 
    hope it work. Well they want me to unplug the emitter, well I can only pray I
    get to it before I become one of them Zombie.
                              End of extra info
    Ok, once you got the info, you can return back to the bunker and stock up some 
    supply, ammo and some food. Now it is time to head to Lab X16. Get yourself out
    the bunker when ready, and now you can spend as much time out there as you like
    since you have protection. Move straight a head out of bunker and then move 
    into the tunnel where you took the measurement, and then turn left, and you 
    should see the lab, there should be a entrance, by the gate. Move in and get 
    ready for some zombies. Check your PDA map, if you cannot find it.
    Look at all the dead bodies, what a pity. Ok, go pass the barrier and take out 
    the zombies, then go pass the truck, move head bodies, keep moving and you will
    come to another set of barrier/concrete blocks. Watch the zombies to your right
    and a head of you, there is about dozen of them here. (There is a large 
    warehouse on your left, nothing in there but some boxes you can destroy.) There
    is also some snorks moving around, watch your mini-map. Now keep going ahead, 
    and you will come to another barrier, behind the large warehouse. There is a 
    soldier lies in there, and you can check his body to get a new armor. Healing 
    Beril. Use it if you like its bulletproof, but offers little protection against
    There is a lot of snorks and zombies around, take it easy, one at a time. 
    Try get rid of the snorks first because they are so annoying. When you take
    them out. Get the zombies, use the concerete blocks, trash bin for cover.
    Also, make sure you watch behind yourself. There will be about half a dozen
    zombies around. Aim for their heads or use a knife when they are reloading.
    Throw a few greandes, if you see a large group of them coming. 
    Once you killed all the zombies. Check your PDA map, LAB X16 should be near by. 
    Now, once you done checking around bodies, keep moving till the end, and you 
    will have to turn right, thenyou should see an armored truck (tank-like thing).
    There will be a door open into a building, go in and follow the stairs all the
    way down to the end and then you should be in Lab X16.
          4.14 Lab X16 (Obtain Lab x16 docuemtn, and turn off the Psi-emission)
    	New Weapons: none
    	Item: Medi kit, diet food, bandage, can food , pistol ammo, shotgun ammo,
    rifle ammo, viper ammo. VLA and Vintar rifle round, 9*39mm. VOG-25R grenades, 
    in boxes if you are lucky. These are for rifle with grenade launchers.
    	IMPORTANT: Remember to check Ghost's body when you get to the end of the 
    lab for his vest, it will be useful.
    	Anomalies: Psi-emission, do stay in critical emission area, you should get
    a clock timer. Burner fire anomalies, they are everywhere, watch out for them
    	Mutants: Snorks, lots of them around the lake.
    Note: Lab X16 are packed with Mutant monsters and zombies, I suggest you take 
    It easy, a bit by a bit. You may want to equip the shotgun, it will be very 
    effective against some of the monsters running around. But, do note, you only 
    have 6 rounds before you have to seriously think about reloading. If you do not
    know how to use the shotgun, as I find it a little difficult sometimes, due to
    the large areal scatter pattern, and massive recoil/reloading time. I suggest 
    you stick with your rifle and grenades. There is also some Burner anomalies, 
    better watch them out, carry an eco-suit with you. 
    Now, beginning by going all the way down the stairs, and you should see some 
    zombies, take them out and keep moving ahead. Lab x16 is very dark, I suggest 
    you turn on flash light or night vision. There will be some strong emissions, 
    just watch out, and remember about the timer. Move forwards, the lift doesn't
    work. There is a set of stairs on your right, climb down and keep climbing down
    till you hit the bottom level. Man, lots of dead bodies around, move ahead once
    you get to the bottom. (there should be 4 stairs to climb down).
    Keep going pass the fence, there will be 2-3 snorks here, watch yourself, and 
    two zombies above your head. Once you take them out, keep moving forward. (do 
    not worry about the stairs it is of no concern to you). Now you will be into a 
    rather dark area, move forwards, turn right, and you can see few zombies around
    There will also be a flammable cylinder on the ground, shot it when the zombies
    are close by. It will take care of them. Now on your left will be a room with 
    some boxes, break them if you like for some items. Look all the dead bodies,
    lots of them, sadly you cannot loot those bodies.
    When you done, keep going a head, on your right, is a room with fire and there 
    is boxes and some light blue boxes on the shelf, break them for items, you may 
    get ammo grenades or artifact. Keep moving a head, on your left. Then you will 
    come to a fence with stairs. Watch there are 3 snorks here, do not fight them 
    all at the same time. Just keep your distance. Keep in mind, they can leap huge
    distances and they do a lot of damage if you get hit by their leaps.
    [Note: you may get some Sp6- ammo or some PAB-9 ammo from the boxes you break 
    (9*39mm), these are for a rlife later on, thunder S14 and VLA assualt rifle, 
    Vintar special sniper rifle (the same rifle that killed Fang). Keep those 
    rounds. They are useful later.]
    Once the snorks are dead, go down the stairs, and follow it to another set of 
    stairs down. Then, you will see a big device, there will be three modules to 
    turn off. Each of them are on different levels. Now, you will have a time limit
    but don't worry there will be plenty of time. Just watch it out for the zombies
    and the fact that there is critical emission. You got about 4 minutes. Try not
    to take too long, if the timer runs out, just run to where you started and
    the timer should reset.
    One you are down the stair, go close to the big machine, turn right and on to a
    path way, go all the way to the end, it will be the first module. Turn the 
    machine off, you will see the level and use the action button to do it. Now, 
    take care of the zombies. Ignore the ladder going down and the shaking screen, 
    keep going up the stair, the second module is on this level. Go all the way to 
    the end and turn the machine off, then go up the third level of stair (watch 
    out anomalies). Take out the zombies, turn right, then turn left, then go all 
    the way to the end, and turn the machine off again. Now all three modules are 
    Go up to the final level, turn right, into a big control room and turn off the
    psi-emission machine. And now your objective are partly completed. Move out of
    the control room, and what the?! You fainted again. 
                       Storyline skip if you not interested
    There appear to be an Old man, and a dog, and he said where did you get this 
    photo from. He also called out Strelok, and the man in the hood may have been 
    Strelok, hard to say. Then the old man, also said one day you will finish badly
    and a man comes into the old man's house with blood all over his face. The old 
    man manage to save him, and the could-be Strelok guy just simply walks out and 
    goes away. The photo appear to be a large power plant of some kind. Same power 
    plant as the dream before?! Who is that old man? Is that younger man Strelok?
                              End of the storyline
    Ok once you wake up, keep going, you have to go up a set of stairs, watch the 
    anomalies and keep going. Take out about 4 or 5 zombies. Move a head and turn 
    left, then turn right, go into a appear to be an opening security door, Oh man
    What is that, that dizziness. Look OUT it is a controller, take him out fast
    aim for the head and shot him with everything you got before he gets you. 
    Ok, once you took him out, check the dead body a head of you. Look at Ghost’s 
    body, I highly recommend you take his armor, it like a stalker suit, but heal 
    you fast and you can give to the scientists as a job to trade for a very good 
    armor later (SSP-99M). or you can use it, basically it is like a stalker suit 
    and it heals you like if you have an extra chuck of meat on yourself.
                      Storyline skip if you not interested
    Ghost manages to get into the get inside the lab, and he also talks about a 
    fourth man in Strelok's group. He isn't very happy about this mission. Vasiliev
    and Ghost almost got to the control room, but Vasiliev ran off (or did ghost
    go crazy, either way). Ghost feels like he is been betrayed and tries to make 
    it out on his own. Sadly he did not make it.
    There appear to be some kind of a puzzle here, the photo attached which says 
    kill Strelok has Ghost's face on it, what the?! Someone must made some kind of 
    a big mistake, there is a fourth man called the Doctor, and he can be found 
    from the Guide. Guide goes to Gordon often. Well there is also a psi-brain 
    document on ghost's body. There is another Lab x19, which could be the Brain 
    scorcher and it is has a bigger device. But, the device does not always operate
    at full strength, sometimes it has cool down time.
                              End of the storyline
    New mission: Talk to the Guide.
    New mission: get out the lab, go through the secret tunnel and then talk to 
    Now, you can look around for items breaking a boxes. When you are done, go to 
    the end of the room, where there is a machine, then move into the fenced area 
    on your right, it will have a crack in it and you can jump down. You be in a 
    underground room with some pipes, move ahead, and to your left will be a broken
    railing, move there and you will jump down and you are out of Lab X16. Thank 
    goodness for that.
                              4.15 Lake Yantar-revisit
    	New Weapons : Thunder S14, you may get this when you go back the 
    scientists. Good assault rifle, compact, light and powerful, and has a grenade 
    launcher, but can only carry 20 rounds. Check the weapon guide if you want more 
    info on this weapon.
    	Item: Medi kit, diet food, bandage, can food , pistol ammo, shotgun ammo, 
    rifle ammo, viper ammo. VLA and Vintar rifle round, 9*39mm. VOG-25R grenades in
    boxes if you are lucky. These are for rifle with grenade launchers.
    	IMPORTANT: Remember to check Ghost's body when you get to the end of the 
    lab for his vest, it will be useful.
    	Anomalies: Psi-emission, do stay in critical emission area, you should get
    a clock timer. Burner fire anomalies, they are everywhere, watch out for them
    	Mutants: Pesudogaint, you will meet on in the tunnel.
    	New artifact: spring, very rare, it adds 30% to impact, so when you jump 
    off height you don't get damaged too much. I will tell you how to find this 
    artifact in the walkthrough.
    	New artifact: battery, very rare, it adds 30% to electrical, so when you 
    jump into electro, it won't damage you as badly.
    Now, you will be in the tunnel, keep moving, ahead, pass some junk, take care 
    of the 2 snorks, and you can hear some gun fire above you. Don’t worry about it
    just keep moving ahead, all the way till the end, and you can see a fire coming
    out the wall, now turn left and into another path, and move a head. Now, turn 
    right and watch the zombies, then move ahead, there will be 2 more snorks and 
    zombies here. Take them out, and keep moving. You will come to an intersection,
    a path ahead, a path on your left and right. The path on your right is blocked 
    so you can't go there. Now path ahead, Look out a pesudogaint, fire!
    You have two options, you the path a head, or on your left.
    If you go straight a head, then turn right to where a gate is been broken and 
    then move out the gate.
    If you go left, and then keep going, you have to turn right, all the other path
    are blocked, then keep going. Turn left out, you be end up in the same area if 
    you go straight.
    So, either way you have to go through the broken gate. Keep moving. At the 
    end there will be a ladder up , you know what to do, go up the ladder and 
    then up a set of stairs, where the stair handle is broken, jump down.  You 
    will hear a radio transmission from the scientist, and You can see some Helis 
    in the sky, do not worry there are friendly. Now run to the bunker, so you can
    have some rest and stock up supply. There is going to be a long way to go. 
    Anyway, job well done, you are out of lab X16. 
    IMPORTANT: I highly recommend you give ghost's suit to the scientist, you will 
    get a SSP-99M suit, which is the best suit in the game at least it is to me. It
    is slightly better than the SEVA suit, as it provide more protection against 
    anomalies. it is also a lot lighter than the SEVA suit.
    OK, you may get another job from the scientist and you can now buy a new rifle.
    The thunder S14, it is very powerful, and also has a grenade launcher which use
    VG-25 grenades and VG-25R grenades. You may have obtained some of those from 
    Borov's place (lab X18, dark valley that is) and some from Lab X16. If you do 
    not have any, do not worry there is a mission where you can get about half a 
    dozen of those grenades.
    You may also buy an SEVA suit I think, get it if you didn't take Ghost's suit. 
    You can also find one in wild territory, but if you don't want to then just buy
          Special items: spring/battery artifact, skip if not interested
    IMPORTANT: You may only get the item Spring from this hide out if you killed 
    Smartass, a neutral stalker in Army warehouses, you can get a job from Badly in
    the bar to do it.
    To get the spring artifact, you have to go out the Bunker entrance, go out the 
    fenced, and then turn right, and move along the side of a hill, do not go too 
    far up the hill, just stay in the middle. Keep moving and you can see a cross. 
    Click on the cross using the action button. You should get a spring artifact. 
    useful for if you jumping off heights. It also sells for a good price. If you 
    can't find it, it should be marked on your map.
    If you want a battery artifact, you have to go out the bunker door, then turn 
    left, and you will see some steel beams, go around the beam. In one of the end
    there is a stash, click on it for some battery artifact, useful against 
    electrical attacks.
    IMPORTANT note: you may or may not get these items, it seem to be dependant on 
    how far you into the game. If you can't find it, then have a look into them 
    WARNING: Jack and I found out a bug when equipping the Spring artifact, if you 
    equipped it, it causes your game to crash sometimes. So becareful when using it
                              End of extra info
    OK, now you can do the Job for the scientist, take out the snorks they will be 
    around the lake, there will be about half of dozen of them be careful or just 
    go to the Bar tender.
                4.16.1 Rostok- Wild territory revisit after Lab X16
    New weapons: SGI 5k, a good rifle, it is really easy on the recoil and pretty 
    powerful too. I like it, you may only get this weapon by re-visiting the wild 
    territory again, I suggest to go to Yantar for a while, then come back and you 
    be able to get this weapon. You can also get some NATO scopes, but you may not 
    attach the NATO scope on this weapon. 
    New weapon: Il 86, Gp 37 and Trs 301 grenade launcher, ok, you can find this 
    There are some goodies around here, there are some snipers up building, you 
    can run straight to the bar or mark around for a while. Make sure you take the
    scope from the snipers' weapon when you kill them. There are also some dogs, 
    take care.
    Make sure you check the Hidden location below, if you want an SEVA suit and a 
    M203 grenade launcher, there is also a lot of hidden areas on the map, check 
    them out if you want or else just keep going to the bar.
                          !!! Hidden location for SEVA suit!!!
    !VERY IMPORTANT for those who want the SEVA suit (one of the best armor),read
    below if you are interested!
    ! YOU can buy the SEVA suit from the scientist. So, skip if you not interested
    Note: you have to check the body of a zombie in the tunnel with the Burner
    anomalies to obtain this hide out.
    To do this I suggest you have some negative radiation artifact, like fire 
    ball or crystal thorn, make sure you got about 3-4 there is some around the 
    place you can pick up. Anyway this is from Jack, he discovered this.
    This is from Jack: By the train, there is a orange-brown building, large and 
    barred up, and you see a opening window, but you can't seem to get in there 
    through that way. Or at least I wasn't able to. Anyway, but there is another 
    route to get inside that house. This is how you do it. First by going towards a
    ladder, it should close to the house, and also close to the train. Jump up and
    climb the ladder and get to the top and then jump onto the roof. 
    Now you be able to jump onto the roof of the barred up building, orange-brown 
    one (you can also use the pipes if you can't jump on it directly). You can walk
    around the top of the building and see a massive crack. now DO NOT JUMP IN YET!
    Now, it is best you have the eco-environment suit on, if you don't have, then 
    put on the duty/stalker suit and make sure you have few (2 or 3) fire ball 
    equipment and some anti-radiation Medi. Now, jump down carefully, you may land 
    in a hole, and you can't get out. If that happens reload the game, and try 
    another jump, make sure you aim your jump into the house, not the hole. Now, 
    once you are in, make your way quickly through all the rooms. (if you have the 
    eco-suit don't worry, radiation won't get you as long as you have one fireball)
    Now, there will be a room on your right I think, it contains a safe box, look 
    In the safe, oh yeah, an SEVA suit, expensive and one of the best suit in the 
    game. It is like a combination of the duty armor and the eco-suit. Cool.
    Now, you may wonder, how to get out of here, the radiation is killing me. Ok, 
    there will be another room, which has a little wooden box, and an window 
    unbarred, jump onto the little wooden box, and then onto the window, and use 
    lower couch to get yourself out. If you can't find anything do not panic, just
    save the game, then go around all the rooms, till you find it, remember the 
    location. Then reload the game and get it. 30k gold this SEVA baby worth, haha,
    happy now?  
    WARNING: You may or may not get the suit in your game, I suggest you do not 
    panic if you click on the safe and you do not see the suit. It seems to depend
    on whether or not you pick up a secret hide out information from a zombie 
    stalker in the Burner anomalies tunnel.
                              End of Hidden location info
          Below is the info on how to get the M203 grenade launcher
    IMPORTANT for those who want a grenade launcher (M203) for their Trs 301,  
    This is from Jack: ok, what you have to do, is go inside a garage, it should be
    after you take out the first wave of sniper guys, the Garage has a lot of 
    anomalies in it, fruit punch, and burner, you have to go inside and go to the 
    end of the garage, and in the corner to your left, there is a box, check inside
    and you get a grenade launcher for your TRs 301, you can also put on IL 86, SGI
    5K, and some grenades, M209 grenades. You may not use the M209 grenades with 
    your thunder S14.
    WARNING: this grenade launcher may or may not appear in the game, it all depend
    on where you at in the game. If you find the box empty, come back later when 
    you progress deeper into the game. You seem to have to kill a certain merc to 
    get this hideout.
    End of extra info
                       4.16.2 The Bar- Revisit after Lab X16
    Talk to the bar keeper, and give him the documents. Give him the document and 
    you will get a mission to turn off the brain scorcher.
    New mission: Go to the bunker below the Antenna and turn off the brain scorcher
    There are also mission you can get from Snitch and also missions you can obtain
    from the leader of Duty (General Voronin).
    IMPORTANT: It is up to you if you do the mission "talk to the Guide". But, you 
    have to go back to Gordon and talk to the Guide, It is !very important! you do 
    that to unlock special part of the ending. (However if you not interest in it, 
    Skip section 4.16.3 and 4.16.4)
    I suggest you take the mission from Snitch, it will give you a very good reward 
    a Mama's bead. 
    Go to the leader of duty (general Voronin) and he will give you some special 
    mission: Get the bulldog 6 grenade launcher. Now you have to go to the freedom 
    camp and make sure you bring at least 5 bottles of Vodka, you will have to talk
    to the Chef make him drunk to get the location of the Bulldog 6. He also warns 
    you a duty member named Skull will attack the freedom camp without any 
    authorization, do not get into the fight just get the Bulldog 6.
    Note: you may get other job from general Voronin, I'm going to list all of them
    here, the Job I recommend you do is to find the enhanced rifle. you get good 
    reward at the end.  
                           4.16.3 Gordon, talk to the Guide
    VERY IMPORTANT: talk to the guide will unlock special endings, if you want to 
    Go back to Gordon. Skip if not interested
    Now you may want to go back to Gordon and talk to the Guide, I suggest you do 
    this if you want to unlock a special part of the ending. So, now you have to go
    back to Gordon, go pass the Garbage and then keep going till you see the Guide 
    on the PDA map, he will be in one of the houses that Fox was in (remember that 
    injured guys called Fox?). Talk to him and you will find out that the fourth 
    member, the Doctor is in Strelok's hideout, oh remember that Hideout in the 
    Agroprom tunnel You have to go there now. (you can also visit the Trader for 
    some mission if you want).
    You can read the local folklore, which tells you that Guide is one of the 
    Stalker which been to the centre of zone, he is experienced and has gone pass 
    the Red forest where the Brain scorcher lies.
                              4.16.4 Agroprom tunnel
    Go to Agroprom now, and you can either go through Mole's tunnel entrance or use
    the other entrance in the Agroprom research institute, the Bandits and the 
    military are back. So take it easy on them, just shot them down if you have to.
    Then go to Strelok's hide out, remember that little pipe hole. Check section 
    4.4 if you forgotten. Suddenly you will faint, and then Doctor will wake you up
    "Strelok, come on wakeup, what the hell is wrong with you, have you lost your 
    memory or something," doctor says. So, you are Strelok after all, what a 
    surprise. My goodness, the doctor is also telling you that the monolith is just
    an illusion, manufactured by a Lab deep in the Chernobyl Power planet. There is
    something about a Decoder in Pripyat. The doctor has given you the location and
    the key to that place. Now, Pripyat Hotel, will be very far away and do not go 
    there yet. Now return to the Bar and we will have to disable the Brain scorcher
    By the way, if you haven't worked out yet, you cannot complete your primary 
    objective, because you ARE STRELOK, and kill yourself means game over, it is 
    funny isn't it?! SO technically, every time you get gun down or blow up by your
    enemies, you completed your mission...
    Wait a sec, the old man in your second dream, is that the doctor?! They sure 
    look alike.
    Now get yourself back to the Bar, because you got to get that brain scorcher 
    turned off.
    End of talk to the Guide/doctor mission
    Ok, Now we can head towards the Warehouse area, where the Freedom camps are. DO
    NOT GO TO Pripyat yet, as you will need to go there later.
                        4.17 Army Warehouses- Freedom faction camp
    	New Weapons : Bulldog 6 Grenade Launcher, this is very powerful weapon. 
    You may get this from a mission, you need to return this weapon to the Duty 
    leader. Check section 6.0 for more detail.
    	New weapon: SVU mk2, you may only get this if you kill the Freedom tower 
    	Special weapon: lightened IL 86, if you take the mission from Snitch, you 
    can kill master stalker, he would have a lightened IL 86, it is like a IL 86, 
    except much lighter.
    	Special weapon: balanced IL 86, just like the iL 86, except less recoil 
    and more accurate. You can get this from killing one of the neutral stalker, 
    named scarecrow.
    	Special weapon: sniper Trs 301, if you take the mission from the leader of
    Duty (Voronin), you have to return this rifle to him. It is a special Trs 301, 
    that can be used for snipering, low recoil, very good weapon. You can do a job 
    for the Leader of Duty for a Vintar sniper rifle. 
    	New weapon: Gp 37, you maybe able to get this in a Special hideout in the
    back of a trailer car (train cart).  It has rapid firing, and burst shot scope 
    mode. Also can attach a grenade launcher, M203.(I cannot seem to attach the 
    grenade launcher, even thought it is said, it is fro the GP 37). 
    You may also buy this rifle from the freedom trader Skinflint, if you become 
    friendly with freedom and finished all the mission Lukash (freedom leader ask 
    you to do).Check section 6.0 for more detail. When some freedom soldiers get 
    killed, they leave you with this rifle too.
    	New weapon; VLA special assault rifle, you get this when you are 
    protecting the barrier from the Monolith. Good rifle, noiseless and flameless 
    also very powerful.
    	Special weapon: snipering SGI 5K, same as the SGI 5k, except it has a non
    removable scope.
    	Special weapon: Combat chaser, if you killed father Diodor, one of the 
    neutral stalkers with Master, you can get this weapon. it is just like a chaser
    13, except it is a bit more powerful.
             New weapon: SIP-t M200, 0.45 caliber handgun like the UDP compact.
    pretty powerful and accurate. Found when from Mercs, when you kill them.
    	Item: Medi kit, diet food, bandage, can food , pistol ammo, shotgun ammo,
    rifle ammo, viper ammo. VLA and Vintar rifle round, 9*39mm.
    	Anomalies: there appear to be some mines here. Try not to go off the main
    road if you have to, there is a lot of mines here. They like explosives, that 
    will hurt you badly. Electro are also common around the farm.
    	New armor: wind of freedom, light armor, same as the Stalker's suit, but 
    one of the lightest armor.
    	New armor: Guardian of freedom, when you do a job for Leader of freedom, 
    you have to give him the healing Beril and he will give you a guardian of 
    freedom, similar to the Duty armor, a little bit better.
    	Mutants: Boars, flesh, mutated wolf.
    THIS IS IMPORTANT, read below:
    This area the Army Warehouse, there are basically no critical mission here, you
    can skip this entire area if you not interested in doing any missions or Jobs. 
    There are duty and freedom mission here, if you do Duty mission, you will be 
    enemy with freedom. If you do freedom mission, you MAY or MAYNOT become enemy 
    with Duty. It all depends how it is. I suggest you do the Bulldog6 mission, and
    the mission to find the special sniper rifle. It is up to you what you do, if 
    you not interested, skip it all. If you do not do any mission, both Freedom and
    Duty will be neutral to you.
    Ok, if you want do some mission, this is what you do. Keep moving a head, watch
    out there is a fight between freedom and Duty. Wait, do not engage in the fight
    Now, when the freedom are kill, you can talk to Sanya. Depend on what you say, 
    you can get yourself killed or become enemy with him. So, if you want to stay 
    neutral, select, I don't think so, and Something like that. DO NOT select, 
    Difficult to say and then Maybe. You may get killed by them. (Note if you 
    selected difficult to say, then select NO, and you should be safe).
    There are few set of mission to do here, I will start with find the Bulldog 6, 
    then I get to the Freedom and duty mission. Then I get to the less important 
    missions. These mission may get confusing, email me if you do not get something
              4.17.1 OPTIONAL MISSION, Obtain the Bulldog 6. 
    (Note, get about 4-5 bottles of Vokda, before you do this mission)
    Ok, now you have to make your way to the freedom camp, just keep going straight
    and then turn right, talk to the guy in front of the door. His name is Gosha 
    Target. Talk to Gosha, then you will find out where the Chef is. Go a head, and
    you see a Tank, then turn right, go pass a Truck, then go inside the building. 
    Now you talk to the Chef, check your PDA map for his location. Once you get to 
    him, talk to him and Keep on talk to him and feed him with Vodka, till he is 
    really drunk and then ask him about the Bulldog 6. He will tell you, 
    there is two of them, one that the freedom Leader (Lukash) has. The other, is 
    at the Village.
    Now, I suggest you go to the village, do not talk to the freedom leader(Lukash)
    yet. Just keep going to the village and it will be on the main road. Once you 
    are at the village, check your PDA map for the location of the bulldog 6. It 
    will be in one of the houses. Watch out the Blood suckers, there is a few of 
    them around. Head for the location of the Bulldog 6 on the map, and watch out a
    Blood suck comes out a barred up houses. There will be a few barred up houses 
    here, but there should be only one with a cellar. 
    Go into the barred up houses where the blood sucker jumped out of. Go down 
    stairs, and you can get the bulldog6 and loads of grenades. Now, it’s up to you
    whether or not you want to return this to the Leader of Duty (general Voronin).
    You can keep this for a while if you want, cause there is no time limit to 
    complete this mission. 
    Note: the area where the chef is has some room you can enter, one of them room 
    has loads of food on the small table, and if you break the boxes you can get 
    loads of can food too.
    Note, you should note there is a car in the middle of the village, in the car 
    there is some rare artifact called Urchin, it reduces radiation but increases 
    bleeding. (there is a bug with this artifact, in some patches, this reduces 
    bleeding instead increase it, so makes it completely beneficial).
    Note: if you wish to use the bulldog 6, understand you cannot run with this 
    weapon and it is very heavy, also do not get too excited with it or else you 
    might end up blowing yourself into a pool of roasted flesh.( Check section 6.0 
    (a) for more details). There is also a bug with handing back this weapon.
    If you choose to hand back the weapon, your reward would be a PSE-9MD universal
    suit, it is just like the SEVA suit. I still like the SSP-99M suit better. But 
    it is up to you what you do. Whatever you do, after you return the Bulldog6. Go
    back to the warehouses. Below will be some serious mission to do, but they are 
    not important to the storyline.
                              BUG with the bulldog 6
    This is from Jack: there is a small bug with handing back the Bulldog 6, not 
    sure if it works with other weapons. Just before you hand General Voronin the 
    bulldog 6, throw it on the ground somewhere close by. Then talk to General 
    Voronin and click "here is the Bulldog 6". Then you will get your rewards. 
    Then you go to the place where you dropped the Bulldog 6, and you can pick it
    up again. Cool, isn't it.
    WARNING: this trick may or may not work for you, do not panic if it doesn't. 
    Drop me an email on how successful this trick is.
                              End info on the bulldog 6
          4.17.2 Freedom/Duty mission, skip to section 4.17.2 if you not interested
    Below is a list of some serious Duty and Freedom mission, it is up to you what 
    faction you choose to ally yourself with. freedom's mission is easier. Duty's 
    mission is a bit harder, and require you to kill the Freedom leader. Remember 
    what you do will effect you later on, so choose your friends wisely. Later on 
    you may need the Freedom or the Duty guy’s help, or may not. If you do not do 
    any of the following mission, both Duty and Freedom will be neutral to you.
