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    FAQ/Walkthrough by black hole sun

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                            *  *     written by black hole sun
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                                             FAQ v1.0 
                                         Table of Contents
    i.    Introduction 
    ii.   Walkthrough                                         [w_begn]
           1. Valadilene                                      [w_vala]
           2. Barrockstadt                                    [w_barr]
           3. Komkolzgrad                                     [w_komo]
           4. Aralbad                                         [w_aral]
           5. Komkolzgrad                                     [w_kom2]
           6. Endgame                                         [w_ara2]
    iii.  Review                                              [msc_re]
    iv.   Legal                                               [msc_le]
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                                         i. Introduction
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    While many would argue that the Adventure genre has come and gone (more like 
    high-tailed out of state being chased by every half-wit and his dog), Syberia 
    stands out as one of the finest the genre has ever had to offer. While many 
    still remember the monstrosity that was Myst, and all of its clones, Syberia 
    breathes new life into beaten and abused Adventure category. Although highly 
    underrated by critics and the public alike, Syberia deserves much attention due 
    to the breaking of the traditional non-sense stories and brain-shackling, 
    ridiculous puzzles suffered by its forefathers, such as Amerzone and Beyond 
    Atlantis, among others. While I myself am more of an action gamer, with such 
    walkthroughs of Half-Life and Deus Ex to my credit, it just goes to show you 
    that anyone can enjoy what this game has to offer, which is an excellent story, 
    unique and realistic characters, and clever yet down-to-earth puzzles.
    Now, writing a walkthrough would be the standard way to handle such a game as 
    this. But here, where so much revolves around solving puzzles, a straight 
    walkthrough can spoil one's experience if one looks at the answer. Thus, when 
    scrolling through the walkthrough, you should notice that for most of the 
    puzzles I provide either one or two hints. The answer will be listed below both, 
    after a pause. Hopefully, you can look at them and get the idea without 
    completely spoiling things. 
    There will be very few updates to this file, if any at all. I also don't expect 
    much email from this obscure title, but if you want, you can drop me a line, 
    correcting any spotty writing or errors here and there. And now, time to get to 
    it, what you've all been waiting for -- the walkthrough. You could also read my 
    mini-review...though if you're reading this you've probably already bought the 
    game :P
    This is to be my 12th FAQ/Walkthrough. Since the game is so short, the 
    walkthrough probably will be in proportion with the game, with the least amount 
    of filler possible. I hope you enjoy my latest. 
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                                 ii. Walkthrough  [w_begn]
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                                     Valailene [w_vala]
    After the opening cutscene, you take control of Kate Walker in a hotel. Since 
    Kate is too tired to carry her bag any longer, you need to find an employee to 
    do it for her. Grab the [BROSHURE] on the bulletin board, then talk to Momo. 
    Take note of what he is doing, and then head to the front desk. In order to 
    signal someone, you need to ring the bell. 
    Hint 1: The bell appears to be missing something. 
    Hint 2: I wonder if there's anything around here that could help...?
    Answer: Grab the [RECEPTION BELL KEY] on the desk and put it onto the toy. Ring 
    the bell.
    Talk to the Hotel manager about "Help." He will take your bag up. Make sure you 
    also speak to him about Momo. When you arrive in Kate's room, grab the [FAX 1] 
    off the desk, then use your cell phone to call the office. Your boss says he 
    faxed you an introductory letter. Head down to the front desk and ask the 
    manager, whom will hand you the letter. Leave the hotel and trot down the 
    street; speak wit the baker, if you wish, before finding the notaries office a 
    screen later. Approach the door. 
    Hint 1: The automaton appears to have eyes for something. 
    Answer: Place the [INTRODUCTORY LETTER] into the automatons hands and pull the 
    lever to open the doors. 
    Talk to the notary about all available topics. He will agree to let you inspect 
    the factory grounds, and grant you his key, which he left in the reception area. 
