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    FAQ/Walkthrough by beatrixgamer

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    Xbox Walkthrough
      Table of Contents
    01: Controller
    02: Level 1 - Valadilene
    03: Level 2 - Barrockstadt University
    04: Level 3 - Komkolzgrad
    05: Level 4 - Aralbad
    06: Legal Jargon
    The default settings for the XBox Controller are as follows
    RIGHT TRIGGER: zoom in 
    LEFT TRIGGER: zoom out
    A BUTTON: Action
    B BUTTON: Cancel
    X BUTTON: Run
    Y BUTTON: Inventory
    WHITE BUTTON: Previous Page
    BLACK BUTTON: Next Page
    D-PAD: Move
      Level 1: Valadilene 
    Turn to the bulletin board and pick up the ADVERTISING BROCHURE. Talk to the 
    boy Momo in the corner. Look at the front desk, and pick up the KEY that his 
    near the paperclips. Use it to wind up the back of the statue, and then press 
    the button. Talk to the front deskman. Pick up your FAX 1 from the bedside 
    table. Call the office to let them know Anna Voralberg is dead. Go downstairs 
    and examine the table where Momo was drawing. Pick up the MEDIUM COG and the 
    LARGE COG. Examine the table and pick up the TINY COG, and the SMALL COG. Ask 
    the front desk guy about your mission, and pick up FAX 2. Talk to him about the 
    other topics. Exit through the front door.
    Turn and keep walking down the street until you see a house with two benches in 
    front of it. Pick up a copy of the VALADILENE GAZETTE. Check out the door. Pull 
    the lever on the automaton's chest. Take Fax 2, place it in the automaton's 
    hand and pull the lever on the right. The door will open, go talk to the notary 
    about your mission. He will give you the LETTER FROM ANNA TO THE NOTARY. Back 
    in the waiting room, pick up the TELESCOPICK KEY. Make your way back up the 
    street to the Factory. Answer your cell phone and talk to Dan. Look at the 
    gate, wind the key on the chest of the lower automaton, and then use the 
    telescopic key on the top figure. Pull the lever.
    Go down the first path to your right. The door is locked, but if you go around 
    the path to the side and past the house and into the garden, you can find a 
    fountain, and in it the VORALBERG KEY. Go back to the mechanical ladder you 
    passed, and use the key to activate the ladder. Climb up, and open the desk. 
    Pick up the INK BOTTLE, and read ANNA's DIARY. Walk to the opposite end of the 
    attic and turn on the light. Momo will appear. Talk to him, he wants you to 
    draw him a mammoth. He will give you a PENCIL AND PAPER. Go back to the corner. 
    There is a carving of a mammoth that Hanz did on the wall use the pencil and 
    paper to make a PENCIL TRACING OF MAMMOTH for Momo.
    Climb out the window and follow him.  He will unlock a gate for you. Keep 
    following him. When you catch Momo, talk to him. Then climb past him to a 
    floodgate. It's too hard for you to open alone, so ask Momo to help you. He'll 
    break the lever, but if you go back down the path to the rotten boat you can 
    use one of the oars, but you do not want to get wet. Go back and pick up the 
    broken lever from the damn. But its dirty, better let Momo get it. Go back down 
    to the area where Momo was hanging out. Walk towards the river, and you should 
    be able to cross. Make your way up the path and into the cave. Your friend 
    Olivia calls. Pick up the Let's go back to the factory for now.
    Enter the upper left hand path. There is a delivery crane that takes materials 
    into the factory. Pull the lever and it will whisk the metal canister into the 
    factory. Go back to the central fountain and take the next path 
    In the factory, turn to your right, and walk along the wall until you can enter 
    a door. Pull the chain and a mechanical hamster will run into the cage. Pull 
    the lever. Go back out into the factory, and walk along the wall in the 
    opposite direction. Walk past the metal stairs. Your mom will call. Talk to her 
    and then crank the metal forklift, and it will take the metal piece over to the 
    production line. Enter the nearby door to the workshop. Turn a crank to lower 
    the automaton. Go back and talk to it. His name is Oscar, and he's a locomotive 
    driver. He will give you OSCAR'S CARD. 