    NOTE: you can be friendly to freedom, even without doing the main mission, you 
    just have to do alot of jobs for the Freedom leader (Lukash). Important job to 
    do: Kill the horde of mutants, kill the merc camp and various other mission, 
    like protect the border. There is a bug with protect border mission, all you 
    have to do is save and reload the game. it will fix it. 
    You may be able to become friend to both freedom and Duty, read section 4.17.3 
    to find out and skip the 4.17.2 below. If you do not care about any of these 
    mission. Then skip section 4.17.2 and 4.17.3. If you just want do some missions
    and become friendly to one faction and do not care your stat to another faction
    then read below:
                              4.17.2 (a)Freedom mission
    Freedom mission is slightly easier, go to Lukash and tell him about the Duty 
    soldiers at the village. He will tell you to eliminate them. 
            New mission 1 (freedom): talk to Max, destroy all the Duty soldiers 
    and then report back to Lukash.
    Well, find Max, he should be with a group of soldiers, they will nearby, check 
    the PDA map, if you cannot find him. Then you can either follow him or go by 
    yourself to the Duty camp. You know where the Dutyer are, they are in a little 
    village close to the entrance of the army warehouses (to the right of the 
    entrance). Check the PDA map if you cannot find it or just follow Max. 
    Once you get there, remember that you will not be targeted or fired upon by the
    Dutyers unless your shots hit them. I suggest you take out as many as Duty 
    soldier first with a few Grenades. The Dutyers are hard if you try to kill them
    by yourself. They have good armor, so try using AP round. Also, throw a few 
    grenades and use the freedom soldiers to distract them. While you can sniper 
    them from behind.
    When all the Dutyer are dead, loot their body and get some food ammo and weapon
    Then, report back to Lukash.
    This is from Jack: I just run into the Duty camp, where all the soldiers are 
    sitting on the ground and throw a few grenades inside, this took out about 3 or
    4 of them, make sure you use defensive grenades. You can also use the RPG, 
    even more effective. 
            New mission 2 (freedom): Lukash thinks there is a snitch in his camp 
    and wants to you to find him and kill him along with his agents. Get to the 
    farmstead, wait for the snitch to get his agents, and kill the snitch, kill the
    agent, and report back to the Lukash. (Note you can decline this mission, you 
    should still be friendly with freedom.)
    This mission is relatively easy, but you have to be very patient, and I suggest
    you do this at night. The farm is not the same farm as the Duty camp,
    It will be further North. Follow the PDA map, basically, when you exit the 
    freedom camp, you can go straight ahead. When you are close to the farm, about
    50 metres  away, slow down and use always couch. Try not to move too close to 
    the snitch (you can see him on the PDA map). 
    Be very patient and wait behind the farm barrier or large concrete blocks, 
    when you are close to the farm. A message will display and you completed the 
    first part of the mission. Move a little closer if the message hasn't displayed
    yet. Just make sure you go slow and stay couched. Now, wait, till the snitch 
    brings out his agent. You will get another message on the screen and it will 
    tell you that you have completed second part of the mission. Now you just have 
    to kill the Snitch. Sneak behind him and pop him in the head.
    Then, the merc agents and three other merc will close in on the farm. Shot them
    down, one at a time, throw a grenade if you want, when you they are all dead. 
    Go back and get your reward, lots of money for it. Lukash will give you another
    mission to do.
             New mission 3 (freedom): Talk to the barrier commander, repel the 
    Monolithian soldiers, then return to the barrier commander and talk to Lukash 
    When you done. (you may decline this mission, this is your last chance to 
    decline it, if you do not want to join freedom).
    	If you want join freedom, accept this mission, and go to the barrier, it 
    should be just North of the camp, you have to keep going straight out of the 
    camp, and then turn right. You will see it, check your PDA map if you cannot 
    find it. Now talk to the commander, he should be standing on a small hill. He 
    ask you help against the Monolithians. 
    There will a dozen or so Monolithian coming out of the barrier, it is up to you
    what you do. However,I suggest you stay behind the barriers to shield yourself 
    and try to sniper down the Monolithians. Do not be the Hero and blindingly 
    charge in, there will be a lot of Monolithian coming out. There will be a few 
    on your right, and about half a dozen coming straight at you. If you have the 
    bulldog 6, you can experiment it on them. Just do not get to excited when using
    Try take them down slowing, throw a few grenades to smoke them out, then sniper
    them down. when you done, you can talk to the barrier commander, and then talk 
    to Lukash. Now you have been accepted as a Freedom member. Now you have access 
    to a large trading Menu with Skinflint.
    IMPORTANT: if you accepted this mission, completed it and joined Freedom, you 
    will automatically become the enemy of all Dutyers, and you may not return to 
    the Bar without been shot at. Just be careful.
    Note: If you accepted the mission from Lukash, and you do NOT want to join 
    freedom, just fail the mission, by ignoring the Monolithians attack. As long as
    the barrier commander dies you fail the mission.
    IMPORTANT: you can decline this mission(Select "I'm not up for it yet") and you
    will still be the friend of freedom, and you MAY still be neutral to all the 
    Duty, since Colonel Skull broke the rule by attacking Freedom without 
    authorization. You can still do this mission later on when you go close to the 
    barrier, but just MAKE SURE you DECLINE this mission when talking to Lukash 
    (Freedom leader). As long as you DECLINE this mission with the Lukash, even if 
    you complete the mission later, you will not join Freedom.  	
    Note: Rumor is that if you finish all the job the freedom leader tell you do, 
    you can buy an Exo-skeleton from Skinflint, but you must be a Freedom leader. 
    CAN someone verify or disprove this?
                              End of Freedom mission
                              4.17.2 (b) DUTY mission
          Mission 1 (Duty): Duty mission can be a little more tricky to do, go and
    talk to Skull, he will be in one of the little village just right to the 
    entrance of the army warehouse. Now talk to him, and accept the mission. You 
    have to kill an enemy sniper, you can do this at night.
    Check your PDA map, and you can see the sniper, now you still can go in the 
    freedom camp without been shot at. What you have to do is keep going till you 
    are right under the sniper, go all the up the tower. Then pop the guy in the 
    back of the head with a silenced rifle/handgun. If you do it right, you can 
    still be neutral to all the freedom soldier. Just make sure no one sees you.
    Now, you have to return to Skull, it seems you have a time limit to return to 
    him. Now, just return to him and get your rewards. He has another mission for 
    Note: you must DELCINE the mission, if you do not want to be enemy with freedom
          Mission 2 (Duty): Go back to Skull, and accept the second mission, Kill 
    enemy snipers and then Kill Lukash. Accept this mission make you automatically 
    hostile to all Freedom members. Remember your main objective is to kill Lukash 
    (freedom leader). 
    This is going to be a hard mission, there is a few ways of approaching 
    this mission. Fist by listening to the Dutyer making their little honour stand,
    The Dutyers will blow a hole in Freedom's camp's wall and go in from there. You
    can either follow them. Or you can try your luck at the front gate. Basically 
    there are going to be a lot of Freedom soldiers. I suggest you stick to your 
    main objective that is to Kill Lukash, you can ignore the snipers.
    Note: sometimes, the Dutyer who set up the bomb, somehow dies, if he does the 
    mission is over?! It happen to me once, so remember to save before you do the 
    The bulldog 6 is going to be helpful here, if you still have it, You can try 
    break through the front gate with it and run for Lukash's building. Or you can 
    stick with the Dutyers. You may hear radio call out, that there is a lot of 
    freedom soldiers. The Dutyers have better armor so they less likely to die, 
    so following them give you safety. It is up to you what you do. However, I 
    suggest you try not do everything on your own. 
    This is from Jack: I choose to stick with the Dutyers, basically I just 
    followed them, and there is going to be a lot of freedom soldier coming out. I 
    counted at about 20 soldiers, include a few snipers. Take down the snipers 
    first, pick them off one at a time. You can also go all the way up the sniper 
    tower, and use that to your advantage. Explosives and heavy weapons are useful 
    here. Just make sure you do not kill your own ally. 
    As you move along the main roads of the freedom base, use the boxes to help
    cover yourself, and take advantage of the explosive barrels, shot them. There 
    probably going to be Freedom soldiers coming out from all sides,3 or 4 of them 
    at a time, try be patient and not rush things. if you see a Duty injured, go 
    next to him and give him some medikit and help him out. Try protect Skull, he 
    will be giving your reward.
    When you get close to Lukash's building, use some explosives to clear the
    way, I loaded my RPG, and pop one in front of Lukash's building, and that took
    out loads of Freedom soldiers. Lukash has two body guards or it seems they are,
    they have chasers 13s, so stay out of range. Lukash will be up a set of stairs,
    throw a few grenades up stairs. Then move up, kill him, alternatively you can 
    let your ally taking them out. It doesn't matter who kills Lukash, as long as 
    he is dead. The mission is successful and then return the Duty camp in the 
    little village.
    Now, once Lukash is killed, return to the small village, and get your rewards 
    from skull. I think if Skull is dead, you may not be able to get your reward? 
    Not sure there.
    Once this mission is done, you will be friendly to all Dutyer, but hostile to 
    all Freedom soldiers. 
                              End of Duty missions
                         4.17.3 Friends with both Duty and freedom?
    This is from Jack: well, it is possible to be friends with Duty and freedom. 
    This is how you do it:
    1. First, accept the mission from Skull to kill the Snipers, you have to be 
    very careful when doing this. Basically, you go up the tower, go next to the 
    sniper, and shot them in the head WITH A SILENCED rifle. It has to be silenced,
    best to do it at night. Make sure the other freedom soldiers do NOT see you. 
    Alternatively, you can pre-kill the sniper before going to Skull, not sure if 
    It works or not. Anyway, when you done, make sure all the freedom are still
    neutral to you.
    2. Secondly, when you return to Skull, DO NOT accept the second mission from 
    him, just say some other time. Alternatively, you can just not go back to Skull
    (seem to have a time limit), if you do not go back, you won't get the reward. 
    But it stops you from getting the second mission from Skull, it makes all the 
    freedom camp hostile to you. Just make sure you do Not get the mission Kill 
    Lukash from the Colonel Skull.
    3. Thirdly, quickly go back to Lukash and tell him about the Duty members, 
    and then get the mission from him. Then talk to Max. Then the Duty and freedom 
    will have a big fight. You MUST make SURE Lukash (freedom leader) does not get 
    killed. If he gets kill, then you may not be friends with freedom, and MAKE 
    SURE you do NOT SHOT any Dutyers.
    4. Fourth, make sure all the duty member are kill without directly attacking 
    them, for example, you can stand in front of them and stop them from running 
    away or somehow trap the Duty members and get them killed. DO NOT shot them, or
    else you won't become friends with Duty. Try also protect Skinflint (freedom 
    trader, he can sell you some useful stuff). Also try to be the good guy, you 
    will see people fall on the ground, get injured, help them, this make you more 
    5. Fifth, return to Lukash when all the Dutyer are dead, then do the rest 
    of the mission and you can becomes friendly with Freedom. You should also 
    become friendly with Duty. 
    6. When you done the mission, you can buy more stuff from the Freedom trader,
    just make sure he isn't dead, Skinflint that is. Skinflint can sell you real 
    good stuff, including AP ammos, I also heard he can sell you an Exo-skeleton. 
    Not sure if it is true or not. 
    7. Finally, DO NOT accept the rest of the mission from the Freedom leader, 
    just say No. Do not worry about doing the  Snitch and the Agent mission. Make 
    sure you do Not accept Lukash's finally mission. Just say No. If you say Yes, 
    you will end up joining freedom. That will automatically make you enemy against
    all Dutyer. (I think you can still help out the Barrier commander, You have 
    to decline Lukash, make SURE you check your stat and you are still a Loner).
    Make sure you check the bodies of the dead for goodies and you can get loads
    of secret hide outs.
    Well, I guess that is hard thing to do, but I tried various way and it did work
    for me once. It can be hard to do, but you get good rewards. Just make sure DO 
    NOT shot any Dutyer, and try not to shot Freedom soldiers, except the Snipers.
    Make sure you kill the snipers in silence.
    IMPORTANT: this is another way to become friendly with freedom and Duty, but
    you have to do a lot of jobs for both leader. But, you may not do jobs which 
    requires you to kill either members. So doing jobs like kill neutral stalker, 
    kill mercs, killing mutants. Try NOT to do jobs which requires you to kill Duty
    or freedom members. (Also DO NOT do a job from Duty leader to kill a bandit 
    named poker, he cannot be found sometimes, seem to be a bug?)
    It seems there is a hidden parameter, like if you help out the leaders of each
    faction out with various small jobs. They will become friendly with you. It 
    seems that onces you done enough tasks for them, all their faction member will
    become friendly to you. However, you must be like 4-5 jobs for them. I also 
    think some tasks will earn you more favor than others, such like the bulldog 6
    mission for Duty leader will be useful to do, so you can be friend with Duty
    without doing any tasks for Skull, which may upset your relations with freedom.
    This is from Mike:
    I have done loads of missions for both Leaders, and after about 5ish missions
    for each of them. My stats changed from neutral to friendly. SO this seems to
    work for me, and I cannot get the Skull mission to work. Everytime I attack a
    sniper. I end up hostile to all freedoms...
    This is from Bogdan:
    You can do the mission protect the barrier that you get from lukash and stay
    friendly with the duty. If you complete the "Turning off Brain scorcher"
    mission first.
    So basically, you need to turn the Brain scorcher off first, then complete the
    protect barrier mission. Not 100% sure if it works though.
          4.17.4 Other optional mission, skip to 4.17.5 if you not interested.
          Optional mission, obtain the special sniper rifle. Duty leader
    Now, follow the main road to the left, and there will be a Merc camp, it will 
    be north to a small farm. Go in there, there are about half dozen merc, take 
    them out. There will be three at the front gate, and about two at the back, one
    is also hiding behind some boxes. One of the merc will have the sniper rifle. 
    Once you take all of them out, check the bodies of the mercs to get the rifle. 
    Then return it to get the award. You will get a real sniper rifle Vintar BC. 
    It is up to if you want to return this sniper TRs 301, it is pretty powerful, 
    and can load 30 rounds, it can fire really fast, but it is semi-auto, so you 
    have to keep on clicking. Not too much recoil. Some people prefer this over the
    Vintar, as vintar only carry 10 rounds and you need to reload too often. But 
    Vintar is more powerful and accurate. So it is up to you to choose. Check 
    section 6.0 for more detail on these two weapons.
    This is from Jack: you can get another mission from the freedom leader, after 
    you done a few mission for him, he will tell you to kill the merc camp.
          Optional mission, Kill the Master stalker. From Snitch, in the Bar
          Optional mission, kill the traitor. From Baldy, in the Bar
    Talk to snitch to get this job, he will ask you to kill a stalker in exo-
    skeleton, called Master. (Make sure you get this job from Snitch before you 
    kill Master). 
    You can also get another mission from Baldy (by talking to him,ask him to give
    you a tip for rookie, then you can get a job from him). Baldy will ask you to
    kill the traitor, if you check your PDA map, this mission will be really close
    to the mission Snitch gave you. So you can do them at the same time.
    This is from Jack: The master stalker will be one of the Neutral Stalker around
    the area, he will be on your left, as you are heading towards the Freedom camp,
    check on the PDA map. There will be another 2 neutral stalkers around, so watch 
    out, the Master stalker is a bit hard to kill. I suggest you stay out of range 
    and use your rifle, either Trs 301, or if you have the Vintar rifle. Also 
    watch out two of Master's friends (father Diodor, Smartass).
    Now, you can go back and get the reward from Snitch, wow, it is a MAMA's bead. 
    One of the best Artifact. hehe, Happy? You can see in the centre of the camp 
    fire, there is a body, it is Wolf?! Remember the guy in the camp at the start 
    of the game? (body seem to be random, but sometimes you see wolf in the fire). 
    So, you can also do the mission from Baldy to kill the traitor who is Smartass, 
    he is here with Master. (If did not get the job from Baldy yet, DO NOT kill 
    smartass yet). He will be easy to kill, he does not have good armor or weapon,
    just shot them down with your rifle. You can also kill father Diodor, he will 
    leave you a combat chaser, which is like the chaser 13, except a bit more 
    powerful. (You can also get a secret hide out from looting Smartass' body).
    You can go back to get your reward, Baldy will give you a nightstar artifact. 
    This will be useful, you can either equip it or you can do a job for the trader
    and give him the nightstar artifact. It is up to you. (You will have to do a
    few artifact hunt jobs for the trader first, before you can get the nightstar 
    Note: if you do this right, this works well at night time, now, sniper Master 
    from 50 yards away with a Vintar or a sniper TRs 301, he won't even know you 
    are coming and you can kill him without even making enemy with other neutral
    stalkers, cause they won't hear the gun fire. Make sure you use a muffled 
    weapon and stay at long range.
                   Optional jobs from freedom leader (Lukash)
    I will list job here and how to do them:
    1. camp elimination, destroy the fleshes and boars, easy mission, you can just
    kill them, they are on the map, follow the PDA map. About 4 boars, sniper 
    them down is easier.
    2. obtain the healing Breil armor, Freedom leader (Lukash). This will be 
    one of the armor in entrance to Lab X16 in Lake Yantar, you can a job for the 
    freedom Leader, he wants that suit, so give it to him. If you can't find this 
    suit, check section, 4.13, Lake Yantar. As a reward, you will obtain the 
    Guardian of Freedom suit, it is much just like the Duty armor, it is relatively
    light. it provides good protection against bullets, and moderate protection 
    against anomalies. Check the section 6.0 armor for more detail.
    3. Kill the mercs, there will be a merc camp, north of the freedom camp, 
    same place you find the enhanced rifle. Just kill them. There will be a about 5
    4. Kill the neutral stalker, check your PDA map for the neutral stalker, 
    he also has three other friend. He should be around Yantar, wild territory or 
    army warehouses. Take him out, and watch out his friend, after you kill a guy 
    called scarecrow you can also get his balanced iL 86.
    5. Destory the military camp, they will be at Agroprom, follow the PDA map, 
    there will be many military guys on the way. just take out the one you suppose 
    to kill, they should all be in the Agroprom Insitute. 
    6. Destory the Duty camp, you have to destory the Duty Outpost in the Garbage,
    there are about eight Dutyers. However they are not very well armed. Most of
    them have Obokan and Akms, it is easy to pick them off with a sniper rifle at
    range. However, remember that change your status to hostile against the Duty
                    Optional item- crazy stalker's flashdrive
    This is from Jack, there is a lake (pond) by the Freedom base, there is a MINE
    field around it, be very careful, try go around the mine field. Even through
    the mines are not deadly, they can do quite a lot of damage. The lake is also
    highly radioactive, put on an anti-radiation suit, the SEVA or SSP-99 suit.
    There will be a Tower by the lake (pond), and a man shooting at you, take him
    out and get his Flash drive. it is call the crazy stalker's flash drive.
    Anyway, there is also a pipe stick out of the Lake, couch down and you can get 
    some goodie out the pipe. Load of ammo. You can also get a armor called wind of
    freedom, it is very light armor, but same as Stalker's suit.
    Ok, this is just in from Jack again:
    The crazy talker's flash drive, yeah it is of some use, after you killed the
    duty guys for Freedom or if you got the Duty guys killed somehow. You can talk
    to Max, if he is still alive. He will give you a mission to ask you to get the
    flash drive from someone who lives near the lake/pond. He says that guy is
    crazy and there is also a mine field around it.
    Get the flash drive from the crazy stalker, and return to Max and he will give
    you a pistol, walker P9m, yeah it is average pistol. You probably wanted a 
    better reward. Well the mission wasn't so hard, except for the mine field and
    the radiation.
    End of Optional missions
                   End of section 4.17.4 Back to the main mission
                           4.17.5 Heading to the Red forest
    Once you done all the missions, just head towards the red forest, you have to 
    follow the main road, and turn right into the red forest, there will be a 
    freedom outpost. They will ask for your help against the Monolith stalker, now
    if you haven't made enemy with freedom, help these guys out. There are about 
    a dozen monolith guys, take all of them out, one at time, use your rifle and 
    your range to your advantage.  
    Try not be the hero this time, just stay on the barrier and sniper the Monolith
    as they come close. If you try to take all on your own, it is very difficult. 
    Watch out the Monolithian with the silent VLA A.rifle, they can do some good
    damage. Use your scoped rifle or your Vintar to pick them off one at a time,
    don't go too close to them. Throw a few grenades to smoke them out if they are
    hiding. You can use the barrels as well.
    Once, you take out all the Monolithian, talk to the Barrier post leader , then
    get your reward. Now, you can do some more jobs for the Freedom leader if you 
    haven't killed him yet. Or you can keep going to the Red forest. You can ask 
    the Barrier leader some info about the Red forest, it is full of Monolith, be 
    Note: you may not get this mission, if you are hostile against freedom.
                              4.18 Red forest
    	New Weapons : VLA special sniper rifle, from dead monolith soldiers, only 
    some of them have these, good rifle, noiseless and flameless, it is relatively 
    powerful, it also has low recoil, check section 6.0 for more detail on this 
    	New weapons; SPSA 14, a shotgun with 8 rounds, and very powerful, this
    weapon is excellent at close range. But its power is seriously reduced at range
    over 10 metres. Only really good at door to door combat. It is up to you if you
    want use this or not, the recoil makes this weapon a bit difficult to use. You 
    can get this from dead zombie stalker you kill.
    Note: with the SPSA 14, you may or may not get it, seem to be randomly given to
    zombie stalkers.
    	New weapon: SVUmk2, this is a big sniper rifle, it has decent recoil, low
    firing rate, but is very powerful. It is up to you if you want to use it. It is
    quite heavy, you get this from dead sniper Monolith you kill.
    	New weapon: sniper rifle, SVum 2, this is a huge sniper rifle, and very 
    powerful, but it has silly recoil and is very hard to use. But is does 
    incredible amount of damage.
    	Item: Medi kit, diet food, bandage, can food , pistol ammo, shotgun ammo,
    rifle ammo, viper ammo. VLA and Vintar rifle round, 9*39mm, 5.56*45mm NATO 
    rounds, 7.62 *54 mm rifle rounds.
    	Anomalies: source of radioactive area, a lot of radioactive area here, 
    just keep moving out of them, electro, lots of them. 
            Anomalies: Electro, whirlgig, there are many fo them around the main
    road, try not to run into them. Electro are easy to see, whirlgig, hard to spot
    but there isn't so many of them around.
    	New armor: Monolith suit, you will need to get to the Antenna, it will be
    in one of them trailers, near one of the large Antenna and a small camp fire. 
    It is the same as the Duty armor, gives more protections against anomalies.
    nothing special.
            Mutants: None yet, when you revisit this place it will be packed with 
    There will a lot of Monolith soldiers here, they have good armor and a good 
    selection of weapons. There are also sniper, watch out. Read the local folklore
    some interesting stuff. The military launched a massive assault into the centre
    of zone, it included thousands of troops and heavy equipment. They failed 
    miserably, and likely no one survived.
    DO NOT wonder off into the forest area, just try to stick to the main road, if 
    you get lost or are confused with my directions, then check your PDA map, and 
    follow the road, the Antenna should not be too hard to find.
    More info on Monolith factions, skip if you not interested
    Monolith faction are a religious sect that controls centre of the zone, it is
    unknown whether they are affected by the Brain scorcher or whether they are 
    blindly converted into some relentless fighters. According to local folklore, 
    the Monolithian are group of believer that the centre of the zone is sacred and
    may not be entered by outsiders. That the centre has great power, and the 
    Monolith is their symbol of faith. 
    Because of their restriction to outsider entrance into the centre of the zone, 
    they have made enemies with many other factions, which including the Duty, 
    freedom, military and even the Mercs. Watch out the Monolithian, they have very
    good armor and good selection of weapons, including RPGs. One of the best NATO
    assault rifle can be found in the game from killing them. It is also noted that
    Monolithian travel in groups and fights well, be careful while encountering
    You will be facing the Monolithian even till the last part of the game, there 
    are really hard enemies because they have a lot of armor and have good weapons.
    Now, I suggest you keep distance from these guys, and sniper them down. Take 
    them out one at a time, use your grenade launcher every now and then if you get 
    cornered. Throw a few grenades to smoke them out. You may find it difficult to 
    do headshots, if you start spraying your gun like a kid throwing away candies. 
    My point is, remember to use shot burst shots, aim for the upper body or the 
    Alternatively for you people like sneaking and coughing around, you can wait 
    till they make a move, remember their location (use the mini-map to help). Then
    throw a grenades, and they will likely to run out, then just pop them with a 
    grenade launcher/rifle. 
    The folklore also shows that, Monolithian are converted partly due to the Brain
    scorcher and partly due to their blind faith to the Monolith. There are also 
    three people who broke into the Antenna before. One was killed, two got away. 
    They believe that the Monolith allowed them to live.
                              End of extra info
    Starting by moving forwards slowly, and you will see a Monolithian outpost, you
    will be running into few these outposts . So be ready for a fire fight. Now, if
    you have a decent sniper rifle, take them down from range. Remember, to stay 
    within 100 metres even if you have a decent sniper rifle. Over 100 yards away,
    it is hard to sniper your opponent even if you have a good rifle. Once you take
    out all the Monolith soldiers, keep going a head. Watch out the radioactive
    Keep moving forward, and you will see a few Monolith soldier and some zombies,
    take them out. and LOOK OUT for the snipers, there is one on your left, and one
    is about 100 metres a head of you. Shot them down first, they do good damage.
    The zombie stalker has a SPSA 14, which you can replace the Chaser 13 if you
    still using it. Once you take out the snipers and the Monolith closest to you,
    get the remaining Monolithians. Keep going forward. You can also get the SVUmk2
    sniper rifle fomr the snipers. It is heavy, slow but powerful.
    Keep moving a head, follow the main road. Watch the sniper on the truck, take
    him out quickly. There is more than half a dozen Monolith waiting you, keep 
    your range, take them out with your sniper rifle. You can try the SVumk 2, it
    is pretty powerful. Once all the monolith are dead, move a head, you can get 
    the sniper rifle from the Monolith on the truck.
    Move a head, but be careful, more monolith guys are there waiting for you. One
    of them would have an RPG, just make sure you run like hell, when you hear an 
    RPG fire. Take the RPG guy out first, then move in and take out the Monolith 
    guys, there will be electro anomalies around so watch yourself. there is also a
    sniper on the tower, take out the sniper first if you can. Once you are done, 
    move ahead. You can take the RPG if you want.
    Note: there will be a patch to your right as you move a head (with a trailer 
    blocking it), ignore it, it will only lead you into a Monolithian outpost with
    no where to go but to turn back.
    Follow the main road and move ahead, there will be another group of Monolith, 
    half dozen of them and a sniper ahead, take the sniper out on the truck, then
    pick the Monolith guys off one at a time. Then keep moving a head, there will
    be a path to your right, DO NOT go there yet. It will be Priypat. you won't 
    able to go there yet, the emission from the Brains scorcher is too strong. Just
    keep going a head, into the Antenna and then into the Bunker of Lab X19. Watch
    out for the radioactive areas, run out of them if the radiation gets to you.
    There will be another sniper a head, he is on your left and standing on a
    platform to the far left. Take him out from range first, there will be more 
    Monolith and zombies coming out. take them out one by one. Then keep moving
    forwards, go pass a tank, and up to a sloped area. shot the barrel to take out 
    the Monolith soldier. Then up the ramp slowly. Watch out for the barrels going
    down. Shot them before they get to you or run out. There will be some electro
    anomalies here, watch out. 
    Below is from Jack:
    On the mainroad just before the sloped area, you may see a fenced off area on
    your left, there is a section of the fenced that is destroyed. Watch out the
    zombies there. You can keep going, and you see the bodies of two research
    assistance, you can loot their bodies for supply and you may even get a secret
    hideout. You can also continue pass the fenced area into the forest. You can
    explore the forest if you want, not much here except some hide outs. Be very
    careful, some mutants, blood suckers etc here.
