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"A solid adventure game"

What's this an ADVENTURE game??!! What's that? Well for those knew to gaming, you may not of seen the ''adventure'' game in it's hey day back in the mid and early 90's. Basically an Adventure game is simple, it involves a pretty linear story that's driven through finding items, and using them at key moments. Many found this boring, and as such; the ''adventure'' games fell off the face of the earth.

Enter Syberia, a solid adventure game that breaks no boundries, but nonetheless very intresting to play though. First allow me to say, if you are a long time gamer and you did not care for previous adventure games; Syberia will not win you over. While graphically the game is great, the story can drag sometimes.


Syberia boasts some very nice visuals, over some static backrounds(AKA not moveable backrounds). The water is the game is truely asmazing, as is the character movement quite fluid.
Syberia allows one to play in 16 or 32bit color mode. As an added treat, Syberia also allowed for some nice anti aliasing effects through the in game menu's, though that's about as far as the extend of options. As an adventure game, the graphics are very nice and fit the game nicely. Not once did I ever come close to coming under 60 Frames Per second with a lower midrange system with 2x Anti Aliasing enabled. I also used a high end system(Athlon XP based with ATI Radeon 128DDR had AA up to 6x around 80FPS)


The music is great as a whole. Overall the sound FX, can be hit or miss. I really enjoyed the main theme music as well as the song from the first portion of the game, but other tracks did not tickle my fancy as much. Syberia also features some really nice ambient sounds that stand out. The voiceovers are decent(though not the best). Not to shabby really.


Adventure games almost all play the same, point and click. You control a female named Kate Walker, and you guide her through various areas around the Euopean area. The story involves a toy company about to take over an older toy company, so they send Kate Walker over and well, the plot gets quite intresting from that point on. The game is quite simple, with easy to use menu's. The whole game can be played through with the mouse is wanted, which is a bit +. If you are a beginner to the adventure games, then expect about a 30 our game the first time though. If you are a serious gamer, then around 14 hours or so. Unfortuantly, one main reason the ''adventure' game went under was due to lack of replayvalue. In other words, you go through the game once and that's it. Well the story holds true for Syberia.

Syberia offers a solid game for the money, and does offer a creative plot with a few twists and puzzle stumpers. Again, if you do not like adventure games as a whole, you may want to pass on Syberia; however, if you do enjoy adventure games Syberia may be youre cup of least for around 15 or so hours.

Finally it should be pointed out, Syberia has not been released in America as of the time of this writing (July 5th 2002) I imported the game on my own from Canada.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/05/02, Updated 07/05/02

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