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    Character Guide by Mega S.A.M.

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    Version 1.55.555
    by Mega S.A.M.
    Backyard Basketball (C) 2001 Humongous Entertainment, a division of 
    Infogrames, Inc. Humongous' permission not granted for this FAQ. Duh. 
    Humongous got the rights to use the name and likeness of Kevin Garnett 
    from Garnett Enterprises and his photo on the box was courtesy of AND 1
    and Medallion Associates. They got the rights to Lisa Leslie from
    Lisa L. Enterprises.
    I'd like to thank Mom, who got me the game for Christmas 2001, and who
    got me Backyard Baseball 2001 and Backyard Football for my birthday in
    2001, and the Goodwill store from which I finally bought Backyard Baseball.
    I love going out with Mom on Thursday nights...
    3. UPDATES
    01/17/2002-2:30 to 3:00- Typed version 1.00.000 for Kevin, Lisa L.,
    Achmed, Amir, Ashley, Sidney, and Billy Jean. Origin of what I'm
    known as to GameFAQs and the "Mega S.A.M. Adds" text after each entry. 
    I still have 25 to go.
    01/17/2002-8:15 to 8:45- Version 1.11.111.
    For another 30 minutes, I added Dante, Dmitri, Ernie, Gretchen,
    Jocinda, and Jorge. 13 down, 19 to go. Oh. Did I tell you there's
    a secret player? After I'm done with the other 32 entries, I'll
    tell you how to unlock him.
    01/17/2002-9:00- Version 1.16.667.
    Modified my stuff for submission to GameFAQs. Split Gretchen's entry
    into lines and removed a bad word in the pronunciation of Jorge's name
    and left only the middle three letters of the bad word. Removed all
    terrorist references.
    1/20/2002-5:30 to 5:45- Version 1.22.222. Realized that it was 1/17
    when I made those first updates instead of 1/16. Updated that. Not
    sure if this was accepted at first submission. Made a few updates
    before I checked email. Added Kenny, Kiesha, Kimmy, and Lisa C.
    1/21/2002-7:20 to 7:45- Version 1.27.000. Added even more character
    bios, those being those of Luanne, Maria, Marky, Mikey, Pablo, and
    Pete. This will be the next one I submit.
    1/22/2002-6:30- Submitted version 1.27.000 to GameFAQs.
    1/23/2002-6:10 to ?:??- Version 1.30.000. Added Reese, Ronny, and
    Sally. Soon, I'm going to add a draft priority list in a later version.
    1/28/2002-4:00 to 4:30- Version 1.40.000. Added Stephanie, Tony, and
    Vicki, as well as my comments on Sally. Thought once again that Dmitri
    could be of Russian descent. Added trivia on Marky. 
    Gonna add stats and the secret kid in a later version...
    1/30/2002-4:30- Sent v1.4 to GameFAQs.
    2/03/2002-4:15 to 4:30- version 1.50.000. Released info on the secret kid.
    Also added jersey numbers. I also used Barry's skill ratings, but why
    stop there with skill ratings??? Also tried to add draft priority list. I'll 
    done with skill ratings in version 1.99.999. Then I'll start a Backyard
    Baseball 2001 project.
    2/05/2002-7:45 to 8:00- Version 1.55.555. 
    Had been interrupted by my older brother last time.
    Finished draft priority list.
    2/20/2002-8:00-Sent version 1.55.555 to GameFAQs.
    4. INTRO
    I bet you've probably heard of Backyard Sports and that it stars kids,
    so I guess I should introduce you to these kids. I'll alphabetize their
    names in a later FAQ. In the meantime, I'm typing them in the order they
    appear in the Cards section. Also, I don't really haver time or drive
    space to add their stats, but I'll do that later. The character
    descriptions are excerpts from their cards. I added their sex and race.
    Some of them are slightly edited. You've gotta love these kids!
    Nickname: KG
    Birthday: 3/6
    Shoots: Right
    Sex: Boy
    Race: African-American
    Jersey #: 21
    They don't make 'em any better than little KG. With an incredible work
    ethic, love for the game, and big-time hops, he can dominate the game on
    offense or defense. You want this kid on your team.