    When you done return to the main road and continue onwards, up the sloped area
    and keep going along the road around the bend. 
    WARNING: I serious recommend you NOT to go into the forest area, not only
    because there are huge number of mutants and zombies. But the area is also
    very radioactive. There is also a nasty bug which cause you to crash here.
    Just go afar as you really need to, to get those hide outs if you want.
    What is that strange monster like wraith-like thing coming out, do not worry 
    they just illusions there to scare you, try avoid them, they won't damage you, 
    but they cause you to go a little dizzy for a while. They should not do much 
    harm. Now, keep moving, ahead. Look out for the barrels again.  There will be 
    two soldiers waiting for you up there take them out, keep moving forwards. 
    You can go the path on your right up the hill, there will be half a dozen 
    Monolith waiting for you, so be careful, there is an entrance from there, but 
    it’s highly radioactive. Or you can keep going ahead. There will be two snipers
    on the tower, take them out first, regardless what you do. Make sure you kill 
    the snipers. Alternatively, you can quickly run and stick to the left side of 
    the wall, so the snipers cannot see you.
    Ok, once you kill the monolith soldiers, keep moving forwards and around the 
    large buildings, you have to turn left, and move around the walls, and you 
    should see an entrance, go in, there are few soldiers here to stop you, so show
    them not to mess with you. Move yourself into the entrance, there will be two
    entrance, one is at the very end, move into the one closest to you.
    Once you are inside you need to find the entrance to the Bunker, move a head,
    you should see a bridge. Jump down the bridge and there will be a rail track, 
    turn right and run towards the train closest to the large wall, there should be
    a ramp that allows you to enter the train. There maybe other train carriages 
    around, but it should be one with brownish colour, and close to a small camp of
    fire, and a greenish trailer (hard to see the colour when the screen is mono 
    Once you found the train, go inside and follow the path, there will be a few
    soldiers here. Take them down, turn right into an opening to go into  the next
    level. Ok, now you in the lab.
           Extra info on the Monolith suit, skip if you not interested.
    Once you get to the bridge, jump down, and cross the rails, there will be a 
    greenish coloured trailer, it is near a large Antenna and also has a small fire
    camp outside of it. it should have a door open, inside is three medi kit and 2 
    monolith suit. Take one if you want to use it, it offers about the same 
    protection as the duty armor. Nothing special. I suggest you stick to the SEVA 
    or the SSp-99M or the PSZ universal suit. 
    According to Terence W., you can find the Monolithian suit in lab X18 as well
    in the area right before you exit to the starting area. It was in a room full
    of lockers. This maybe in the later versions of the game. 
                              End extra info
    Note: does anyone else get a Mono coloured screen or is it my video card, this 
    seem to happen to Jack as well.
    Note: try not to wonder outside the Antenna area for too long, the emission is
    strong before you disable the brain scorcher and there is nothing much outside.
    There are some ammo/items in some of the houses, you can check them out if you
    want to, but just get inside soon as you done.
                          4.19 Lab X19, deactivate the machine
    	New weapon: Gp-37, a new assault rifle, powerful and has two modes rapid 
    firing, and a scoped single shot. It is very accurate and can be attached with 
    a grenade launcher. You can get this after deactivated the brain scorcher and 
    kill one of the Monolith who has it. For some reason I can’t attach the grenade
    launcher on it. Even though the grenade launcher (M203) says it is for GP 37. 
    Anyone know why?
    	Item: Medi kit, diet food, bandage, can food , pistol ammo, shotgun ammo,
    rifle ammo, viper ammo. VLA and Vintar rifle round, 9*39mm, 5.56*45mm NATO 
    rounds, 5.45 *39mm rifle rounds.
    	Anomalies: source of radioactive area, a lot of radioactive area here, 
    just keep moving out of them, electro, lots of them. 
    	New armor: Monolith suit, you will need to get to the Antenna, it will be
    in one of them trailers, near one of the large Antenna and a small camp fire. 
    It’s the same as the Duty armor, gives a bit more protection against anomalies.
    nothing special.
    There is really only one way to go into the machine, so you won't get lost, you
    can follow my direction if you want. Anyway, keep going ahead first, there will
    be three blood suckers in here waiting at different stages of the lab, so don’t
    worry too much.
    First start by going forwards, turn left into an opening, down a small ramp, 
    turn right, move all the way till the end, and there will be a security door 
    open for you, turn left. Then move a head, ignore the fire thing on your right.
    Then turn left again,into a room with a large cylinder-like pressure tank. Keep
    going, out of the exit, and then turn left up a set of stairs. (There is a 
    locked door on the right, so don't worry). When you are at the top of the stair
    go in, then down a set of stair, follow the path and down another set of stairs
    Watch out the blood sucker here, take him out. You should see another set of 
    of stair case at the end of the room, go up and in. You will be at another 
    room, now turn left (there is boxes in the room to the right, nothing much, 
    some health). Now, in this room, the door is locked, so just turn right, and 
    then turn left, move a head, and you should see an small exit, pass the broken 
    wall,  go in and go down the stairs. (Ignore the large exit a head of you, it’s
    a dead end.)
    When you are all the way down the stairs, keep going out of the exit, and into 
    a tunnel, watch out the blood sucker again. Kill it, a keep moving to the end, 
    turn left. and the turn right, there should be an opening here, you can go in. 
    Turn right, ignore the rooms on your left, keep going till the end, and turn 
    left. Up the stairs and turn right into another room, keep going ahead, then 
    turn right again. Then turn left into another passageway, go down the stairs. 
    pass a large tank, go into the fenced area, then go up set of stair again. 
    You will be in a large room, ignore the stairs above your head. Just you around
    the room, do not take the first exit. Take the second exit at the end of the 
    room, then keep going till the end of the third room where there is a large 
    pressurized tank and a set of stairs. Go up the stairs into the opening. Then 
    into a small corridor, then out another opening. You are on the second level 
    in a large room. Do not go down the stairs. Keep going to your right, then 
    go all the way till the end, then you can go down a small set of stairs. 
    Then the switch machine should be in front of you. turn the machine off. 
    Now, time to move yourself out, hey what’s' going on, you fainted again.
                      Storyline, skip if you not interested
    The brain scorcher is turned off, and there has been a tremble and you fainted 
    again. Then the same dream with the massive power plant. The monolith and the 
    wish granter, and a man reaching out to it. There is the Strelok guys, someone 
    keep on calling him, as he turns around, you cannot see his face. He is using 
    his weapon to force the rats to go back to the power plant.
    Now, you must go to the Monolith for some answers. 
                              End of storyline
    New mission: The wish granter has called out to you, and you will get a new 
    mission, sneak into the sarcophagus and get to the wish granter.
    Before you do that, we need to get yourself out of the lab first. You may hear 
    someone is coming, there will be Monolith soldiers out here, just be a little 
    careful. Go slowly. Follow the same way you come in. Also check your PDA, you 
    will get a code, 342089 this code can unlock one of the door. Check your 
    contacts and you will see about two dozen monolith soldiers waiting for you.
    Slowly move out, and use your mini-map as your guide. I know it is confusing 
    with the dead and still active enemies. But, it gives you some idea. Move out 
    the large room with the brain scorcher, to the large tanks, watch out two 
    Monolith here, nail them, then keep moving into a large room with stairs 
    overhead, take three monolith out. 
    Go out to a fenced area, there will be two Monolith in what appear to be in a
    special exo-skeleton suit, they will have GP-37, watch out it is more powerful
    than the TRS 301, Shot the down, throw few grenades to smoke them out, while 
    they run, shot them down. Now you can take the Gp-37 off them, you can also 
    attach a grenade launcher to it (same grenade launcher as the TRs 301). 
    It already has a scope on it.
    Note: you can unload some Monolith's gun, for some AP-rounds. Pick their weapon
    up, right click unload, then drop the weapon if you not need them.
    Keep moving out, there will lots of monolith by the stairs, a few with Gp-37 
    watch yourself, not to get killed, save your game now and then, and you will 
    need to go all the way up the stairs. You be in a large room again, there will 
    be lots of Monolith here, just be careful not to get killed. Take them out and 
    keep moving, you will be end up in an area where you first see the bloodsucker.
    Keep moving, follow the path, watch out for the 3 monolith soldier. When you’re
    done looting their body, move yourself out of the Lab X19.
    Note: there is in fact three steel doors with code lockers attached to them, I
    can only unlock one of them. Jack said he can’t unlock either of them with the 
    code 342089. Strange. Maybe a bug? The door I unlocked is a door near a that
    set of stair case you come down into the lab. The stair case that is near the
    large broken wall. When you unlock the door, there will always be some medical
    supply and lots of AP NATO ammos.
                           4.20 Red forest - revisit
    Once you are out the Bunker, you can hear lots of Radio transmission, just get 
    yourself out of there ASAP, do not mark around too much. Ok, Now the bar keeper
    tells you that everyone is heading to the centre of the zone, even the merc 
    cause you turnoff the brain scorcher. There is a band of Loner stalker that are
    willing to help you to get to the centre. You can now head to Pripyat.
    Now, a lot of people would be coming here, neutral stalker, Duty, freedom, 
    Military, Mercs and the Monolith. They all coming into the red forest and also
    Pripyat. I suggest you look out who to shot. Duty and Freedom will be on your 
    side if you haven't made enemies with them. Basically do not shot unless you 
    been shot on, you can also check your contact, mini-map and uses your 
    binoculars to see who is on your side and who is not. Remember, everyone is 
    against the Monolith faction, so take advantage of that. (You can also use 
    your mini-map to see friendly/enemy units)
    You can now go to Pripyat, or go back to the bar for some supply, refresh 
    yourself, then go to Pripyat. The choice is yours.
    Now, heading for Pripyat, you need to move yourself to the exit of Pripyat, 
    should be on the right side of the main road. Watch out Duty and Freedom are 
    having a massive fight, do not engage unless you want to. Or if you made enemy
    with freedom/duty. Basically let them fight out and go for the loot.
    note: if you are going back to the bar, there will be new Mutants everywhere, 
    when you come back to the red forest, there will be lots of mutant dogs around,
    just watch out. Half dozen mutant dogs are hard to handle at once. You can 
    group them together and two grenade launcher rounds will do the trick.
    Once you done, head for Pripyat. 
                              4.21 Pripyat
    	New weapon: Gauss rifle, you can only get this rifle if the sniper you 
    kill, and only if the rifle falls off the roof of the building. YOU CANNOT go 
    up to the building to get this rifle.
            New weapon: Vintar special sniper rifle, if you haven't got this yet
    from a job for Duty leader (general Voronin). There is a Monolithian soldier
    carrying on of these, he will be in the Monolithian HQ.
    	Item: Medi kit, diet food, bandage, can food , pistol ammo, shotgun ammo,
    rifle ammo. VLA and Vintar rifle round, 9*39mm, 5.56*45mm NATO rounds, 5.45 
    *39mm rifle rounds.
    	Anomalies: source of radioactive area, a lot of radioactive area here, 
    electro, around the centre of the buildings.
            Anomalies: Burnt fuzz, they are a few of them here. Springboard, also
    a few of them around. They may even give you good artifacts. Also be careful of
            New armor: Special military armor, this armor is just a rumor, have no
    idead if it is true of not. You can see some NPC, military captains wearing
    them. Some say you can find it in a large building in Pripyat. There is so
    many of them here, if anyone found it let me know please, thanks.
    	Artifact: there is lots of artifacts here, collect those if you want.
    There are a few nightstar, chuck of meat, etc. Night star can be found in the
    Monolithian headquarter.
    Note: there is some serious good artifacts around, serious rare ones like
    moonlight, Kolobok. There are few real good artifacts at the Monolithian
    Headquarters (HQ). There are also a few scattered around the place.
            New Mutants: Rats, you may or may encounter these, if you stay around
    in Pripyat long enough.
    IMPORTANT, there is a critical mission which can effect what ending you get. To
    do this mission you need to have talk to the guide and the Doctor. If you have
    to go back and do it. If you do not care about that special ending involving 
    the decoder. Then move on.
    IMPORTANT, once you exit Pripyat into Chernobyl NPP, you WILL NOT be able to 
    return to the bar or anyway else. SO do not go to Chernobyl NPP, unless you 
    want continue to the end. As you may NOT be able to go back. 
    IMPORTANT: make sure you at least have one minus radiation artifacts! You will 
    need it later.
    IMPORTANT: The amount of gold you carry, your reputation and the survival of 
    freedom and Duty leader will directly effect your ending. Only if you choose to
    speak to the wish granter. If you want another special ending, involving the 
    decoder, then you can carry whatever gold, and have whatever reputation you 
    like. Read section 5.0 for more detail, it offers a complete list of endings.
    Note: there are are plenty of people here, Monolith, military, freedom Duty, 
    only shot your enemy and leave the neutrals and the friendly alone, basically 
    try not to shot unless you are shot upon on.
    Note: Pripyat is a huge area, lots of building you can go in. I hear there are
    some goodies, hide outs in there. But it is just too big to look everywhere.
    Try stick to your mission, if you really want to check it out go ahead. Make
    sure you check your PDA map if you ever lose your directions.
    Ok, beginning by moving forwards and you can a group of loners, DO NOT SHOOT 
    them, they will help you throughout half of Pripyat. Follow them, there will be
    a lot of Monolith around. There also will be a lot of snipers. So get your 
    Vintar, or TRs 301 or your GP 37. Ready for a fire fight.
    Keep moving a head, look it is the Military Helis, they are going to the centre
    Ignore them, watch the Monolith to your right and your left. 3-4 of them, take 
    them down, then advance a head. Soon, there will be snipers to your left and 
    right, the rooftop and windows. Strafe around and take them out. Get the roof 
    top ones first. Keep moving a head, another wave of sniper, take them out. Then
    move on, you have to turn right, watch  the snipers to the side of the building
    Now, follow them into a what appear to be a car park, kill the monolith inside.
    Then, talk to the stalker to find out some more information. The military is 
    going to make a huge attack into the centre of zone, so be aware of that later.
    You have to find the Stadium to get to Chernobyl NPP. There is also a hotel 
    around here. You need to go to the Hotel if you want to get the decode to get 
    the special ending. The decode from the doctor remember?!
          Freedom Leader Secret hide out, skip if you not interested
    Just before you go in the underground car park, turn left into the area with
    many electro anomalies, run pass them, and run pass a set of fenced area, keep 
    going into a large building. There is some monolith in there watch out. There 
    will be a small set of stairs, under the bottom of the stair, you have to under
    it, there is a blue box, check your PDA map, it should be marked as Freedom 
    leader's chest. The blue box contains loads of AP rounds and 2 * new GP 37. 
    Note: you may only get this hide out if you loot the body of a dead freedom 
    soldier. When Duty and freedom has a fight out in the red forest, one of the
    Freedom soldiers will have this hide out's location. Simply loot his body. 
    you have to be given a message and it will show on your map or else they will
    be nothing in it.
                              End of secret hide out
    Ok, stock up supply, time to move out. Now, be very careful, make sure you
    have max bullet poof. This bit is going to be a bit hard. As you move out, you 
    may hear some sound like a high speed bullet. Watch out it is a GUASS rifle. 
    This does A LOT of damage. For those of you that uses Chunk of meat, be very 
    careful. This rifle can KO you in 1 or 2 hits depend on your bullet poof. Take 
    out the snipers, they are on your right, strafe side to side.
    Note: you can’t get the Gauss rifle yet, you can get it later, it is very slow.
    But if there is three snipers around, they can do some big damage. 
    There is a sniper also, ahead of you. Totally three snipers in this area. Once 
    you killed them. Move forward and you can hear a groan, snorks watch out. Three
    of them. take them out, and keep moving. You can see a big building here, it is
    the hotel. This is where you get the decoder. Here is the info on how to get
    Info on special ending, find the secret stash in the hotel with the
    decoder, skip if you not interested.
    NOTE: you need to have talked to the guide and the doctor, if you haven't, 
    go do it now. If you do not care about this special ending, do not worry about 
    Mission: go into the hotel, find the secret stash and find the decoder in the 
    Go into the hotel, it would be a large building, as you go out the car park. 
    It will have a front entrance go in ( there is two entrance), check the PDA map
    for the location of the secret stash. it should be nearby, the secret stash is 
    in fact in the first level, so you have to find a set of stairs. There is two 
    set of stairs (depending on the entrance you took), one stair gets you all the
    way up to the top of the hotel, the other near the elevator and is partly 
    blocked off and is the one you should take. 
    Note: you should see load of eletro around the hotel area.
    Basically, once you are in the entrance, turn and move towards the elevators, 
    then there will be a stair there. Take the stair, all the way up, you will 
    encounter a blocked off stair case. So you cannot move up anymore. then go into
    the room. Turn right, and you will see six doors that are locked. One you can 
    open with the key you got from the doctor. Open it can get the secret stash, 
    make sure you also pick up the decoder. (The door you can open seem to be at 
    random, the on I had was the first door to the left).
    Alternatively, there is a few other ways to get to the same door, outside of 
    the large Hotel. There is a large stair case leading to the hotel. Go up the 
    ramp, there is a Monolith soldier there, and you will be able to go into a set
    of stairs (same stair case as the one nearest to the main entrance). Then you 
    have to jump throw a Gap, go straight, jump through another gap into other 
    section of the hotel. Then you can open one of the locked doors for the secret
    stash and the decoder.
    If you cannot find the location, check your PDA map, and also remember to
    check your mission briefing, click on the small icon to the side of your
    mission and it will show you a small map, which may be helpful to you.
    New mission: find the hidden door, and use the decoder to find out what is 
    behind the door. The hidden door is in the Sarcophagus, under the Chernobyl 
    You can find some more info on your PDA: where Fang and you sneaks into the 
    Monolith Sarcophagus underground galleries and you seen a strange looking door,
    that is locked with a combination locker. Fang said he can put together a 
    decoder for it. Then the Monolith guys spotted us, and we ran for our live.
    Maybe the next visit we can open the door. Entering the monolith is very 
          End of special info on the mission for the hotel secret stash
    Once you take out the snorks, you can take down all the Monolith or make a run 
    for the stadium. There is dozens of Monolith around, there is also one guy with
    an RPG, so be careful. I know there is a lot of building here, it can get 
    confusing, check them out if you want for some items. Then, check the PDA map 
    for the entrance to the Chernobyl NPP, the entrance is the stadium.
    Basically, you have to keep going straight, pass the hotel, pass the strange 
    looking large rotating thing you can ride it (what you call it). You will come 
    to the end, and you can go into the hotel. Take out the Monolith on your sides.
    Then go in.
    Note: There is a Monolithian headquarter here, it is in a large hall. It should
    be a fair way behind the hotel. It is near the stadium, you should be able to
    go in and there will be a lot of monolithian praying inside a large hall.
    Throw a few grenades to take them all out. Then you can loot the place, lots of
    The headquarter should be just before the stadium, it is a very large building.
    When you go in and around the door, it looks like a concert hall. Watch out
    the Monolithian, they will be more than a dozen of them. There is also a
    large pillar in the centre of the hall, it looks very wierd.
    IMPORTANT: before you go in the Stadium, save your game on a different file, 
    because once you go in the Chernobyl NPP, you CANNOT, I repeat YOU CANNOT go 
    back at all, not to anywhere else. It is a point of no return when you enter 
    Chernobyl NPP.
    You can relax here a bit if you want, read some fun local folklore, and when
    you enter the Stadium, you should see a short cutscene.
    Funny: in Pripyat, you may see a building that has 1917 and 1986 on it lol.
                              4.22 Chernobyl NPP
    	New weapon: Gauss rifle, you can only get this rifle if the sniper you 
    kill, and only if the rifle falls off the roof of the building. YOU CAN’T go up
    to the building to get this rifle.
    	Item: Medi kit, diet food, bandage, can food , pistol ammo, shotgun ammo,
    rifle ammo. VLA and Vintar rifle round, 9*39mm, 5.56*45mm NATO rounds.
    	Anomalies: source of radioactive area, a lot of radioactive area here, 
    whirligig, lots of them off the main road. They are very deadly.
            Anomalises: Whirlgig, there are quite a lot of them around. You can
    easily run into them. Be careful.
    	New armor: none
    	Artifact: there is lots of rare artifact here, but the area is highly 
    radioactive and has a lot of anomalies.
    IMPORTANT: make sure you at least have one minus radiation artifacts! you will 
    need it later.
    You are almost to the end of the game, now here the military and the Monolith 
    are having a huge battle. Try not to get in the cross fire. There is also tanks
    and Helis around and they will attack you. I can't seem to blow up the Helis, 
    but the tanks take about 4-5 Grenades to knock out and they do a lot of damage.
    So be very careful.
    Start by moving straight a head, pass a few trucks and destroyed tanks. Look 
    All the dead bodies, ignore them and move forwards. Watch out the Sniper on the
    left and right, take them out. One of them should be in a large opening area. 
    Now, once you are done, do not wonder too much off the main road. Run a head, 
    and turn left into the entrance of the power plant. Watch out the tank, run 
    pass or destroy it. That is up to you. You can hear a lot of radio transmission
    (see the section below for the translations).
    Note: there is also a small side gate you can enter, it is a crack in the wall
    after an explosion. You can couch and get inside. This way is a little safer
    from all the gun fire. Once you go in, you can go inside a few trailers for 
    some cover and heal. But, once you done, stick to the main road on your right.
    Once you are inside, there may be a clock start counting, blow out. It
    means a huge radioactive fall out. So make sure you get into the Sarcophagus 
    before it happens or you will be dead meat. I know the power plant is big and 
    you cannot see yourself on the PDA map. Now what you have to do, is move 
    forwards, keep moving, and take out any resistance along the way. You will see 
    an entrance to a building on your right. Go in. (make sure you don’t wonder off
    the main road too much).
    If you can't find the sarcophagus entrance, this is what you do, you have to 
    enter the power planet by the main entrance and then follow the railway on the
    right. There will a lot of monolithian around to your right, you can either
    kill them or keep moving. Do not waste too much time, as you have a time limit.
    Now, follow the rail, keep going, pass two train carriages and you will be able
    to see a opening to your right, go in, there are a lot of monolith guarding the
    entrance. So becareful, after you are inside, you can see what looks like a
    manhole. Go down there and you should be inside the sarcophagus.
    NOTE: I serious recommend you do not mark around for too long, there is people 
    shooting everywhere and all the time. There are nasty snipers, RPGs flying 
    around. Those choppers above you will also target you, once they do, it is 
    extremely difficult to escape their fire. You can run away from the machine 
    guns of the Helis, but they will fire missiles down below and those missiles 
    have extremely large effective radius. Even if you run zig zag, you are most 
    likely to be dead. I can not seem to be able to take out those dam Helis, I 
    tried pumping a few Grenades into them, but they just ain't dropping down. I 
    even tried RPG it, but it missed.
    This is from Jack: Unfortunately, there are NO secret hideouts. I had a good 
    look around for a while. There are however, some seriously rare artifacts here
    such as Goldfish. Again, try not to get carried away, you do not have a lot of
    time to get inside the Sacrophagus. There are also a lot of cross fire and no
    friendly or neutrals to help you out. So, just run as quickly as you can. 
      Extra info on the radio chats, skip to section 4.23 if you not interested
    Here the translation for the radio chats going on the background: (Thanks to
    Boogie for this information.)
    - Quartet, it's 030. Approaching the point.
    - 030, there are couple radiotech reckons are hidden. Watch out for them!
    - Quartet, it's 030. Roger...
    - 52nd, it's 51st. Approaching the point.
    - 54th, there are contras moving over there. 
    - 52nd, let's pour on them.
    - 51st, it's kinda clean, starting to work...
    - 52nd, to your right, 20 by 150 is a transformer box, a pecker with a
    RPG, cool him down!
    - Roger!... Oh... f... Well, starting to work.
    - 51st, I'm on position. Groats sent.
    - Quartet, it's the Kite. Landed. Starting to work...
    - 54th, it's the Point. Working...
    - Make cover! Starting to work...
    - Quartet, I've reached the destination...
    - Air! A bit closer!
    - Roger!
    - Quartet, the Kite is in the point. I'm moving ahead...
    - 51st, cover the Kite!
    - Quartet, it's 51st, Roger!
    - All the Kites! Fire on the entrance!
    - Quartet, it's Falcon. I see the Kite and the Hawk. Have one 200th and
    three 300ths. (200th stands for killed and 300th stands for wounded)
    - Falcon, hold on the object!!
    - Kite! On position!
    The radio transmission are just to tell you what the military are saying. Well,
    it does not matter now, because you should be inside the Sarcophagus by now.
                           End of extra info
                              4.23 Sarcophagus
            New weapon: Gauss rifle, you can only get this rifle from the snipers
    you kill, this is a very powerful rifle and does huge damage, however it is
    slow and takes forever to reload. It is super accurate and one head shot will
    pretty much kill anything. Check weapon section 6.0 for more details.
            New weapon: FT 200M, you can get this from monolith soldiers you kill,
    it is a very powerful A. rifle, the best in the game, at least I think it is.
    It is fast, powerful, accurate, has a scoped mode, has an integrated grenade 
    launcher. It also say it has an electronic guiding system. Check weapon section
    6.0 for more details.
            New weapon: SPSA 14, a very good shotgun from dead Monolith soldier,
    much like the chaser 13, it is powerful, loads 8 rounds and does more damage. 
    You may also have gotten this in the Red forest. good for close quarter and
    door to door combat. use it if you like.
            Item: Medi kit, diet food, bandage, can food , pistol ammo, shotgun
    ammo, viper ammo. VLA, Vintar and NATO rifle round, 9*39mm, 5.56*45mm.
    	Anomalies: source of radioactive area, it is everywhere, make sure you 
    have some minus radiation items, like fireball, Crystal, Urchin or thorns.
    	New armor: Military exo-skeleton, you can find this in here, it offers 
    superior protection against bullets, explosion and knife wounds. However, it 
    has very little defensive against radiation. This makes it really bad, since 
    the rest of area would be highly radioactive. The suit is also extremely heavy
    and you may not run with the suit on. read the walkthrough below to find out
    where you get the suit. Also check section 6.0 for more detail on this armor.
    	Artifact: gold fish, night star, etc, they are in a underground room in a 
    breakable box, same place you find  the exoskeleton. However, the area is 
    highly radioactive 
    There will be an annoying voice calling out, ignore it, just the Monolith.
    There will be a lot of monolith soldiers. They will have good wweapons, which
    means they will do a lot of damage, be careful and save often, especially if
    you on higher difficulty. Remember the minus radiation artifact put it on,
    this whole place is highly radioactive!
    Once you inside, you cannot go back to Chernobyl NPP, or anywhere else. This 
    is what you have to. There is only one way in, so follow the path, into a 
    passage. Turn right, Watch out, take that sniper out and get than Gauss rifle.
    keep going out of the room, follow the path and turn right. Take out the 
    Monolith soldier here, there is an opening to your left. First go to the end, 
    and turn right around the corner, kill the two Monolith, and go in the opening
    on your right again into a room full of Pillars. As you enter the room, note 
    the ladder to your left. There is a box at the end of the room, break it for
    goodies, medkit and ammo. 
                   EXTRA info on Exoskeleton/rare artifacts
    Important, if you want the exoskeleton, there will be a ladder going down from 
    the room full of pillars, go down the ladder(should be to your left, near the 
    opening), go down into another room, then in there kick on the box to get a 
    exoskeleton, heavy armor and you cannot run with it. If you equip this, get our
    of room ASAP, or else the radiation will get you. I suggest you put it on when 
    you fighting a large group of monolith. Then switch back to the SEVA suit or 
    the SSP-99M suit when you are not.
    There is also a box, near the end, you can break it for some rare artifacts, 
    like night star, gold fish etc. Night star is useful against bullet fire. 
