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"Fem fatale vampire style"

I was a bit skeptical about Blood Rayne when I first saw it. The premise was kinda cool and the graphics looked good but I wasn't sure how well a console game would be ported to the pc, that and the low price.

The graphics good. The textures are good. The character models are also good. They did a good job making Rayne a sexy vampiress. The cinematics were good even though there weren't too many of them, and the cut scenes were fair bordering on good. The game is quite bloody which I liked, especially for a game like this. Blood spurts when you hack off a limb or when you feed on an enemy and the bodies stay around the won't vanish which I also liked.

Good for both. The environmental effects are good, the weapon sounds are average nothing spectacular. The music is good.

Good. There were a few minor quirks in the game but nothing really bad. Mainly, if you were too close to an enemy she wouldn't attack, you have to back away a little. Another thing is the manual says you need a game pad to play but your don't, you can use just the mouse and keyboard.
The camera angle was good and responsive. You look around with the mouse and you don't have to fight to get the view you want. The game also auto aims at targets for you, which is typical of ported games being controllers don't have the accuracy or responsiveness as mouse aiming. Some may not like this but it's nothing bad at all.
The game has a creepy feel to it. The environment settings, monsters, and story line all add flavor to the game. It's of average length, I was hoping it would be longer it was an enjoyable game. As mentioned, it is very bloody. You can hack enemies to pieces literally and the blood flies everywhere. You can also had off limbs and sometimes the enemy will try and run away leaving a blood trail behind them. Eventually they will just die if left alone. There are no health pickups but you get your strength back by feeding off humanoid creatures. There was a decent variety of enemies too, the whole game wasn't just killing Nazis. I remember reading a review where someone bashed the game because you are a vampire in Nazi Germany. I was thinking, "So what? What's wrong with that?" It's an original idea and it worked. You also have different vision modes during game play. You get a night vision type mode that also shows you your destination and you get a Bullet Time mode that slows everything down around you. You also have a Blood Rage ability that causes Rayne to deal extra damage and deliver different combos.
One thing that I didn't like in the beginning of the game was the fact that the whole town was flooded. It didn't make any sense. If anything they should have showed a storm or something so you understand why this town was completely flooded.
But after the first stage you really don't need to worry much about water.

Good. You can redefine keys to your liking.

Only at the end of a level.

Story line.
Being a vampiress.

Minor bug when fighting. You can't stand too close or she won't attack.



Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/17/04

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