    Mega S.A.M. adds: As you know, he's on the Minnesota Timberwolves.
    This game doesn't have an NBA license, but it's still good. Kevin's
    about the best in the neighborhood at inside shooting.
    Nickname: ROLE MODEL
    Birthday: 7/7
    Shoots: Left
    Sex: Girl
    Race: African-American
    Jersey #: 9
    Little Lisa Leslie is simply one of the best players here. She can hit the
    outside jumper, is automatic from down low, and can control the game in
    the paint. She's a player you build a team around.
    Mega S.A.M. adds: Again, though she's on the Los Angeles Sparks, the
    BBA puts her on the Hammers, as KG is on the Rim Rattlers. Same uniform
    colors. Lisa L. is great at inside shooting, defense, and quickness.
    Nickname: AXEMAN
    Birthday: 7/11
    Shoots: Right
    Sex: Boy
    Race: Punjabi Muslim
    When Achmed isn't playing the heavy rocking guitar, he's out on the court
    lighting it up from downtown. If he ever learns how to play defense, he
    could be a star in this league.
    Mega S.A.M. adds: The frontman of the Knights of Rockville has 
    very good outside shooting and quickness.
    Nickname: STICKS
    Birthday: 9/1
    Shoots: Right
    Sex: Boy
    Race: Punjabi Muslim
    The difference between heavy rocking Amir and heavy rocking
    brother Achmed? Amir can play defense. With his phenomenal speed and
    court skills, Amir might be the top point guard in the league.
    Mega S.A.M. adds: Amir is one of the top five players. His defense
    and quickness are excellent, and he can handle the ball greatly.
    Sticks is a good outside shooter, too.
    Nickname: SUGAR POP
    Birthday: 12/20
    Shoots: Right
    Sex: Girl
    Race: White (Italian-American)
    Angela Delvecchio has something big brother Tony never had: an outside
    shot! Unfortunately, while Angela can put up a lot of points in a hurry, she
    usually gives up just as much on defense.
    Mega S.A.M. adds: Are you thinking of putting Angela and Tony on the
    same team? As Tony would say, "Fuhgettaboutit!"
    Nickname: FLIPPER
    Birthday: 9/18
    Shoots: Left
    Sex: Girl
    Race: White
    Annie Frazier may be a little too mellow to be an all-star, but don't let her
    calm demeanor catch you off guard. While she won't win many footraces,
    she can post it up with the best of them.
    Mega S.A.M. adds: Originally, Annie was the animal-lover, but since
    Backyard Football, she's been a liberal new age thinker. She's always
    had that rainbow on her shirt like Laverne from LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY
    has an "L." 
    Nickname: LITTLE SMOKEY
    Birthday: 2/18
    Shoots: Right
    Sex: Girl
    Race: White
    Like her twin sister Sidney, Ashley is an all-around decent
    ballplayer. If you put her on the same team as her sister, however, it
    usually means double trouble for the opposition.
    Mega S.A.M. adds: Correctamundo! Since Backyard Baseball 2001, there
    were "good days" and "bad days" for the kids. Unlike Angela and Tony's
    case, if the twins are on the same team, they're better than they are
    Nickname: LITTLE SMOKEY
    Birthday: 2/18
    Shoots: Right
    Sex: Girl
    Race: White
    Wait a minute! Is that Sidney or Ashley? Either way, they're both average
    ballplayers with a decent handle on the ball. When they're on the same
    team, though, they can really light it up.
    Mega S.A.M. adds: See Ashley's entry above.
    Nickname: CRAZY LEGS
    Birthday: 1/29
    Shoots: Right
    Sex: Girl
    Race: White
    Billy Jean may not be the most coordinated player in the league, but she
    has one attribute you can't teach: height. Her long arms have been known
    to alter a lot of shots.
    Mega S.A.M. adds: Billy has the longest name of the kids (20 letters,
    spaces included) and she wants to be a model in Paris when she's
    older. She's a great defender and an even better inside shooter.
    Nickname: STRETCH
    Birthday: 3/9
    Shoots: Left
    Sex: Boy
    Race: Jamaican-American (How else do you explain the steel-drum theme?)