                              End of extra info
    Once you are down, go back to the main passageway and go into the opening you 
    just passed before, then into a fenced area there will be at least half a dozen
    Monolith soldier here, all well armed be careful. Put on the exoskeleton if you
    want, to help yourself against the bullets flying, throw few grenades to smoke 
    them out. Then take them out with the GP 37 or the Gauss rifle. Watch out for 
    the shotgun soldiers. Make sure you keep distance if you using the Gauss rifle.
    When they are all dead, move into the fenced area, and loot their bodies and 
    pick out their weapon. There will be a FT 200M on the ground, the best 
    A. rifle, accurate, fast and very powerful, also has a scope and a grenade 
    launcher. You can do serious damage with it. I like this over the GP 37. Now,
    move forwards into the opening, watch for the Monolith soldiers. take them out
    and head up the stairs.
    There is a Monolith soldier up every stair case. Three of them. Take them one 
    at a time, use the grenade launcher when you have to. Up the top of the 
    staircase, is a soldier with a Gauss rifle, shot him down. Do not go in the 
    opening yet.
    There is another half dozen of Monolith troops here. Throw a few grenades to
    smoke them out. Then, move away from the opening, and slowly wait for them and
    take one out at a time. Alternatively you can make a run for the opening on
    the opposite end, and then take them out from behind. Just be careful, equip
    the exo-skeleton armor if you have it.
    Ok, Now once all of them are dead, loot their bodies and you have two option 
    1. Go find the wish granter,
    2. Go find the secret door, and use the decoder to open the door. (you cannot 
    do This unless you have obtain the decoder).
                  4.23.1 Option 1, Find the wish granter and use it
    Ok, game is almost over for you, So, you are at the opening at the top of the 
    stair, turn left, go to the end, and the turn right, and you should see a small
    opening on you right again, go in and you will find the Sarcophagus. Go up to 
    the top of it, then keep going up the ladder, unless you are at the highest 
    level, you have go up three set of ladder. Then, you can see what appear to be 
    like part of a crane, go across it, make sure you do not fall off. keep going 
    till the end, and then go through the opening.
    When you go through the opening, you be in what appear to be a large area, turn
    left, and go up a ramp, then make your way across concrete blocks, around and 
    you will go pass a fire, then keep moving a head, and then turn left, and you 
    can go down another ramp. keep going down the ramp till you get to wish granter
    Now you can make a wish and enjoy the ending.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: depending on the amount of money you carry, and your reputation
    and few other thing, you may get different ending. I have a full list of the 
    ending in section 5.0. So you can read it.
          4.23.2 Option 2, Find the secret door and use the decoder to unlock it
    Ok, you should be at the opening around the top of the stair, turn right, move
    to the end, then turn left, and keep moving, there will be a small opening on
    your left, it will have a ladder on it. Move up the ladder to the upper level,
    third level. Turn right, the door is just ahead.
    Now use the decode, just lick on the door. Then, as the door is decoding, some
    Monolith soldier are spawning behind you. There are about eight soldiers, it
    takes 30 seconds to decode the door. So you can either suppress fire and run
    or fight and kill them. That is up to you. Once you are done, go inside the
    door and wait for the next map to load.
                              4.23.3 Sarcophagus part 2
            New weapon: Gauss rifle, FT 200 M, GP 37, Thunder S14, SPSA 14, VLA 
    noiseless sniper rifle.
            Item: Medi kit, diet food, bandage, can food , pistol ammo, shotgun
    ammo, rifle ammo. VLA and Vintar rifle round, 9*39mm, 5.56*45mm NATO rounds
            Anomalies: There is no radioactive area along the main passageway, you
    are also safe from anomalies here.
    Some funny folklore to read:
    Note: now you can read some interesting local folklore before you go into
    the big fight, some funny stuff there, check out the On loneliness, anyone have
    any idea what it really means, the girl in a blue cat suit, the building by the
    bus station. There is a bus station near Chernobyl NPP with a large building 
    beside it, you cannot go in?
    Also this thing called, chronicles of the egghead globalist? I mean, what
    the? Scientists, go into the zone, getting killed. Controllers, station 22? 
    Anyone know where is station 22? What is this Nightmare-proof bucket? Anyone 
    know if these are secret messages for hide outs or they just there for some 
    humor and fun?
    Ok, when you done reading,  you are now inside the decoder door. Move forward a
    little, Check your PDA contact, and there will be tonnes of Monolith soldier, 
    scroll down and you will see a guy that is neutral to you. His name is the C-
    consciousness representative. Well his is the guy you need find. But before you
    worry about that. You need to take care of all these Monolithian soldiers. You 
    can put on your exoskeleton here, there is no radioactive area in this map, at 
    least no on the main passageways. 
    Move forward pass a light, then there is a exit to your right. I suggest you 
    save your game, because this section is going to be quite difficult, because
    soon as you move through that exit. You will be attacked from three side,
    there is snipers on both your left and right. I suggest you move yourself back.
    Take out the soldiers ahead of you, using your rifle (FT 200M or GP 37)/grenade
    launcher. Once you take them out, advance slowly, throw a few grenades out each
    side to smoke out those Monolithian that are hiding.
    Try take the snipers out first, they have those dam Gauss rifle, you can also 
    use their own medicine against them. Remember you cannot run with the Gauss 
    rifle. Move yourself back every now and then and heal, wait for a while, then 
    pop out and take a few Monolith soldiers out. Then move back again, check your 
    PDA contact, and mini-map to see the active enemies. Once the snipers are gone,
    take out the rest of the Monolith, make sure you watch behind you. use the 
    grenades every now and then to take out those Monolithian that are hiding.
    Once they are all dead, you can now loot their bodies for supply and check out 
    some small rooms on the sides. Once you are done, go back to the main passage
    The path to your right and a head is sealed off my gated doors. You can only go
    left, follow the path, and turn right at the end. Then move to the end of the 
    passage way, watch out the Monolith in the small rooms besides you, and also 
    ahead of you, take them out. Once you at the end. Turn right again, move to the
    end, then you can turn right. There will be a room to your left, watch out the 
    Monolith soldiers.
    I suggest you throw a few grenades to smoke them out. Wait for them to make a
    move, and use either your FT 200M or Gp 37 rifle to take them out. You can use
    the shotgun if you like. There will be about 4 of them in the room. Go in the
    room. Then there will be another 3 Monolithian soldiers popping out, make them
    down. Then save you game.
    Make sure you save your game before you the next part, slowly approach the door
    and you can see purple bluish like things in there. You can destroy them from 
    outside the door, or you can go. Take them out one at a time, ignore the 
    shaking screen. and the voice saying power level low. There will be a few 
    Mutants appearing, take them down if you wish. Once you destroyed all six 
    powercell. A man will appear, he will be the C-consciousness representative.
    You can now talk to him (C-consciousness representative) and find out more
    about the zone and yourself. Here he basically what he said:
          4.23.4 Storyline C-conciousness project, skip if you not interested
    Strelok, I see you have many questions for me, ask away, then we can decide 
    what to do with you.
    Who are you?
    We (the C-conciousness scientists) are trying to create an experiment, called 
    the C-conciousness project, it is a super conciousness created by seven 
    volunteer scientists. We have assign those who are involved in the experiment 
    to various other tasks to allow the success of this project. 
    According to our calculation, the earth is surrounded by a information sphere
    called the North sphere, it contains all the information about the planet and
    everything that lives in it. Individuals can’t effect the Noosphere, but
    c-conciousness can. We are trying to make small adjustments to the Noosphere
    to remove negative factor such as anger, cruelty and greed. However, we made
    a mistake causing the zone to appear. Ever since then we are trying to contain
    the expansion of the Zone.
    What is the zone? How did it come about?
    The zone was caused by ill considered intervention to the Noosphere, where a
    little crack has caused in the Noosphere, the zone is just the "physical 
    manifestation" of that crack.
    What happened to me?
    You are a bolt that fell out of a machine that we did not know about for a
    long time, we tried to stop people from going into the centre of the zone and
    find out the truth. Because humanity is not ready for the truth. We recruited
    STALKER to keep anyone from coming into the centre of zone. (Explain those 
    Monolithian trying to stop you).
    Why did it happen here?
    After the 86 incident, there are very few people living in this area. So, 
    it’s isolated and we can perform our work properly without fear of been found
    This area also has many powerful Antenna, which is very important in the 
    project. (possibly to somehow communicate with the Noosphere?)
    Is the 86 explosion your work too?
    No, we had nothing to do with that, most of us were not involved back then 
    and the zone has not been used for a testing ground after 1989.
    What does the Tattoo stalker mean?
    Well, Stalkers are basically coded name for agents working for us. Strelok 
    and his men got too close to finding out the truth. AS you know, We have many 
    ways of recruit our agents. One of them is the brain scorcher, you (which have 
    found out and turned off). We offer the Wish Granter to the stalker in order to
    acquire their consciousness. However, a little mistake was made in the process.
    So your mission was to kill yourself.  (Explains why the brain scorcher was man
    (So the wish granter is kind like a trap to get stalkers to work for them, 
    What are death trucks?
    Death trucks are used to transport STALKER around the zone to carry out their
    missions. Most of the time, the stalkers are there without releasing what 
    they are doing. Unfortunately, half of the stalkers usually gets killed, since 
    the zone is highly unstable. Your mission was to kill Strelok and it turn out 
    to be a complete mistake (since you were not suppose to be assigned with that 
    mission). However, we are not sure how that mistake was been made.
    What's next?
    That is up to you, the zone is growing and if you choose to join us we maybe
    able to restrict the zone's expansion. Humanity is hinder our project and our
    resources are not limitless, the bodies connected to C-consciousness eventually
    die. So, if you choose to help us. We can restrict the zone's expansion. If you
    choose other way, it is difficult to say what would happen to you.
                 Summary of what happened, skip if you not interested
    So, after all everything is an experiment, and everything was just a very big
    mistake. The scientists try to  remove negative factors from the world, end up
    creating the zone (and other problems), Strelok (you) got too close to the 
    zone's true secret. So they try to kill you and your men, they succeed in 
    eliminating your men. They convert and recruit STALKER using the brain scorcher
    and offering them the wish granter in exchange for their consciousness (without
    notifying them first). 
    Then those STALKER execute their orders for the C-consciousness scientists, 
    without their memory, they were like robot and does what ever they are 
    programmed to do. They somehow managed to get to you, However, because you were
    mistakenly give the mission to kill yourself after the scientists mostly likely
    have destroyed your memory. Technically you cannot really execute that order 
    without knowing who you are. You have ended up been here.  
    Note: It is not certain whether or not the car crash caused you to lose your 
    memories or did the scientist wiped it out. Most likely the scientist did it.
                              End of summary
    Now you will be given two choices. The choice is up to you, if you want to
    join the scientist to maybe fix their mistake to stop the expanding zone or 
    think their intentions are good. Then choice you first option to help them.
    -- If you feel like you have been betrayed in some big experiment and want to
    find out what really happens or just feel angry about this whole cover up, 
    then take the second choice and NOT to help them.
    -- It is up to you, that's why I said to save the game so you can explore all
    the endings. Read the section below if you want more detail. 
                              End of storyline
       4.23.5 The C-consciousness representative will leave you will two choice:
    1. I agree to join the C-consciousness project If you choose this option,
    you will see an ending instantly. I won't spoil it for you here. Read section 
    5.2 endings for more detail if you want to know what happened and what is means
    2. I'm not going to help you in this deception. If you choose this option,
    well you still got a long fight ahead of you. And lucky for you, I have the 
    walkthrough for this new map too.
                4.24 The C-consciousness, part 2, Chernobyl NPP, Revisit
    	New weapon: Gauss rifle, FT 200 M, GP 37, Thunder S14, SGI 5k.
    	Item: Medi kit, diet food, bandage, can food , pistol ammo, rifle ammo. 
    VLA and Vintar rifle round, 9*39mm, 5.56*45mm NATO rounds. 
    Note: 12 gauge dart rounds, these rounds are rare, I do not usually find them, 
    they seem to be much rare than AP or SP-6 rounds. Jack reckons these are really
    powerful, However, he says doing head shot is still very difficult even with 
    this ammo at close range (between 10 -20 metres). Since, I do not use shotguns 
    very often in this game. I just take his words for it. 
    	Anomalies: There are radioactive area off the areas you NOT suppose to go,
    you will be teleported around, and if you somehow fall off areas, you are going
    to have problems. The radiation here is lethal regardless what vests you have.
    Well, you start in a small room, there is a exit just ahead of you, (do not try
    to go back or else you just go back to an area where everything is locked). Go 
    out the exit, and do not wonder off too far. You can see the teleporter just a 
    head of you. So, keep straight a head, there is some Monolithian on your side, 
    ignore them if you want or you can shot them down. You can see armored trucks 
    far to the left side of the road. DO NOT go there, the radiation will fry you. 
    Just keep on going into the teleporter.
    Note: now you can see yourself on the map, but you wonder what’s your objective
    Basically,you have to keep going forward into teleporter and find the Lab where
    the scientists started the whole zone thing.
          First teleporter:
    There is two teleporters, go in the one closest to you. (not sure about the 
    one at the end, I think you will end up at the same place). You can equip the
    exoskeleton, the radiation should not be a problem for you here. DO NOT go 
    wonder off to far to your left side, where you can see smoking trucks, there 
    nothing there to see. The radiation is very dangerous, even with your SEVA suit
    or SSP-99M. 
          Second teleporter:
    Anyway, you should be in a area where there is a ladder. go up, and watch
    out the snipers a head of you. Take them out with your own Gauss rifle. Then go
    forward, pass the steel pipes, there is a ladder to you right. Go up, watch out
    for the sniper. Take him out, either sniper him or take out the barrel next to 
    him. There is a ladder just to your right again, before you go up, throw a few 
    grenades to smoke out the Monolithian up there. Use your gauss rifle to pick 
    them off. Alternative you can move up, and shot them out, just note their is 
    three of them, but their weapon isn't so powerful. Use the barrels to help you.
    Now, keep going to the end, there is a ladder go down, then a head of you is 
    another ladder down, throw a few grenades down at the monolith soldier. Then 
    move down and finish them off. Turn right and keep going, there is a wooden 
    ladder, you can go up to get the Gauss rifle from the sniper if you want. Now 
    you can loot some bodies. Keep going a head. The third ladder down is going to
    be a little tricky to find. Basically, you have to turn left after you pass a 
    house. The third ladder should be on your left by some pipes going down. Look 
    around, stick to the left railing and you will find it.
    Go down the ladder, make sure you don't jump off the building, there is some 
    ammo boxes just to your side, you can get some NATO rounds, some dart shotgun 
    rounds which is very helpful to your shotgun at long range. Once you done, Keep
    going allow the path, watch the monolith soldiers two of them, use the barrel 
    if you want. Take them out, turn left and the teleport is just ahead. There 
    will be another Monolithian teleported in, take him down while he is still 
    recovering. Some Monolithian soldiers will be appearing above you. You can 
    either take them out with use Gauss gun or just go for the teleporter.
    Note: make sure you start unloading their weapon for some AP rounds. Useful 
    against heavily armored units, pick their rifle, SGI 5K, etc, unload the weapon
    and then drop it if you want.
          Third teleporter:
    You will be above some steel pipes, jump down and take care of the those
    monolith soldiers on your sides. Shot them down before they shot you. Try aim 
    for their heads, I know it is hard to do when you are strafing around and your 
    opponent is hiding and ducking all the time and you also trying to control the 
    recoil. Alternatively, throw a few grenades and just aim at their bodies, so 
    much easier to hit. There are snipers behind you, try take them down before 
    their gauss rifle toasts you.
    Once the enemies are all gone, loot their bodies, keep going to your right,
    you should see some pipes. Just ahead of you is another teleporter. Go in. 
    Note: the shaking screen is really bad when you are fighting, it shifts your 
    aiming, so try to hide when the screen shakes. When it stops fight again, it 
    happens every now and then. So watch out. Seem to appear every few minutes.
          Fourth teleporter:
    There is a ladder just ahead of you, go up, watch out the Monolithian that is
    shooting rockets at you. Try to run across the narrow pathway, if you have the
    exoskeleton, keep moving forward, then turn left. Go up another set of ladder,
    watch out the Monolith to your sides, take them out, go ahead, the teleporter 
    should be on your right.
          Fifth teleporter:
    You will be above a few beams, do not fall off, go straight ahead up the 
    ladder, watch out the snork, and go into the teleporter on your right.
          Sixth teleporter
    Go straight ahead, before you do that, take out the monolith soldier, if 
    there is one (I think he appear on some difficulty level and not others).Now,go 
    straight ahead and take the teleporter.
          Seventh teleporter
    Once you out the teleporter, take care of the snorks, turn right and watch
    out another snork. Then you can see a broken railing, look down and you see a 
    teleporter. Save you game first, then just jump into the middle of it, if you 
    miss then, just reload try again.
          Eighth teleporter
    Go straight ahead, there is some monolith soldier to your right just below 
    You can take them out first. Then keep going into the teleporter.
          Ninth teleporter
    Watch out the snipers, he should be on your top left, take him out first.
    There maybe some monolith soldiers on your side, take them out with your Gauss 
    rifle. Then keep moving ahead. This bit is a little tricky, make sure you save 
    your game. You need to move yourself onto the pipe, then jump to the adjacent 
    building. If you fall down, climb up the ladder fast before you get killed. Then
    jump onto the steel mesh like small platforms, jump onto the next, keep going.
    Then jump from there onto the large crane like platform with some boxes. Then 
    you can jump on the pipes just ahead of you. Keep going ahead, then you will 
    see the teleporter. Go in.
    I know there is another ladder, where you can go up, and jump directing onto 
    the pipes, not sure if it works, you can try. There is also a path to your left
    just before you go on the teleport, but it doesn't seem to be a way to get to 
    the opposite building, maybe you can use the pipes to check it out. Up to you.
          Tenth teleporter.
    Go ahead, straight ahead and then turn left, the teleporter is just next
    to you. Take care of the Monolithian soldier, there may be some of them around.
          Eleventh teleporter
    Go straight ahead, into the teleporter. Look all the buildings on fire.
          Twelfth teleporter
    Go straight ahead, watch out the Monolithian, three of them hiding, take 
    them down, and then turn right when you can, another Monolithian. Shot him down
    and keep going into the teleport just ahead of you.
          Thirteenth teleporter
    Go straight ahead, but slowly, there are Monolithian here, a four of them here
    check you PDA contacts. Go ahead, and take two of them out. There is a lot
    of boxes here, break them for some supply, make sure you break the ammo boxes 
    too. Keep going to your left, you can see a small pathway, break more boxes, 
    watch out the two Monolithian soldiers. Take the down, keep going ahead into 
    the teleporter.
    Lol, you teleported into the trader's office, he is pretty surprised, marked 
    one what the hell?
          Fourteenth teleporter
    Go straight ahead, turn left, keep it slow, there will be about half a dozen 
    Monolithian soldier here. They are hiding, throw a few grenades to smoke them 
    out. There is a few ahead of you too, take them down. Once they all are dead, 
    loot their bodies, and then turn left again, pass a few structure, the turn 
    right and you should see a stair case, go up to the second level. There is two
    stair cases, on you can’t see to go up. There is another one just left of it, 
    try that one. Follow the path along the upper level, go straight then turn left
    and the teleporter should be just ahead of you
          Fifteenth teleporter
    I know it has been so many teleporters and you are getting real impatient, 
    just hold on for a while, you are almost there. Once you out the teleporter,
    go ahead, and there will be plenty of Monolithian teleporting in. Now, go to 
    the staircase to your left, go up and take care of the monolith soldiers. There
    will be a few below you and a few above. follow the passageway on the upper 
    level, watch out for snipers, keep going, across a small bride. Then more 
    monolith soldiers teleporting in, there are below you. Take them out.
    You can go down and loot their supply if you want, but once you done that, get
    back to the upper level, there should be another stair case heading up if you
    get lost. Now, once you are up, follow the passageway on the upper level. More 
    Monolithian will be teleported in. I suggest you throw out a few grenades down 
    to weaken them. Once they eliminated. Keep going forward, then you should
    reach a platform at the end, there is a ladder going up. Now save your game, 
    then go up the ladder.
    There will be more Monolithian teleported in. You can deal with them the usual
    way. There will be coming from two sides, so take care and use a few grenades 
    to cool them down a little. Alternatively, You can make a run for the teleporter
    if you tired of fighting. 
    This will be the last teleporter, once you are in enjoy the ending. I won't 
    spoil it for you. Check Section 5.2 for more details on this ending.
                              END OF FULL WALKTHROUGH
    Credit: Thanks info from Jack,
    	Thanks to dark_scourge for more info .
    	Thanks to Nova225 for more info on parts of the walkthrough.
                              Section 5.0 List of endings
    There are total 7 endings, I have unlocked 6, Jack said he unlocked all 7.
    Thanksto Dark_scourge for your extra information. I have heard from 
    Dark_scourge, that the requirement of the ending changes from patch to patch,
    I cannot seem to download any new patches. So, I just list the ending and the 
    requirement that is needed.
    Credit: Thanks to dark_scourge, for some info here.
    You probably worked out that whatever you do in the game, may or may not affect 
    your ending. However there is basically two sections of the ending. I will list 
    everything here and also a summary of the ending:
                              Section 5.1 Wish granter ending
    There is total 5 ending for the wish granter ending, each has its own 
    requirement. I have only unlocked 4, I cannot seem to get the 5th one, Jack 
    reckons he got it. So I will list what requirement he thinks that is needed, 
    and the requirement he has. Basically, there are three requirement for each of
    the ending:
          i: the amount of gold you carrying till the end of the game
          ii: You reputation
          iii: The survival of leader of duty (General Voronin) and leader of 
    Freedom (Lukash).
    I will list all the ending, their requirement and how to obtain those 
    requirement, and also a breif summary of the ending and the meaning/storyline.
    I will also list the stats I had. Some of the ending, I'm not sure the
    requirement myself, so do not get angry if you didn't get it. Email me if you 
    have updates or have trouble getting it.
    Note: 100k gold = 100,000 gold, k means *1000. So, 50k = 50,000
    Note: the order of the ending is just as I unlocked them, it is not significant
    which means, you can unlock them in any order you want, as long as you meet the
          5.1.1 Ending 1, Humanity is corrupted, mankind must be controlled.
    1. "Humanity is corrupted, Mankind must be controlled." I guess this isn't such
    a good ending, but somehow I got this ending the first time I played. I have no
    idead how, however, a critical requirement is your reputation must be terrible 
    (not sure if very bad works as well). So, the requirement for this ending is:
    i: the amount of gold matters, you get a different ending, carry less than 
    40k gold. Jack reckons, if you carry more money, you get a different ending. 
    (jack carried 100k gold once, and 40k gold) He got this ending with 40k gold, 
    and a different ending (ending 2 that is) with 100k. 
    ii: Your reputation need to be terrible, I don't know how the reputation 
    works, sometimes I get terrible even if I go help everyone. My reputation went 
    from excellent to terrible in about 10 minutes, have no idea how. I think one 
    thing is for sure, if you kill friendly units, it can upset your reputation.
    iii: I think either Duty or Freedom leader must survive, or both survives.
    If both dies you get different ending.
    The stats I had:
          Gold: Terrible
          Reputation: 33676
          Survival of both leader: Yes, both are alive
    I manage to obtain this ending.
                SPOIL end 1, do Not read if you want to find out yourself
    As you said, those words, Humanity is corrupted, Mankind must be destroyed. For
    a second, nothing happened, then you feels like you have a bad Headache, thing 
    become a little dizzy. Then, images of monsters, blood, violence, destruction 
    flashes before your eyes. As the images roll faster, you finally see a nuclear
    bomb going off, creating complete destruction . With that explosion you can 
    only see complete darkness, soon the darkness falls over you. As the 
    camera zooms out, only you remaining in the world of darkness.
    Hidden message: You wished for destruction of humanity, and you got it. As you 
    would know, that humanity would always be corrupted as long as mankind exists. 
    SO controlling mankind would mean, I think you probably worked it out.
                            End of Spoil
                      5.1.2 Ending 2, I want to be rich
    2. "I want to be rich," I guess this is kind of bad ending as well, depending 
    how you look at it. Here is the requirement for the ending, given by Jack.
    i: The amount of gold you carry really matters, Jack reckons, the cut off
    point for this ending is somewhere between 48k gold and 52k gold, after lots of
    tries. He cannot be exactly sure what the cut off is, maybe 50k? If you want 
    to get this ending, just carry loads of gold, as much as you can get, sell 
    weapons and armor/etc, like carry 70k or over 100k or something. Just keep on 
    selling people's weapon and do mission.
    ii: Reputation does not seem to matter, at least it didn't to me, as long
    as the money is over the limit. I'm not 100% sure on it, so test it out. Just 
    make sure you carry lots and lots of money.
    iii: I think either Duty or Freedom leader must survive, or both survives
    If both dies you get a different ending.
    The stats I had:
          Gold: 79071
          Reputation: excellent
          Survival of both leader: Yes, both are alive
    I manage to obtain this ending.
    Note: according to Dark_scourge, the requirement for this ending in some 
    patches are over 250k gold (250,000). I guess that is a bit hard to get, you 
    may need to sell your SEVA suits. 
                SPOIL end 2, do Not read if you want to find out yourself
    I want to be rich, as you said these words, small bolt falls out of a machine,
    and then some thin pieces of metal starts falling off the sky. As you go grab 
    the nut, it turn into gold in your hand. Suddenly, everything starts to turn 
    into gold, everything falling is becoming gold, and gold is everywhere, shinny,
    reflecting. Gold, everywhere, falling like rain. You are so happy, and laughing
    hahaha. Then, something are becoming loose, large pieces of metal start to 
    detach itself, falling as well. It does not seem to be turning into gold, and 
    it’s heading directly for you. Then more piece of metal, falls off. Then, 
    As the camera zooms out, you see yourself crushed under about 20 tonnes of 
    twisted scrap metal... It is a sad fate, that money cannot buy you out of that 
    one. The nut is no long gold, it is just a rusted nut.
    Hidden message: Quote: ["wanting money is the root of all evil"], and [desire 
    makes you suffer]. I guess you learned your lesson not to ask for money, since
    once you get the money, you may need up paying a price that even all the money 
    in the world is not enough for it.
                                  End of Spoil
                      5.1.3 Ending 3, I want the zone to disappear
    3. "I want zone to disappear", I suppose this is kind of a good ending, again 
    depending on your perception of what is good or bad ending. Here is the 
    i: the amount of gold matters, you get a different ending, carry less than
    45k gold (not exactly sure, but try carry like 20k gold or something very 
    little). Jack reckons, if you carry more money, you get a different ending. 
    (jack carried 80k+ gold once, and around 45K gold) He got this ending with 
    around 45k gold, and a different ending (ending 2 that is) with 80k+. 
    ii: Your reputation need to be excellent (does very good work?), I don't 
    know how the reputation works, this means you need to help everyone out, and 
    try not kill neutrals as well, specially not ones with good reputation. 
    iii: I think either Duty or Freedom leader must survive, or both survives.
    If both dies you get a different ending.
    Try carry as little gold as possible like 10k. Ok, you may wonder how to get 
    rid of the extra gold, easy, just buy everything from the trader. Then drop it 
    outside, and repeat this till you out of gold. Or just do not sell anything to 
    the trade, and do not extra missions.
    Question: "I brought everything from the trader, and I can't buy anymore stuff,
    what do I do?" 
    Answer: just go to another section of the bar, say if you are at the bar, just 
    get yourself out of the area completely, e.g go to another sector and some back
    Then you can buy everything again.
    Alternatively, you can buy everything from the trade, and sell it back to him, 
    since you sell at a lower price, every time you do that you lose money. Repeat 
    till you are low on gold.
    The stats I had:  
          Gold: 22931
          Reputation: Excellent
          Survival of both leader: Yes, both are alive.
    I manage to obtain this ending.
                SPOIL end 3, do Not read if you want to find out yourself
    I want the zone to disappear, suddenly, a bright light, blinding light hit you
    Then, everything starts to change, the gloomy zone has turned into rich 
    grassland, birds are singing, everything is back to where it was. There was 
    nothing of the Zone or the monolith left. As you close your eyes and smell the
    fresh air, you feel so relaxed. The, soon as you open your eyes again. What is
    going on, my eye, oh goodness, and you realize you are blind.
