Review by Il Pinguino

"Female Vampire Killing Nazi's in WWII"

In this game you are a female vampire known as Agent Rayne who goes around killing Nazi's in WWII! From just hearing that from my friend made me want to play this game! Rayne adds plenty of sex appeal to the game with her tight leather clothing and small shirt of hers!

I ran the game on a AMD 1.3ghz machine with 400 mb ddr ram and a Geforce 2 100/200 MX! And on lowest detail settings at 640x480 it really looked great! I couldn't complain about the graphics at all! I was amazed how nice it looked on lowest settings!

The sound effects are really nice and their is a few nice tunes. But it would have been nicer too have more music in the game. The voice acting was decent but not the best! Some of the Naziz sound very funny just from their bad voice acting but it all makes the game better!

Gameplay was excellent, the controls were great and the guns aimed automatically which made it very easy to attack multiple enemies at once. And with 4 vision modes it can really change the way you fight! You can actually enter rooms that look like the Lobby Scene in The Matrix and have a battle in slow motion shooting up Nazis and jumping around doing all the flips! That is extremely fun!

Not the most complicated or amazing storyline but still very interesting which will make you want to keep playing the game to see what happens! I don't want to spoil anything, but there are some excellent scenes in the game which you will love! You start off killing Zombies and Bugs and Later move onto Nazis and mutants and their is plenty of bosses! The levels are split into three Acts which take place in Louisiana, Argentina, and Germany

It's really a shame that no Multiplayer was implemented into this game because it would really make the game much more popular! Even co-op would make the whole difference!

Replay Value-7
Although this is a great game with no Multiplayer or Single Player co-op a game can only last so long! WIth the Slow motion vision mode it can add a totally new aspect to the game however!

BloodRayne is a perfect game for anyone who wants a fun action packed game where you can fight Matrix style if you wish and kill Nazis and Zombies! And for $20 you can't go wrong so I would suggest this if you need a fun game to last you for a while!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/30/03

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