    Since he's not in good health, he will retire and rest. This whole town seems to 
    be in a state of rot, don't you agree? 
    Before you leave, grab the [TELESCOPIC KEY] the notary left near the door. 
    Either you can head into the factory now, or later -- right now, I would 
    recommend you head to the cemetery, which is a little ways past the hotel on the 
    opposite end of the street. Since the church door is locked, head around back 
    and go into the only open door. Inside, various puzzles confront you; first, 
    walk over to the drawers to find that they're locked.
    Hint 1: You need a key, obviously. May God help your search.
    Answer: Go over to the cross on the wall; move it to find the key.
    Use the key on the drawers; open them all and grab all of the punch cards. 
    Before you leave, notice the lever on the right side. 
    Hint 1: This lever appears to be jammed, or at least stopped by something.
    Answer: Pull out the third drawer down to use the lever, and take the [VORALBERG 
    Exit the room and return to the path you came here with. Notice the elevator on 
    the way; inspect its controlling mechanism. 
    Hint 1: If that thing is to work, judging by the lever, I'd say gears are 
    Hint 2: This situation reminds me of Momo, for, as you may have gathered, poor 
    Momo has 'a few gears missing' (pun intended). 
    Answer: Momo was playing with some gears the last time you saw him. When the 
    hotel manager chased him away, he left the gears. Retrieve them now and use them 
    on the machine.
    Ride the elevator up and use your punch cards on the automaton. The purple one 
    will cause the Voralberg tomb automaton to bend out its hat and allow the 
    insertion of a key. Inside the tomb, pull out the coffin of the supposedly dead 
    Hans Voralberg and grab the [VALADILENE VOICE CYLANDIR]. Return to the street 
    and use the [TELESCOPIC KEY] on the factory entrance. At the fountain, take the 
    rightmost path to a manor, whose doors are locked. Take the path that goes 
    around the side of it to find a machine that may extend a ladder all the way to 
    the roof of the mansion. 
    Hint 1: The key to this puzzle lies in wait, long forgotten and misplaced.
    Answer: That wasn't much of a hint, was it? Well, give me a break. I couldn't 
    think of anything better and this puzzle is very easy. Grab a key in the 
    fountain on the left side of the garden-maze.
    Use the key on the machine to extend the ladder, and climb up and into the 
    attic. Turn on the light and Momo will appear, requesting a drawing of a 
    Hint 1: Since Kate can't draw, can you think of any other way to use this paper 
    to draw a mammoth?
    Hint 2: Didn't you see something that resembled a mammoth? I wonder if there's 
    anything we can do with it.
    Answer: Trace the drawing of a mammoth near the light bulb.
    Hand the drawing to Momo and in return, Momo will show you the cave in which 
    Hans fell and his mammoth obsession began (no pun intended...okay, maybe a 
    little pun intended). Be sure, though, that you grab the [INK BOTTLE] and 
    [ANNA'S DIARY]. Although [ANNA'S DIARY] is not essential to gameplay and is very 
    long, it really is an interesting read and reveals a LOT of the backstory. It 
    also serves to put Anna's character into perspective. Therefore, I suggest you 
    put aside ten minutes to read it. 
    When you resume gameplay, follow Momo out of the attic and to the street, where 
    he will continue to walk to the end of the street, a screen down from the 
    Notary's office. The strange boy will lead you through a gate and through some 
    lovely scenery (make sure you've got anti-aliasing enabled to properly enjoy 
    it!). You will find Momo again, this time perched on a rock. Ignore him for now 
    and continue a screen ahead of him to find a dam. Since Kate decides that being 
    a goody-too-shoes is better than being wet, we are going to have to drain the 
    stream in order to cross it. Of course, Kate can't push it herself. Momo can 
    help here, so go ask him for "Help." As luck would have it, the dam's operating 
    mechanism breaks as a result of Momo's overexertion. 
    Hint 1: Momo broke the piece of wood that was used to operate the dam. Don't you 
    think we'd better find a replacement?