    Climb up the stairs and enter the door to Anna's office. Examine the bookshelf, 
    and pull one of the books. A secret panel will reveal a music player, and you 
    will take the MUSIC CYLINDER. Examine the documents on the desk. Go back out to 
    the catwalk, and up to the control area. Use Oscar's card in the slot, and then 
    push the left hand button to select the material that is just after the dark 
    gray material. Flip the lower rightmost red switch down, and then push the 
    right hand button. A bird head will swoop down and grab a piece of wood and 
    take it to the production area. If the bird didn't swoop, you have the wrong 
    material selected. Go down to the production floor, and to the end of the 
    assembly line. Pick up the legs, and use them on Oscar.
    Train Station. Turn the wheel, pull the lever, and turn the wheel. Enter the 
    train and talk to Oscar. He says you need a ticket. Go to the office, and talk 
    to Oscar to get a TRAIN TICKET. He also gives you a TRAIN RELEASE PERMIT that 
    needs the notary's stamp. Go back out into the town. Stop at the notary's 
    office. Examine the desk and flip open the hat on the figure. Use the ink in 
    the opening and place the train permit on the blotter. Press the red button, 
    and pick up the approved permit. 
    Talk to the deskman at your hotel, and he suggests checking out the graveyard. 
    Go to the cemetery, and your boss will call. Walk down the path to the right of 
    the church and into the door at the far end. Examine the cross and move it to 
    pick up a KEY. Use the key in the nearby dresser to unlock it. In the top 
    drawer, pick up the RED PUNCH CARD. In the next drawer down, pick up the PURPLE 
    PUNCH CARD. Open the third drawer, and then turn the crank. Read the PRIEST'S 
    CONFESSION, and pick up the VORELBERG KEY. In the fourth drawer, pick up the 
    GREEN PUNCH CARD. Pick up the BLUE PUNCH CARD from the bottom drawer.
    Exit back out to the yard, and examine the gearbox at the other door on this 
    side of the building. IF you remember Momo's drawing on the table in the inn, 
    you will know where to place the different sized cogs. Pull the lever, and the 
    doors will open. Ride the elevator to the top and use the various cards in the 
    Machine's back. Purple plays a somber tomb that opens up the crypt. Exit out to 
    the crypt. Use the Voralberg key in the hat to open the gate. Enter the crypt 
    and pull out Hans's tomb. Pick up the VALADILENE VOICE CYLINDER, and the PRESS 
    Make your way back to the production area of the factory, and up to Anna's 
    office. Play the voice cylinder, and pick up the HANS-ANNA Mechanical Toy. 
    Enter the train in the train station. Whiny Dan will give you a call. Enter the 
    train and give Oscar the train release, then place the cylinders in the display 
    case, and the toys in their pedestals. Give Oscar the ticket.
      Mission 2 - Barrockstadt University
    Turn to your right and exit the train, walk straight over the stairs. Pick up 
    the HOOK, and talk to the stationmaster. Climb back the opposite direction 
    until Kate starts talking about the winding station. Turn around and return to 
    the train and Oscar will yell at you. Go back to the stairs and climb up the 
    bridge that goes out of view. Turn right, and go out the door and down the 
    stairs. Talk to the people on the tugboat, and make a deal with them. Exit 
    through the other doors to the university.
    Turn to your right, and talk to Professor Ponz at the end of the hall. 
    Turn around and go down the opposite hallway. Enter the first door that leads 
    to the library. Climb the ladder and pick up the MUSHROOM GUIDE. Enter the 
    lower level of the library and pick up the AMERZONE BOOK. Exit back out into 
    the school corridors, and continue down the hallway to the RECTOR'S OFFICE. 
    After exhausting all of your conversation options, exit and your boss will 
    call. Make your way back to the train station and talk to the stationmaster 
    about the sauvignon grapes. Take the mammoth doll from the train, and take it 
    back to the university.
    Do as the stationmaster said, and talk to Professor Ponz again. Follow him into 
    the lab. Pick up the BARROCKSTADT VOICE CYLINDER from the left cabinet. 
    Continue forward, and at the end of one of the lab benches pick up the bottle 
    of YANGALA COLA POWDER and the TEST TUBE HOLDER. Talk to the Rectors again 
    about the grapes and find out they are in a garden behind the station. Talk to 
    the stationmaster about the grapes again, and he will agree to let you into the 
    garden. Follow him across the train tracks and into the garden. Follow the path 
    to its end and pick up the SAUVIGNON BERRIES. Go to the end of the station 
    where the cuckoos were guarding the ladder. Place the fruit on the ground and 
    make your way up the ladder. Use the test tube holder to grab the CUCKOO'S EGG 
    from the nest in the eagle's back. On the way back to the school the 
    stationmaster gives you a WINE BOTTLE. 
