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Reviewed: 01/22/03 | Updated: 01/22/03

A game like no other , totally suprised me! and worth the money spent

Syberia a totally new genre of a no conflict game, this game only challenges your mind. A love story that will indeed bring out the awwwww in you. Kate Walker( The heroine) will bring you to places of enchantment from Valadilene to Komkolzgrad to uncover secrets of a once popular automaton factory that holds many secrets, you will be brought to different puzzle encounters that

It's extremely awesome! is there any way to explain it,The Polygon count is exceptional, from the detailed drawn places like the town of Valadilene which looks like a scene from Harry Potter, to the Smithsonian inspired University and not to mention a very cool water effect that all-in-all makes you feel that your playing a movie, although the characters look almost cartoonish but only a minor flaw, some characters movement are a bit awkward, the cut scenes are great no question about that, very detailed (8/10)

The sound effects and the BGM are great, almost feels that your in a symphony orchestra, every Background music fits perfectly to the mood of the different scenarios especially when your running away from someone or if your having an affectionate moment with different characters in the game, great voice acting too you'd think that they were plucked right from Hollywood, the voice actors are really professionals, no cheesy stuffs, the expressions hit right on cue(9/10)

A PC soap opera.The genre of the game is a puzzle solving game, if your thinking that this is a thrash and bash action game forget about playing this game, your main character is only equipped with a trusty cellphone the people around the towns and places are quite scarce so they dont leave much to interact but the puzzle solving of the game is rather unique and interesting, especially on how automatons react after solving their puzzles although after finishing the game it may leave you in wondering...''Thats it?'', cause the game falls a bit short in the climatic ending it's a game that you would probably play only twice and thats it, but it's exciting and worth it the first time around Rating:(7/10)

The writers of this story seem like they're hollywood born, it's unique, cause as I said it's a no conflict love story game,conversing with the different characters in the game is gonna give a sort of affectionate attachments to you and how every decision you make is gonna make you think twice, in order to garauntee the safety of the characters around you, well...except for that irritating robot engineer that you'll be meeting in the game, it's a long and mind-racking game thats gonna give you hours of fun and excitement, not to mention some tear-jerking moments. Rating:(9/10)

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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