    Hidden message: well you want the zone to disappear, and it did so, just as you
    wished, but that doesn't mean you get to enjoy it. well, that is not part of 
    the wish. [desire makes you suffer]
                            End of Spoil
                      5.1.4 Ending 4, I want rule the world
    4. I want to rule the world, I guess this ending is bad as well, at least in my
    opinion it is. Critical requirement is that you must kill both leader of duty 
    (General Voronin) and leader of freedom (Lukash). Here is the requirement,
    i: I'm not sure the amount of gold matters or not. Just do not have too much
    gold, I had only 25k gold, so just have like around 20- 30k gold. Get rid 
    of the extra gold, you do not need it anyway.
    ii: Not sure if reputation matters, mine was excellent, Jack has excellent
    as well. 
    iii: Both leader of freedom and Duty must be dead, you have to kill them,
    this is most likely a critical requirement.
    I guess it will be hard to kill the leader of Duty (General Voronin), cause he 
    is in like a little bunker, if you want kill him. Throw a few grenades in there
    and run out as fast as you can. You will have to kill most of the Duty member 
    in the camp. So, do it when you do not have to go back to the bar anyway. even 
    if you kill the Duty leader, you can still be neutral to some Duty members, a 
    bug maybe?
    Freedom leader, much easier to kill, just throw a grenade and take him out.
    Then, run out the Freedom base. Alternatively, maybe you can take on the Duty 
    To kill the freedom leader, so you get the help of the Duty guys and some 
    rewards. Then after you done it, then go back to kill the Duty leader.
    It is up to you what you do and how you do it.
    The stats I had, and I manage to obtain this ending.
          Gold: 25671
          Reputation: Excellent
          Survival of both leader: No, both are killed by me.
                SPOIL end 4, do Not read if you want to find out yourself
    I want to rule the world, soon as you said these word, you feel pain in your 
    stomach, it is like something is trying to come out of you. The pain gets worse
    and somehow, your hands are turning to a purple light. Then you feel like 
    someone or something is pulling you apart. Your body is starting to becoming 
    that purple light, it is moving towards the wish granter. Goodness, all of your
    body is then absorbed by the wish granter. All that left is your vest, you have
    Hidden message: I guess since the wish granter and the Monolith rules the zone,
    if you want to be the ruler, you have become part of the wisher granter.
    ["The desire for power will sometimes leave you powerless."]
                            End of Spoil
                      5.1.5 Ending 5, I want to become immortal
    4.  I want to become immortal ( or is it I want immortality), I never got this 
    ending, not once, Jack reckons he got it. He told me what happen in the ending.
    Thanks to Dark_scourge for conform the description of the ending. From what I
    heard, this isn't a good ending either.
    i: I'm not sure the amount of gold matters or not. Just do not have too 
    much gold, jack said he had about 30k gold, so just have like around 20- 30k 
    gold. Get rid of the extra gold, you do not need it anyway.
    ii: Not sure if this reputation thing matters, But Jack said his 
    reputation is neutral, and it doesn't work for him if it is excellent or 
    terrible. So maybe you have to be in between those? Jack also said once he had 
    reputation as very good, and it still worked.
    iii: Both leader of freedom and Duty must be alive, Jack said if you kill
    one of them, you may get a different ending. Not sure, but just make sure both 
    leader are alive.
    I'm not sure the exact require for this ending, I guess someone can help me out
    here. Email me if anyone knows what to do here.
    The stats Jack had:
          Gold: around 30k
          Reputation: Neutral/good
          Survival of both leader: Yes, both did
                SPOIL end 5, do Not read if you want to find out yourself 
    (from Jack and Dark_scourge)
    I want to become immortal, for a while not much happened. Then suddenly, your 
    arms starts to turn into what appears to be a metallic compound. it is starting
    to spread throughout your body, you desperately tries to say something, make 
    another wish perhaps. But, it was too late, before you were able to finish. You
    were turned into a metal statue.
    Hidden message: well I guess you want immortality, and you got it as you wished
    for. I know it is not exactly what you wanted, but well, you never get exactly 
    what you want. You get what you wished for. Sometimes, it is better to be dead 
    than to be an immortal. 
                                  End of Spoil
    You probably worked this out, that none of the wish granter ending is good, and
    whatever you wish for. You have to end up paying a price and you never get 
    exactly what you wanted. So, it appears to be all bad endings. Although "I want
    the zone to disappear" is kinda a good ending. Anyway read the other section of
    the ending.
                            5.2 C-consciousness ending
    The requirement of this ending:
    i, you need to talk to the guide and the doctor, and then you need to find
    the decode in Pripyat Hotel.
    ii, You need to find the secret room, just above the sarcophagus and use 
    the decoder to unlock it.
    iii, you need to destroy the power cell like things and talk to the hologram.
    I also listed this ending in the full walkthrough section 4.0.
    Once you done that, you can find out a bit more about the storyline, yourself 
    and the Monolith. Then you have two choices,
          Option 1, I agree to join the C-consciousness project.
          Option 2, I'm not going to help you in this deception.
    Here is the summary of the two endings
                Option 1, I agree to join the C-consciousness project
    You see yourself been put into a hibernation chamber, with sensors attached to 
    your brain. as the scientists puts you away. You see the chamber closing and 
    mostly you have gone into a hibernation. Then, you see a old man (most likely 
    the doctor) standing on a small hill, the sky is dark and cloudy. The old man 
    looks into the distance of the zone. "Haven't see Strelok for a while, is he 
    dead already? Nah, he should be alright". The old man looks to his dog beside 
    him, and said "Let's get out of here and grab some dinner, I know you are more 
    interested in that then our friend." As both of them walks away, the camera 
    zooms out and the end.
    My comments: I suppose this is kind of a open ended ending, and isn't a good 
    ending in some perceptive, since there is no real conclusion. The zone is still
    there, as shown by the cloudy gloomy sky. There was no conclusion as to what 
    would happened to Strelok at the end, whether or not he would be in the 
    experimental chamber forever. 
                Option 2, I'm not going to help you in this deception
    As you move through the last teleporter, you see yourself in a dark room with 
    many hibernation chambers filled with greenish liquid. You turn around and look
    behind you, to see if anyone is there. You rise up your AKm, unlocked it and 
    then opened fire upon the chambers. You continued firing and firing. Suddenly, 
    the gloomy sky opens up, and the ground turns into lush grassland. You finally 
    relaxes and enjoys the fresh air. As you lay down on the grass, you thought "I 
    don't know whether I was right or wrong, I guess I never know, But I made it 
    and I guess I should be thankful for that". The camera then loose focus on you,
    and refocuses on a dragonfly, the camera then zooms out, as it flies away the 
    camera fades away.
    My comment: Well, I think it is  the best ending there is for this game. It 
    seems you have made the zone disappear, and finally you are able to relax and 
    enjoy some good rest.
    I suppose if you look at this ending, maybe the scientist are trying hard to
    change the Noosphere. The reason that the Zone appeared was probably because
    the Noosphere does not want to be changed. By creating the Zone, it was a 
    kind of "warning" to the scientist not to try to change it anymore or do any 
    more damage to the Noosphere to upset its balance. However, the scientists 
    does not seem to understand that and tries even harder to pursue their 
    objectives. So, by destroying the lab above the sarcophagus and the scientists.
    You have stop them doing more damage. The zone then retracts and disappears.
                            Section 6.0 weapon and armor
    This section will give detail on the various type of weapons and armor in the 
    game. I will start with the weapons first. The list isn't 100% complete, yet.
    See section 6.0 (b) for analysis of weapon choices in battle.
                            6.0 (a) Here is list of  weapons
    I have listed the weapon in the walkthrough, but here is a better list for 
    whoever are interested. this includes their description, their ammo:
    Note: I will not list every location to find every weapon, sometimes you may be
    able to find weapon in hidden stashes.
                            9mm Handguns
    Handguns are basic weapons, useful as a backup when you run out of rifle ammo. 
    However they have limited accuracy at long range.
    PMm - A soviet pistol, it is most commonly used in the Zone, however it 
    has low accuracy and low magazine capacity and is relative weak. However, it is
    very cheap.
    Noiseless pistol (PBs1) - a noiseless pistol with an integrated silencer,
    even though it is out of date, it is still very useful in skilled hands.
    Fort-12MK2 - A Ukrainian Police pistol, it is replacement of the PMm, it 
    has higher ammo capacity and more accuracy.
                All the three handgun above uses following ammo type:
    Standard ammo: 9*18mm rounds, weak but common.
    Improved rounds: 9*18mm +P+, higher velocity rounds, more effective against 
                            SMGs/other 9mm Handguns
    Walker P9m, a very good handgun, it has higher magazine capacity, 
    relatively accurate and also does good damage. 
    Martha, Adopted by the American army and police, as well as many military and
    police units all over the world. It is also very popular among the criminals
    for its high-powered round and its high-capacity magazine. 
    According to A. Fieldstone and a few others:
    This handgun looks to be pretty powerful and very accurate. Almost as much
    damage as the black kite. It can be found from dead duty members in dark valley
    and garbage. 
    I heard you can find it off the Duty memeber you save from Borov, one of the
    mission you take from dark valley. He will be locked in a bandit cell.
    Viper 5 - one of the best in submachine guns, this is adopted by special 
    forces and police in many countries. Although is not an up to date machine
    gun. It is still very useful. This SMG has high firing rate, but low accuracy 
    and damage.
                      Ammo type:
    Standard: 9*19mm FMJ, standard round for viper 5 and Walker P9m pistol, common.
    Improved ammo: 9*19mm PB1s, improved round with hollow point and armor piercing
                            0.45 Caliber handguns
    UDP compact, a useful 0.45 handgun, it is powerful, reliable and good in close 
    range combat.
    Black kite, A big gun for big heroes, you can find this in the same area as you
    find the family rifle. Very powerful, but has little accuracy and loads of 
    SIP-t M200, a model developed in the 1975, it is still popular. Even though
    it has low ammo capacity, hwoever, it is very reliable and also uses high 
    powered Kora rounds.
                Standard ammo: 0.45 caliber round,
    Improved: 0.45 caliber Hydro shock round, bullet has a hollow point does good 
    damage against armored units and has good stopping power. 
    Note: there maybe other 0.45 handguns, like the Kora-919, they are listed on 
    the ammo description, not sure about where to find these 0.45s.
    Shotguns are good for close range door to door combat, useful in tight 
    situations. However shotgun are limited in long range combat.
    BM 17: a saw-ed off BM 17 rifle, it is lighter and more compact, but only
    useful at close range. A good choice for beginners. This weapon is really only 
    good at close range, can only load 2 rounds, not very useful.
    TOS 34: ?? Never found these, it is listed on the ammo description though.
    I think it is another name for a hunting rifle.
    Chaser 13: A smooth bore pump action rifle useful even in the most hostile
    environment. It is very reliable.
    SPSA 14: this smooth Bore pump action rifle was developed in the 70s, and
    is useful in door to door combat. It is heavy, big but powerful. 
                      Ammo type for shotguns:
    Ammo standard: 12* 70mm, 9 * 6mm steel pellets, useful in under 30 metres, 
    effective in close quarter combat, however it has a scatter pattern. Range is 
    around 30 metres. This ammo is common to find.
    Ammo improved: 12*76mm, slug round, fire a heavy naked bullet, basically, it is
    just one massive bullet, rather than a scattered pellets. This is effective 
    against armored units and has range up to 100 metres. NOT so effective against
    Ammo special: 12*76mm, dart rounds, very rare ammo, very powerful as it fires a
    fined dart, which can stabilize in air without the darts losing its velocity
    due to air drag. This is effective against armor and also has a range of up to
    150metres. NOT so effective in close quarter combat.
    IMPORTANT: standard shot rounds are very effective at close range combat and
    does not require good aiming. However, they are serious ineffective at long
    range. They are excellent against mutant which are mostly melee.
    Dart and slug rounds are used for long range, and they are serious ineffective
    in close range combat. They not only require good aiming, but does not seem to
    produce equal amount of damage power as the shot rounds at the close range. So
    you should only use slug/dart round against medium-long range targets, ie. 
    more than 20 metres away. 
    This is according to Boogie:
    TOZ (TOS) rifles:
    TOZ is abbreviation for Tula Weapon Factory. Actually there are lots of weapon
    produced there: PM, SVU, etc. TOZ-12 is a hunting rifle and therefore
    sawed-off shotgun in the game.
                                  A. rifles
    Assault rifles are useful in medium range combat, but can also be used in close 
    range and long range combat. They are flexible and useful to carry around.
                                  Russian A. Rifles
    These are older version of Russian assault rifles, the AKM series rifles are 
    not very powerful and have low firing rate. The Obokan, however is however more
    powerful and accurate version of the AKM 74/2. All of them uses 5.45* 39mm 
    AKm 74/2U, the AKM 74/2U is similar to that of a submachine gun, however
    it uses A. rifle rounds. This weapon is useful in close quarter combat and 
    fighting in dense forest areas. The rifle has relative high piercing ability.
    AKm 74/2, assault rifle with a folding butt, it is cheap and reliable. 
    Useful in early stages of the game.
    Obokan, this is weapon used by Russian elite trooper, it’s a replacement
    of the out of date Akm 74/2. The internal mechanism of the Obokan is much 
    simpler than the Akm 74/2. This makes it more accurate and powerful.
                      Ammo type for all AKm rifles
    Ammo standard: 5.45* 39mm, standard round for Akm rifles and Obokan, you can 
    find this pretty common.
    Ammo improved: 5.45* 39mm BP, improved round with an armor-piercing core, 
    effective against light-medium armored units.
                                  VLA rifles
    All VLA assault rifles, including Vintar S. rifle uses the same type of ammo
    Thunder S14: a powerful assault rifle equipped with a intergrated grenade 
    launcher. This weapon is compact, relatively light and fast action. Its ammo
    capacity is slightly less than the normal A. rifles. But, this is easily
    made up for by the heavy fire power it produces. Excellent choice of weapon
    for later stages of the game, the G. Launcher also allows you to take down
    heavy games.
    VLA special assault rifle: Based on the Vintar special sniper rifle. It
    combines the noiseless and flamless firing system with special A. rifle
    design. So the weapon is light, powerful and fast action. With large ammo
    capacity and faster firing rate compare to the Vintar. It is much effective
    in close to medium range combat.
                            Ammo type for VLA, Thunder S14
    Ammo lower grade: 9*39mm PAB9, cheaper round, effective up to 300 metres.
    Ammo standard: 9*39mm SP-5, standard round up to 400 metres in range, useful 
    for snipering. 
    Ammo improved Armor piercing: 9*39mm SP-6 , armor-piercing rounds, effective up
    to 400metres.
    Grenade launcher ammo for thunder S14; VOG-25 grenades, and VOG-25R grenades.
    Note: according to Boogie, VLA is actually a mis-translation for "Val". 
    Vintar is also a mis-translation for Vintorez. When the scope is removed, it is
    later called the "Val".
                                NATO A. rifles
    All NATO rifles uses the same ammo type 5.56*45mm rounds.
    iL 86: The British replacement of the German GP 37 A. rifle. This is well
    sold on the black market and also in the zone. The main advantage of the iL 86 
    is that its 4* scope and a accurate first shot. However in burst mode, the 
    accuracy is decreased. The M203 G. launcher can be attached on it.
    Trs 301: light rifle with an effective range of up to 300 metres, it is very
    light, reliable and has easy trigger. It is also very accurate, however it is 
    quite sensitive to dust and that makes it less effective in difficult field 
    conditions. This can be attached with a scope and an M203 G. Launcher.
    SGI 5K: a relatively new rifle, it is popular due to its low recoil and 
    reliability. This A. rifle is very easy to use and has very little recoil. 
    However you cannot seem to attach a scope on it. But, a M203 G. launcher can 
    be attached.
    GP 37: this is an German assault rifle, it is a first specimen of modern 
    weaponry, it is light, reliable and easy to use. This weapon is very good, it 
    has a scoped mode for snipering, and has very good firing rate and damage. 
    FT 200M: this is a assault rifle combined with a grenade launcher, it has
    an electronic firing module and a attached 40mm grenade launcher. This is one 
    of the best weapon in the game, it is powerful, accurate and easy to use. It 
    also has a scoped mode for snipering/long range combat. However, the rifle does
    have significant recoil.
    This is from Jack: The FT 200M is probably the best weapon in the game. It is
    really an all in one assualt rifle. Rapid firing mode, 4* scope mode and a
    grenade launcher to take down big games. The only drawback of this rifle is
    that you may not get it till the really end of the game. I mean wouldn't it
    be good to test fire this baby on a few bandits? Yeah, that's right...
                      Ammo type for all NATO rifles
    Ammo standard: 5.56*45mm SS109, standard for NATO A. rifles widely known under 
    a Belgium index. You can find this pretty common.
    Ammo improved Armor piercing: 5.56*45mm AP, much rare round for NATO rifles, 
    effective against armored units, has a AP core. this  
    Ammo for grenade launcher: M209, can be used for the attachable M203 G launcher
    and the integrated G. launcher for the FT 200M.
                      S. rifle
    Vintar special sniper rifle: A flameless and noiseless sniper rifle, it 
    comes with an integrated silencer, useful when flameless and noiseless are
    important. It has an effective range of up to 400metres and can easily 
    penetrate Kevlar vests.
          Ammo lower grade: 9*39mm PAB9, cheaper round, effective up to 300 metres.
    Ammo standard: 9*39mm SP-5, standard round up to 400 metres in range, useful 
    for snipering. 
    Ammo improved Armor piercing: 9*39mm SP-6 , armor-piercing rounds, effective up
    to 400metres.
    SVU MK: a modern version of the SVU Mk2 sniper rifle, good for long trips
    in the Zone. This is a big sniper rifle, and very powerful, but it has silly 
    recoil and is very hard to use. But is does incredible amount of damage.
    SVU MK2: a older model sniper rifle, it is relatively powerful, but has 
    significant recoil.
    These rifles are heavy, powerful, but lots of recoil. You need to learn to
    shot one round at a time and take it easy on it. 
                            Ammo type for the SVU MK2
    Ammo standard: 7.62*54mm 7N1, cheaper modification of the SVU MK2 snipering 
    rifle rounds.
    Ammo improved: 7.62*54mm BP, armor piercing rounds, useful against medium to 
    heavily armored units.
    Ammo snipering: 7.62*54mm 7N14
    Gauss rifle: A super-accurate snipering rifle developed by the scientists in
    the Zone. It uses the artifact energy to fire its rounds rather than using 
    gun powder. The immense killing power of this Gauss rifle is further enhanced 
    by its minimal recoil. However, the user should beware that it takes some time 
    to reload each round.
    This weapon is extremely powerful and a headshot with this weapon is instant 
    death regardless the armor and health of your opponent. It is just extremely 
    deadly, but only effective at long range. The weapon’s slow firing rate makes
    it ineffective in close quarter combat. Trying not to use this in a door to 
    door fight.
                        Ammo type: 2mm Gauss rounds.
    Note: there is a small yellow bar on the side of the Gauss rifle, everytime you
    fire, the bar empties, and it will refill, when fully refilled you may fire the
    next round. Take about 2-3 seconds.
                           Sniper rifle comparison
    This is from Jack:
    So, you may wonder, what is the best sniper rifle to use? There isn't a simple
    answer to that question.
    The Vintar special sniper rifle is pretty much a overall best preformance
    sniper rifle. It is light, powerful, accurate, silent, flameless, fast firing
    rate and its ammo is realtively easy to find. However, it has signifcant 
    recoil and it only carries 10 rounds per clip. Because Vintar has good firing
    rate, you probably have to reload rather often. 
    SVU Mk and SVU Mk2, both are very powerful sniper rifle. They have serious
    killing power. They do not require headshots for you to kill your opponents.
    Two shots in the body does the job equally as well. But, with their killing
    power comes a few serious drawbacks. They have very heavy recoil, which can
    seriously upset your aiming. Also, their ammo are quite rare, not silent and
    its accuracy is not that great at long range.
    THe Gauss rifle, unlike all these other rifles and guns, is not affacted by
    game physics due to its ultra high velocity. It seem to be a super energy 
    weapon. It is super accurate and its slug is fully stable when travelling in
    air. It is also extremely deadly, and one round to the head is instant death.
    The recoil on this weapon is rather minimal. However, the Gauss rifle is very
    heavy and has a very slow firing rate.
    Basically, if you want a balance between everything, use the Vintar. If you
    just want power without losing too much firing rate. Use SVUmk, when using 
    SVUmk, I suggest you just go aim at enemies body. No point headshots, it is so
    powerful it doesn't matter. If you just want damage, and accuracy, go for the
    Gauss rifle. Again with the Gauss rifle, aim at the body is a lot easier.
                            Heavy - G. Launcher
    M203 attachable grenade launcher: attached grenade launcher for the iL 86,
    Trs 301, SGI 5K, and Gp 37. I cannot seem to attach this on the GP 37. but,
    it Use M209 40 mm grenades. You may only load one grenade at a time. 
    GP - 25 Kostyer, attachable grenade launcher for the Akm 74/2 and Akm 74/2U,
    it uses VOG grenade, you may only uses one grenade at a time. You can find
    this a locker in Dark valley Vault, the place near the flame that flies around
    in the level with the first security door with 1234 as the password. Inside the
    loacker, there should be a new AK 74/2, already attached with it, you can
    dismount it. But, you need to play novice and stalker mode. (Thanks to 
    S. Martin for the info). 
    Bulldog 6 grenade launcher: a revolver type grenade launcher, sometimes it
    is just really useful. This weapon packs huge fire power, effective against
    light armored trucks, heavily armored soldiers, packs of aggressive and 
    resilient mutants. 
    Bulldog 6 is very useful, if you choose to keep it for yourself. Unlike the 
    M203, it loads up to 6 grenades. It has pretty decent firing rate and you can
    do some serious damage with it. This is much more flexible to use compare to
    the RPG. However, the grenades are not good for long range targets, try not
    to use against units over 50 metres away. Another thing is that you may not
    run when equipping this weapon.
    Ammo type for bulldog 6: VOG-25 grenades, instantly explodes upon contact.  
    Improved grenades for bulldog 6: VOG-25R grenades, which are more powerful as 
    they jump 1 metre in the air before exploding. Maximizing killing power.
                            Heavy - RPG
    RPG-7U: The grenade launcher developed in the 1960s, there are large 
    quantities of these in army bases. Such a weapon is very rare for Stalker
    It offers extremely large amount of firepower and is effective against highly
    armored troopers and light armored tanks. However, it is very heavy and takes
    too long to reload.
    I mean, ok, you won't get many rounds of this baby, so save it when you need
    it. There isn't much use for it in the game, except maybe towards the end of
    the game. What you have to know about this weapon is, it has huge splash
    damage radius. I'm estimating over 20 metres, much more than the defensive
    grenades. The only notable advantage of this, is that you can smoke down a
    APC in about two hits. You can also wipe pretty much any enemy units in one
    hit. However, you may not run when equipping this weapon.
    Ammo: RPG round, you will know when you get one.
                               Special weapons
    In the game, you may come across special weapons, where the weapon has an arrow
    on  the side of it. These weapons are generally more powerful than their 
    original versions. You can get this from some special hide outs or by looting
    the bodies of some stalkers that are killed or have died. 
    I probably have already list them in the walkthrough. Here is a betterlist:
    Walker 9*18mm, a walker modified to use 9*18mm rounds, you can get this from
    Mole, if he somehow dies, loot his body for it.
    Fort - 15, this is an experimental prototype of the fort gun, it uses 9x18mm
    rounds. You can find it from a military in Cordon, below the bridge. (Thanks
    to S. Martin).
    Noiseless Viper: A viper with a integrated silencer, useful for sneaking 
    around and shooting without making too much noise. Uses standard Viper rounds 
    9*19mm. You can get this when you kill some neutral stalker in the dark valley.
    Family rifle: same as a sawed-off double barrel BM 17 shotgun. You can get
    this from an mission from the Gunter in the bar.
    Rapid firing Akm 74/2: the modified closed system increase the speed of 
    shooting, much like the Akm 74/2, but shot much faster and it is more accurate.
    This can be found in Strelok's hide out, and use the same ammo as the Akm 74/2.
    Storming Obokan (weapon of duty): Obokan A. rifle attached with a G. launcher,
    uses VOG-25 and VOG 25R grenades. This is obtained for the weapon of Duty 
    mission. This uses 5.45*39mm rounds.
    Sniper Obokan: assualt rifle supplied with a special optics for caryying 
    out sniper fire. This optics embbed into the body of the weapon has a higher
    resolution than the standard model. The scope on this weapon has more zoom
    than a PSO-1 scope, so you can see more clearly at longer range. This can be
    found off neutral stalker, named Oleg "fiend" (seems random).
    Big Ben: The handgun is already powerful, but it is specially designed to
    use rifle rounds. This makes it extra destructive when in close quarter combat.
    This handgun is very powerful, but the recoil is too much to control. It uses 
    the same ammo as Thunder S14, 9*39mm rounds. Weapon can be found in the same 
    area as the Family rifle. It may or may not appear. Seem to be random.
    This is from Jack about the big Ben: the damage power of the Big Ben seriously 
    far exceeds any other handgun available in the Zone. However, this big gun is 
    very hard to handle and has very low accuracy, even at range of 10 metres, it 
    misses badly. This combine with the recoil makes it really hard to hit.
    Unless you planning to shot people at point-blank range, do not run around with
    this handgun. Because you may end up empty an entire clip, at close range 
    without even close to scoring a hit. This is a gun for fun, not very useful 
    The size of this black kite, reminds me of the desert Eagle.
    Note: big ben may or may not appear, seem to be depended on game difficulty or
    is it spawn at random. Not 100% sure.
    Lightened il 86: Weapon comes with an integrated muffler, many parts are
    replaced with lighter parts. This weapon is significantly lighter than the 
    standard iL 86. Uses NATO rounds, can be found when you killed the MASTER 
    Balanced iL 86: this iL 86 has special changes to its internal structure that
    makes it have significantly less kick back and more accuracy. You can get this
    from a Stalker called Scarecrow.
    Combat chaser: Variation of the Chaser 13. A small fragment of the Artifact 
    Gravi was put in the barrel, positioned in such a way to increase the speed of
    the bullet flight. You can obtain this when you kill Father Diodor, he is one 
    of the stalker with Smartass.
    Threaded SPSA-14: this is unique weapon, this shotgun model has a rifle bore
    which greatly increases its accuracy when firing darts or slug rounds. However,
    using standard shot rounds can be more difficult. You may get this gun when you
    kill an expert Bandit called Poker in dark valley, he is randomly generated.
    There also seem to be a bug with this poker bandit, so you may only get this
    weapon if you are lucky.(Thanks to S. Martin)
    I should note the Threaded SPSA-14 sounds like a good shotgun for long range
    if you using dart or slug rounds, however these armor are in fact quite rare,
    especially the dart rounds. Nonetheless, dart rounds are in fact really
    powerful. You can even sniper people down at about 100 yards away, try it out
    if you ever have spare rounds. 
    Thunder 5.45: the given barrel is an excellent work from one of the stalker
    craftmen, which enables the rifle to use more widespread 5.45 mm bullets. 
    You can obtain this weapon when you kill a Duty member named Barin. (The
    name could be random).
    Snipering TRs 301: The Trs 301 modified with a snipering ability, it has a
    single round semi-automatic mode with a attached scope. This is useful as a 
    cheap snipering rifle. You can get this from a Job for the Duty leader, general
    Voronin. You may also attach a G. launcher on it.
    Sniper SGI 5K: a modified SGI 5K for snipering, it is equipped with a none
    removable scope. This can be found off a freedom soldier, if you somehow kill 
    him or get him killed.