    Stop at the gazebo and use the egg in the eggcup, then turn the wheel. Pull the 
    lever and the mechanical musicians will begin to play again. Talk to the 
    rectors to get your MONEY. Go back to the train and play the voice cylinder, 
    and then place it in the display shelf. Go back and talk to the folks on the 
    barge Give the money to the couple and they will throw you the LOCK KEY. Make 
    your way back to the LOCK, and your mother will call.
    Examine the phone. Use your cell phone to call the emergency number. 2766 - 
    6742. Follow the instructions and press 4 for Barrockstadt. To raise the level 
    press 1, to lower the water level press 2. The technician is on vacation and 
    not available. You have to do it manually. Just like the voice instructions, 
    press 4 for this lock, 2 to lower the water level, and * to confirm. The lock 
    will open. Go talk to the couple again. Go back and press 4, 1, * to raise the 
    water level in the lock. Talk to the couple again, and they will throw you a 
    chain. Use the hook, on the chain to tie them together.
    Go to meet your train and on the way the professor calls to let you know the 
    lecture is about to begin. Go back to the university. Mount the stairs in front 
    of the mammoth and climb up the staircase to the left. Listen to the lecture. 
    Enter the professor's lab, and pick up the PALEONTOLOGY NOTES, and the MAMMOTH 
    DOLL. Talk to the professor again about your mission, and then return to your 
    train and wind it up. Whiny Dan calls. Go back to the train and place the 
    Mammoth in its place, talk to Oscar to start the journey again.
    You've stopped at the wall. Climb out of the train and talk to Oscar in the 
    train station. You need an exit visa. Walk behind the ticket office and follow 
    the path to the wall offices. Climb up the stairs, and your friend Olivia will 
    call. Walk across the top of the wall and look through the telescope. Press the 
    button to clear up the view. Talk to Captain Malatesta, check the telescope and 
    talk to the captain again. Use the yangala cola powder and wine in the glasses 
    and offer him some wine. He will give you the EXIT VISA. Give it to Oscar and 
    he will give you another TRAIN TICKET.
      Level 3 - Komkolzgrad
    Go to the lower right, and pull the lever and ride the elevator down. Dan 
    calls. Nothing to do here now. Go back up, run forward and talk to Oscar. 
    Continue forward and climb the ladder on the side of the large automaton. 
    Put the handle in the controls push it forward twice, and then push the red 
    button. Pull the handle down twice, and go back to the train. Dan calls. Listen 
    to the cylinder, and rescue Oscar Enter the train car. Go back to the giant 
    automaton, and push the lever once. Exit the control room, and use the shears 
    on the wall. Enter the room and pick up the SPARK PLUG. Go back to the 
    automaton, and pull the handle back. Go back to the elevator shaft. Put the 
    spark plug in the generator and pull the switch. Make your way to the end of 
    the tunnel and ride the elevator up. Pull the switch to open the door. Go up to 
    the pipe organ and pick up the SCREWDRIVER. Use it on the other side of the 
    pipes in this room to unscrew the plate. Climb up the ladder.
    Talk to Serguei Borodine. You need to find Helena to have her sing for Serge. 
    Check out the creepy shrine trailer that he lowers. Examine the drawer and pick 
    up the book of PRESS CUTS, and the letters to HELENA. Call your Mom. Climb up 
    to talk to Serguei again, the cosmonaut may have a vehicle for you to use. Go 
    back outside and pull the lever to ride the monorail. Go to the right side of 
    the screen.  Olivia calls again. Continue forward and go up a large set of 
    steps. Go counter clock wise around the large metal cylinder and up the steps. 
    Enter the cylinder to talk to the cosmonaut. The dude is as drunk as a skunk. 
    Pick up his bottle of VODKA, and he will stagger out and fall over the railing. 
    Enter his home, and read the SPACE PROJECT CANCELATION LETTER, and pick up the 
    Climb down the stairs and turn the wheel at the corner. Go back up stairs and 
    use the key in the control panel. Slid the cosmonaut to the left and then up. 
    Douse him with water to sober him up. Go down and talk to him.  Walk around the 
    right side of the launch pad, and up the stairs. You need a key to the airship. 
