Review by Alfran

"Bloodrayne: Scantily clad vampires in pre-war America."

So here you are in the 1930's, WWII is about to break lose, and you're running around as some vampire chick named Bloodrayne who wields katars and a couple of guns, fighting hordes of the undead. You know, like Soul Reaver, except for the guns, see here you have guns.

Anyway, you're looking for your dad, seems like you want to kill him and some hooded guys hire you in retun for info. Too boring. It's the cliche of cliches. So you're sent on missions to fight Nazi's. Somebody sure hates them...

The game tries to bring itself as an action horror game. It's not really scary though, since you're going to be the one whose going to do most of the killing. And like most horror games, this one also suffers from the '' I'll read/examine/use this object (the easy job), while you go search for survivors and kill hordes of the undead (the hard job) '' syndrome. Yes, it has that infernal silliness that those developers find somewhat intruiging. Aside from this part, the story is pretty bland, even cheesy.

You're character is a vampire chick who dons skimpy clothes that doesn't really look like it's from the 1930's. But she has a katar. And guns. Sweet. Plus her tits bounce every time there's a cutscene. Must be some vampiric ability.

Speaking about vampiric ability, this game also has three modes of vision. You have the heat vision type, which also helps you detect enemies. The slow motion type, to add cool cheesy bits to the fighting and zoom in mode, just like that implant from Chrome. It adds variety. Sort of.

The graphics are okay. Picture Enclave. yeah. And that game has good graphics.

The sounds tend to repeat, and during some dialouge scenes, I can't seem to hear what they're saying. Oh well.

Gameplay can be fun at times. You get to suck on enemies. Yep, this adds to your life bar. And it is somewhat erotic. If you're a necrophiliac, that is. Then there's blood lust mode. Where in you go wild. Bigger damage, etc. The game also has this feature where in you gain new moves or skills after certain missions. Just to help you along the long way.

AI, is the pits. You could just stand by a door and wait for the enemies to walk in and get bitten one by one.
Also, against some bosses you can just suck em and they're dead. Where's the challenge? Really?

Get this game, if you don't have anything else to do. I wouldn't exactly call it bad, it's just that I don't like this game good enough to actually play it again. And remember, her tits bounce.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 01/06/04

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