    Sniper VLA: You can get this from a mission from the Duty leader, general
    Voronin, I never got it. Can someone check this please, is it the same as the 
                              Weapon SILENCER
    This is just in from jack: 
    For those who are interested in a weapon silencer, you may get this as a job
    from the bar keeper. You have to complete a few artifact hunt job before you
    can do it. You have to find him chuck of meat, crystal thorn, night star etc
    to do this job. He will ask you to find the GOLDFISH artifact, very rare.
    you may get night star and goldfish from Pripyat, but they are rare. But if
    you find them that Goldfish, he will give you a new Trs 301, scope, M203 
    grenade launcher haha and also a SILENCER. You can equip everything on your
    Trs 301. Then your Trs 301 is going to look awesome.
    If you cannot be bother to do any of the other artifact hunting jobs, just
    fail them and then you can do this job. However, you must have a Goldfish
    artifact to get this rewards.
    Note: weapon silencer may not be attached to any weapon, even though the 
    description says so. You cannot attach silencer to already silenced weapon,
    like Vintar sniper rifle. You also cannot attach it to weapon that can NOT
    be silenced, like shotgun, RPGs, etc. However, you can put it on handguns. 
    New silencer location:
    First is in the cordon, there's an old truck parked near the abandoned 
    mill. Jumping onto the roof of the truck and then onto the roof of the 
    nearby warehouse will reveal a storage case on the roof that's otherwise 
    not visible from any vantage point. Cracking it open will cause it's 
    contents to drop through the roof into the warehouse below. It contains 
    120 rounds of 5.45mm and a silencer.
    Second is in the Garbage. In the junkyard with the downed helicopter the 
    last truck on the right hand side (the north western most truck) (a 
    troop transport) Jumping into the back of it is a little tricky but 
    doable, inside there's another storage case, this one has a silencer.
    Both silencers are a bit tricky to reach and require some trick jumping, 
    but it's a very unusual item, so they're worth the effort. Note: it is
    possible sometimes these items may not exist, these items can appear
    randomly, and also depends on the difficult you playing. 
    (Thanks to M. J. Schwarz for the info)
    The list of weapons and special weapons is not yet completed, if you find some
    new weapon, you can let me know.
                 Extra info on weapon durability and getting extra ammo
    Weapon durability can change depending how often you use the weapon, if you use
    the weapon frequently. The durability will degrade, and there is a green bar
    showing that. However, what you should know is that, each weapon's durability 
    is different.
    When an enemy drops their weapon after you kill them, if you shot directly at
    the dropped weapon. Then when you pick that weapon up, the weapon durability 
    will be very low. Because you have damaged the weapon. So, try avoid shooting
    weapons on the ground, if you want them to have good durability.
    There is also a little trick on getting extra ammo, you have to put the weapon
    you want ammo for on the enemies body. Sometimes, if you put a type of weapon
    on dead bodies. Then come back later, after going to another area. You can
    reloot their bodies for ammo supply. Sometimes this helps to get rare ammo like
    grenades for the thunder S14, etc. 
                  End of extra info
              6.0 (b) Weapon analysis/what weapons to use in battle 
    The ultimate question you may want to ask is what weapons do I use in battle?
    Well, consider the following things when selecting the weapon:
       -Damage power
       -Rate of firing
       -Ammo capacity
       -Ammo aviliability
       -Area of damage (splash damage?)
       -Effective range
       -Reloading time
       -Versatility (Additional components)
    So, basically, you have to intergrate those factors together and then work out
    what is the best choice of weapon. I mean using a Vintar special sniper rifle
    for long range fights are a lot more sensible than using a viper 5 SMG.
    For those who do not know the terms I used above, here is some explaination:
    Damage is basically the amount of fire power of a weapon, the higher the fire
    power. The more likely you can kill an enemy.
    Accuracy is likelihood of your bullets fired from the weapon to hit an enemy.
    Rate of firing, how fast can your weapon fire. 
    Recoil, the amount of kickback of the weapon.
    Ammo: ammo capacity is how much ammo you can carry before you have to reload.
    Ammo availbility is the likelyhood of you finding the ammo for the weapon.
    Example, RPG ammo are much rare than a viper 5 SMG ammo.
    Area of damage: like grenade they can damage an wide radius of targets.
    Effective range: how far the bullets travel before they lose their killing
    Reloading time, time takes you to reload a weapon.
    Weight is how heavy your weapon, since you can only carry limited weight.
    This becomes a parameter to consider.
    Visbility, is basically to do whether or not if a weapon has a scope. How far
    can you zoom in.
    Versatility, well, for example, A.rifle with G. launchers and Scopes are more
    versatile than corresponding rifle which do not have them.
    All the above fact pretty much comes to this: Ease of use.
    Now, you have to think about the combat environment and how your weapon will 
    fit into the battle suitation, the following is some of things to think about
    the battle environment:
       -Combat range, close range door to door, medium range, long range?
       -Combat style, hit and run, shot and ask questions later?
       -Amount of hostiles
       -Weapon used by the hostiles
       -Positions of the hostiles
       -Amount of space in the combat zone
    So try to think about what combat tactic you would perfer, hit and run or just
    go in and shot like a madman. Then you have to look at the condition of the
    combat area. How many enemies, and what they are using. So you can choose your
    weapon to have advantage over theirs.
    For example: Using grenade launchers and RPG in a door to door combat is not a
    good choice.
    This may look very confusing, but let me give you a few examples so you know
    what I am talking about.
    A. Let's say the Viper 5, fast firing rate, fast reloading, high ammo per clip
    Guass rifle, exactly the opposite, slow firing rate, slow reloading, low ammo
    per clip.
    But what make it interesting is that you may find that you need to reload the
    Viper 5 much more often than the Guass rifle. So in using the Gauss rifle, 
    because it is so slow, you rarely use up one whole clip in a fight. So in this
    case the reloading speed of the Guass rifle is probably not as important as
    compare to the reloading speed of the viper 5.
    B. Let's say Guass rifle vs Chaser 13, both slow, low clip size. But opposite
    in when to use. Chaser 13 is excellent in close range door to door fight. 
    Guass rifle is really hard to use, require very accurate aim and is only good
    for snipering. Chaser on the other hand, does not require accurate aiming, as
    the shotgun as an area of effect, it shots many small pellets.
    C. FT 200M and Vintar special sniper rifle, both excellent rifle. But Ft 200M
    almost can complete replace Vintar, it is all in one, scope, G launcher, and
    fully auotmatic firing, high clip size, accurate, ammo are easy to find.
    But you must also look at the Vintar, it has a 8* scope mode, more accuracy at
    long range. So, in really long range snipering battle, Vintar would be a much
    better choice. The G.launcher on Ft 200M is not very useful at ranges greater
    than 50 metres. So when fighting a group of enemy at 100 yards away, Vintar is
    still a good choice of weapon. 
    D. Trs 301, iL 86. Trs 301 is more superior than the il 86 is pretty much all
    aspects. Trs 301 is lighter, faster rate of fire, more damage and accurate. 
    But the il 86 has a 4* scope mode. This makes it much easier to use when your
    enemy is a bit too far to see (more than 50 metres). Even though the Trs 301
    can be attached with a scope, you must first obtain that scope.
    The four cases above basically shows you that, it is not easy to choose what
    weapon to use. It all depends on the suitation and the avilibility. There is
    not a single weapon that is all good in all suitation.
                         6.0 (c) Here is an list of armor 
    There are various armor in the game, each armor are slightly different and 
    offers different amount of protection against anomalies, explosives, bullets.
    etc. There is over a dozen different armors, some armors are similar, some are
    completely different. The choice of armor to use is up to you. I will give a 
    list below. In the list, you will find the stats of the armor based on its 
    protection. A brief description of them, their effective in different stages of
    the game, my opinion on the armor and where to find it.
    IMPORTANT: The amount of protection an armor offers, work like damage reduction
    for example if an armor says bulletproof 40%, it means it can reduce the damage
    of bullets by 40%. So, when you get hit by bullets, you lose 40% less health 
    compare to if you didn't have the armor.
    So: damage taken from bullets = damage * ( 100% - % Bulletproof on armor).
    IMPORTANT: I'm yet to work out how armor piercing rounds work, I think they 
    reduce the effective of the armor to protect you. They may not be actually do 
    more damage. The damage formula maybe modified with AP rounds. Not 100% sure.
    This also seem to be true for the Gauss rifle, as the reduction in damage seem
    not to be linear when you are hit by the Gauss rifle.
    Update, with the Gauss rifle, it seems a bit funny, because if you have very
    little armor, then you die with one hit. But, even if you have heavy armor
    like 70% bulletproof, it still takes about half or more of your life. This
    tells me that high% bulletproof isn't effective against Guass rifle. 
            Explaination of the protection stats, skip if not interested
    Burn: reduces the damage taken from fire or fire type attacks
    Electrical shock: reduces the damage taken from eletrical anomalies/attacks.
    Impact: reduces the amount of damage when falling from high places.
    Rupture: reduces the damage taken from melee attacks and knife wounds.
    Radiation: Amount of resistance against radiation, when in radioactive areas.
    Chemical burn: Resistance to chemical agents, e.g. fruit punch anomalies.
    Explosion: reduces the damage taken from explosives, like grenades, RPGs.
    Bulletproof: reduces amount of damage from bullets.
           End of explaination
    In the newer version fo the game, armor will degrade like weapons, and you
    cannot go through the game with just one piece of armor. The amount your armor
    degrades would be dependant on the damage you take, i.e. the more damage you
    take, the more your armor would degrade. It should be noted, that the ability
    of your armor to protect you also decreases as your armor degrades. So, you
    should have some spare armors in your stash just in case the vest you wear
    breaks. Remember, try to take as little damage as possible, use lean/strafe
    etc to avoid getting hit.
    In the older version of the game, your armor will not degrade at all or only
    degrade very little, so if you running a version before version 1.2 I think.
    Then you don't really have to worry about it.  
    NOTE: you may or may not get the armor from the location that I listed, it all 
    depend on how far you progress in the game. Some armor seem to only appear when
    you pass certain areas and complete special missions. If you cannot find the 
    armor in the given location, try again some time later when you have progressed
    more into the game.
    IMPORTANT the effective and the durability of armor may change on multiplayer 
    (I haven't played much multiplayer, so I don’t know much about it, I would 
    imagine that armor would reduce the amount of damage you take.)
          I will list the armor in the order I found them in the game:
          1. Leather jack 
    a ordinary thick leather jack, offers minimal protection against bullets and 
          Weight: 3.00kg
    Protection stats:
          Burn: 10%
          Electrical shock: 10%
          Impact: 10%
          Rupture: 10%
          Radiation: 10%
          Chemical burn: 10%
          Explosion: 10%
          Bulletproof: 10%
    You will start with this armor at the beginning of the game regardless the 
    difficulty level you choose. This is a basic suit you get and I won't say
    too much about it. This jacket offer very little protection against anything, 
    but little protection is better than none. Use it in the beginning of the level
    and change it as soon as you get better armor.
          2. Bandit Jacket
    Traditional outfit of a bandit, it is a leather jacket with Kevlar elements, 
    provides minimal protection against gun fire. 
          Weight: 5.00kg
    Protection stats:
          Burn: 10%
          Electrical shock: 10%
          Impact: 10%
          Rupture: 15%
          Radiation: 10%
          Chemical burn: 10%
          Explosion: 10%
          Bulletproof: 15%
    This is not a useful suit, you can sell it or just keep it as a collecting item
    Where to find: You can find this in some hide out at the beginning of the game
    There are a few hide out, there is a hide out in the Garbage that has one of 
    these bandit suit. There is also a hide out in Gordon near a train engine a
    backpack has a few of them inside.
    Alternatively, you can find this suit in one of Borov hide out, Bandit leader 
    in the dark valley, near Lab X18. It will be inside a steel gate that you can 
    open after killing Borov.
          3. Mercenary suit 
    This is an armor used for the mercenary faction, it is based on vest used
    for special forces in the western nations. Due to a special treatment of the 
    fabric plates in the suit, it offers slightly better than the PSZ-7 military 
          Weight: 5.00kg
    Protection stats:
          Burn: 30%
          Electrical shock: 30%
          Impact: 20%
          Rupture: 30%
          Radiation: 30%
          Chemical burn: 20%
          Explosion: 25%
          Bulletproof: 20%
    This is a good suit to replace the leather jacket you have and should provide 
    you with decent protection for a while against bullets. It’s relatively quite
    light. This is good in the beginning for the game, like the Garbage area, etc. 
    It should help you for a while.
    Where to find: this suit can be found in one of the train anomalies tunnel near
    the Agroprom entrance in the Garbage areas, you can also find this is one of 
    the Borov Bandit camp in dark valley, it is in a trailer.
          4. Stalker suit
    Stalker suit made by the "folk craftsmen", it is a combination of a light 
    bulletproof vest and a fabric suit. Reinforced Kevlar plates are used to 
    provide with protection against weak gun fire. it is an all in one suit, but,
    it’s not so effective when carrying serious and dangerous operations deep in 
    the zone.
          Weight: 5.00kg
    Protection stats:
          Burn: 50%
          Electrical shock: 50%
          Impact: 40%
          Rupture: 40%
          Radiation: 40%
          Chemical burn: 40%
          Explosion: 30%
          Bulletproof: 30%
    This is a decent armor to use, it offers good protection against anomalies, 
    while also gives good amount of bulletproof. You can use this suit for a while,
    it should offer you good protection in the early areas of the game. 
    Where to find: You can get this after the mission for the document at Argoprom 
    from the bar keeper or you can buy this from him.
          5. PSZ-9D Duty armor
    Produced by the Kiev's defense research institute and commissioned by the
    Duty faction. Due to its new material, this suit offers good protection against
    anomalies, and due to its reinforced Kevlar layer, it has very good defense
    against bullets and knife wounds. It's only disadvantage is that no closed 
    breathing cycle system is installed.
          Weight: 5.00kg
    Protection stats:
          Burn: 50%
          Electrical shock: 50%
          Impact: 50%
          Rupture: 50%
          Radiation: 50%
          Chemical burn: 50%
          Explosion: 40%
          Bulletproof: 40%
    This suit is going to be very useful for you throughout the middle of your
    game, it offers very good resistance against bullets, and it also has decent 
    protection against anomalies. This is like an upgraded stalker suit.
    Where to find: In the dark valley bandit camp, where Borov is, there will be a
    room that is secure with steel bars and locked. After you kill Borov you can 
    get the armor.
          6. Berill-5m Armored suit
    A special forces suit modified for the Zone's condition. It consists of a 
    PSZ-9a military bulletproof vest with Beryllium coating (isn't beryllium highly
    toxic?) and Sphere-08 helmet. It is used for assault operation where there is 
    high background radiation. It's protection against anomaly is low.   
          Weight: 7.00kg
    Protection stats:
          Burn: 30%
          Electrical shock: 30%
          Impact: 20%
          Rupture: 40%
          Radiation: 30%
          Chemical burn: 30%
          Explosion: 40%
          Bulletproof: 45%
    This is the same armor as the special forces use in the game, it is very good 
    against bullets but weak against anomalies. So if you want use this suit, stay 
    out of anomalies or else you are going to get kill. Its protection against 
    radiation is also very weak.
    Where to find: you can get a job from the bar keeper to find the night star 
    artifact, after you finished other artifact jobs. When you bring him the night 
    star artifact. You can get this armor. ( You can get the night star artifact 
    after you complete a job for Baldy, the same guy in the bar).
          7. SSP-99 Ecologist
    An SSP-99 protective suit, used for Eco-stalkers in scientific expedition
    mission into the zone, it has an air filtration system and a internal air-
    conditioning system. It is heat and electrical resistance and provides very 
    good protection against biological anomalies. However, it is not designed for
    combat and has relatively weak bullet and splinter resistance.
          Weight: 4.00kg
    Protection stats:
          Burn: 90%
          Electrical shock: 90%
          Impact: 50%
          Rupture: 15%
          Radiation: 90%
          Chemical burn: 90%
          Explosion: 40%
          Bulletproof: 20%
    very useful suit against anomalies, it provides excellent resistance to 
    radiation, however it is not effective against bullets and explosives, this is
    useful when you have to get across areas full of anomalies.
    Where to find: you can get this free if you help professor Kurglov in the wild
    territory or you can buy it from the scientist trader.
          8. SEVA suit
    Produced by the Kiev's defense research institute, it is an excellent 
    alternative to the stalker hand made suit, it is combination of a bulletproof
    vest, closed cycle breathing system and an integrated anomalous field 
    suppression. Due to its excellent choice of material, it is a perfect suit for
    dangerous mission deep into the Zone. The only disadvantage is its price. 
          Weight: 9.00kg
    Protection stats:
          Burn: 80%
          Electrical shock: 90%
          Impact: 50%
          Rupture: 50%
          Radiation: 90%
          Chemical burn: 70%
          Explosion: 50%
          Bulletproof: 40%
    An excellent suit, that offers good overall protection against everything, it
    gives decent bulletproof, explosive resistance, and also provides very good 
    resistance to anomalies. You probably will find yourself using this suit till 
    the end of the game. This will be one of the best armor in the game. The only 
    downside is that it is quite heavy.
    Where to find, you can buy this suit from the scientist trader in the bunker 
    after you have complete the mission in LAB X16. You may also find this in a 
    Hidden location in one of the barred up houses in Wild territory after you gone
    through Lab X16. Check section 4.12.1
          9. PSE-9Md universal protection vest
    A wonderful protective suit, Stalker enjoy using this suit because it is a 
    combination of a Anomaly-proof and a bulletproof suit. It includes a PSZ-9D 
    bulletproof vest, a closed breathing cycle system and a integrated system of 
    anomalous suppression field. It provides quality bullet and splinter protection
          Weight: 9.00kg
    Protection stats:
          Burn: 80%
          Electrical shock: 90%
          Impact: 50%
          Rupture: 50%
          Radiation: 90%
          Chemical burn: 70%
          Explosion: 50%
          Bulletproof: 40%
    This is almost exactly the same as the SEVA suit, it offers a good balanced 
    protection against anomalies and bullets/explosives. This will be a good suit 
    to use, if you cannot find or do not want use the SEVA suit.
    where to find: You can get this from completing the bulldog 6 grenade launcher
    mission from the DUTY leader.
          10. SSP-99M suit
    High quality SSP-99M, it provides increased protection against bullets and
    splinter damage. This suit is useful for guard work around scientific 
    expeditions. It provides good protection against radiation and anomalies. The 
    suit is also very resistant to chemicals and other harmful substance.
    Weight: 7.00kg
    Protection stats:
          Burn: 90%
          Electrical shock: 90%
          Impact: 50%
          Rupture: 50%
          Radiation: 90%
          Chemical burn: 90%
          Explosion: 60%
          Bulletproof: 40%
    An excellent overall protective suit, this suit offers slightly more anomaly 
    defense than the SEVA without sacrifices its bulletproof. This suit also 
    provides extra protection against explosives. The reduced weight compared to 
    the SEAV suit make this vest the perfect choice for all purpose in the Zone. 
    This is from Jack: this is the best overall protective suit in the game, I 
    prefer this suit over any other vest. I used it till the very end of the game.
    Where to find: you can get this suit when do a job for the scientist trader.
    You have to give up ghost's suit for it.
          11. Wind of freedom
    Light stalker suit produced by the gunsmith of freedom faction, it consist of 
    a light military bullet proof vest reinforced with Kevlar plates. It is quite
    effective only against weak gunfire. The suit is treated with a special fabric 
    to increase anomaly resistance.
          Weight: 3.00kg
    Protection stats:
          Burn: 30%
          Electrical shock: 50%
          Impact: 50%
          Rupture: 30%
          Radiation: 50%
          Chemical burn: 50%
          Explosion: 25%
          Bulletproof: 30%
    This suit is quite similar to the STALKER suit, except that it is very light,
    but it does not offer enough protection against anomalies. It has decent 
    bulletproof, but probably not enough for the last few levels of the game.
    Where to find the suit: this will be in a small houses by the lake in the Army
    warehouses area (freedom territory). You will see a crazy stalker, kill him,
    and look around the house to get this armor.
    You may also get this suit from Freedom traders if you choose to help them.
          12. Guardian of freedom
    Reinforced stalker suit made by the Gunsmith of freedom. It contains a medium 
    military bulletproof vest enhanced with Zirconium element, which is effective 
    against rifle and splinter damage from medium to long range. The material of 
    the suit consist of two layers, a fabric layer and a asbestos yarn. This 
    provides the vest with good protection against radiation and weak anomaly.
          Weight: 6.00kg
    Protection stats:
          Burn: 50%
          Electrical shock: 50%
          Impact: 60%
          Rupture: 50%
          Radiation: 50%
          Chemical burn: 50%
          Explosion: 45%
          Bulletproof: 40%
    An upgrade from the wind of freedom, it is similar to the Duty armor, however
    it offers slightly better protection against explosives and impact. This is a
    useful vest if you do not have the SEVA suit yet. However, I do recommend you 
    use the SEVA suit or the SSP-99M suit if you have them.
    Where to find: You can do a job for the leader of freedom, he will ask you to 
    find a new bulletproof vest that heals, i.e. the Healing Beril. When you give 
    him the Healing Beril, you get the Guardian of Freedom suit.
          13. Monolithian vest
    The vest used by Monolithian faction, its producer is unknown. The protective
    properties of the suit is slightly worse than the PSZ-9a military bulletproof
    vest. Like most stalker suit, its structure consist of a Kelvar vest and a
    radiation protection vest. It provides good protection against gun fire. But,
    its anomaly defense is low due to the lack of an air filteration system.
    Weight: 7.00kg
    Protection stats:
          Burn: 50%
          Electrical shock: 60%
          Impact: 50%
          Rupture: 40%
          Radiation: 50%
          Chemical burn: 50%
          Explosion: 40%
          Bulletproof: 40%
    This suit is just like the Duty armor, except it is a heavier, there is no 
    significant advantage of using this armor. I suggest to stick to the SEVA or
    the SSP-99M suit.
    Where to find: in one of the trailer near a large Antenna, there is also a 
    small camp fire outside of it.
          14. Military Exo-skeleton
    A military exo-skeleton prototype, it never went into serial production due to
    the extreme cost and some design flaws. However it is still manufactured in 
    small illegal factories in Ukraine. This is a third generation exo-skeleton.
    The defect in the armor which effect the user's mobility is removed and the 
    armor is further reinforced, it provides excellent protection against bullets 
    and splinter damage. However, it does not provide good resistance to anomalies.
    The armor is also not resistant to radiation. 
    Weight: 15.00kg
    Protection stats:
           Burn: 50%
           Electrical shock: 50%
           Impact: 90%
           Rupture: 80%
           Radiation: 30%
           Chemical burn: 50%
           Explosion: 80%
           Bulletproof: 60%
    This is the best vest against bullets, explosives and knife wounds. It also
    provides decent amount of defense against anomalies. However, it offers no
    protection against radiation, the armor is also extremely heavy and you may not
    run with the armor on you. This weight disadvantage significantly reduces your 
    chance to escapes from dangerous situations. Even though that is the case, the 
    bulletproof of this suit is far more superior than any other vest.
    It is a big jump from 40% bulletproof (on most vests, SEVA, SSP-99M suit, etc)
    to 60%. You can increase this to above 70% with two mama's beads and a few 
    other bulletproof artifacts. It will make you very resistance to bullet fire.
    This is very useful against the Gauss rifle and other powerful assault rifle, 
    like the GP 37 or the FT 200M. When equipped with a few gold fish artifacts, 
    you are pretty much immune to melee attacks.
    The really big disadvantage of this armor is that it offers minimal protection 
    against radiation. At the Sarcophagus level, the whole are is radioactive. 
    But, this can be countered using negative radiation artifact like fireball.
    More upsetting about this armor is that you may not run with it. So, you have 
    to remember when you retreat and when to hide.
    This is from jack: this exo-skeleton suit is excellent against bullets, and
    knife wounds. However it offers little protection against radiation. In the
    last few levels of the game, protection against radiation is very important.
    I suggest you use artifacts with negative radiation attributes to help you
    to survive in areas of heavy radiactivity (e.g. fire ball, crystal thorn etc).
    There is however, one thing that you may miss out, is that exo-skeleton can
    increase the maximum load you can carry from 50 to 70. However, if you go
    over 50 you will drain your stamina very quickly. Also, you may not run with
    the exo-skeleton equipped.
    Where to find: it is in one of the underground room in the Sarcophagus, where 
    you have to go down a ladder to find it in a storage boxes.
    IMPORTANT: exo-skeleton, like all armors does not provide special protection
    against AP rounds. This means if your enemy uses AP rounds or Gauss rifle.
    The exo-skeleton may not be as effective as it seems. 
          15.  Military armored suit
    This skat-9M bulletproof military suit is designed for assault operations in 
    areas of anamolous activity. It includes a PSZ-12p heavy military bulletproof 
    suit, an integrated compensation suit and a Sphere-12M helmet. It provides 
    perfect protection from bullets and splinters and it doesn't decrease the 
    soldiers mobility. It has a balanced system of anamoly protection.
    (Thanks to Cc for providing the stats, and Mike for the extra info).
    Weight: 12.00 kg
    Protection stats:
           Burn: 60%
           Electrical shock: 70%
           Impact: 80%
           Rupture: 70%
           Radiation: 70%
           Chemical burn: 50%
           Explosion: 70%
           Bulletproof: 55%    
    I never really find this suit, but according to Mike. This is the best overall
    protective suit you can find in the game. It gives an excellent protection 
    against bullets and also a very good protection against anomalies. Unlike the
    military exo-skeleton, this suit does not slow you down. 
    From Mike:  Even though its anomaly protection is not as effective as the 
    SSP-99M or the SEVA suit. However, it is a big improvement compare to the 
    exo-skeleton. Its bulletproof is also just a step away from the exo-skeleton.
    I reckon this is probably the best suit you can find in the game.
    Where to find: unfortunately, I have not be able to find this in the game. 
    However, according to Cc, this can be found in Pripyat in a hotel room, same
    place where you get the decoder. There is a few locked draws in that room,
    maybe it is in there? Mike also verified that you can find this Pripyat.
                            List of special armors
    Like special weapons, some armors may have special properties. Whether it is
    enhanced protection or the ability to increase heal wounds. These armor have
    a small green arrow on the side. It means the armor has special properties
    comparing to their parent armors.
    There are many special armors in the game and I haven't been able to find all
    of them. Here is a list of some of the armors:
           16. Skinner anomaly: 
    They took this coat from an stalker died in the anomaly called"fruit punch".
    Having laid in the anomaly fro a long time. This coat has the ability to 
    increase metabolism.
           Weight: 3.00
    Protection stats:
           Burn: 10%
           Electrical shock: 10%
           Impact: 10%
           Rupture: 10%
           Radiation: 10%
           Chemical burn: 10%
           Explosion: 10%
           Bulletproof: 10%
    I mean this armor is just exact like the leather jacket, except it heals you
    a little bit faster. Useful in the beginning of the game.
    Where to find: this can be found in one of the secret hide out in Gordon.
    It should be near a pipe, you have to go fairly far out to get it. Not really
    worth the effort.
          17. Mail jacket (Perfect suit)
    Common bandit jacket with mail plates on the back, almost anyone can do it.
    Most people just do not have the patience or the time to complete it.
    Much like medieval armor, it is a mixture of leather and small steel rings,
    just like the ring mail. However this suit takes a long time to make. 
          Weight: 3.00kg
    Protection stats:
          Burn: 10%
          Electrical shock: 10%
          Impact: 10%
          Rupture: 15%
          Radiation: 10%
          Chemical burn: 10%
          Explosion: 10%
          Bulletproof: 28%
    Weight: 3.00kg
    Well, this suit is much like the bandit jacket, but it offers quite decent 
    bulletproof, still very little defense against anomalies. You can use this in 
    the beginning of the game if you want.
    Where to find: you can find this suit as a mission for Nimble. It should be in
    a tunnel with some junk, concrete blocks and a dog guarding it.