    Dante Robinson is proof that you don't have to be tall to be a
    great basketball player. One of the quickest players in sneakers, Dante is as
    good as any point guard in the league.
    Mega S.A.M. adds: Dante is small, but he eats like a behemoth twice
    his height. His ballhandling and quickness are excellent and he can
    nail great 3-pointers, but his shot in the paint is poor.
    Nickname: PASTE
    Birthday: 6/9
    Shoots: Right
    Sex: Boy
    Race: White (Russian-American)
    Thanks to many long hours studying ball trajectories, Dmitri has
    become the league's top three-point shooter. His large girth makes him a
    force in the paint as well.
    Mega S.A.M. adds: This carrot-top has a high IQ for his age, but
    eats paste. However, Mr. Petrovich can paste twos and threes like
    they were oxidation numbers in atoms.
    Nickname: FUNNYBONES
    Birthday: 4/21
    Shoots: Right
    Sex: Boy
    Race: African-American
    If the rest of his body ever catches up with his long legs, watch out!
    One of the tallest and silliest players in the Backyard League, Ernie is a 
    player to have in the post.
    Mega S.A.M. adds: The "comedian" is a token basketball player because
    he's always wearing a basketball uniform, he has four-foot legs (5'0"
    in all is tall for a 7-year-old) and he's black. I thought he'd be very
    good, but he's actually one of the worst players. He can't handle the
    ball or put up a trey, but he's excellent as an "X" or an "O".
    Nickname: JABBERJAW
    Birthday: 5/31
    Shoots: Left
    Sex: Girl
    Race: White (German-American)
    What Gretchen lacks in basketball skill, she makes up for in energy and
    effort. If all that hyperactivity could be harnessed, it could power a
    large metropolitan city.
    Mega S.A.M. adds: 
    Nickname: MVP
    Birthday: 9/28
    Shoots: Right
    Sex: Girl
    Race: African-American
    Jocinda is simply one of the best all-around players in this league. She can
    play any position and usually dominates the game at any of them.
    Mega S.A.M. adds: What do they mean, "usually?" ALWAYS DRAFT JO SMITH FIRST
    Nickname: BONKERS
    Birthday: 10/7
    Shoots: Right
    Sex: Boy
    Race: Hispanic
    He's not what you'd call a "natural athlete," but Jorge's arms can
    alter a lot of shots, and he has decent touch inside. Unfortunately, his
    fear of getting dirty severely limits his game.
    Mega S.A.M. adds: Of course Jorge [pronounced hor-hey] doesn't want to
    get dirty. He always wears Armani playclothes. He's rich, for crying out
    loud. His defense, though, is as low as a bear market.
    Nickname: K-MAN
    Birthday: 11/20
    Shoots: Right
    Sex: Boy
    Race: Japanese
    K-Man doesn't get a lot of vertical, but when you can shoot the ball like
    he does, who cares?! Not the best defender, but his deadly range from
    downtown can give your team some instant offense.
    Mega S.A.M. adds: This intellectual wheelchair-bound Oriental is an
    excellent outside shooter. He's bad in the paint and on defense.
    Nickname: FLASH
    Birthday: 4/2
    Shoots: Right
    Sex: Girl
    Race: Not Definite, but probably African-American
    Able to control the game on both offense and defense, Kiesha is the most
    dominant post player in the league. She doesn't have much range, but
    when you own the paint like she does, who cares?!
    Mega S.A.M. adds: Flash has an inside shot with which to be reckoned,
    and on defense, Kiesha's a big, lethal weapon.
    Nickname: TWINKIE TOES
    Birthday: 6/22
    Shoots: Right
    Sex: Girl
    Race: White
    Kimmy is what you would call a pure point guard: a solid ballhandler with a
    decent stroke from the outside. Since Kimmy likes sweets, her quickness
    can come and go with each burst of sugar-induced power.
    Mega S.A.M. adds: The redheaded, freckled candy monster has great 
    ability. She's also very good at defense.
    Nickname: MAD DOG
    Birthday: 12/4
    Shoots: Right
    Sex: Girl
    Race: White
    Lisa doesn't say much and usually doesn't do much on the floor, but this
    shy, mild-mannered girl can go ballistic if pushed too far. They don't call 
    "Mad Dog" for nothing.