    Answer: There is a log near the wrecked rowboat. Since it's in the water, first 
    you'll have to use the broken piece of wood to move it closer, then have Momo to 
    grab it. WOW, is Kate being a pansy or what?
    Cross the stream, which is now depleted of its H2O. Once you grab the [MAMMOTH 
    TOY DOLL], Momo disappears for the rest of the game. Return to the square with 
    the fountain, near the factory entrance. This time, hang a left. Upon entering 
    the factory, proceed to the farthest left screen, where you will find a door. 
    Inside, you will find the lovable, eccentric automaton named Oscar. Currently  
    he's hanging by his arms--lower him with the crank behind the workbench. Speak 
    to him and he will request that you make him some legs, or as he calls them, 
    "appendices." For this he will give you [OSCAR'S CARD], and will tell you to use 
    the console in the previous room. Problem is, the console won't work, because 
    the assembly line below isn't fully assembled. 
    Hint 1: Return to the fountain area and explore any paths you haven't.
    Hint 2: Rats and hamsters often can be found in this warehouse...
    Hint 3: Again, make sure fully explore the warehouse.
    Answer: Fist off, return to the fountain area and take the 11 o'clock path, 
    which is right of the path that leads to the warehouse. Pull the lever there. 
    Return to the warehouse and go right a few screens and through a door; pull the 
    chain cord, then the levers in succession. Finally, revisit the area just 
    outside the door to the workshop where Oscar is located. There is a fuel pod 
    lying on the ground that needs to put onto the conveyor belt, but it is too 
    heavy -- use the automaton forklift for that. 
    Now there comes the problem of making the feet. Operate the console at the top 
    of the stairs and start making some feet by switching the latch on the far 
    right, bottom row. If Oscar rejects the feet, then you didn't use the right 
    texture, selectable by the switch on the far left. YOU can figure out which 
    color is right!...okay okay, I won't leave you hanging like that. The correct 
    color is gold! *I* even had to look at a walkthrough for that information, for 
    neither Oscar nor anything else offers any hint of what the texture is supposed 
    to be. When you hand Oscar his feet, he will leave and go look for his train. 
    Before leaving the warehouse, go up the stairs, which you climbed to reach the 
    console that controlled the production line. This time, head into the office. 
    Examine the desk, and look at all the debt this company has acquired. Now look 
    over the book case. 
    Hint 1: Books, books, more books. What is the most cliched puzzle EVER regarding 
    Answer: Pull out one of the books on the right. This will give you the [HANS-
    Now, take the 1 o'clock path to the train station. Board the train, and before 
    speaking with Oscar, go to the back and place all the items you can in their 
    respective slots. Talk with Oscar and he will say that before the train can 
    leave, he must have a train ticket and a Train Release permit, then he will 
    leave. Follow him out to find him at *gasp* the ticket office. Talk to him to 
    get both a ticket and a train release permit, and Oscar will board the train. 
    Talk to him AGAIN and he will not accept the train release permit, because it 
    isn't stamped o_O Talk about wrapped in red tape. 
    Hint 1: Oscar said that someone with legal status might be able to stamp the 
    ticket. Who do we know with legal status? The notary! But alas, he is asleep. 
    Yet, I don't think he would mind if we took things into our own hands, would he?
    Answer: Go to the notary's office and use the stamp machine on his desk. If you 
    don't have [INK BOTTLE], go and get it in the attic where you drew the mammoth.
    Now Oscar requests his train be wound before it can leave. Do this by going 
    outside on the right side of the train (right at least from where the camera is 
    positioned) to find the machine. Operate crank and lever, then talk to Oscar, 
    show him your papers, and you're off.
                                  Barrockstadt [w_barr]
    Leave the train, which is stopped because the clockwork mechanism is unwound. 