          18. Healing Beril
    A very good bulletproof vest which is saturated with a streptozoidal lotion 
    (healing lotion), which increases the speed of healing wound. Same as the 
    Berill-5M armored suit, except it heals you faster.
          Weight: 7.00kg
          Burn: 30%
          Electrical shock: 30%
          Impact: 20%
          Rupture: 40%
          Radiation: 30%
          Chemical burn: 30%
          Explosion: 40%
          Bulletproof: 45%
    This suit offers good protection against bullets. However, it has very little 
    resistance to anomalies. This suit can be useful even at till the end of
    the game, since bulletproof is important at the last few level. It also 
    increase the rate of health regeneration. However, its weakness against 
    radiation/anomalies may offset that. (seem to regenerate a small amount of 
    health about every 10 sec, your health will automatically regenerate even 
    without the suit on, but it will be a lot slower).
    Where to find: close to the entrance to LAB X16, it will be on a dead soldier's
    body, you be able to loot his body, and get the suit.
    Note: this armor maybe a Job to do for the Freedom leader, and he will give you
    a Guardian of freedom suit as a reward.
          19. Ghost suit 
    Rumor has it that the stalker named Ghost never carries around a first aid kit,
    because everything that is on him heals him very quickly. That his suit emits a
    warm heat, and it is able to rapidly heal wounds. He manage to obtain that on 
    an anomaly.
          Weight: 5.00kg
    Protection stats:
          Burn: 50%
          Eletrical shock: 50%
          Impact: 50%
          Rupture: 40%
          Radiation: 50%
          Chemical burn: 50%
          Explosion: 30%
          Bulletproof: 30%
    Exactly the same as a stalker suit, except for the fact it heals your wounds
    relatively quickly. It seem to be able to heal more than twice as fast a the 
    healing Beril (a few health about every 4 second). This maybe very nice when 
    used in combination with chuck of meat/soul, however knowing that this suit 
    doesn’t offer superior protection. It may not be an ideal choice of armor in 
    the later stage of the game.
    IMPORTANT: you can do a job for the scientist trader by finding him this suit,
    you get a SSP-99M, one of the most well balanced suit in the game. The only 
    catch is you have to give up this suit.
    Where to find: You can find this in LAB X16, on Ghost's body.
          20. Tourist Suit
    The former owner of this suit was a real tourist and it seems, went on very
    difficult, on the verge of human edurance hiking trips. He knew how to 
    distrubte correctly the weights he carried, and which things to give perference
    to. The coat pockets and the educated backpacker allows its owner to carry
    heavy loads.
     Weight: 5.00kg
    Protection stats:
          Burn: 50%
          Eletrical shock: 50%
          Impact: 50%
          Rupture: 40%
          Radiation: 50%
          Chemical burn: 50%
          Explosion: 30%
          Bulletproof: 30%
    Same as the stalker suit, except you can carry heavy loads with it without 
    taking too much stamina. This is a good suit to put on for long trips or if
    you have a lot of items to carry around.
    Where to find: You can obtain this when you do a job for the Trader in Gordon,
    you can get a job from him to find the night star artifact. When you complete
    the job. You can get this suit.
    	21. Reinforced Suit(Special)
    There is chain mail sown into the lining of the coat, which raise the level
    of protection against firearm attack and monster bites. A PNV is also included
    in the set.
     Weight: 5.00kg
    Protection stats:
          Burn: 30%
          Eletrical shock: 30%
          Impact: 20%
          Rupture: 60%
          Radiation: 30%
          Chemical burn: 20%
          Explosion: 25%
          Bulletproof: 20%
    The suit is unique in its ability to protect you from melee attacks. This suit
    is very effective against mutants. If you are going after a large pack of wolfs
    or natsy mutated dogs. Then you should equip this suit. 
    Where to find: Wild Territory random treasure from bandit pda on a box,
    in the crane. You need to be playing novice mode. (Thanks to S. Martin)
    The list of armor is not complete, remember you may find armors at different 
    places to where I found them. So, if you find something new, you can drop me an
    Anyone have detail on the location of the: military armored suit, please drop
    me a email. Thanks.
    Anyone know of an upgraded exo-skeleton? According to Cc, it clears up night
    With the armor durability, I have had some new emails:
    From Martin:
    (Armors degrade depending on amount of attacks you suffer. I had Stalker armor 
    reduced to 35% durability which protected me like bandit suit. By decreasing
    durability also all stats degrade accordingly. I had to change armors in Red
    Forest because of damage.)
                            Section 7.0 Medical supply and food
    There are various type of medical supply in the game to help you when you are 
    injured and are shot, make sure you have easy shortcut to access them. You can 
    also go to the inventory to use them. But that may take too long if you are in 
    a fire fight.
    Below is a list of medical and other supplies
                                  Medical supply
    1. Bandage, this stops bleed and gives a small amount of health, about 15%
    (just estimated)
    2. First aid kit (normal), orange color, standard first aid kit, restore 
    large amount of health, about 70% (estimated), also reduces a little bit of
    3. First aid kit (army), blue color, special medical set that is used against
    physical damage and blood loss. It consist of painkillers, and various 
    types of medicine which stops bleeding. It restores full health, will fill your
    health bar full, even if you are very badly injured, it reduces bleeding and
    also counter radiation sickness. 
    4. First aid kit (scientist), yellow color, Medical set used in the Zone by 
    scientists, it heals up wounds fast and also has anti-radiation drugs, which
    can quickly eliminate the effect of radioactive materials. same as the army 
    first aid kid, full health restoration. It also completely removes radiation.
    5. Anti-radiation medicine, this will remove radiation completely.
    1. Can food, fills up your stomach and adds a decent amount of health, 
    2. about 20%?
    2. Bread, well you know what bread is, bread in the Zone is not radioactive 
    and can provide the quick meal for long journeys. Adds small amount of health,
    about 10%
    3. Diet sausage, filled with chicken, soy, good food for a while, gives a
    little health, about 15%
    4. Coffee drink, good for a long run, refill your stamina instantly.
    5. Vodka, oh yeah, this will reduce your radiation by about 33%. TRY NOT to
     drink too much of that, you know what happen to people who have two bottles
    of Vodka. They get drunk, (your screen will start to go dizzy and move around 
    slowly, no good in a fire fight).
                            Section 8.0 anomalies and artifacts
    Here I will list the anomalies and the artifact attached with them, these 
    artifact seem to be spawning at random, however some are common than other. You
    can also get artifacts by doing jobs for other people, traders etc. I will give
    you the location of those artifacts I know of. 
    Anomalies if you haven't worked out yet is a distorted part of the real world, 
    created by the Zone. You have ways of detecting anomalies:
    1. Anomalies detector, this will make a beep noises, the faster and louder
    it beeper means the closer you are to an anomaly. However this can be confusing
    when the anomaly is on a different level to you on the map. It is just there to
    warn you.
    2. Geiger counter, or radiation counter, this will make a funny "cut" noise,
    you should ask your science teacher, he will have one to show you. It basically
    measures the amount of radiation. The faster it counter, the more radioactive 
    the area is.
    3. sticks, you can throw sticks in anomalies to trigger it, the default key is 
    You seem to have unlimited sticks.
    Artifacts are created by anomalies, that means the creation of some artifacts 
    seem to be at random, and depending on where are on in the game, and how far 
    you progress in the game. Some artifact may or may not appear. Some artifacts 
    are however very common and can be found throughout the game. You may also 
    obtain artifacts from completing missions.
    For example, if an area has a lot of electros, like the wild territory, there 
    is a good chance for you to get some moonlight, or flash artifact.
    Credit: thanks to Nova225 and dark_scourge for the extra info on the 
                       Below is a list of artifacts/anomalies
                            1. Springboard 
    One of the first anomalies ever recorded, it is a unstable gravitational 
    field. They last for about a week or so, the effect of this anomaly changes 
    during its life time. it can range from minor damage, to serious injure and 
    instant death. This can be pick up by any detector and you can spot them by 
    fluctuation in the air and "dancing" leaves. They can be revealed by throwing 
    objects in them.
    These anomalies are pretty common and can do varying damage, they can be hard 
    to spot sometimes, but your detector will pick them up. You can see them when 
    you get close. They are triggered instantly, but easy to run out of.  
          Artifacts that are created by Springboard:
    Jellyfish: +2% Bulletproof, +5 Radiation 
    Stone Flower: +3% Bulletproof, +5 Radiation
    Night Star: +5% Bulletproof, +5 Radiation
    These artifacts are really useful against bullets, and I often use them in a 
    fire fight. However the down side is that they increase your radiation count, 
    which isn't very good. You can use negative radiation artifacts to counter them
    Jellyfish and Stone flower are common, you can find them in Garbage, Gordon, 
    dark valley, Agroprom, pretty much everywhere. Night star is much rare, however
    you can get nigh star by doing some jobs. For example, a job for Baldy in the 
    Note: springboard's damage is according to your resistance to impact, so
    wearing armor with high impact reduce your chance of getting killed by
    springbord. The anomaly can also vary in damage. Thanks to Mike.
                            2. Whirlgig
    This anomalies snatch its victim and spins them at almost neck breaking speed.
    The exact nature of this anomalies is unknown, but it can cause extremely large
    amount of damage or instant death. The anomalies can be spotted with a light 
    whirlwind in the air and can be picked up by detectors. Victim in the outer rim
    of the Whirlwind can easily escape without much injure.
    This type of anomaly is just plain annoying, it is hard to see, especially 
    at night, but thankfully can be pick up by your detector. They can do serious 
    damage, and can be hard to get out, you have to just keep trying to run out 
    of there, just keep trying to run out of there if you ever get caught. 
          Artifacts that are created by Whirlgig:
    Stone Blood:  +200% Health, -10% Bulletproof, -10% explosion and Rupture
    Meat Chunk:  +400% Health, -10%  Bulletproof, -10% explosion and Rupture
    Soul:  +600% Health, -10% Bulletproof, -10% explosion and Rupture
    These artifact has miss leading stats and it is not a BUG, they do NOT increase
    your total health, but if you read their description, they increase your cell 
    reproduction and therefore increase the rate at which you heal yourself. They 
    basically make you heal faster if you get injured. However, these artifact 
    reduces your resistance to bullet fire, explosive and melee wounds. You can die
    very quickly if you have too many of these artifacts on. I suggest you use them
    to heal yourself, after a fire fight. You may use artifacts like night star, 
    stone flower to counter it.
    These artifacts can be found in Garbage area, further out of Bes' camp, there 
    will be a lot of anomalies there, some can also be found in the dark valley.
    You can also get these from jobs. 
    This is from Jack: I know many of you love using these artifacts, but frankly I
    think they are not that useful. They are good for healing in a non fighting 
    situation. But if you planning on wear these in a battle, you are going to get 
    killed very quickly. Even with five souls equipped, and equipped further with 
    ghost's armor. You do not heal nearly quick enough as compare to the damage
    you are taking from the bullets, especially at high difficulty level.
                            3. Vortex
    This anomalies is a type of unstable gravitational field, where the vortex pull
    everything 10-15 metres away to its centre and forces them into a lump before
    exploding away. victim been pull into the centre of the vortex has no chance of
    survival. These can be seen by fluctuations in the air, dancing leaves and a 
    dark spot in the centre. They can also be pick up by detectors and triggered by
    throwing metal objects in it.
    This anomaly is also very annoy, hard to see , very difficult to get out of
    of and can kill you instantly. If you get caught, keep trying to run out, just 
    keep running out of the anomaly. This is somewhat similar to the springboard 
    and the wirlgig anomaly. It appear to be a mixture of both.
          Artifacts that are created by Vortex:
    Wrenched: +2% Rupture protection, +5 Radiation
    Gravi: +3 Radiation, +5% Rupture protection
    Goldfish: +5% Rupture protection, +5 Radiation
    These artifacts improve your resistance to knife and other melee wound, useful 
    when you attacking mutants. However, they are not as useful as the Springboard 
    artifacts, since you can get away from mutant attack much easier than dodging 
    bullets. However they are useful against packs of dogs or when you know you are
    going to go into a fire fight with many mutants. The down side is that it 
    increases your radiation count.
    Wrenched and Gravi are common to find, these are around Garbage, Agroprom area,
    but are found throughout the game. Gold fish on the other hand is very rare and
    sometimes appear around Pripyat. Generally, you will only be able to get Gold
    fish artifacts close to the end of the game. 
                            4. Source of radioactivity
    Sources of radioactive area, probably due to the 1986 accident, they seem
    to appear at random places, the radiation can go up as fast as 50 mR/H. 
    General you can see your screen turn white, and then your counter will go up,
    there is also a yellow bar in your inventory section, beside the blue bar. If 
    it fills up it means your serious affected by radiation. There will also be an 
    icon next to your right side of screen, it shows you a radioactivity symbol.
    This isn't a very dangerous anomaly, because you have various ways of 
    protecting yourself from it, including using armor, anti-radiation medicine, 
    artifacts and vodka. The rate of you been effect by radiation depend on the 
    protection of your armor, and how many negative radiation artifact you have.
    However, it is important to remember, it is never a good idea to stay in a 
    radioactive area for prolong periods of time. 
                            5. Electro
    Area of about 10-15 metres in diameter, where large quantities of static 
    electricity are generated, when triggered, they shot out small lightning bursts
    and is very harmful to living organisms. These can be pick up by detectors and 
    can be triggered by throwing metal objects in them.
    You can see electros easily, and you will know when you see them. They do a lot
    of damage, but can be reduced by wearing armor. They have a large effect area.
          Artifacts that are created by Electro
    Sparkler: +38 endurance, -10% electric resistance
    Flash: +73 endurance, -10% electric resistance
    Moonlight: +103 endurance, -10% electric resistance
    These artifacts are very useful when running long distances, as they can 
    increase your stamina. They however, reduce your ability to resist electrical 
    shocks. Sparkler is common, flash and moon light are both very rare.
    Artifacts can be found in Agroprom tunnel, wild territory where there is a lot
    of electros.
                            6. Fruit punch (greeny bubbling chemical)
    An anomaly of unknown origin. The effect is similar to that of strong acids.
    I never got hit by a fruit punch, they are easy to see, green bubbly things,
    and they are easy to avoid and to get out of.
          Artifacts that are created by Fruit punch
    Slime: -133% bleeding, -10% burn, chemical burn 
    Slug: -267% bleeding, -10% burn, chemical burn
    Mica: -400% bleeding, -10% burn, chemical burn 
    These artifact reduce bleeding, which is very useful in fire fights. But they
    increase your likelihood to be attacked by strong chemicals.  Slime and slug are
    common, and can be obtained by doing missions. Mica is very rare.
    They can be found in Agroprom tunnel, wild territory, where there are a lot of 
    fruit punches.
    IMPORTANT: there is a serious bug with these artifacts and they in fact cause 
    you bleed more sometimes, you can see if they do, simply equip a few of them, 
    get hit and see how much you bleed. If the bug is there, your bleeding will 
    increase, not stop. If you have the bug, this artifact will be completely 
                            7. Burner (fire)
    Not much is known on these anomalies, they look like hot air distortions 
    You can see the air appearing like mirage-like things, where the air has less
    density and is almost floating around. They are very hard to see, and they can
    do some serious damage. Armor can effective reduce the damage caused by them.
          Artifacts that are created by Burner
    Droplets: -10 Radiation, -18 Endurance
    Fireball: -20 Radiation, -18 Endurance
    Crystal: -30 Radiation, -18 Endurance
    These artifact can reduce radiation count, but consumes a lot of the bodies’
    energy. Useful in radioactive areas, at the end of the game. These artifacts 
    are the few that does not make the user more susceptible to their parent 
    anomalies. You can use moon light, sparklers to counter the negative effect.
    They can be found in wild territory, there are so many of them there, you will 
    not miss them. Fireballs and Droplets are very common. While crystal is very 
    very rare.
                            8. Burnt fuzz
    A mutated vegetation of the Zone, they react to quick moving targets by rapidly
    discharge a toxic substance which is deadly to unprotected skin. However, they 
    do not react much to slower targets.
    These anomalies are rare and you won't see them often and they do not do 
    significantly large amount of damage, as long as you have armor on.
          Artifacts that are created by Burnt fuzz
    Thorn: -10 Radiation, +100% Bleeding
    Crystal Thorn: -20 Radiation, +100% Bleeding
    Unrchin: -30 Radiation, +100% Bleeding
    These artifacts can reduce the radiation count, but causes extra bleeding 
    as they poke on their user. These artifacts are useful if you are in a 
    radioactive zoon. Use Mica and slug to counter their negative effect.
    IMPORTANT: there is a bug with these artifacts and sometimes they cause you to 
    bleed LESS, if you have the same bug with Slug and slime, you will end up have 
    this bug too. It makes this artifact completely beneficial to use.
                            9. Special artifacts
    Sometimes in your journey you may find special artifacts without negative stats
    and here is a list
          Kolobok: +5% Rupture 
    When you hold this mystery of the zone in your hands, you feel that your skin
    is much tougher and less sensitive. You can still shot a bullet through it.
    But, it is much more resistant to cutting.
    This is useful against melee combat and knife wounds, quite useful if you going
    to fight a pack of mutants. You can find this in the monolithian headquarters
    in Pripyat.
          Mama's Beads: +5% Bulletproof
    A wonderful artifact, keep it safe. It is excellent artifact because of it has
    only positive qualities. Scientists can not figure out how to create this 
    in a lab condition.
    This is my favorite artifact, Mama's bead is wonderful artifact, it has no
    negative stat and adds 5% to bulletproof. It is very useful. However it is very
    rare. You can get this from a job for Snitch and one can be found in the dark 
          Spring:  Impact resistance + 30%
    According to the opinion of some researchers, this artifacts is a hybrid
    between battery and shell.
    This reduce your damage if you fall of height, use it when you jumping of
    high buildings. Can be found in some hidden stash in Yantar, can also be found
    in dark valley near a mining machine/crane like thing, it is surrounded by 
    electros. You can also find this in a box on top of a tower in a large village
    in the Army warehouse area.
          Battery: electrical resistance +30%.  
    The origin of this artifact is shrouded in scientific mystery. It is clear 
    that part of this is made from di-eletric elements. However, scientist does
    not know the condition in which these elements are formed.
    This reduces the damage you take from electro, it is make from dielectric
    material. useful to counter When you have Moon light artifacts. You can find 
    these in Yantar hidden stash, or can get from a job when you kill the blood 
    sucker for Hunter (the same guy in the bar who wants the family rifle). You 
    can also find this in some secret hide outs in Yantar.
          Battery version 2: burn +30%
    When wearing this artifact, the denautralisation of proteins happens slower.
    In another words, the skin can endure higher temperature and burn less. In 
    itself it is a rare and expensive thing.
    This reduce damage you take from burn, like fire and burner anomalies. This
    is relatively useful and can counter effects from using slime or slug. The
    artifact can be found around Lake Yantar, and also you can get this as a
    reward when you do a job for the freedom leader.
    The strange thing about this artifact is that it looks like spring in shape
    and is called a battery. Maybe this is shell?
          Pelicle:  chemical burn resistance + 30%.  
    This artifact is so rare, some researchers cannot believe it even exists in
    nature with such a stable condition. Emmits acid components.
    This is useful to counter fruit punch artifacts, like Mica, slug. You can
    get this as a job from the scientists in Yantar, but you have to do other 
    artifact jobs for them first.
    Shell?!, well it says on the description of Spring, that it is a cross between 
    Battery and shell anyone found one? It chould be the second version of the 
                            section 9.0 List of mutant enemies
    I have listed most of the mutants enemies in the full walkthrough, but I guess 
    here is a better list for those who are interested. I also added some more info
    on how to combat these mutant.
    The only type of birds that have survived in the zone, they are somehow able to
    endure the increased radiation level in the zone. These bird have complex 
    sensors and can easily avoid anomalies. 
    Do not get too worried about them, they do not usually attack stalkers.
          Mutant dogs
    There are many generation of mutant dogs, and many have died after the last 
    accident in 1986. However, those that have survived gained extra abilities.
    Even though they are blind, they have extra sensors which avoid anomalies, 
    radiation and other biological hazards. These dogs hunt in packs, much like 
    wolves and are very dangerous in large groups.
    There are mutant dogs basically everywhere, and they are not that easy to kill.
    I suggest just ignore them unless you doing a job for someone. Make sure you 
    attack them from range, if a whole pack come close to you, then you should run.
    Do not worry, you are faster than them. Make sure, you watch out Pseudo dogs, 
    they are like wolves, harder to kill, more aggressive.
    Mutant pigs, they are simply called fleshes by other stalkers. They have been 
    seriously effected by the zone's radiation and have mutated in different ways. 
    These pigs are ugly, and somehow can survive in the zone. They have developed 
    more complexes biological systems, which allow them to regenerate several time 
    faster. Like normal pig, they are omnivore and will attack stalkers if they are
    These pigs are generally not very harmful, they sometimes will attack you, 
    other times they will run away from you. They are not usually come in large 
    group. So do not get too worried. I suggest you just run away from them. 
    The boars in the Zone are aggressive and more dangerous than its relative in 
    less contaminated areas, their hooves have developed sharp claws, and become 
    colourless. Boars generally charge up to their opponent and tries to knock them 
    down, before rip them apart.
    Boars are more aggressive and dangerous compare to their cousins the Fleshes,
    I suggest you let them get close and take them out with a shotgun. Or you can
    sniper them down from range. Make sure to aim at their heads.
    A rare mutant seem near centre of the zone, it has a superficial resemblance 
    to a humanoid with a disproportionally large head. They have good sensing 
    ability and can control the mind of less developed creatures. An adult 
    controller can control the head of a human. They are extremely dangerous enemy
    even to the most elite stalkers.
    Controllers are very dangerous and best to take them out before they control 
    you, they will try to overtake your brain and when they attack you. You can see
    a brain icon on the side of your screen, if it turns red you are in serious 
    trouble. There is also a blue bar in your inventory, where it will decrease 
    everytime the controller hit you, make sure it doesn't go to zero. 
    Note: when a controller attacks you, it makes your screen go dizzy, like you 
    just woke up from 1 hour sleep in 3 days. 
    Snork are what appear to be deformed human, how they got to what they appear to
    be is unknown and whatever cause their mutation would best be avoided. These 
    things are smart, fast and knows how to hunt their prey. They like the smell,
    taste of meat. It is interesting to note that Snorks have huge leaping power 
    and can leap over many metres in one go. They calculate their victim's distance
    position themselves with a good leap and then using the weight and gravity to 
    pin their victim to the ground and tear them apart before they feast on what 
    Jack's tactic on snork: Fear not, if you have a shotgun, here would be useful, 
    wait till the snork jumps and quickly move out the way or move back, then aim 
    downward with your shotgun, aim at their head, and pop them twice. If your 
    aiming is good, it should take 2 shots to get them. I recommend you do NOT use 
    slug or dart rounds, but shot round when hunting down Snorks.
    It is important to know that Snorks cannot jump in water, however they can
    still move very quickly in water. (Thanks to Boogie for the tip).
    Pseudogaint, are huge Mutant monsters, which can weigh up to 2 tons. They have
    massive claws and huge stopping power. What is interesting and deadly about 
    Pseudogaint is not only that they can do massive melee damage. But they have a
    deadly stomp attack, which causes an area of objects to suffer serious damage.
    Some stalker say that when a pseudogaint stomps with all its might, it feels 
    like a few grenades exploding at the same time. Better to be careful than sorry
    You can use a shotgun against them. But I do recommend you stay out of range,
    run back if you have to. You can also throw a grenade, but they pretty fast.
    So, your grenade may end up missing them. It will take quite a lot of rifle
    rounds to take one down. So besure you have plenty fo ammo.
    Jack's tactic: Pseudogaint are powerful, fast and do huge amount of damage, 
    stay out of their range, shot them till they drop dead, it is simple as that.
    Note: according to Mike, Pseudogaint do not take much head shot bounus. Unlike
    most other mutants. 
          Blood suckers
    These are semi-legendary creatures described by stalkers that they are humanoid
    creastures with large tentacles, they grab their victim, paralyze them and suck
    their blood dry. However, what makes blood sucker so dangerous is not only 
    their aggression, but their ability to be invisible to the naked eye. Countless
    stalkers have perished under the hands of these so called "count Dracula of the
    Zone". Better be careful, those who are fortunate enough to have survive often 
    tell spine-chilling tales of their encounter.
    Blood suckers are annoy, you can generally hear them before you see them. when 
    you see them, it is probably too late to avoid their attacks. Aim for their 
    heads, and keep firing, these guys can take you down fast.
    Supernatural creature haunts deep in the zone, they are invisible to the naked
    eye. It is unknown where they could have originated. Some say that it is the 
    spirit of a stalker hit by a massive wave of radiation, they usually haunt 
    small houses, dark underground areas. Mysterious laughter, chilling howling and
    unbearable screams are the first sign of a Poltergeist. What's even stranger is
    their ability to somehow control and create walls of fire, burning down their 
    opponents. The legends about these creatures are somewhat questionable, but for
    those who have seen a poltergeist, their fear is certainly not questionable.
    These guys are rare, and they can spawn fireballs out of no where. Be careful 
    of them, you can see them as sparkling things moving in the air, they appear in
    LabX18. Shot those sparkling things until they explode. 
    Some Poltergeist can also throw objects at you, these guys are more annoying 
    rather than actually dangerous. Since, they do not do much damage when they
    throw things at you.
                            section 10.0 List of Faction
    Below is a list of factions and check section 10.1 for a list of important 
          Bandits, always hostile to you, not allied with any other factions.
    Bandits are bad people, who are generally there to kill or rob neutral and 
    other stalkers, now Bandits can range from just bad people to serious criminal.
    Some of them enjoy killing others and some just kill because they can. Bandits 
    will not assist you and they are always there to annoy you, they will often 
    shot you on sight. I suggest, use your Binoculars to see if they are hostile, 
    red icon to you. You can either keep away from them by sneak pass or running 
    pass, alternatively you can shot to kill. Killing Bandits will not upset your 
    reputation, in fact it will most likely to improve it.
          Loner Stalkers, neutral to you, friendly if you help them.
    Stalker who explore the zone by themselves, sometimes they travel in small
    groups part of the loot, finding artifacts. Some are just there for the 
    enjoyment and the excitement. They do not attack other stalkers, unless they 
    are been shot upon first.
          Duty faction, neutral to you, can be friendly if you help them, can be
    hostile if you join freedom.
    Duty is a paramilitary faction known for its strict discipline, they have 
    close tie to the military and the government. Duty have many small outposts
    around the zone, they often help neutral loner Stalkers in dangerous situation.
    However, they refuse to trade away the zone's artifact with the outsider, and 
    all the strange artifact of the zone are passed to scientists. Where, they are 
    studied and hopeful in someway that science is able to find a way to stop the 
    expanding zone. Because of this Duty faction are at war with Freedom faction, 
    where their ideals are opposite. Duty believe to protect the world from the
    Zone while freedom believe that everyone should be allow to access the zone's 
    secret and artifacts.
    Duty stats towards you seem to be rather funny, even if you kill the Duty
    leader. Some duty member will still be friendly to you. If you say killed 
    colonel sKUll, you may still be neutral to all the Duty guys in the Bar area.
    However, all the Duty soldiers will be hostile to you if you choose to join
    freedom. This seems to amke you automatically hostile to all Duty members.
          Mercenaries, always hostile to you
    Mercs are the most secretive factions in the zone, they are usually trained 
    professional and carry out their task quickly and effectively. However, the 
    mercs do not come in cheap, they ask for a King's ransom for their service. 
    Their headquarter is unknown, it seem to be somewhere deep in the zone. It is 
    that simple with mercs, you pay the price and we do the job. 	
          Military faction, always hostile to you.
    Regular military soldiers, they patrol parts of the zone, taking down mutants 
    and killing other unfriendly Bandits.
    Spetznaz are elite troops, carrying out special mission and rescue operations 
    deep in the zone.
    Military are not friendly, they will attack when they see you, regardless how
    you appoarch them. They are however, a group of military at Gordon which will
    accept some cash to allow you to pass.