    Mega S.A.M. adds: She's a great inside shooter with great defense. She's a 
    ballhandler and a bad outside shooter. She's slow, too.
    Nickname: LULU
    Birthday: 1/27
    Shoots: Right
    Sex: Girl
    Race: Chinese
    She may be the youngest player in the league, but her blazing speed and
    reliable ballhandling make her look like a veteran twice her age. Of course,
    that would still only make her eight years old.
    Mega S.A.M. adds: This girl is very fast, great at making threes,
    and ballhandling. That's not bad for a girl who carries her teddy bear
    around. However, in the key and on defense, she's a baby.
    Nickname: PINKY
    Birthday: 7/23
    Shoots: Left
    Sex: Girl
    Race: Hispanic
    Don't let that pink dress fool you. With one of the best jump shots in
    the league, this girl is a silent assassin from long range. Her short stature
    limits her on defense, however.
    Mega S.A.M. adds: Yep. Pinky is a very good 3-point shooter, but poor at 
    She likes wearing pink uniforms, but she's always wearing a pink dress under 
    no matter what color they are.
    Nickname: COOTIE
    Birthday: 9/6
    Shoots: Left
    Sex: Boy
    Race: White
    Marky learned the game of basketball by tossing pumpkins into the garbage
    can out back. While he doesn't have the best looking jumper, he can still get
    the job done in the paint.
    Mega S.A.M. adds: I reckon Marky is a durn good inside shooter. However, he
    shoots from outside like an old lady in a purty little dolly store and plays
    defense like a three-legged dawg a million miles away from his bones.
    TRIVIA: Marky is named after a member of the Ramones, a punk rock group. In 
    according to the Backyard Baseball Baby Pictures on the inside scoop area of
    humongoussports.com, Cootie's last name was almost going to be Ramone.
    Nickname: NUGGET
    Birthday: 10/29
    Shoots: Left
    Sex: Boy
    Race: Black
    Sure, Mikey picks his nose, but he can set picks with the best of
    them. He's the classic wide body in the post that every team needs, and
    he's automatic near the hoop.
    Mega S.A.M. adds: The word "turtle" comes to mind when his speed is 
    but he's a very good inside shooter. Mikey's nose is congested, but he can
    sometimes congest the other team.
    Nickname: SECRET WEAPON
    Birthday: 8/18
    Shoots: Right
    Sex: Boy
    Race: White
    You can't call him "The Secret Weapon" anymore. With his blinding speed,
    deft ballhandling, and deadly outside shooting, Pablo has made a name for
    himself. Just call him "The Weapon" now.
    Mega S.A.M. adds: Can Pablo handle the ball? Si. Can Pablo shoot from
    outside? Si. Can Pablo defend? Si. Is he fast? Si. I'm not supposed to tell
    you, but Pablo is learning Spanish in school. It isn't his native tongue,
    but he speaks only Spanish around the other kids. I don't know why, though.
    Nickname: WHEELIE
    Birthday: 10/13
    Shoots: Left
    Sex: Boy
    Race: White
    Pete's not going to win many spelling bees, but he'll help your team win
    many games. He's prone to the "unforced turnover," but if you need a
    big body in the paint, Pete's your man.
    Mega S.A.M. adds: A quote from Pete in Backyard Baseball is below.
    "I, uh.... my dad says I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I can run 
    really good."
    He said it well. He also says things like "One time it rained."
    Nickname: BIG TOE
    Birthday: 5/25
    Shoots: Right
    Sex: Boy
    Race: White
    Reese isn't too hot on offense. He's not too hot on defense, either.
    With his decent ballhandling skills, however, Reese could make a decent point 
    As long as he doesn't swallow his retainer.
    Mega S.A.M. adds: Reese may have so many allergies and "asthmar," but he's
    quick. He also has nimble hands.
    Nickname: FELLA
    Birthday: 2/14
    Shoots: Right
    Sex: Boy
    Race: African-American
    Ricky is one of the nicest kids you'll ever meet, but that doesn't
    mean he won't stuff your shot back in your face. A defensive stopper,
    Ricky is a force to be reckoned with in the post.
    Mega S.A.M. adds: Ricky is shy and quiet, but he loves the game.
