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"An Intriguing game that clearly tells you that it's not your typical adventure game."

Who could have thought that the Adventure Genre's been dead for a long long time now? or was it simply hibernating. This time the genre introduces an adventure game that basically brings all those good stuffs together like a good graphic, sound and specially a sleek yet easy to be mastered controls as well as the old adventure game story. But oldies are still goodies right? Let's just say that Syberia's not your typical adventure game or was it? Like most games it has its own pros and cons so let's start rollin'

The gameplay is quite good but when you take it and play it in a long duration of time. The game itself is quite simple and an easy menu. You could almost master those controls in less than half an hour and surely a vet could easily master it even faster. The game uses the mouse as a major tool and is somehow resembles as a crosshair. The game would mostly take up to 30 or so hours but if you're that serious type maybe it'll take less than 30 hours. The replay value's what makes adventure game not as replayable as RPG game but let's just tackle it on another topic.

You start out as a female lead named Kate Walker, an associate with a New York firm and was sent to various parts of Europe to secure a major business deal. The story is set in the present day and when electronic toys and video games are selling like pan cakes and there's a very little demand for mechanical devices. Young people have been moving away from Valadilene in large number hoping to find their luck elsewhere. Actually the lead character arrived for the buy-out of the Voralberg factory by a toy making tycoon.

Syberia carries a very nice graphics that they could boast about though the drawback of having a 2D-background and is not moving actually, overall it's quite amazing as they manage to make the graphics that big. Something great is their few moving effects like the water which is quite amazing as well as the flawless motion of the character.

Syberia allows you to play the game with either 16 or 32bit(True Color) color mode and plainly made it almost possible to be played by most computer types.

The music is quite great and overall, the sounds could prove to be another great factor for it (not so great actually). Ambient sounds do stand out at time and the voice overs are pretty decent.

Play Time/Replayability
The game could be covered up to 30 or so hour by most beginers or average Adventure players but vets could perform and complete the game flawlessly under 15 or less hours. The game isn't actually that replayable and I don't think I could replay it myself. You'll barely miss anything as you play the game so there's no problem with it.

Final Recommendation
I recommend this to those who are an adventure game fan and this could pretty well be a good disc for your collection.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/28/02, Updated 12/28/02

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