          Zombie faction, always hostile to you
    The zombified stalkers are ordinary stalkers which have been subjected to the
    Psi-emission, this emission cause the human brain to quickly lose abilities of
    rational thoughts and becoming zombie-like. These stalkers do not show relent 
    until either their enemies are slain or they themselves have fallen. Zombies, 
    are characteristic of your classic stereotypic zombies. They are slow, 
    unintelligent and cannot make quick decisions. This is perhaps their weakness, 
    but also their strength as many would believe due to their unintelligent nature
    They would be much less threatening than other hostile Mutant, which are faster
    and smarter. However, zombies do not act alone, and when they group themselves 
    together. They are far more deadly than expected.
    Zombie stalkers are probably the only, and the easiest stalker to kill with a 
    knife. They are slow and will not duck when shot at, you can rush them 
    with your knife if you want. But, you must also remember that when they are 
    groups of them around, knife is not a good choice of weapon unless you want to
    become a corpse quickly. Sometimes, zombies may take 2 knife hits to take down,
    this is noted at higher difficulty and if this does happen. Do remember to 
    strafe and move around, DO not tank rifle or shotgun rounds. Burning lead 
    doesn't taste very nice.
          Scientist faction, friendly/neutral to you.
    The mobile science lab is a small bunker with small tilted windows. It is 
    completely sealed and air-tight, with food and water to last a few month. The 
    lab is used commonly by the Zone’s scientist to study their surrounding 
    environment. The bunker is heavy shielded, and can protect itself against 
    harmful radiation, anomalies and other harmful environmental traps, such as
    the Psi-emission. As well as the protection the bunker offers, it is also 
    packed with important scientific equipment and instrumentation for field 
    experiments and to study important areas of the zone.
    The scientist are good guys, they are here to help you complete your missions 
    and help you find out more about the zone. They offer rare and unique selection
    of equipment and weapons for you to choose from. They are also very interested 
    in the Mutant animal's in the zone, helping them to obtain some important part 
    of the Mutants animal will earn you great rewards.
          Freedom faction, neutral to you, or friendly to you. Hostile to you if 
    you join Duty.
    	Anarchists and daredevils who call themselves the freedom faction. They 
    are always in conflict with the military, Duty stalkers and other government 
    soldiers. The freedom faction believe in sharing all information with the 
    outside world about the zone. That the outside world should be able to know the
    secrets and the wonders of the zone.
    Freedom is always at Wars with Duty, as they share very different beliefs. It
    should also be noted that Freedom seem to have little connection to the any
    government organisation.
    	Monolithian Faction, always hostile to you.
    Monolith faction are a religious sect that control the centre of the zone.
    It is unknown whether they are affected by the Brain scorcher or whether they 
    are just blindly converted into some relentless fighters. According to local 
    folklore, the Monolithian are group of believer that the centre of the zone is 
    sacred and may not be entered by outsiders. That the centre has great power,
    and the Monolith is their symbol of faith. 
    Because of their restriction to outsider entrance into the centre of the zone,
    they have made enemies with many other factions, which including the Duty, 
    freedom, military and even the Mercs. Watch out the Monolithian, they have very
    good armor and good selection of weapons, including RPGs. One of the best NATO 
    assault rifle can be found in the game from killing them. It is also noted that
    Monolithian travel in groups and fights in groups, be careful while encounter
    You will be facing the Monolithian even till the last part of the game, there 
    are really hard enemies because they have a lot of armor and have good weapons.
    Now, I suggest you keep distance from these guys, and sniper them down. Take 
    them out one at a time, use your grenade launcher even now and then if you get 
    cornered. Throw a few grenades to smoke them out. You may find it difficult to 
    do headshots, if you start spraying your gun like a kid throwing away candies.
    My point is, remember to use shot burst shots, aim for the upper body or the 
    head. Alternatively for you people like sneaking and coughing around, you can 
    wait till they make a move, remember their location (use the mini-map to help).
    Then throw a grenades, and they will likely to run out, then just pop them with
    a grenade launcher/rifle. 
    The folklore also shows that, Monolithian are converted partly due to the Brain 
    scorcher and partly due to their blind faith to the Monolith. There are also 
    three people who broke into the Antenna before. One was killed, two got away.
    They believe that the Monolith allowed them to live.
          Military stalker faction, always hostile to you.
    Stalkers underwent special military training and are generally very well 
    armored, they have good equipment and are trained in special ways to deal with 
    dangerous situation in the zone. Military stalkers travel in group groups to 
    carry out their missions. They do not allow ordinary stalker to interfere in 
    their tasks, and will shot on sight.
                    10.1 List of important characters/optional mission
    Here you will find the list of important important character and some of the
    missions they offer you. I have already listed optional mission from the 
    minor character in the full walkthrough, section 4.0. Here will be the optional
    jobs you can do for the various traders/important mission characters.
    Below is a list of important character you meet in the game:
    The trader:
    He is an old man with a business interest, you do a few jobs for him and he 
    pays you well. He also has contacts with people who know about Strelok. He will
    offer you may optional jobs to do.
    Even though the trader put his business ahead of everything and will never do
    things for free. However, He is true to his words and have helped you many
    connection to the right people about the information on Strelok. 
    Wolf, loner:
    The leader of a small camp outside the Trader's hide out. Wolf is an 
    experienced Stalker, now he just trains a few rookies in the camp just outside
    the Trader's hiding place. After you head for the Garbage, you may see Wolf 
    travelling to the North. I run into him once in the Garbage. Later, it shows 
    Wolf's dead body in a camp fire near Army warehouse.
    Wolf offers you some mission and jobs to do as well. Those jobs are basically
    clearing out the mutants from areas, it should be easy, follow your PDA map to
    find out the mission location.
    Fox, loner:
    Fox, probably a worker for the trader, he has found some useful info on Strelok
    and that info may of be use to you.
    Guide, Loner:
    Ghost's PDA suggests that Guide knows where Doctor is and the doctor knows 
    where Strelok is. So find him may lead you closer to Strelok. After all, you
    primary objective was to get Strelok.
    Bes, loner
    A lone stalker, leads the neutral squad and is in war with the Bandits. You
    shoudl assist him as he will give you useful information and good rewards.
    Seriy, loner
    A loner stalker, who has important info about Strelok. He leads you to Mole,
    who told you about Strelok's hide out.
                           Agroprom Research Insititue
    Mole, loner
    A neutral stalker who has important info on Strelok's hide out.
                           Agroprom Tunnel
    Doctor knows the location of Strelok, he seem to be a part of Strelok's team.
    Doctor offers important information on Strelok.
    A member of Strelok's team, Fang is a wierd, quite guy with good sense. He
    mostly kept to himself, and according to Ghost was killed by a Bandit with a
    Vintar sniper rifle.
                            Rostok, Duty camp
    Bar keeper:
    Keeper of the 100 Rad bar, he offers you important information on the Zone's 
    secrets and also have many missions/jobs for you to do.
    Bar keeper is a veteran, and has lots ofi nformation about the zone and also 
    infoon Strelok and his man.  
    There are also many other character in the bar who will give you info, talk to 
    Snitch, Hunter, Baldy and Brome for extra missions.
    Leader of Duty (General Voronin):
    He leads the Duty stalkers, he offers many good missions to do, and offers you 
    excellent rewards.
                            Arnie - Arena fight
    For those who are interest in Arena fight, read below, they will be total 8 
    fight for you to do, however you may not do all the fights, it depends on your 
    stats. If you are a rookie, you can only do 3 fight, you have to be at least 
    experienced to move on. I'm sure you can do all 10 fights, if you are a expert 
    or a Veteran.
    Make sure you save before each fight, if you die in the fight, you die for real
    LOL. When you finish the fight, you won't have anything on you. WHAT THE? Check
    the chest on your right for your items. You may not carry your gear and your 
    artifact in the fight, you will be given a set of items. MAKE SURE you heal 
    after each fight, if you get injured.
    Talk to Arnie when you are ready, he will give you fights, here is the complete
                First fight 
    Single enemy, he is a rookie, both of you will be using a pistol, easy fight, 
    just try pop this guy in the head. You get 1000.
                Second fight 
    Single enemy, he is a lot better, and is trained, both of you will be using a 
    viper 5. You get 50 ammo, should be plenty, strafe around, head shot isn't that
    important here. Reward is 2000.
                Third fight
    Two enemies, brother, you will be using a saw-off double barrel, try take them 
    out one at a time. Reward is 3000.
                Fourth fight
    3 on 3, well you will have rookies helping you out. try not to do everything 
    on your own, you will have a viper 5 . Use your ally, take your enemy one at 
    time, when your opponent is distracted, attack them. Shouldn't be too hard. 
    Reward: 5000
                Fifth fight
    Two serious well armed Stalkers, these are army guys, you will get an Obokan, 
    they will have a thunder S14, this is really hard, try stun them first then aim
    for their heads. Make sure you save, this is really hard to win. Reward is 6000
                Sixth fight
    Six enemies, they won't be very hard and their weapon kind weak compare to you,
    you will have a Thunder S14. So don't worry, it should not be hard. Just pick 
    them one at a time. Reward: 8000
                Seventh fight 
    One expert stalker, he has a thunder S14, you have a knife and 4 grenades, use 
    the Grenades wisely, do NOT waste them. ALso make sure you do not blow yourself
    up. Try not to get hit, or else you be dead so fast it is not funny. Reward is 
                Final battle
    This isn't going be hard, it will be 4 person death match, every man for their 
    own. You will have a Thunder S14, make sure you don’t join the fight until they
    kill each other first. So, you will only have 1 person to hunt down. it should 
    not be hard, but just be careful, not to get killed.  Reward is 10000.
    When you done all the fight, you are now a champion!!
                            End of Arena fights
                               Wild territory
    Leader of the Mercs in wild territory, he is your enemy and tries to steal
    valuable info from the scentists.
                                 Lake Yantar
    Professor Kurglov:
    A professor in biology, and he enjoys study the zone. He will help you along 
    important mission, help him out when it is needed.
    You first meet Kurglov when he sends a military chopper to take down Wolfhound.
    The merc leader in wild territory. However his chopper crashed and then you
    have to help him escape. 
    Professor Sakharov:
    He is a trader in a bunker, he will sell you useful items and also very useful 
    weapons. Sakharov with his German accents is most likely from Germany. He and
    other scientist have close ties to the military and Dutyer. Sakharov is also
    known to published many Journals about the artifacts in the Zone. This was 
    noted on the descriptions of the artifact called "crystal".
    Another member of Strelok's team, Ghost is well known that he can get inside
    anywhere without been noticed. Another thing about Ghost is that he is a
    very experienced Stalker much like Strelok and he has a special amror which
    glows. Rumor had it the suit heals him better than any artifact, and he has
    somehow gotten it when he was inside an anomaly?!
    Later on you found out Ghost is dead, from what? The controller near his body
    may explain what happened.
                                 Army Warehouse
    Chef (freedom camp):
    he is always drunk and loves Vodka, and drinks always, he however offers you 
    very important information on the location of the Bulldog 6.
    Lukash (freedom leader):
    He offers you various tasks and mission to do, he will become a friend to you, 
    if you choose to help him out.
    Max (freedom camp):
    Max is the leader of a small freedom squad, he will be helping in the mission
    aginst the Dutyers if you wish to destory the Duty. Max will also give you a 
    mission to kill the crazy freedom soldier in a tower. 
                            End of character/faction guide
                      section 11.0 List of possible bugs
    Below is a list of some serious Bugs I have encountered and some countermeasure
    to get around the Bugs:
    1. Bug with the trader door, sometimes the trader door cannot be opened for 
    some reason.
    Countermeasure: to get out of this bug, you need to move out the trader's hide
    out, and throw a grenade inside, sometimes this works according to Jack.
    2. Bug with artifacts Thorn/crystal/Urchin and Mica/Slug, these artifacts seem 
    to have opposite effect in their bleeding stats. Mica gives -400% bleeding, it 
    in fact INCREASES your bleeding rather than decreasing it. While crystal thorn 
    seem to DECREASE your bleeding rather than increasing it. This makes Slug and 
    Mica unless, and Crystal thorn/Urchin excellent artifacts.
    Countermeasure: Download new patches?
    3. Spring artifact crashes in Yantar? Not sure, but Jack kept on crashing when 
    using the spring artifact in Yantar. The crash only happens when he equips the 
    artifacts and wonders outside.
    Countermeasure: do not use spring artifact in Yantar?
    4. Grenade launcher blank fire? Preloading Grenade launcher, then if you switch
    to another weapon and then switch to the grenade launcher on let's say the 
    Thunder S14, the grenade will fire an blank round? I do not know exactly how 
    this bug works, some people say it is just for the thunder S14.
    Counter measure: when reloading grenade launcher, make you do not switch to 
    other two hand weapons, e.g. a shotgun or sniper rifle. When you automatically 
    reload the grenade launcher, click in the inventory and unload it when you do 
    not want use it. 
    5. Bug with Bulldog 6? I do not know if it is a bug or not, but when you throw 
    the Bulldog 6 on the ground or put it away, you still can complete the mission 
    for General Voronin, Basically you can still keep the Bulldog 6, and get the 
    rewards. However you must throw the Bulldog 6 on the ground, before you talk to
    General Voronin.
    Countermeasure: ... this is a good thing?
    6. Crashing in Pripyat, serious crashes in Pripyat, not sure what causes it. 
    Happen to me once, the game just crashes without any warning.
    Countermeasure: try patch the game, if you cannot do it. Then try to get to
    Chernobyl NPP ASAP. According to Jack, this only happen when you visiting
    Pripyat the second time.
    Note: according to Jack saving often in Pripyat does not work, it causes your
    saved game to crash when you loading then. Only happens if you re-visiting
    7. A part of the wall on the freedom base can be destroyed? Never really got a 
    chance to test this out, apparently you can destroy a part of the wall on the 
    freedom base? It is useful if you want to sneak in their base?
    Countermeasure: ...? Why bother?
    8. Graphic glitch, not really a bug, this happens when it rains, and you see 
    funny looking triangles. It only happens when you Alt-tab out the game. Then if
    you maximize it again, these thing will appear. The glitch does not seem to 
    affect any other graphical elements of the game.
    Countermeasure: try not to alt-tab out of the game too often, or you can just 
    reload the game, like I mean you have to either quit the game and reload, or 
    quit to windows and reboot the game. Up to you. 
    9. When unloading your RPG, the ammo disappears and you do not get anything. It
    is kinda funny.
    Countermeasure: DO not unload your RPG, just use it on something or someone.
    10, the first time you enter Chernobyl, NPP, you do not see your character. Not
    sure if this is done on purpose or a Bug. However, the second time, after you 
    talk to the C-consciousness scientist and chose not to help them. Then you have
    to go through NPP again, you can see yourself.
    Countermeasure: ... none, you just need to know your directions I guess
    11. Impossible missions, killing the Poker Bandit, a job from Duty leader 
    (general Voronin), you cannot get to this Bandit, he seem to be a bug.
    Countermeasure: do not get that mission
    12. Infinitely repeating mission, like protect the border (Army warehouse), 
    protect from Bandit’s assault (garbage). 
    Countermeasures: just save your game and reload, and you will complete the 
    mission, and you can keep on getting the rewards.
    13. Red forest, serious crashes when you go in there, it causes the game to
    crash badly when you go in the forest area.
    Countermeasure, try not to go into the forest area unless necessary. Just keep
    to the main road and continue with the mission, try not to wonder off too far.
    14. Crashes in Yantar, when revisiting Yantar, sometimes it can crash
    when opening the bunker door. Especially when there is Duty soldiers around.
    Countermeasures: save often in Yantar.
    15. Bunker door gets stuck in Yantar, when professor Kruglov stands inside 
    the door and you cannot open the door. 
    Countermeasures: save the game and reload, should fix it.
    IMPORTANT: bug may or not appear depending on the patches.
    Credit: thanks to dark_scourge and Jack for extra info.
                   Section 12.0 Secret Stashes/secret location
    I suppose you be wondering, what is all those purple circles on the map, those 
    are secret stashes. They contains good artifacts, ammos and some times load of 
    Health. You will get a message when something new has been put into the secret 
    stash in the area. 
    I'm not 100% sure how those secret stash are been generated, but it seems 
    sometimes when you kill someone, and loot their body, you get new secret stash 
    location. The person you kill seem to be at random. I'm not sure exact how it’s
    worked out, but when you kill someone make sure you check their body, you may 
    get a location to a secret stash. However, what I am sure is that, these secret
    stash can contain really good weapon and some really good ammo, really helpful 
    if you low on weapons/ammo. They can also have real good armors.
    This is from Jack: 
    Well, when you kill a enemy (human) and loot their corpse, you may get a PDA
    from their body and sometimes the PDA contains important info on the sercet
    stash. Everytime you get a message on your bottom left screen. There will be
    something new added to the respective secret stash. So keep look out for them.
    They always contain goodies. 
    However some secret stash seem to appear on random corpses or enemies you kill
    and they do not always spawn on the same unit. Some secret stash may or may
    NOT even appear in the entire game. Sometimes, when you revisit an area and
    you kill some enemies or reloot dead bodies, you may get a new secret stash.
    Some secret stash (hide outs) to look out for:
    (i), Gordon, stash inside the wolf's camp. A stash near a destroyed military
    truck. It is highly radioactive, but may contain loads of goodies.
    (ii), Garbage, a stash near a destroyed excavator, it has full of spring board 
    anomalies. Sometimes there are loads of good viper ammo and health pack
    in there. 
    (iii) Dark valley, lots of them, there are few near Borov's hide out. There is
    also one near the petrol station thingie as you enter Borov's hide out. It is
    on the top of a large cylindrical container. You have to jump on the wall and
    the jump on to the upper platform to get to it.
    (iv), Wild territory, a hide out near a Garage, it is full of burners and
    fruit punch, there is also two body of dead dogs. Go in there to the end, there
    is a chest that may or may not contain a attachable G launcher.
    (v), Wild territory, there is a orange-brown brick house you can jump into
    from the roof for SEVA suit, check section 4.12.1 for more detail.
    (Vi), Yantar, there is a cross you can go to it and get some spring artifacts.
    (Vii), Yantar, near some concrete block just outside the Bunker, it has some 
    battery artifact.
    (Viii), Army warehouses, it is in a Pipe near the lake, where you have to kill 
    the insane stalker. The lake/pond is highly radioactive. Inside a pipe that is
    sticking out of the pond is loads of SP-5 ammo.
    (ix), Army warehouses area, some goodies here, but you have to kill some 
    Freedom soldiers or get them killed to find these. Lots of good hideouts here, 
    try make a war between Duty and freedom without getting yourself involved. 
    Check section 4.17.3 for how to do it.
    (X), Red forest? Not sure there, Jack said he found some good ie here? 
    (Xi), Pripyat, freedom leader's secret stash, it is in one of the building, 
    has some serious AP round for you, and New GP 37.
    (Xii), Pripyat, inside a hotel room, you can get a exo-skeleton?! Not sure if
    it is sure, Jack said he found it once, but cannot remember where it is.
                            12.1 Secret locations
    Secret locations are in fact hidden location which contain important items,
    They are NOT secret stash, because they are not marked on the map. They are
    usually well hidden and in seemly unimportant places.
    Here is a small list of them I found so far:
    (Xiii), Dark valley, there is mining machine/crane like thing, it is surrounded 
    with loads of electro and other anomalies. You can go up there, and jump into 
    a large steel bin, it has some funny items, hand radio and a guitar. 
    (XiV), Sarcophagus, inside an underground room, there is a ladder in a room. 
    full of pillars, go down the ladder into the underground room for a Exoskeleton
    and some good artifacts after to break a box. 
    Credit: thanks to Jack for extra info.
                    Section 13.0 Beat the game on Master level
    For those who wants a challenge, you will need to know that Master difficulty 
    is very hard and you will no doubt die, specially in the beginning of the game.
    Because in the beginning your equipment is bad and your weapon is average.
    The point is, you have to save your game often. Try not to rely on auto saves,
    or you risk starting a whole level again. However I will give you some useful 
    pointy here:
    1. Know when to run and when to hide, and when to strafe around. Strafe is
    critical when you in a close quarter combat, however in long range fire fight, 
    you probably not gona hit no one, especially if you like using the shotgun. I 
    like close quarter combat, and I generally strafe and jump around. But knowing
    you cannot completely avoid getting hit by strafing, mostly because you strafe 
    speed is low and if you get hit, it is even lower
    (i) Running: some times it is just better to run pass thing, 
    However, when you get you stop running, this is important to know if you trying
    to rush people with a knife. 
    (ii) Hiding: is important if you are reloading/healing yourself, change weapon.
    2. Try using easy shortcuts, I use space bar for run instead of shift, 
    cause I find shift harder to use. I also use alt as Bandage, so I can just use
    my thumb to heal myself, at the same time I still can strafe. I also shortcut 
    inventory as the ~ key, so it is easier to access.
    3. carry plenty of medikit and bandage, you will find this helpful to keep 
    you alive, nothing is worse than running out of medical supply when you are in 
    a fire fight. You can always turn around and run to get some more from traders. 
    That is if you can make it that far without getting killed. 
    4. Try using your enemy to fight your other enemies, for example when the 
    Military are attacking lab X18, when you move out, try let the Military fight 
    the Bandits, and after they kill each other. You can then move in for the kill.
    This is really helpful, you can use this in many ways to your advantage. You 
    can also lead bandits/ military to camps of neutral stalker and let them fight
    each other. You can then go in for the loot.
    Note: this doesn't seem to work with mutants, it seems mutant dogs and other 
    creature has a area they move around and they will not move out that area. Soon
    as you run out that area. They just move back.
    5. I guess along with point 4, is that using anomalies to kill your enemies.
    Basically, you can lead your enemy into an anomaly, and let nature take its
    cause. Very few enemies can survive long in an anomaly. most of the time they
    die in one or two hits.
    This is from Jack: well, remember there is a tunnel in the Garbage near the 
    entrance to the Agroprom area. There are loads of bandits there, I hid myself
    in the tunnel with a train and full of spring board anomalies. The train is a
    perfect shield against bullets. I let the bandits come in slowly, and watched
    them as they get fried by the spring board. Killed 4 bandits without wasting a
    single bullet or make my knife dirty.
    Note: I guess along with what Jack is saying, is that when the anomaly kills
    your enemy, you may or may NOT loot their bodies. So, choose wisely. 
    6. Learn the use of grenades, when you throw a grenade, the enemy runs, so 
    sometimes it is better to throw two grenades, one hit the enemy and one off the
    mark. The enemy will run out of one grenade and land directly into another.
    Also, remember to try to group your enemies together when using explosives.
    7. The effective of knife is reduced, sometimes when you rush your enemy 
    with a knife, it doesn't kill them in one hit, however it almost always stun 
    them. However, this isn't very good when you surround by enemies. Knowing that 
    when attacking a pack of zombies, using knife will leave a nasty corpse filled 
    with lead.
    8. Learn headshots, I cannot stress this enough, and headshot is very 
    difficult in this game. The recoil of the weapon, the fact that the head is so 
    much smaller, the fact that the bullet path is not a straight line, and every 
     weapon has an accuracy. When you are strafing and when your opponent is also 
    strafing, head shot is very hard, Even with the most accurate rifle. 
    Basically, what I mean, do headshots when you can, or else, just shot them down
    Note: Once I ran up to an exo-skeleton Monolithian and unload a full clip of AP
    rounds with my TRs 301 and he was still alive... The next time, I popped him 
    three times in the head with the same Trs 301, he was finished. See the 
    9. Learn the real physics of the game, the bullet in reality drop a little,
    especially when you snipering. I'm not sure if it’s accuracy of the gun or that
    the fact that the bullet path is distorted due to "real physics". As you would 
    know all projectiles in this world does not travel in a straight path. 
    10. Use heights to your advantage, make sure to move yourself to high ground 
    when you can, so you get greater visbility. It is always harder to shot up, 
    than down.
    11. Carry plenty of ammo, in Master level, you probably won't get much 
    ammo from dead bodies. Remember always to unload enemy weapon, they may have AP
    This is from Jack: You may think you have 200+ AP rounds and you can take
    down the world. Well, when you down to your last 50 rounds and there are
    still groups of enemies charging towards you. You will be sorry, my point
    is always carry plenty of ammo. The people you loot will not leave you with
    alot of ammo to play around with. This is especially the case at master
    12. USe range and your weapon to your advantage, every weapon has its own 
    advantage and disadvantage. Know your weapon's advantage, and use it against
    your enemies. If your weapon is more accurate than your opponent. Stay at long
    range, so you are more likely to hit them.
    For example: If an enemy has a Chaser 13 shotgun loaded with shot rounds, then
    you should stay more than 20 metres away. So, the accuracy and damage of the 
    weapon is heavy reduced. You can even stay at 100 yards and sniper him down
    and they will not be able to fire back because of the range. However, you may
    not always have a scoped rifle. 
    All those pointy should sum up things to look out when playing the game in 
    master difficulty.
                Section 14.0 Some comments about this game/FAQ
    STALKER is a great single player game, haven't played much multiplayer. But the
    enemy have excellent AI, and the graphics is very good too. I have enjoyed play
    the game. Some parts of the game have been quite difficult and requires some 
    wits to get through. I suppose as far as single person shooter goes, this is 
    game requires good deal of patients, tactics and also stealth.
    I have a few comments about this game:
    Excellent AI, not only computer AI can hide, run and retreat, but they are
    also smart and they are very difficult to predict. AI are even smart enough
    to pick up more powerful weapons, travel throughout the zone in small groups. 
    However, the game lack a final boss, no boss character was ever in the game. 
    Just lots of soldiers and mutants.
    The game has too many open ended ending, it makes no reference to a sequel.
                           Frequently asked questions
    1. I'm having problem running the game? It is laggy and it is hard to play?
    Well first, check if you have the minimum system requirement. It should be on
    the side of the game. If you do, then try the following:
    Turn down the graphics, if you do not have a 6 series G force card.
    Turn down the quality, if you not have 1 GB of RAM.
    Turn all lighting to static, dynamic lighting uses a lot of memory and process
    2. I can't get pass a section of the game?
    Turn down the game difficulty, or if it is a bug. Check the bug section of
    this FAQ. 
    3. I can't kill this enemy in the game?
    Try using a different weapon, different ammo type and also try keep distance
    and use your weapon to your advantage.
    4. Is master difficult really hard?
    Yes, I hope you like reloading the game.
    5. I heard there are APC and armored trucks you can use?
    I haven't found any, although there are enemy APCs that you may encounter in
    the game. 
    6. Do you feel that STALKER is not a fast pace game?
    yes, STALKER takes a lot of patients and you can't really rush the game. There
    are many ways of approach the game and you can always try out different tactic
    and different style of playing. Either way, patiences and stealth is very 
    important to have.
    7. What is the best thing about this game?
    Well, STALKER is very different to many other first person shooters. The best
    part of the game is that it has good replaybility, everytime you play the game
    there are news things to explore and the AI can also be unperdictable.
    The game is very real-life like, including weapon accuracy, recoil and various
    other elements. It require some team work with the AIs, which is quite good.
    8. Any comment on Multiplayer?
    Not much there, I haven't done much multiplayer.
    9. Would there be a sequel?
    Unlikely, however I head, THQ are developing a prequel called STRALKER: clear
    sky. STALKER, shadow of chernobyl seen to be quite sucessful game. 
    END of Questions
    The trader_modv1.1 
    This mod updates the trader stock, every weapon and body suit including the
    exoskeleton suit can now be bought. With access to all ammo, even at the very
    start of the game, so making money is realy worth it. 
    (Thanks to J. KESNER for the info).
                            Section 15.0 Final credits
                             Thanks to:	
    THQ, ASUS and Gamespy for developing this great game. Although I wouldn't mind
    if you guys publish a good patch to fix some bugs. 
                      Finally Thanks again to the following people
    Nova225 on Gamespot
    Thanks to all the people who have emailed me with additional information and
    for all the support. 
    And most of all Thanks to Jack.
                                END OF FAQ, END OF FAQ

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