    Leave the train and move right, then head right a few screens to find the 
    stationmaster. Talk to him about every available topic, then return to the train 
    and head past it a few screens. Kate's jackass boss will phone, and when you go 
    back to the aviary Oscar will want to see you. He says that he just received a 
    message from the rectors of this university; they want to see Kate. So, make 
    your way to the university, which I'm sure you can find. Head into the library, 
    first door on the left, and grab some books there, the one on the table and the 
    one on the bookshelf. The Rectors' offices are left of the door to the library, 
    so go there. Speak to the comical trio about all topics, including Sauvignon, 
    then leave. 
    Head back to the aviary's entrance, then head left a screen to find a pair of 
    Russians. Ask them for "Help" and they will demand 100 dollars, a total rip-off, 
    I might add. Where can you get that kind of money? Ask the rectors and they will 
    tell you that in order for them to help you, you must first repair their 
    bandstand. For now, go to the stationmaster and talk to him about Souvignon. He 
    will get nervous and leave you, so follow him to the bridge. Talk to him again 
    and he will say to talk to Professor Pons, who is to the right of the lobby 
    inside the university; on speaking to HIM, he will tell you to speak to the 
    rectors. Are we getting the run-around or what? The rectors will then admit to 
    possessing the valuable grapes, and will grant you permission to take a few. 
    Speak to the stationmaster and follow him to a gate, which he will open. Head 
    inside and grab the grapes, then leave and return to the walkway to the LEFT of 
    your train. Follow it to a ladder, which is currently blocked off by a pair of 
    unruly cuckoos. 
    Hint 1: You have some books in your possession that might be useful.
    Hint 2: What do male cuckoos like more than female cuckoos?
    Answer: Drop some grapes on the ground near the cuckoos. 
    Climb the ladder and you will find some eggs, but you can't take any because 
    they are too far away to reach. 
    Hint 1: I hear Mammoths obsess Professor Pons. In fact, he is conducting a 
    sermon on them later today.
    Answer: Go give Professor Pons the Mammoth Toy Doll you found in Valadilene. He 
    will open his office for you, and inside you will find several useful items, 
    With the [TEST TUBE HOLDER], we can grab the egg. Now, what do we do with an 
    _egg_? Go to the bandstand (on the way, you should be confronted by the 
    stationmaster, who'll give you a [BOTTLE OF WINE]) and put the egg onto the 
    scale to balance it. Open the door, and at the bottom of the ladder, pull the 
    switch to restart the bandstand. Talk with the Rectors to claim your money, then 
    pay the eccentric Russian couple who offered to help move your train. First 
    though, before they can move, the locks need to be opened and the water level 
    modified. Speak with the stationmaster about "locks" to get a key; use the key 
    on the console nearby.
    Hint 1: This console seems to be incredibly complicated. You need to enter a 
    two-digit number to open the locks. But first, before you can start guessing, 
    you need to press a certain button that draws the machine to attention.
    Hint 2: You also need to try to find the "Enter" button, per say. 
    Answer: Press #, 4, 2, * ; then talk to the captain about locks. Return to the 
    console, and press #, 4, 1, *.
    The good professor will give Kate a ring as you approach the Russian couple's 
    boat. He is in the process of delivering his lecture, so head to the university 
    and view it for some interesting information. Afterward, go to his office and 
    retake the Mammoth Toy doll. Put it back in its place on the train. 
    Now, the Russian couple needs you to connect a chain to your train. But before 
    you can do that, you need something. 
    Hint 1: You can't just tie the chain around your train, can you? No, somehow you 
    need to hook it onto it... 
    Answer: There is a hook lying on the beach where you originally found the 
    stationmaster. Take it and use it. 
    Wind up your train, and then talk to Oscar, who will refuse to leave unless you 
    have an exit visa. Oscar is getting incredibly annoying. Anyway, head into the 
    giant fortress-like wall and climb the stairs. Talk to the captain about 
    "Mission" and he will say that he won't write you a visa, because there is an 
    enemy scout outside the walls. Use the telescope and focus it to find that the 
    "enemy scout" is just a dead tree. If you talk to him again, he will deny it and 
    won't even bother to look. Stubborn old man!