    He's bad at 3's, though...
    Nickname: SPUD
    Birthday: 8/10
    Shoots: Right
    Sex: Boy
    Race: African-American
    Ronny is all about the "D." With his quick hands and nimble feet, this
    pint-sized ballhawk can put the clamps on anyone in the league. Anyone
    except big sister Sally, that is.
    Mega S.A.M. adds: Don't even think about putting five-year-old Ronald Henry 
    on the same team as Sally. After all, Sally IS called "The Boss."
    Nickname: THE BOSS
    Birthday: 11/11
    Shoots: Right
    Sex: Girl
    Race: African-American
    Sally "The Boss" Dobbs is a natural born leader. While she doesn't have a lot
    of basketball skills herself, her constant nagging will bring out the best in
    her teammates. Usually.
    Mega S.A.M. adds: The team mom is a good inside shooter and a poor defensive 
    Nickname: BUBBLES
    Birthday: 8/15
    Shoots: Right
    Sex: Girl
    Race: African-American
    While baseball is Stephanie's true love, basketball is a close runner-up. If
    she could devote herself fulltime to the hardwoods, she could easily be the
    best player in the league.
    Mega S.A.M. adds: Stephanie is a very good outside shooting, graceful 
    blur. She's not too shabby at defense or inside shooting, either. Can she 
    her baseball mitt?
    Nickname: VEC (He likes to be called SLICK, but the nickname don't change.)
    Birthday: 7/16
    Shoots: Right
    Sex: Boy
    Race: White (Italian-American)
    If Tony was half the player he thought he was, he'd be all-world.
    Unfortunately, the only category he leads the league in is trash talking.
    He needs to work on his "D" if he wants to be a star.
    Mega S.A.M. adds: Tony exhibits the style of his namesake, Tony Schiavone,
    without the need to bleep. If he's playing against Angela, then badabing 
    Both of those kids play better than normal.
    Nickname: SWAN
    Birthday: 11/5
    Shoots: Right
    Sex: Girl
    Race: Japanese-American
    With explosive quickness and a killer outside shot, Vicki may be the
    greatest ballerina to ever play basketball. In fact, she might be the ONLY
    ballerina to ever play basketball!
    Mega S.A.M. adds: That's a well-put description.
    OK, There's a kid that can be unlocked by creating a player, typing the name
    BARRY DEJAY, and clicking "DONE" twice. Pick him for your team and he'll play
    for it.
    Birthday: 10/5
    Shoots: Left
    Sex: Male
    Race: African-American
    Jersey #: 00
    Barry studies the nuances of basketball from the sidelines of the
    neighborhood court since taller kids always overlook him for pickup games.
    Little do they know that Barry has more game than an arcade. Give him the
    ball and he'll truly "bury the J."
    BALL HANDLING   10/10
    DEFENSE     10/10
    QUICKNESS   10/10
    Mega S.A.M. adds: Barry, like Chuck Downfield in Backyard Football, says
    that he can't play anymore. Barry because of a twisted ankle; Chuck because
    of a charley horse. Barry has mad skillz, though, and he'll get over that
    Based on skills of players and "balance factors" (taking the player's best sk
    and worst skill and subtracting their range from 10)
        01. Jocinda Smith
        02. Vicki Kawaguchi
        03. Amir Khan
        04. Ronny Dobbs
        05. Pablo Sanchez
        06. Stephanie Morgan
        07. Dmitri Petrovich
        08. Dante Robinson
            Lisa Leslie
        10. Kevin Garnett
        11. Reese Worthington
        12. Kimmy Eckman
        13. Luanne Lui
        14. Ashley Webber
            Sidney Webber
        16. Angela Delvecchio
        17. Pete Wheeler
        18. Billy Jean Blackwood
            Ricky Johnson
        20. Achmed Khan
        21. Kiesha Phillips
        22. Tony Delvecchio
        23. Kenny Kawaguchi
        24. Maria Luna
            Marky Dubois
        26. Mikey Thomas
        27. Ernie Steele
        28. Lisa Crocket
        29. Ronny Dobbs
        30. Annie Frazier
        31. Gretchen Hasselhoff
        32. Jorge Garcia

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