    Go talk to the cosmonaut. He'll give you the AIRSHIP KEY. Go check out the 
    airship, it doesn't want to work. He'll help you with the airship if you can 
    get him up to outer space.
    Go up the stairs into the control tower. Pick up the Voralberg Key, and flip 
    open the plate. Connect the wires inside. Use the key; flip the lever on the 
    left up. Push the button that looks like a tiny rocket ship or syringe. Pull 
    out the BLOOD TESTING APPARATUS. Use the apparatus on Boris, and return to the 
    tower. Push the button again. Boris's blood has too much alcohol. Use your own 
    blood. Press the button that looks like two arrows, then the button with two 
    circular arrows. When Boris says he's ready, push the triangle button to 
    initiate the launch. He will throw something on the ground, and then the 
    aircraft will launch.
    Go outside and find out what he threw. It's a CRANK HANDLE. Go around Boris's 
    home, and up the stairs behind the launch pad there. Use the handle near the 
    alarm, to call out the eagle. It will attack and scare away the birds. Go back 
    to the airship and pull the lever to make your voyage.
      Level 4 -Aralbad
    Exit the airship and go down the steps. You boss calls. Keep moving forward and 
    enter the building. Talk to the man at the front desk, enter the small closet 
    and pick up a bottle of detergent. Go back outside and use it in the fountain. 
    Re-enter the hotel, and pull the curtains and ring the bell. Read the ledger to 
    see that Helena Romanski is still a guest here her code is 1270. Also pick up 
    the HOTEL BROCHURE. Push the red button to open the gate. Enter the door, and 
    then enter the archway just to your left. Talk to the automaton James, and he 
    will invite you to tea with Madam Romanski. Try to enter Helena's code in the 
    console that leads to the pier. 1270, and pull the handle. Nothing happens, so 
    continue exploring the pool area.  Enter the hallway that is across from where 
    you enter the pool area, and pick up a CRYSTAL DISH. Continue around the pool 
    and enter the open door to the locker room. Pick up the TEMPORARY CODE 0968.
    Go back to the pier console and enter the code. Pick up the gas mask from the 
    hook, and continue outside. Make your way down the pier and pick up JAMES' BELL 
    from the stand. Enter the gazebo and talk to Madam Romanski. Go back up the 
    pier, and use the bell on the bell stand. Ring it, then go in side and talk to 
    James. He will go and pick up Madam Romanski. Your Mom will call. Talk to 
    Helena. Use your cell to call the Hotel Meurizt using the number from the 
    Use the vodka bottle in the machine open the cabinet underneath where Helena is 
    sitting. Pick up the CRYSTALIZED HONEY, and the LEMON. Go back to the other 
    side of the pool and turn the wheel to crank up the hot tub. Put the 
    crystallized honey in the spa to get LIQUID HONEY. Go back to the machine and 
    put the Lemon in the lemons squeezer to the left, and the honey in the slot to 
    the right. Pick up the MUSICAL SCORE to decode how to use the machine. Press 
    the red power button to turn the machine on. If the keys are number 1-7 left to 
    right, press with Base clef 2, switch to Treble Clef 3, the black star for 
    honey, the yellow lemon, and the light blue ice. Then push the last button all 
    the way to the right to shake and serve.
    She still doesn't think her voice is any good. Place the crystal dish on the 
    bar, and talk to Helena again. She will sing and break it. Go to your airship, 
    take a call from Olivia, and Helena will join you.
    That freak drops a cage over Madam Romanski. Go talk to her, use the metal 
    shears on the lock, and use the screwdriver to reclaim OSCAR'S HANDS. Meet 
    Helena, and give her the hands to make her escape. Run for the elevator, and 
    ride it down to the mineshaft. It caves in behind you. As you reach the other 
    elevator, it has a bomb on it. Make your way up the ventilation pipe. Go talk 
    to Oscar, and get on the train. You're trapped again. Whiny Dan calls again. Go 
    find out why you are not moving. Go back to the mineshaft and pick up some 
    DYNAMITE from the open crate. Place it on the giant robot and make your escape. 
    Drop off Helena at the hotel. Talk to Oscar, and then wind the train. Speak to 
    Oscar again. The front deskman has a package for you. Run inside and look in 
    the box at the end of the desk. Pick up the MAMMOTH AUTOMATON. You'll get a 
    call from your boss. Bid goodbye to Madam Romanski. She tells you to check out 
    the supply plane. Go out and talk to Hans at the pier. Watch the final cut 
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