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Reviewed: 07/16/02 | Updated: 07/16/02

Finally a Quest game worth our time?

When I first heard about this game I wasn’t really sure how to react. After searching more information about it I started hoping that this would be the next “Longest Journey”. If it’s the next Longest Journey or not it’s what people decide. My own feeling is that this is not the next Longest Journey, this is Syberia.

In a dying genre where few games appear each year and even fewer are good enough to be enjoyable, a game appears that finally is worth the time. If you are not a Quest (point and click adventure game, I rather call it Quest game) fan I don’t know if I should recommend the game to you or not. However if u are one (and loved TLJ) then you should try this game.

The game story seems somewhat simple at start. You are a business lawyer from New York named Kate Walker. A female lawyer I might add. You are sent in Valadilene to buy the Voralberg toy factory. However the person you were in touch, Anna Voralberg, dies and she leaves behind a letter where she says there is an heir to the toy factory and namely her “dead” brother. Upon this new information your company sends you in search for this brother, who is no longer in Valadilene, in order to seal the deal. So that means the action won’t happen in a single town. Nope, you will be taken to various locations, each one with it’s own “personality” and it’s own craziness.

With the game getting near it’s end I started feeling for Kate Walker and was also getting annoyed by some people that she was also. That’s what I think a sign of the game getting a bit addictive.

The puzzles aren’t really hard. They are quite easy actually and won’t stress your mind too much. The only problem I had was figuring out how to operate a mechanical bar.

Graphics – 9
I wasn’t sure if I should give this game 10/10 or 9/10 because a maximum score should mean that the graphics are perfect. I am not sure of that so I gave it a 9 in the end. And boy to these graphics deserve a 9. Although they are pre-rendered images with active water (too bad they won’t reflect your image), they are of a very high quality. Actually at the very last end scene I could swear that the background is ripped off from a real photograph (but I doubt it). The movies are also high quality.

Sound – 8
Some of the voices are a bit off and we are not talking about one or two voices. There are a couple more and this is the main reason I give it an 8. There is also a constant buzz in the background which I can’t make it out if it’s meant to be there or not. The music is good in my opinion it but it may get a bit repetitive.

Control – 9
Point and click not much else to add.

Replay ability – 3
It’s a quest game so that implies the quest games main problem, the replay ability. The truth is I don’t think I’ll try to finish the game again anytime soon however I don’t try that with no game except TLJ and old games.

Overall – 8
As I said in the beginning if you are not a Quest game fan I won’t go so far as to recommend it to you. If you are one then by all means you should look into it.

What impressed me is the background information on a certain type of creatures and a tribe. I got so hooked on it that I decided to search the Internet to see if what they say is real or it’s fictional.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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