    Hint 1: I wonder if there is any way we can get him to be friendlier...
    Hint 2: Give him something special. And no, not what you perverts are thinking 
    Answer: Pour him some wine contaminated with the Yangala-Cola Powder. Now he 
    will willingly look into the telescope and find his error. He will then hand you 
    a visa, so talk to Oscar, whom will give you a train ticket. 
                                  Komolzgrad [w_komo]
    Your train is unwound...again! Out of the train, head right a few screens to 
    find a gigantic automaton. Climb the ladder and inspect the living quarters to 
    Hint 1: Examine Hans' Designs. Why do you think that the leg of this automaton 
    is circled? 
    Answer: Put the lever into the machine and move it forward twice, then press the 
    button to wind the train. 
    As you return to your train, you will find a suspicious personality leaving the 
    train, and Dan will call (is he annoying or what? Kind of like Raiden from 
    MGS2). Inside the train, you will find poor Oscar tied up and gagged. Remove the 
    bandages and talk to him to learn that the suspicious character seen escaping 
    the train was a robber who took Oscars...hands. Tats one teH l33t theef!!!one!!1 
    Grab the [METAL SHEERS], and leave quivering Oscar alone while you return to the 
    giant automaton. This time, move it forward once and get off. Use the sheers to 
    cut a whole into the thin wall, then grab the sparkplug on the shelf and return 
    to the automaton. Take it back and get to ground level. Run to the end of the 
    platform, where a lift will take you down to a mine, which is pitch black. So, 
    use the sparkplug on the generator to light your way. 
    Next, you will find a ladder that, inconveniently, has a sign attached to its 
    middle, thus making it unusable. 
    Hint 1: The sign appears to be screwed on. Hm...
    Answer: Grab the screwdriver near the organ's keyboard, and then use it to 
    unscrew the sign. 
    Climb the ladder and enter the room on the left to encounter the quirky, 
    slightly insane Borodine, who is obsessed with a singer named Helena Romanski. 
    Before he will give Oscars hands back, he MUST have her sing for him here, where 
    he has built "the greatest organ in the world" or something along those lines. 
    He's no idea where Helena is. He will let you search his collection of 
    collection of various Romanski things, so go do that. You should find a 
    scrapbook with pictures and articles inside. It is of some significance, though 
    I can't remember what :P Now, what to do, what to do...
    Hint 1: I don't remember exactly what was in the scrapbook, but I do recall that 
    Kate's mother dated someone in it. Maybe you should look at it again?
    Answer: Call Kate's mother. She will wake up her boyfriend, who will let you 
    know that this Romanski chick now lives in a retirement village called Aralbad. 
    Speak with Borodine about this; he will say that he has no means of 
    transportation to get Kate to Aralbad. However, he does know someone nearby that 
    might, a drunk and a former Soviet cosmonaut. He will give you access to a tram 
    system that will take you to him. So, go outside his office and use the tram on 
    the right. 
    Continue past a few screens until you come to the cosmonaut's home, a small 
    cylinder filled with vodka bottles and dirty dishes. He's totally stoned right 
    now, so there's no point in talking to him. 
    Hint 1: I wish there was a way to stop him from drinking. Say...that bottle in 
    his hand in almost empty!
    Answer: Grab his only remaining bottle of vodka, lying on the ground behind him. 
    With that, he'll leave and 'get some fresh air.' Follow him out and watch as the 
    drunk falls over a rail and into a garbage bin.
    Operate the controls; make the bin the cosmonaut is in move left, then up. After 
    that, leave the console and use the wheel near the corner of the platform to get 
    the water running. Go back to the console; press the button that resembles water 
    to 'forcefully' sober up the cosmonaut. Talk to him if you want, then head a 
    screen to the right. Climb the ladder, enter the blimp which will take you to 
    Aralbad, and pull the lever -- but lo! nothing happens. Go report this to your 
    new friend (notice that I've been using a lot of pronouns for him -- well, I 
    forgot his name :P) and he will tell you that he'll help, but only if you can 
    get him into space. So, head to 'mission control', a screen to the left of the 
    cosmonaut. Inside you will find the console control unresponsive. 
    Hint 1: You can toggle it on or off, but it won't do anything. Something must be 
    disrupting the circuit...
    Answer: Open the rectangular cover. You'll find two disconnected wires -- 
    connect them! 
    Turn on the computer and take out the [BLOOD TESTING APPARATUS]. Bring it to the 
    cosmonaut, then bring it back. It will reject the blood because of its high 
    alcohol level.
    Hint 1: Stupid computer! Who cares what a bunch of ones, zeroes and algorithms 
    think about a drunks blood!? Bah! I wonder if there's away to cheat around this 
    damnable appliance!
    Hint 2: Looks like that'd hurt, pressing on that thing, having it puncture your 
    skin. Gives me the shivers just thinking about it. I hope it is automatically 
    cleaned, because if someone touches it they could get HIV...or something. 
    Answer: Since Kate isn't doesn't drink and doesn't have any diseases, prick her 
    finger against the needle. 
    Press all the buttons in succession, from left to right, to start the countdown. 
    Before he shoots off to God-knows-where, he will give you a scrambled hint that 
    before the blimp will work, you need to 'raise it up,' or something like that. 
    Gee, thanks, we just fulfilled a lifelong dream of yours and how do you repay 
    Hint 1: There are a lot of birds around here. I'm sure they aren't helping 
    matters. Didn't the cosmonaut say there was a large automaton that could get rid 
    of them?
    Hint 2: I think we need to signal the aforementioned automaton. But, how? 
    Answer: Grab the crank handle near the entrance to the launch pad. Take it past 
    the platform the cosmonaut called his own, up a ladder to a siren. Use the crank 
    to set off the siren, which will signal the automaton. 
    With the birds out of the way, we are free to take off! Backtrack to the blimp 
    and pull the lever to go to Aralbad! 
                                   Aralbad [w_aral]              
    Step out of the blimp and into the reception area of the hotel. Talk with the 
    hotel manager, and he'll say that because Kate did not call earlier she cannot 
    see Ms. Romanski. Annoying sack of lard, how dare he! Now what to do? The door 
    to the hotel rooms is locked! 
    Hint 1: If only we could cause some sort of distraction, to get him away from 
    his desk and TV. I'm sure that there's a key or something that we could use to 
    open the door!
    Hint 2: Look in the closet. Detergent? What can we do with this?
    Answer: Take the detergent outside and pour it into the fountain to start a 
    bubbly mess. Go back inside and pull the drapes to get the manager to notice, 
    and he'll rush outside to clean things up. 
    There's no hurry; he won't return until we've finished what we're doing. So, go 
    behind the front desk and push the red button. Grab the [HOTEL BROSHURE] on the 
    desk and take a look at the guest log. All have checked out, except for Ms. 
    Romanski. Enter the pool area and head to the left to find Ms. Romanski's 
    automaton; he says that you must wait for her for a few hours. Well, we don't 
    have time to wait; since she's out on the pier, we're going to need a code. We 
    could try to guess all day long, but that would not get us anywhere. 
    Hint 1: Think: where would codes be listed?
    Answer: Go to the front desk and look at the log. On the second page, there's 
    Romanski's name, along with her day code. Try it out -- it won't work, but that 
    will trigger a locker-room door to open a screen to the right. Inside is a card 
    with a code on it -- use it to reach the pier.
    Since there's a bad salt-storm going on outside, we need to wear a gas mask. Go 
    talk to Romanski, whom is sitting near the end of the pier on a wooden chair. 
    The manager will then find Kate and demand that she leave, but Helena will wave 
    him away and defend Kate. He'll leave, and Helena will ask you to signal Thomas, 
    her valet, the automaton you spoke with earlier. Talk to her again and she'll 
    say to ring the bell; even if you do, nothing will happen.
    Hint 1: Don't you think the bell is a bit too far out for the valet to hear?
    Answer: Take the bell out of its current position and put it near the entrance. 
    Ring it a few times, and when nothing happens, go inside and confront the 
    stubborn automaton. Kate will convince him to retrieve Romanski.
    Talk to Helena about all subjects. She will conclude that she can no longer 
    sing, and wishes you make her a cocktail from the peculiar machine. 
    Hint 1: If you talked to Helena about _ALL_ the topics, she must have mentioned 
    that one day a friend of hers mixed her a drink that made her voice feel like 
    new again. If only we knew that recipe. 
    Hint 2: The bartender that mixed her the special drink worked in a Paris hotel 
    of this same hotel chain. Hmm...
    Answer: Use the brochure you got at the front desk -- it has a phone number to a 
    Paris hotel, 464-33643. Call the number to get the recipe for Blue Helena; write 
    it down. If you forget, or if you didn't catch it the first time, call as many 
    times as you like for confirmation.
    Notice that in the recipe for Blue Helena, there are several ingredients missing 
    -- there's no honey, vodka, or lime. While you have the Vodka bottle, the other 
    two are missing. Look under the counter to find a lemon and crystallized honey. 
    Put the lemon and vodka onto the machine, into the pipe work. Now what can we do 
    about that honey?
    Hint 1: How do we melt crystallized honey? Well, a microwave would help. Since 
    we don't have access to one, we're going to have to find an alternative.
    Answer: Take the crystallized honey to the Jacuzzi in the poolroom. Turn on the 
    heat using the wheel, and place the honey in the hot water to melt it. 
    Put the crystallized honey in its place in the network of pipes. Now we can 
    actually make the drink. Notice that there are many keys, almost like a piano or 
    keyboard. When you press one, the corresponding liquor is put into a bowl, which 
    is in the center. When you finish mixing, press the button with the picture of 
    the automaton on it; this will cause the bowl with the heterogeneous mixture to 
    shake and then to serve to Helena. To understand which key corresponds to which 
    liquor, take the piece of paper lying near the pipe work. I do not expect you to 
    understand the piece of paper--neither did I X_X. If you figure out the logic of 
    the paper, email me. For now, press the I/O button, and then press the second 
    button from left; now flip the switch and press the third button from left. Add 
    ice, honey and lemon, in any order, and shake to make the Blue Helena. If she 
    doesn't accept it and gives you a rude remark, then you did it wrong. When you 
    get it right, she will agree to return with you to Komolzgrad. 
                                  Komolzgrad [w_kom2]
    After Romanski finished her operetta, the madman known as Borodine will 
    foolishly trap her. I guess it is his perverse fantasy to keep a retired, washed 
    out singer as his prisoner for life. Don't worry, he will get what's coming to 
    him :)
    Break the lock with the metal sheers. After Helena leaves you, take the lift 
    down to the mines. Proceed to the next lift, only to find an explosive charge 
    set on it! Kate will automatically flee the perilous plight. That was Borodine's 
    effort to keep Kate buried underground for eternity, but it backfire on him; the 
    blast exposed some water pipes running adjacent to the tunnel. Use them to reach 
    the surface. Topside, you will find that the giant automaton is blocking your 
    trains escape. 
    Hint 1: What do you think could move such a humongous robot?
    Answer: Grab some TNT near the lift that would normally take you to the mine. 
    Place it on the leg of the automaton and make your exeunt in style.
                                    Engame [w_endg]
    We're back at Aralbad. Head inside and go to the front desk, where Hans has left 
    you a present, the [MAMMOTH TOY DOLL], which serves absolutely no purpose 
    whatsoever. Take it anyway, and meet the man, the myth, Hans Voralberg himself, 
    outside on the pier. Enjoy the final cutscene, and let us all wait for the 
    stunning conclusion to the Syberia saga, to be released in late September of 
    this year!
    Thank you very much for reading my walkthrough. I truly hope you enjoyed it and 
    that it helped you through whatever your problems were! See you next time!
             __    __    __    __    __    __    __    __    __    __    __    __
            /  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \
            \__/__\__/  \__/  \__/__\__/  \__/  \__/__\__/  \__/  \__/__\__/  \__/
                                    iii. Mini Review [msc_re]                          
             __    __    __    __    __    __    __    __    __    __    __    __
            /  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \
            \__/__\__/  \__/  \__/__\__/  \__/  \__/__\__/  \__/  \__/__\__/  \__/
    Presentation -----------------------------------------------------------> 10.0
    One of the things that makes Syberia so good is the atmosphere, the overall feel 
    of the levels. From dreary, wet Valadilene to the hopelessness of the retirement 
    hotel Aralbad, each emotion the developers intended you to feel is there. There 
    is an excellent, animated menu, virtually no loading times whatsoever, and there 
    are wonderful, eye-popping backgrounds. The story in this game is 
    top-notch; you actually care for the protagonists, and be swept away with the 
    thought provoking story. The only thing to complain about is the open-ended 
    ending, but that just proves that there will be a sequel to this magnificent 
    Graphics     ------------------------------------------------------------> 9.0
    Although the graphics of the game do not have the quality textures you would 
    expect from other games, the sheer artistic value of the game is stunning. From 
    beautiful, imaginative architecture, to exquisite character models, to the feel, 
    the atmosphere of the levels the graphical style accomplishes -- it all makes up 
    for the lacking textures. The only complaint that was actually detrimental to 
    the score would be the water effects -- they are just plain awful. They look 
    exactly like rotating polygons at a very low resolution, and they do not 
    contribute to the environmental atmosphere at all. I honestly believe they 
    should have been scratched, but there are very few places in the game where 
    water is involved. 
    Sound        -----------------------------------------------------------> 10.0
    The most noticeable of all of Syberia's soundtracks happens to be the one that 
    is found in the first level, Valadilene. This wondrous ballad that also happens 
    to be the games theme song, captures the heart and imagination of the user. It 
    brings to you a sense of adventure and anticipation. And that's only one song! 
    The others are just as well done, but usually they only occur when you solve a 
    puzzle; in the meantime, it is just ambient sounds, such as birds calling or 
    gears grinding, but those are all very well done as well.
    Gameplay     -----------------------------------------------------------> 10.0
    Now we come to the category that makes or breaks a game; the gameplay. While 
    most games of this genre suffer from overly-difficult, stupid puzzles, Syberia 
    offers clever brain-tinglers that require only common sense and not blind luck. 
    And, though the game is point-and-click, you'll never be dragging the screen, 
    looking for hotspots as you were in other Adventure games. Though the game 
    itself is short, only 6 hours or so, those six hours will be some of your 
    greatest gaming moments. If you haven't already, then you owe it to the gaming 
    community to pick this one up. 
    Overall (not an average) ----------------------------------------------->  9.7
             __    __    __    __    __    __    __    __    __    __    __    __
            /  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \
            \__/__\__/  \__/  \__/__\__/  \__/  \__/__\__/  \__/  \__/__\__/  \__/
                                     iv. Legal [msc_le]
             __    __    __    __    __    __    __    __    __    __    __    __
            /  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \
            \__/__\__/  \__/  \__/__\__/  \__/  \__/__\__/  \__/  \__/__\__/  \__/
    No part of this file may be reproduced, copied or paraphrased in any manor 
    whatsoever, be it electronically or physically, without the authors expressed 
    written consent. It may not be featured on or in ANY magazine or website except 
    for GameFAQs.com and GameSpot.com, who supports GameFAQs.com. This document is 
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    This file is Copyright 2003 Paul "black hole sun" Lauria. 

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